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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 5, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas /} JO    Ii05 3 IOX 2x' / 8 6 TE: X AS AMERICAN MICROFILM ATT: RETE SINCLAIR P.O. BOX 404 :/• DALLAS, TX 7r-24S Cisneros discusses Area corridor airport See below Water Watch Comal River.......... 330    cfs    (down 5) Canyon inflow....... 550cfs (down 60) Canyon outflow ........ 542    cfs (same) Edwards Aquifer  626.66 (down .01) Canyon Lake level ......910.14    (up .05) Travis commissioner's Local trial moved here See Page 12A Unicorns do well in playoffs, page 7A New Braunfels New Braunfels. Texas Thursday December 5, 1985 25 Cents 24 Pages 2 Sections Perry not guilty in child abuse By DEBBIE DeLOBCN Staff writer A Canyon I .ako man sobbed un controllably Wednesday after a nine man. three-woinnn jury found him not guilty of sexually assaulting a four year old girl las! March Following about two hours of deliberation, the jury’s verdict was announced at 1:30 p m Wednesday. The defendant. David Charles Perry. who was asked to stand to receive the verdict, dropped to the chair behind him. put his hear! in his arms on the defense table, and began to soh un controllably His wife. Usa. cried, t»*o, as she hugged her husband and told him. “It s over, babv Thank (rod. ifs finally over ’’ Perry was accused of taking a four year old girl out in tile woods behind her house, blind folding her and hav ing oral sex with her on or about Marchti. 1985 The incident allegedly occurred while Perry and his wife were baby-sitting the four year-old. along with her 11-year old brother The children's parents had gone to New York on business for about six weeks Another Comal County jury found Perry guilty of aggravated sexual assault on N'ov 22. fait 2<*7th District Court Judge Robert Pfeuffer declared a mistrial three days later Another jury panel was chosen on Dec 2 for Perry's new trial after Pfeuffer also denied a defense motion to move the proceedings away from Comal County District Attorney Bill Sehroeder. who counted Wednesday s decision as his third loss in IO years, said he was surprised by the jury’s verdict “I thought this one was stronger than the last case.’’ Sehroeder said “I had four people take the witness stand and testify Perry wasn't eredi hie that I didn't have the firs* time But I don’t want to argue with the jury’s decision That's why we have them It makes you wonder, though, where the cut off point is Is a seven year old fair game or does it take a five year old9.’’ he added “I was surprised, hut I guess you have to hit a hump In the road every once in awhile ’’ In closing arguments Wednesday former Court at Law Judge D H Buchanan said the state had failed to meet its burden of proof He called Jesse Garibay ‘the state's star witness who takes the witness stand in jailhouse clothes ” Garibay. whose capital murder charge is still pending testified he See PERRY. Page 12A Worker stabbed at Bulverde By LILLIAN TNOMAS Staff writer A 59 year old San Antonio man is in stable condition after tieing stabbed while working on a horse r anch near Bulverde Wednesday The Comal County Sheriffs Department confirmed that Ignacio Hernandez. 59 was working on a ranch off of Obsf Road when a Mexican American who was formerly employed there there confronted him arid stabbed him The suspect then ran away Hernandez suffered multiple stab wounds, the worst of which was in the abdomen, the sheriff department confirmed Someone from the ranch carried Hernandez to Duke s Gateway on CS 281 where Bulverde EMS picked him up and transported him to Medical Center Hospital in Sari Antonio. Con stable Hon Steuhmg said “The person from the ranch left his vehicle at Luke's and traveled with Hernandez in the ambulance, which made it very difficult for us to find the scene of the crime because no one knew who the victim was or who had transported him to Luke’s.” Steubing said "It took about an hour and a half for us to find the where it had happen eft.” the constable added The suburban van the ranch resi dent had left was the sheriff’s depart men! souk clue to finding the scene Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Pickett and Sheriff's Investigator Kermit Kroesche reached the scene about 20 minutes before Steubing Inside CANYON LAKE 5A CLASSIFIED 6 8B COMICS 3B CROSSWORD 8B DEAR ABBY 8B HOROSCOPE 8B KALEIDOSCOPE 1 2B. 4B OPINIONS 4A OUTDOORS 9A SCRAPBOOK 2B SPORTS 7 8A STOCKS 12A WEATHER 2A Today's Weather Today is expected to he sunny and mild with the high reaching the upper 60s Winds will tx* from the northeast at IO to 15 mph Tonight will tx- clear and colil with light winds and a low in the mid Jus Wednesday ’s high reach ed 73 and this morning s low was 44 Sunset today will tx* at 5 32 p rn and sunrise Friday will he at 7 11 a rn Cheer Fund The Cheer Fund made a $195 jump Wednesday, raising the total to $919 50 Five donations made the jump possible They are from Dr Michael ami Claudette Doherty, $25; The Porter Company, $loo. louise Classen. $25 Anonymous. $20 and Kenneth and Henrietta Friable, $25 The Herald /eitung encourages tile community to bring their tax deductible donations or non perishable food items by its offices at I8»i S Casten Ave Those who cannot come to the office, call 025 9144 .........I—<^7- NICE SHOPPING LIST... BUT WHERES MV NAME ? Incorporation supporter contests Nov. 5 Canyon Lake election 20 (hopping days to Christmas By SABAN OIIM Staff writer David Thompson, a Canyon Lake resident and the major supporter of the defeated incorporation move there, filed Wednesday to contest the election. Thompson said Thursday that he filed a complaint of election fraud with County Attorney Bill Renner stating that some 89 individuals voted illegally in the Nov Selection The move to incorporate Saltier, to be called the Village of ( anyon Lake. was defeated 189 72 Thompson said that these people lived outside of the proposed in corporation area, yet told election of finals that they lived within the ,rea so they would he allowed to vote He said several people knowingly voted illegally Reimer said the allegations will be investigated by the Comal County Sheriff's Department “It has been alleged that people from outside the area encouraged other people to vote wrongfully.” he said To know ingly vote wrongfully or to encourage others to vote wrongfully is a third degree felony Reimer said “For individuals who are found beyond any doubt that they knew they were voting wrongfully, they will be prosecuted ” he said He add ed that people who thought they lived within the proposed incorporation ixMjndaries but were mistaken have nothing to worry about Thompson said he is not concerned about the people who honestly thought their homes were within the incorporation area He said he is interested only in seeing that those who See ELECTION Page 12A Cisneros raises possibility of Austin-San Antonio corridor airport AUSTIN (AP) San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros has stirred up talk of a regional airport to serve San Antonio and Austin, saying it would be “instantaneous justification for economic growth along Interstate 35 between the cities it would make the corridor a justifiable trading region in the eyes of the world,” Cisneros said His remarks came Tuesday rn a Chamber of Commerce meeting at San Antonio Mayor Frank Cooksey of Austin, who attended the session but was not present for Cisneros’ remarks, said he would request a meeting with Cisneros to discuss a joint airport A joint airport has be#*n mentioned for several years as a way to solve crowding problems at Austin's Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, but San Antonio officials had not en couraged the idea Although Cisneros had said the joint facility was among his long range goals, he told an Austin airport task force last year that Austin should not look on a joint airport as a solution to problems at Mueller He said then that San Antonio would not need a new airport for 25 to 35 years San Antonio just completed a $1 IO million airport expansion The task force recommended that Mueller airport be relocated without specifying a site A minority report by task force member John Cutright recommended a regional airport with San Antonio Cisneros and Cooksey said the problem of synchronizing the needs of the two communities would have to be worked out The difference is that Cisneros seems to be encouraging talk of a regional airport. “The quickest way both of us can overcome our air traffic problems is with a combined effort.” Cisneros said “In Texas. Dallas is the hub. and it s difficult to get to San Antonio and Austin, and many corporations mentioned that in looking at this area for possible relocation ” Cisneros said San Antonio and Austin need to encourage airlines to provide more direct flights between the two cities and such other major cities as New York. Chicago Washington and San Francisco "In the longer run. it seems to me the right thing to do is to build regional facilities Seventy five miles between the two cities might tx* a lit tie far hut with transportation technology growing, it could be easier in a few years,’’ Cisneros said Meanwhile he said, the Austin City Council has to make decisions about serving city air traffic needs for the next IO years and longer i'm perfectly willing to talk to him.” Cooksey said of Cisneros. “But our initiative, whatever it is. has to include a solution to our problem from now until 2020 They have already solved their problem during that time frame.” Turkeys topple from totaled truck Turkeys spill from a truck on Interstate 35 The accident, which occurred about 5 30 a rn near the Schwab Road exit, diverted traffic to the access road to the FM 2252 exit while workers picked up the turkeys and cleaned up the spilled fuel John Lattimore with the Texas Department of Health and a meat inspector went to the scene to tell clean up crews what to do with the LCSUC KWfWAiOT xfRAiD/eitung turkeys Troopers said several passersby offered to take the birds home with them An impromptu turkey tumble halted traffic on Interstate 35 early this morning after a tractor-trailer rig slammed into a parked truck full of frozen Butterballs Both drivers were injured and several miles of southbound Interstate 35 were closed for about two hours The drivers of the vehicles were hospitalized this morning One was transported to McKenna Memorial Hospital The other driver was transported to Northeast Baptist Hospital in San Antonio The drivers’ names and conditions were not available at presstime Department of Public Safety Trooper Scott Haag said the driver of the truck carrying the turkeys was asleep in the truck He had pulled his truck, which had flashing lights, to the side of the highw ay The other driver reportedly fell asleep, swerved to the right and slammed into the rear of the truck, sending about mw frozen turkeys fly mg all over the highway Diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid also leaked onto the roadway, said a Com al County Sheriff’s Department spokesman ;

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