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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 10, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas The basis of our political system is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitution of government. George Washington Andy Rooney on Mark Twain, see below Hsrald-Zritung inions Dave Kramer, Editor and General Manager Susan Batre, Managing EditorMike Royko Seems some of the working class admire Prince Charles Slats was looking at tho TV sot when Prince Charles, wearing an elegant suit and silly grin, came on the screen To my amazement, Slats said: That Chuck he’s an OK kid.” You’re surely joking. “No lie s awright in my book.” You like him? “Sure, why not?” But you’re part of working class the American “You don’t have to tell me that. My alarm clock tells me that at 6 o’clock every morning.” But everything you have you earn illlllllkh.... ed. Nobody has ever given you something for nothing. “I got a free turkey once from my precinct captain, although the fink kept the gizzards for himself.” That’s nothing. The point Is that you have sweated for everything you own. You were born In humble surroundings and through your initiative you made something of yourself. “Yeah, I got a mortgage, the price of a beer, a car with a broken tailpipe, and tuition bills for a couple of lunks.” But the bottom line is that you did it on your own. So how can you approve of somebody who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has never had to worry about where his next meal Is coming from. Or his next polo pony or country estate. “I ll tell you why I like him. I never saw a picture of him when he wasn’t smling or laughing He always looks happy.” So what? “So this: Look down the bar there and over there. How many people do you see smiling or looking happy?” None Bul I still don’t get your point. “The place you work. When you walk through there, do you see a lot of people smiling like Prince Chuck?” F>w, lf any “When you walk around Chicago, in the I,oop, on Milwaukee Avenue, you see many people who look as hap py as Prince Chuck?” Of course not. People have things on their minds Jobs to do. Bills to pay. They don’t walk around smiling like idiots. “So, my case is closed ” What case? “That kid Chuck Is no dummy He's got a good deal and he knows it, and that's why he’s smiling ” Of course he’e smiling He’s got a good deal. “Yeah, and I like somebody who knows when he's got a good deal. He’s no lousy ingrate.” But he’s useless He really has nothing to do. He has no respon sibil Itles. “What do you mean? He has to go to places like Palm Beach to raise money for charity, doesn’t he?” That’s not work. “Have you ever been in Palm Beach. They’re some of the biggest stiffs in the world. The men wear white shoes, the women look embalmed. Hanging around with them would be as much fun as being an undertaker." But that’s not real work. He doesn’t have to do It to earn a living He does it because It’s expected of him, but he has the option to say no. And he’ll still draw his allowance. He’d still be rich and idle. “Of course And that’s why he’s smiling He knows that nothing beats being rich and Idle." That’s the most selfish, narrow thing Ive ever heard Thank goodness most Americans don’t think that way. “Oh. yeah? Then why do you think the lottery Is so popular9 Do you think anybody would play It lf the super payoff was a Job on the night shift on a meat packing plant? People play it so lf they win they can he rich and idle.” It has been proven time after time that money doesn’t buy happiness, “That’s true lf you have to work for the money Then, when you get a lot of It, you’re either too old and tired to enjoy It, or you remember how hard it was to get it, so you’re worried about losing it But when you always had It, and you know you’re always going to have it, you walk around like Chuck, with a smile on your mug ” I still think he’d be more fulfilled if he had a regular Job “Like I told you years ago, lf work is so good, how come they have to pay us to do It?” Because what we do Is useful con structlve and necessary to a function ing society “Then why do we pay con gressmen9” I’ll have to think about that oneAndy RooneyMark Twain has erected a memorial - his writing It hardly seems necessary lo have a 150th anniversary celebration of Mark Twain this year, because when he wrote “Tom Sawyer’’ and “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” Mark Twain erected an unforget table memorial for himself that can Editorial Rap The Presidential summit Nothing as major as a neu nuclear arms agreement is ex prs-ted to result from the summit, of course But both sides have a great deal to gain, economically as well as militarily, from an easing ol tensions and the meeting between Messrs (Gorbachev and Reagan in Geneva provides an opportunity for a critical breakthrough in superower red ions which in recent years as seemed to st ill be seen all over the world Because of the celebration. I’ve been rereading “Huck Finn ” Gee, it s good The theme of the book is the pleasure and excitement pf escape from civilization, which we all dream of doing once in a while Huck didn't just dream about escaping He did something about it. and his raft trip down the river with his black slave friend Jim. is the best escapist literature ever written It isn’t a perfect book Mark Twain wasn’t Shakespeare, but for all Mark Twain's faults and the problems with the book, ifs simply one of the best collections of words ever put between book covers. F.xperts have analyzed Mark Twain to death, and he knew they vacillate between cold and frigid. It is precisely because of the importance of the long awaited en counter of the first kind in Geneva that the “Weinberger letter” affair is so annoying and so distressing The leaking ol the letter, a “private” message from Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger to the President on summit strategy, not only detracts from the vital issues at hand, but it undercuts the U S posi tion at the talks before Mr Reagan even has a chance to open his mouth It may be overstating the case to sug gest, as one administration official did, that the leaking of the letter was part of a deliberate attempt to sabotage the summit, but there is lit tie question that it played into the hands of the Soviets The Dallas limes Heiald Smoking vote When City Council members vote on an anti smoking ordinance early next month, they are sure to hear complaints that the propoosal is either too strong or too weak It is important for the council to look beyond the heavy lobbying of special interest groups and adopt an ordinance that protects nonsmokers without causing undue hardship for the businesses that must comply. The Dallas Morning News «- s X (ZI ii c 8 a UKE IT? MOM, MY mu Lift m MANTID TO LIVE IN MANHAT IAN* of count HIKE IT UEU, ITS AREAL funky mix. irs HJMJS GOT KTH NEOU YOUR building UKE7 \ PEOPLE ANO PEOPLE MHO REF USE TU VA /_ roTF s=j£~ THE GUY ACROSS THE tePS HAIMS A PRUE PEALER J STEER CLEAR BUT YOU KHOU) MIKE HES ALMOUS determined rn mw our THE BEST IN Pf OPIE I 12IO would. He even tried to stop them I’d forgotten the admonition he wrote at the beginning of the Huck Finn book. “Persons attempting to find a motive In this narrative will be pro secuted; persons attempting to find a morale will be banished, persons attempting to find a plot will be shot.” There's no doubt that Mark Twain was a lot more complicated man than the simple picture we have of him as a beloved, white-haired sage and humorist. One expert on Mark Twain’s works has suggested that the Mississippi River is an allegorical God in the book, but that seems highly unlikely if you know anything about the author. He didn’t write a lot of fuzzy stuff with deep meaning, like Herman Melville did in “Moby Dick.” Mark Twain filled his books with real incidents, genuine little adventures and people we can all understand even when what is happening to them has never happened to us. It's an American conceit that Huck Finn is the all-American !3-year-old boy Huck is an all-world boy, and evidence of that is the fact that the book has been translated into 55 languages to us first year it was done in Danish, Dutch and German and two years later it was transplated into Russian The other thing that’s so attractive about the book is the great friendship between Huck and the escaped slave, Jim. It makes you feel good reading it, quite aside from all the adventures happening to them Jim is referred to a lot as “nigger” by Mark Twain and a lot of people have decided it was racist. Mark Twain was about as much a racist as Abe Lincoln. No one could read what Mark Twain said about his mother 20 years after the Civil War and still believe he was a racist. “When slavery perished, my mother had been in daily touch with it for 60 years.” he said, “yet, kind-hearted and compassionate though she was, I think she was not con scious that slavery was a bad. grotesque and unwarrantable usurpation.” Toward the end of the book, Hick Finn begins to wonder about what he’s done lf you haven’t read “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” lately, you ought to. Ifs not a classic for no reason Your representatives Sen Phil Or •mm Rap T om Loaf liar United States Banate U S Housa Washington D C . 20610 of Representatives Gov Mark White Qovernor's Office Boom 200 State Capitol Austin. Tawas 7S701 San John I raagar 1212 Longworth Housa Office Bldg Washington. D C 20616 Rap Edmund Kuempel Tawas Housa of Representatives P O Bow 2S10 Tawas Sonata Austin. Tawas 76766 Capitol Station Austin. Tawas 70711 San Lloyd Samson Rap Mac Swoons / (Guadalupe County) United States Sonata U S Housa Boom 240 Russo* Bldg of Representatives Washington. D C 20610 Washington. D C . 20S1S ;

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