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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 10, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas W. L. Schumann Spirit of giving Youth from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Youth Organization, gave of their time Saturday, to help area senior citizens with their holiday shopping K Mart opened its doors an DfRYl CLAH* rH§RAll)-Zkl I UNO hour early for residents of Eden Home, Colonial Manor and Laura Apartments Pictured Brosksie Davis of Colonial Manor is helped by Joma Gornez, Julie Gonzales and Lisa Landin. TOT Opera finds a home on America's back roads HOUSTON (AP* For the Texas Opera Theater, opening night can foe on a street corner in Arkansas, a shopping mall in Massachusetts or even a prison in louisiana The 60-member troupe willingly spends weeks on a bus, putting up with some tough times, to take the music of Donzetti, Puccini and Verdi to small town America, from Show Low, Ariz.. to New Braunfels • There isn t any place we won t go,” said Jane Weaver, general manager and chief executive officer of Texas Opera Theater ‘ All we need is a space about 20 lee! by JO feet In Eagle Pass, a town of 21 .(MNI along the Texas Mexico border, the 550-seat junior high school gym nasium is the nearest thing to a theater When the opera is in town, high school girls in prom dresses and corsages hand out programs to patrons who watch the show from bleachers “That’s ail we have," says Caroline Cerna, an Eagle Pass woman who has worked to bring Texas Opera Theater to the community for nine years But it s important that the people in our town, especially the children, hear good music ” Texas Opera Theater was organized in 1974 with a grant from the Galveston-based Moody Foundation The group at first served as the educational arm of the Houston Grand Opera, primarily touring schools in the Houston area In 1980, It spun off as a separate artistic entity dedicated to nurturing the careers of young American singers and to showing new au diences that opera is anything but stuffy or boring A minute with Andy Rooney in the Since ihen, the troupe of 20 singers, a 23-piece orchestra and a production crew of five has visited 40 states and introduced the classics all sung in English to more than one million people "In one community, you could tell the women were dragging their husbands to the performance They still had the dirt in their (loots.” Weaver says ‘ But after a while they really got into it They didn t exactly know when to clap so they stomped their feet And that’s OK It’s whatever they w ant it to be.” The company left recently on its winter tour, an itinerary traveling 3,050 miles to perform Bizet’s “Carmen” the story of a flirtatious gypsy girl and the soldier who forsakes everything for her love — in 19 cities in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. The show is compact, with the sets, costumes and lights easily moved from town to town in a truck Some opera scripts have been trimmed. Missing are the population scenes, opening chorus and heavy orchestration. But all the essential elements are there "Learning to like opera isn t like turning on the radio and listening to Elton John,” says Weaver, a former production manager with the Ken nedy (’enter for the Performing Arts in Washington, D C , who admits she was not an opera fan at one time "Opera takes growing into Ifs like good wine, something that should foe introduced slowly," she says. Accommodations for the per formers are a long way from the lux ury of the Met Dressing rooms may be in a high school locker room, or a welding shop or restroom if the players are lucky Sometimes there are no restrooms and no running w ater But the singers, who stay with the company two or three years, don’t seem to mind. "They go out on st agt every night, in costume, with a role, and perform for audiences that absolutely love them and embrace them and don’t judge them quite so hard,” Weaver says. “There aren’t a lot of opportunities to do that in America ” And everybody gets a chance One night a singer may have the lead role, then play a supporting part the next performance And it takes a lot of endurance, says mezzo soprano Karen Nicked. "Ifs kind of like the Olympics,” says Nickel!, 32, of Salina, Kan "You spend the day riding the bus. When you get to the town, you have to put on your makeup, get dressed and then do the show After a few hours’ sleep, you do It all over again ” I I !• *•! rn! Jean Glowka, Certified Hypnotherapist Member: Professional Hypnotism Society of America presents HYPNOSIS GROUPS Saturday Afternoon, Dec. 14 Free Lecture and “Q & A’ period    SM*    pn>- Weight Loss 3:30 p.m.    *25    (2    for    $401 area day care centers On Dec 17 and IM, Santa flaus will be in the New Braunfels Canyon Lake area, making special phone calls to all the good boys and girls Santa wilMP^wishing them Merry Christmas In either Spanish or English. He will also be getting their "wish list,” so that he knows what they would like for Christmas. So be ready for Santa between the hours of 6 and 9p.m. on Dec. 17 and 18 and talk to him in person The March of Dimes Santa Claus promotion is available to all children for a $3 donation to the March of Dimes Local day care and pre school centers in the New Braunfels and Ca nyon Lake Area will be participating Also, the New Braunfels Kiwanls Club, Le Moyne Davis, President, will he assisting with promotion by helping in that area The March of Dimes would like to thank aft the many people and businesses who continue to give so much of their time to help in the fight against birth defects It is still the No I child health pro blem, but with the support of tin* communtiesand its people, progress is being made in the prevention of birth defects lf you would like to participate in this event, please call Le Moyne Davis, 625-8587, or Cissy Ramsey, ^TSCTJTJTjrjffi^ •••    Lim    nUa/ks.    C    ertified    H    VDnotheraoiat H to! Hvrald-Zfltung Stop Smoking 4:45 p.m.    ^    *25    12    '"r . VIKA * MC    New Braunlel. ,rl*» • i“Ho" Jiiw. . tol, im J Ma, M. to., good! Sh., h.lpto th.uto.d.1 Sh. cm help i»! you! it-    For Bort information, coll collect botwooo 7 p a. A 9 p m la    (5121 729 3424 to;    (It's    sot    aoeoooory to pro-rogfotor.l ---------- I I I "Shop ti iht Stun wUh the ttgte on the Door gC>T*U"A«T-lOUWt .AUTHENTIC [MUCHE*) CHINESE FOOD A AMERICAN DI»ME« AINE IN ON CANNY OUT UNTY ANN ANNE MC NT t 625-1542    _ IQI IM IS *1 f Fttturtd on your AD-A-MIMO-ftOARD 899 4358 For any information with regard to the March of Dimes and its programs please call the San Antonio office af 647 77IM) 1985 Dodge Mini Ram Van includes Automatic transmission, air conditioning, tilt wheel, AM radio, intermittant [wipers, wire wheel covers, Mink Brown Cloth Bucket Seats. Dealer Stock #T5-32 WAS *11,090.00 NOW *10,352.00 + TT41 YOU SAVE ‘738.00 BECKER MOTOR COMPANY 547 S. Seguin New Braunfels, Tx. THE1905 FT N.B. 625*3463 nntmift I SERVICE L. S A. 658-7434 )HALS TVmm* | Dirty chimneys cause fires County Extension Agon! Chimneys with heavy creosote deposits are a leading cause of home fires in the United States each year. Chimneys should be Inspected for creosote build-up, and is now a good time to do it. Creosote is produced when wood burns. It escapes from a stove or fireplace In the form of smoke and condenses on the Inside of the chimney. Creosote is highly flammable, and deposits one fourth of an Inch deep or more should be removed. Once ignited, creosote can burn at temperatures of up to 3,000 degrees F The strong upward draft caused by high temperature chimney fires can lift burning creosote out of the chimney and onto the roof, possibly spreading the fire to the rest of the house, or even neighboring houses. Chimney cleaning is messy and sometimes dangerous task which may require climbing onto the roof. Although chemical cleaners are available, most have been proven ineffective. Use steel brushes to clean a chimney, with extension rods to reach the entire length of the flue. To avoid getting soot all over the house, fasten a sheet over the opening of the fireplace Chimney cleaning may be best handled by a chimney sweep. He will have a selection of brushes and will be able to spot improper Installation of wood stoves or chimney damage. Once the chimney has been cleaned, proper use of the stove or fireplace can reduce creosote buildup. The newer, more efficient stoves and fireplace in serts allow less heat loss through the chimney. This lower temperature inside the chimney encourages the accumulation of creosote With hotter fires, creosote is burned as It is produc ed, leaving less to condense in the chimney. lf the chimney and stove pipes are free from ex cessive creosote deposits, accumulation can he con trolled by burning a hot fire for about 15 minutes each day to burn off any thin layers of creosote which may have formed the previous day Should a chimney fire occur, call the fire depart ment Immediately lf possible, shut off the air supply lo the stove or fireplace but do not close the damper since this will force smoke Into the house If there Is still a fire on the stove or fireplace, ex Roguish It with an approved fire extinguisher or throw baking soda onto the fire Lease arrangements for rented farms Lease arrangements satisfactory to tenant and lan downers can enhance success of operating rented farms.    _ Written leases are best because they stimulate all parties to evaluate the lease contract and provide more understanding of the lease terms Lease arrangements are controlled by laws relating to leases and contracts. Parties should consult an attorney before finalizing a lease since lease agreements are legally binding contracts. Items relating to lease considerations Include: Description of property leased (a legal description for leases longer than one year). Length of lease and beginning date Procedure for determining amount of rent. Time and place for rent payment Landlord's right of entry, inspection and reserved rights Land use provisions including crop acreage, rotations and restrictions. Agreements on participation In government programs. Tenant's investment and expenses such as general maintenance, weed control, improvements and conservation practices. Landowner’s Investment and expenses such as replacement repair, taxes on farm real estate and personal property, and conservation. Tenant’s duties in operating the farm. Including maintenance of soil and water conservat Ion structures and buildings, fences and other real Improvements in the same condition as leased, not making alterations, additions or improvements without landlord’s written consent Conditions causing termination of the agreement. Harvesting and removing timber, nuts, fruit, water and minerals Renewal provisions including notice period and rent adjustment. Provisions for amending or changing existing lease. Provision for termination, Including compensation for crop expenses Other personal oi business situations will require different considerations that will add provisions In a lease agreement To minimize inlsundertandlngs, even matters that are to be “according to local custom” should he spell ed out in the agreement Share leases are common in farming Freedom to negolate terms can serve to allocate land among tenants In a way Pud contributes to economic efflcien cy In agriculture Negotiation Is an effective method of establishing land rent lf expectations are realistic, lf projected costs of production ai* calculated accurately, and lf weather conditions are favorable Many owner tenant leases are negotiated using one third sharing ratio on feed grains for both Inputs and Income during the growing anti harvest seasons Santa Claus will visit ;

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