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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 13, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Brieflyspecial decorations Rebecca Sullivan's early childhood class from Lamar Elementary had a special project recently, when they traveled to the NBISD offices to decorate the administration Christmas tree with ornaments made by kindergarten and special education classes at Lamar. Pictured, Sullivan holds Jacob Wesdick up to the tree to put a decoration on.Babysitter gets life sentence DALLAS (AP) - Giving a life sentence to a man who posed as a woman babysitter and plunged a 4-month-old into scalding water shows “an expression of community outrage,” a prosecutor said. Richard Arthur Gilbert, a 29-year-old transvestite who said he accidentally spilled hot water for pasta noodles on the child, was sentenced Thursday to a maximum life in prison and fined $10,000 after the jury deliberated less than an hour. He was convicted of injury to a child on Wednesday The infant later died of his injuries.Money available to victims AUSTIN (AP) — A total of 111 million is currently available to help compensate Texans who fall victim to crime, according to state officials. The money comes through the Crime Victims Compensation Act, a law that took effect in 1980 to help ease the financial stress imposed on crime victims The funds help make up for lost earnings, pay medical bills, provide for counseling and other services. The Industrial Accident Board, which ad ministers the law. can award up to $150 per week, with a maximum award of $25,000 per claim. The funds are collected in the courts by assessing additional court costs on convicted criminals Gov. Mark White said Thursday that the board paid more than $7 million in benefits to 1.257 victims and their families during the 1985 fiscal yearSafecracking ring broken HOUSTON (AP) — Houston police have discovered a safecracking ring believed responsible for the theft of more than $1 million in cash and other items in Texas and Louisiana. The ring, believed to involve as many as 20 people, may be the largest in Houston history, police said A special Harris County grand jury has issued sealed indictments against the ring members, but their names have not been released. Members of the ring would break into a business after dismantling alarm systems, then go through a roof or an adjoining building, said Houston police Sgt T G. Turner. Once inside, they would pry safes open or take smaller safes with them. Turner said the burglars monitored police radios to keep track of law enforcement officers and used their own two-way radios to communicate with lookouts posted outside the buildings being burglarized Houston loot totaled an estimated $500,000, he said, with the ring believed responsible for other similar incidents in Austin, San Antonio and Baton Rouge. LaOne-pound baby survives SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP) — A I pound, 1-ounce premature baby born with only six tablespoons of blood has survived and gone home with her mother, officials at Medical Center Hospital say The infant was delivered Aug 13 and is the smallest ever to be born and survive at the hospital, records show The baby, Christina Miracle Girela, left the hospital Wednesday with her mother. The infant weighed 4 5 pounds. The mother, Patricia Girela, 21, said the baby's name means Christ in a miracle Doctors said the baby may have some loss of vision due to her premature birth Otherwise, pediatrician Marilyn Escobedo said she is healthy and normal Doctors said the baby was 34 months premature and was smaller than a two-pound bag of sugar at birthWoman's will stirs trouble DALLAS (AP) When Gary Joe Lewis visited Elizabeth Tietze. he only hoped to buy property owned by the aging woman Instead. lyewis found a friend in the sweet, slightly eccentric lady who kept her dearest belongings in a paper bag and never let it out of her sight Lewis may also end up with more than $100,000 for his friendship The seemingly impoverished Dallas woman left behind a handwritten will and addenda bequeathing $5 million one that includes I^ewis Whether anyone will get to keep any of the fortune is currently being debated in a Dallas probate court after several cousins of the woman contested the will She was usually seen in one of two dresses and ten nis shoes and went about in public dirty from her frequent yardwork, acquaintances said9-year-old dies in scouting accident SPRING. Texas (AP- A 9 year-old boy died after a table he was stacking during a Cub Scout meeting at a school fell on him. authorities said Brian Domzalski died Wednesday night of severe head injuries suffered when the table fell and crushed him, Harris County medical examiner investigators said ThursdayWebber dies of heart attack HOUSTON (AP) Dr C Frank Webber, dean of the University of Texas medical school, died Thursday of an apparent heart attack He was 51 Webber was appointed head of the school in July He was a former president of the Harris County Medical Society and former vice president of the Texas Medical Association Services were scheduled for Saturday in Houston Webber is survived by his wife and three childrenPresident's commission works on recreation plan AUSTIN (AP) — An increasing number of Americans are finding more ways to get outdoors, a trend that has created a shortage of recreation areas, according to a member of a presidential commission. “We must find resources for them It’s a challenge, but it can be done.” said Wilbur LaPage, New Hampshire’s parks and recreation director. New activities, such as the use of all-terrain vehicles, have become a “major concern,” LaPage added The New Hampshire official is on the President’s Commission on American Outdoors, which will report to President Reagan in December 1986, after a year long study. The 15-member panel spent Thursday in Austin, listening to testimony and looking at local facilities “The demand has increased The actual resource has shrunk Right now, ifs out of balance.” said a com mission member whose products have made thousands of trips into the wilderness. Sheldon Coleman. 84, is the chairman of the Wichita, Kan.-based Coleman Co., best known for its camping gear. “The purpose of the commission is to bring a blueprint that, if followed, will bring about national and state and local recreation facilities to take care of the American people,” Coleman said A growing population, including people who are enjoying relatively new activities, has caused a recrea tion area crunch. The panel is expected to offer an updated version of a 1962 congressional commission report that shaped recreation programs for 20 years Recreation has changed significantly since 1962 according to the current panel Bicycling and camping have increased 500 percent Skiing is up 65 percent “Activities virtually unknown in 1960 - rock climbing and Whitewater rafting, snowmobiles, and windsurf ing — now attract millions of fun seekers,” according to a commission report. John Crompton, president of the private Texas State Parks and Recreation Association, said money for more parks could be raised by taxing recreation equipment used in all kinds of sports, similar to existing taxes on fishing, hunting and boating “Ifs inequitable to require hunters, boaters and fishermen to pay such a tax while those who pursue other recreations are Wit required to do so.” Crompton said White not convinced about 55 mph speeds AUSTIN (AP) - While fine for city drivers, the 55 mph speed limit may be putting motorists to sleep on lonely rural highways, Gov. Mark White says. “That speed limit works well in the urban areas and not well in the more remote parts of our state,” White said Thursday. He said the life saving aspects of 55 mph have been proven on crowded city streets, but that it might even be dangerous on empty rural stretches. “There are some areas in the interestate (highway) system in the rural parts of Texas that the 55 mph speed limit, I think, cannot be demonstrated to show significant safety increases and might be decreases because it lulls people to sleep, possibly,” he told his weekly news conference. The national 55 mph speed limit was enacted during the 1970s to help conserve gasoline. Since it took effect, several studies have shown significant reductions in the number of lives lost to traffic accidents. “In the urban areas, obviously the 55 mph speed limit saves lives and I don’t think (it) diminishes dramatically the time to drive from home to the job and back,” White said Oil price drop won't be devastating AUSTIN (AP) — The decision by OPEC ministers to let oil prices fail below current levels shouldn’t dramatically affect Texas’ oil and gas severance tax revenues, state officials say. Gov Mark White told his Thursday news conference that the price reductions still are higher than the estimates used in preparing the current state government budget “I don’t think there’s anything to be alarmed (about) at this time,” White said Sunday, members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed to abandon attempts to control world oil prices through cuts in production. The 13-nation group also decided to give up its defense of the current $28 per barrel price, instead seeking to protect a share of the world market but cutting its prices Dale Craymer, director of revenue estimates for the state comptroller’s office, said the action was expected Craymer said oil companies ap parently also anticipated the OPEC decision, as evidenced by a decrease in exploration. “Drilling activity is way down right now from what it normally is at this time of year,” he said. City of New Braunfels Comal County PUBLIC AUCTION Saturday Dec. 14 9:00 AM Comal County Fairgrounds EYE OPENERS By Dr. Henry Hull HEADACHES A recent professional study indicates that 50 percent of the patients who seek optometric care suffer from headaches. Many are the result of eye strain. To determine whether your headaches are caused by stress while seeing, poor visual skills, or routine uncorrected vision, make sure that the doctor is aware of when the headaches begin, where the pain is, the frequency of the headaches and how long they last, and any warning signals that a headache is about to begin. Are your headaches precipitated by: alcohol, exercise, reading or driving, sunlight? Are you taking medication? Have you been injured recently? lf your headaches are vision-related, often a change of prescription-a first pair of glasses or sunglasses-for specific seeing tasks will stop the headaches, lf your optometrist finds that your headaches are not vision-related, you will be referred for further testing by the appropriate professional. lr Might to you at a community aarvtco by Dr Moory Hun, 147 Fredericksburg Rd , New Braunfels Texas c- H PBT MA I 9 8 5 Sponsored By The Downtown Association arm/ /omfawi Saturday, 'Detmforlj', urn    jwklfojMv c: 11:00m    (jwr I * OO pm. }(mj    (loners (Mfrfflt cfMmts) ZlOOpM UM Oms*. (jX    bamtatU ) 4‘00jf.W swtptoitwt! A fit f ;

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