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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 12, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Outdoors Hvrald-Ztitung Thursday, December 12,1985 Page10ATexans show bass fishing prowess in contest By CHARLIE PARSONS Outdoor* writer The U S BASS World Team Championship was held recently at Lake Mead. Nev , a huge reservoir near Las Vegas. Proving to all the world that Texans are not all mouth and no action, the top three teams were dominated by area fishermen. Of the 320 teams entered, five of the top six individuals were from San Antonio and the sixth was from Universal City. Robert Kessler and Willie Spaeth, both of San Antonio, captured top honors with a total catch of 30.37 pounds from stingy Lake Mead. Their total was almost seven pounds better that Dale Lazzaro and Bill Stonmard, also of San Antonio, who had 23.41 pounds for second place. The catch also enabled Kessler and Spaeth to take home $30,(MHI between them, plus a fully rigged Skeeter Starfire 150 bass boat and trailer for each of them. They added $1.5(H) to their total by bringing in a 5.27 pound bass for the big fish of the first day. Finishing third was the team of Klroy Krueger of Universal City and Keith Warren of San Antonio with a 20.05 total. Second and third places were worth $18,000 to each team in addition to a fully equipped Skeeter SSI bass boat and trailer for each fisherman. Not too shabby for several days’ fishing other area finishes included Floyd Mockert and Mike White of San Antonio, 14th. Mike Anderson of McQueeney and Mike Schwenn of San Antonio. 43rd; and Ken Staats of New Braunfels, who teamed with Anderson for 84th. In fact. Texas teams had 14 finishers in the top IOO Looks like the rest of the country will have to start looking up to the fishing prowess of Texans.Responsibility comes with new gun For many young Texans, a shiny new rifle or shotgun will be the highlight of present-opening festivities this Christmas A new gun can open the door to a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment. hut it brings on a special set of responsibilities for both the new gun owner and his or her parents Hunter education officials of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said one of the hest things a parent can do after Christmas is enroll the young hunter in a local hunter safety course The department coordinates an education programChampion fishermen Robert Kessler (second from left) and Willie Spaeth (third from left) accept congratulations from U.S. BASS tournament director Ron Savage (left) and tournament co coordinator Don Doty utilizing several volunteer instructors, and the 10-hour course is taught periodically in virtually every county In Texas A $1 fee is charged to help defray course expenses Although hunter education programs are not mandatory in Texas, some other states require completion of an accredited course before a non-resident license is issued. Steve Hall, assistant hunter education coordinator, said parents giving their children guns should set aside time to discuss safety and responsible gun ownership. "They should clearly define the conditions under which the gun may he handled and fired,” Hall said After the gun has been unwrapped and whenever it is handled, the handler should keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, keep your finger off the trigger and keep the action open and unloaded. “The often-repeated rule is always valid, that every gun should be treated as if it were loaded,” Hall said. To locate a hunter education instructor, contact your local game warden or call toll-free 1-800-792-1112. The elusive gobbler Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and though the store bought turkey was very delicious, It just didn't seem right without our traditional wild turkey dinner. The wild goose helped somewhat, but it still wasn’t quite the same. With this fresh In mind, I decided last week to prepare for Christmas by bringing home a turkey well in advance. Arriving at the family ranch between Comfort and Fredericksburg shortly before noon, my quest began. Since no other hunters were there, I went to the back pasture and started walking canyon ridges in search of a good buck or some feeding turkeys. After several hours of seeing nothing but does and fawns plus many white tails bouncing in the breeze, my main objective came back to mind — a turkey gobbler. So I went from canyon point to canyon point trying to hear a group of birds headed for the roosting site — large trees, usually sycamores, in the canyon bottoms. Right before sundown. I heard some beautiful music — turkeys going to roost. Before daylight the next morning, I was positioned in what theoretically seemed to be a perfect place for an ambush. As good a hunter as I am, it just didn’t seem possible that the turkeys would fly to the other side of the canyon — which is exactly what they did. Since there were several large gobblers. I tried a shot at about 175 to 200 yards, too great a distance for me at such a small target, and naturally missed There is one consolation, though — it gives me a natural excuse to sneak off and give the turkeys one more chance to show me I’m not quite as good in the woods as I would like to think. A quick lesson on identifying young gobblers — most spring gobblers, undoubtably the most palatable, usually don't have a long, protuding beard. Many times their beard does not even break through the feathers. So instead of wasting time looking for an undistinguishable beard, check the color of the bird’s breast when it is facing you. A gobbler, young or old. has a breast that looks black because each of his breast feathers has a black band lining it. A hen has a band of white, making it look much lighter with a barred look. This tip should let you find that young gobbler in what looks like a band of nothing of hens. (Only experts can distinguish difference in sex by looking at young birds’ heads.) Lastly, turkeys aren't smart — they are actually very dumb, even drowning by craning their heads straight up in a downpour. But their vision is exceptional, so for serious hunters camouflage is a must. They’ll run at their own shadows, so remain as motionless as possible. Fishing report AUSTIN (API Here is the hshiny tepoft com (sled l»v the Rinks and Wildlife Department CENTRAL BASTROP Water clear, normal level, Black tiass I,inly good to three pounds on RatLtraps. hybrid stillier slow crappie fair to fish per string lei minnows, catfish good to five pounds on stink lieut live Bai! BUCHANAN Water clear 69 degrees, IO feet low Black Bass good to tour pounds on Black |igt in sin to eight feet of water, striper good to eight pounds on white slabs tigging off rocky points norttiest of Ganett Island, crappie good to 90 fish pet stung on blue or iMiite I (6 ounce |tg, white Bass good to 3b fish on silver cranks, catfish good to IO pounds on live (letch CANYON Water dear, normal level. Black Bass fair to three pounds on RatLtraps and blue worms striper slow to four pounds in with white Bass, crappie tau at night un mnnows. while bass good si hoofing early cm all day on cloudy days; cattish fair to five pounds on shrimp and nightcrawlers GIBBONS CRT EK Water murky 57 degrees, normal level Black bass slowed down from previous weekend crappie fair in numbers But small sued on mvuiows. cattish tau LBJ Water murky, 69 degrees, normal level, black Bass good to two pounds on grape and motoroi! worms striper good lo three pounds on Storm Shad white Bass good to 25 fish on white slabspoons < rapine good to 36 fish on minnows cattish good to tour (munds on cutbait gaspergou good to Sis pounds on Black figs TRAVIS Water dear 62 degrees sis feet low, Black Bass tau to 2'v pounds good numbers of throwbacks, ort pg and pig plastic grubs, live mcuiows Best, Stigler slow crappie slow, white bass fair to two pounds catfish tau to eight pounds ut baited holes on Fried Jalapeno Cheese Balls near Lakeway northeast CEDAR CREEK Water clear 61 degrees normal level black bass slow, hybrid striper taw but spotty on silver slabs at dropotfs crappie slow white Bass tau surfacing late oft shallow points, catfish slow CYPRESS SPRINGS Water clear one tool low. black bass good to five pounds on fig and pig RatLtraps in 16 feet of water crappie good in 26 ^ Let Us "Tune' iYour Car AUTOMOTIVE AUDIO 368 LANDA SUITE P (SIDE DOOR) OWNER GENE SAEGERT AKAI Home System Complete.........*495.00 CLARION digital AM/FM Cass., with scan & memory..........*149.95 KENWOOD AM/FM Cass. .................‘249.95 KENWOOD 6x9 Speakers ..................‘89.95 MARANTZ AM/FM Cass scan, memory, 16 watt, only 1% distortion.‘189.95 GRUN0IG AM/FM Cass, scan & memory... ‘139.95 JVC 6Va" Co axial speakers..........*69.95 COBRA Radar Detectors In Stock * * * Car Stereos & Installation are our specialty - not just a sideline... • _   - _ - _ . _ £ We also install CB s & Antennas! 2 J - - -    -•••••. INSTALIATIONS • REPAIRS • F RF F ESTIMATES Big cat feet of watei on mwinows. cattish good to 22 pounds cm large minnows on Tender Chunk Dog Food witfi hotline MONTICELLO Water clear 66 degreesnormal level Black Bass good to nine pounds IO ounces on black worms seven fish over seven pounds during week crappie slow But surne i .eight on minnows, catfish still good to nine pounds on worm sand shrimp WELSH Water cleat 70 degrees normal level; Black bass good to 10 pounds, five ounces, seveial sevens Before front on larger worms and RatLtraps, crappie some along with bass cadish good to 22 pounds on trotlines with live Baits many 10s and 12s SOUTHEAST CONROE Watei slightly cloudy normal level. Mack Bass good to 7 I 4 pounds on MannOlures striper and white bass slow uappte spotty near Bottom plenty of bsh shown on chart recorders hut nothing biting, channel tallish good on shad and stinkbait grass carp fair Lynn C. Gardner caught this 31 -pound, 40-inch yellow catfish on a trotline on Lake Dunlap. It was the second 30-pounder that Gardner has caught. LIVINGSTON Water murky in uppei lake, lower clear. 64 degrees, norma! level. Black Bass lair to eight pounds, average about six pounds on worms and cranks, striper lair to 12 pounds around Pine Island, white bass good lo 70 Bsh per string on |ig and spoon trolling crappie fan to 16 fish pet string on minnows catfish good to 78 pounds on live Bait. channel catfish fairly good to 2H pounds Blue catfish good to 6 pounds on trotline with shad RAYBURN Water dear 3 4 feet low. Black Bass slowing to five pounds on RatLtraps spinners in 4 IO feet of water striper fair to rune pounds on fig and spoon crappie slow, white bass still good on spoons, catfish slow, not many fishetmen TOLEDO BEND Water clear, normal level, black Bass good to five pounds on spoons. spinners, striper slow, crappie slow, catfish slow, not many fishermen juvenile whistling swan sighted on F*atroon Creek on north end of lake SOUTH AMIS TAD Water clear 67 degrees. 13 feet low, Mack bass tartly good to four pounds in good numfiets on topwaters, small striper good to around five pounds, larger striper slow, crappie slow, white Bass good on white and grey slabs at mouth of rivers, catfish excellent in 90 feet of Wi*et on worms. sBirmpand stink cheesebait CALAVERAS Water murky, 60 degrees, 18 inches high filack tiass good to si* pounds, many fours and fives on tilapia and cranks, striper fairly good lo four pounds, good numbers landed while trolling cranks tedfisb fair to tbiee pounds on tilapia and shad, cor Vina good to three pounds on tilapia. crappie slow, catfish good to 27 pounds on shrimp and tilapia channel catfish good to tour pounds on tilapia FALCON Water dear. 24 feet low. Mack pass slowing, not many fishermen, crappie fair, white Bass good bolling and jigging lo 30 Bsh per string, catfish good numbers of small Bsh. striper fair around darn to six pounds COASTAL GALVESTON Redtish fair at lethes and West Beach surf to 28 inches, a few oversue throw flacks, specks good in East Bay West Bay and some in jetties. Best trout in far East Bay with some to eight pounds and aint of threes and fours, only good Bait is strawberry colored Kelley Wigglers, some specks in West Bay on Wigglets and live shrimp, good numbeis of sandtrout and whiting dicing Beachfront, snapper good to 22 pounds Bom 26 30 miles offshore PORT O'CONNOR Norther tut al 6 a rn Wednesday. Before front, limits of teds on dead shrimp, ait mullet at jetties, wade fishing picking up some bul no limits, trout good around Bird Island and in the surf it wind Mows from nor thwest or north, northeast winds tough up surf; flounder good to 40 per string to about five pounds each gigging, floundering will still Be good if wind lays, no offshore activity, live Bait available LOWER COLORADO RIVER AUTHORITY NOTICE OF RATE CHANGE REQUEST Lower Colorado River Authority (LL KA) gives notice to its customers and to other affected parties that it has tiled with the Public Utility Commission of Texas an application for an increase in its rates for wholesale servile, for retail servile provided outside the limits of a city, and for retail service within the limits of the C ity of Ingram, Texas. The LCR A has also filed with the City Cornu tis of the cities of Kerrville, San Marcos, San Saba and Austin appluations to increase its retail rates for service within the illy limits of those cities The proposed rate change will affect approximately 28,000 retail and 41 wholesale customers and affects all rate classes The LCRA * system-wide rate increase is proposed to become effective january I, l<78t> For the period ending lune 30, 1*787, the Lower Colorado River Authority is seeking to increase its system wide revenues by $33 0 million annually, an increase of 13‘CW compared to revenues for the period ending lune 30, 1*785 I he LCR A's base rate revenue increase is $51 *7 million, an increase of 58 7% compared to base rate revenues for the period ending lune 30, 1*785 LCRA's fuel revenue decrease is $18*7 million, a decrease of 12 7% compared to fuel revenues for the period ending lune 30, 1*785 Persons who wish to intervene or otherwise participate in these proceedings should notify the Public Utility C ommissmn as soon as possible A request to intervene, participate, or for further information should be mailed to the Public Utility Commission of Texas, 7800 Shoal Creek Boulevard, Suite 400N, Austin, Texas 78757 Further information may also be obtained by i ailing the Public Utility Commission Consumer Affairs Division at (512) 458 0223 or (512) 458-0227 or (512) 458-0221 teletypewriter for the deaf LOWER COLORADO RIVER AUTHORITY P.O. Box 220 Austin, Texas 78767 (512)473-3200 ^31 (fit Ho-Ho-Ho All you ever wanted in a Christmas Gift... and More! Lite, Miller, and Lowenbrau identified merchandise for sale. Glassware, Satin Jackets, T-Shirts (Long & Short sleeve), Sweaters, Telephones, Belts, Serving trays. Caps, Record & Cassette storage cases (wood), Umbrellas, Sunglasses, Belt Buckles, Bowling Bags, Warm-up Suits, Key Chains w/Bottle opener; Longneck coolers, Sport Shirts (by Vantage & Sahara), all these & more at:    Wholesale    Beers    Inc. 1509 IH 35 E. 625-9162 OPEN: Thursday afternoons 16 p.m. Across Iii 35 from Canyon High School ;

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