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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 4, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Th* basis of oar political system is th? right of th? people to make and to alter ^ their constitution of r^f government. 0?or£? WashingtonRooney boKevfrs we'v« created a nation of computer junkies, see Andy Rooney, below O Herald-Zeitung pinions l>«ff Kraa«r, EJ r--J Z* 'J Vir-u^f Stun Hair#. Man* g; nj? Editor r* I Lloyd Bentsen Ifs clear the drug smugglers are back in action Mur# than Mk> pound- of cocain# /alo#"! af about in »mil on am #i/ ♦•'J bv * *•” Hot'tot    o?ffe#r-. from •» /1 /**.»r O O < utMn t «• ut ut t am#*/ ft■< or JI, if 1 r . •*    f»* . Cher k point This confix* at tor O' ' lo IM. 7 million tit** '-.trot '    ,< of • if*Mies M-»z**d tin1 f .' ti .' -if ' ’ft* Border Patrol M* Af #n •tor 1 ' ' * It IS I It-hf that lf » O' Ifet rf jggi#r ar** ba* r if * im . 1 pi*#.    , fj*** ini* *r »» r 1 j, , >11, . #ra*kdowr **a». ■*-* th ,« ,»r folio* log tho brut;# rn*/r*|er of Drug pf for* «*rn**nt A*)"    *•    0 iz* o* Knr iqu# f <*o • • Ouadatajara M#/ < o In l#M#rs t*< ti.*- DP A to*) r u-Jorns Andy RoortCy in f in#* f #xpr#xv#d my concern about reports 0,a* drug traffickers ,rr- ..-./reaxing th# r os# of Texas on r< Mexican trampoline a smut? »> r t? roof** from Sooth America 'ha* vt j* '**s w ain** through Mexico into th# f. rut#*) Sfaf**s f aked these agen* ms to inform rn** of th** shift in operations that drug .muggier* v*#m to ho rn ak im? from v#ofh f* lori*la to Texas an*l Hi# plans to 'i**al aith it > unto ms of fir lals inform#*! rn# that * *»* aine an*J heroin smuggling ar# in ri##rf on th# rise in their Southwest Kenton which includes f exas Between IW anrj 1984, cor ain# * i/#d in th# region jumped from 65 pounds to HO pounds That s a Vt fold increase* In th# same timespan heroin confiscations went from 13 po»mdx to Vt pounds t onf 1 sr- at ions for 1085. as of August stood at ^ IJ 7 pounds of cr# came and 21 pounds of heroin In addition to actual confiscations f j “orris estimated that about 4.250 pounds of cocaine a ere smuggled into 'he f nit#d States through the Southwest Region during 1084 For 108V that figure is expected to jump to 0 'OO pounds In response to this increase threat t ustoms officials have advised me that *h#y intend to commit more anti narcotics resources to Texas But f am concerned that this effort hy I ustoms will riot he enough especially in light of the fact that the number of field agents assigned to T#xa« by rh# T/rug Enforcement Administration remained virtually the same between l?79 and 1964 During that time. while the amount of cocaine seizing was increasing 50-fold DEA added only four agents to its Texas force, increasing it from 180 in 1979 to 184 in 1984 I have written again to DEA Acting Administrator John O’ Lawn asking him this time to assign more agents to Texas and strengthen the federal efforts in our state in the war against drug trafficking We are not winning this war and we must get more agents in the field if we expert to turn the situation around We've created a generation of computer junkies I've kno ai Ralph f . Wonderful guy I’ (tonality «apaid* hard am* fig hut he's out til it now I* dph (UM M • t»#re all day ii* sits tM-ri star (fig af lh# lit11«    1 tooii in front til hun and hitting an assortment of k< , f»n Hi* dashboard of hi1 computer I hat# to say lids about a friend hut «#|| Ralph'* a * ornpijtei jur.p > Halpii will V In til* i -ta a , i«f a large private compart. rn >■ > r'»*» e anil we often have lunch tog* tin*r After lunch ti* Ila, “Hey you wanna se# something arna/mg7 < *nne on over to my office for a minute I don’t want to hint Ralph : feel lltgK. so I tell him , 1 III j<» 1 We go to Ills offi< •* Ralph if. ii .ut of Ins compute! and I Aal* ti fiver tits should#!, feigning intel# J “lufok at thin,*' ti# says pressing, In 1 apld nu#* ess ion, a series of keys un the typewriter Ilk# mm Mn# in front of him The screen lights up unit a long aeries of mixed numlxu lefiei ami symhols appear' iii luniiin • .< #nl green < 1 *1174941290''7 ” ‘ui*1 Aer** into tt»«* system,” Ralph says Wha* w*»ulfl you Ilk** to know' Anything you want to know ho aa hi spell or anything ' How aimut th# polit# way to address the queen of England if you should ever meet her7 I hav# 'fit ware on manners I Wirt of hum meaning I d rather not know ” How a Malt Reagan7” Ralph asks I h# library is into a news system f ll get you everything on Reagan ” Without giving me lime to hum at turn again Ralph hits more keys and more numbers and finally one line • rills with lh** Milers READ Thai means Reagan ” Ralph says lh* puts a little moving dot next to HEAD, pushes more keys anil • limes up with a list of 37 news stories with President Reagan’s name in I hem Which on# do you want to read''” My librarian friend says, looking up al me with eager anticipation Moor Ralph' I he editors of my newspaper bari, tmurs before sorted through the stories and printed the ones they thought people Ilk# me would want to read Ralpti used to go to work like the rest of us He’d do some typing, read sr*me reports make some telephone 1 alls and by th# end of the day be d accomplished what his company pays birn to dti I suspect it s been some time now since Ralph has done any work hut his company seems flappy with him because he’s so good with the computer We've created a generation of com puler junkies They can’t stay away from computers They honestly la* I lev** that all the answers to all pro blerns in the world are in thai Mix some wile re if (hey can only figure out which keys to hit Computers create the illusion that you r** accomplishing a lo! quickly and easily J he Int I that Ifs work you didn't have to do which is producing information ytm don’t need, is in consequential lh** computer's the thing, an end in itself The storage capacity of computers */)muuN' I MIM Ut mAMINC, o MUJ ,r.    YOU    tuft ll*, WH OF mw 70 A SUMI WM rub 9«    WMT, I    HONBYMike Royko Does anyone really know D.C/s mood? is creating a monster for the future Were storing vast quantities of materials not because the informa lion is worth keeping but because ifs so easy to keep There will never be time enough for one generation to go through the old floppy discs of the last Computers are making it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don’t need to Ire done People who used to keep their bank accounts straight with scribbled figures on the backs of old envelopes, are buying software spreadsheets My friend Ralph has another com puter at home, too His kids love it They no longer play football, baseball or chess Now they play with the computer A kid can turn on a computer, press a few keys, and in a matter of minutes tell you that two times two equals four. And then, of course, he can store that information I’m going to see if I can’t get Ralph into Computers Anonymous Sometime I really feel sorry for ’ne people who ve and *ork .n Washington DC Tnev seen to be far nor# iensr. -e and emotion*; 'nan *.r* -est of oo* here They re subject to ex1:rem# and sudden mood sw ngs from elation to deep depre^suv I ve .earned this over tne years rereading the .ar ous pundits cho regularly *e is shoo' the mood of Washington There have seer, times cher* they’ve written that 'he mood of Washington ‘his *eek ss or# >f 1##p melancholy This can Pe brough^ on by the arrest of a congressman for public indecency of a oss by the Redskins But only a few days la'er you can read that the mood of Waddington this week ss one of gr#at elation That can be the result of the blooming of the cherry blossoms or the passage of a bt-parvsan bill 'o ism.' the imports of foreign canar.es I've always felt grateful that those in W'ashmton keep *hese emotional swings to them solve- They dor t expect 'he rest of us to join in or even understand th# trauma tha* is brought on by 'he resign-i* or of an under secretary of the interior But now that seem- to be changing We're expected to share in theri emotional upheavals I discovered that this morning, when I wok# up feeling pretty good until I went through the papers and read the reports from Washington Most of the stories nae simil ar phrases The t oited States has been embarrassed by A high-level source said that this has caused great embarrassment to the United States ” ’Several congressmen said that this is very embarrassing to They were talking about Vitaly Yurchenko, the KOB spy who defected but has now decided to go back to to Soviet Union, or Big Mama Russia as it was called in Old Russian novels It was only a few days ago that the mood of Washington was one of elation because he had come over to our side But now not onl\ Washington but the entire country is embarrassed because he has pulled the old swit-cheroo, as they call it in the intelligence community. Well I m as loyal a citizen as the next guy So as I shaved. I could see my face getting redder and redder from embarrassment I even found myself averting my gaze so as not to make eye contact in the mirror On the way to work I stopped at the coffee shop for breakfast and I -a d to Yvonne th# countergirl “I magi ne you re feeling emabarrass- ed this morning huh7’ She tugged at her skirt and said Somethin' showing7 ’ No I mean thi- embarrassing business with \ italy Yurchenko ” she gave me a suspicious look and said I have never been out with any guy with tnat name And I went straight home last night ” I am 'aiking about the Russian spy a ho defected then said he's going oack It na- caused this country, and ail of us in it great embarrassment ’’ Are you kiddm Hey. I'm not em-barraged I read about him. and he's re poor -ucker who’s embarrassed I mean he's really got a problem now ” “In what way?” It says in the stories that the real reason he defected was because when he was in this country before. he aseo to get it on with some married Russian woman who was here with her old man And Vitaly wanted to get things going with her again “ "I read that ” Yeah but when he went to see her -he told him uh uh, the party's over She got kicks from swinging with a spy But now that he defected. he s ju-r anotner DF in a baggy suit ” Ah. the pain of rejection ” Sure And he can't go nowhere without some CIA guys tagging along With all that working against him. how s he ever gonna go into a singles bar and get lucky7” “It would be unlikely.” But that s not the worst of it Now he s going home to his wife and kids The poor guy is going to walk in and say im home. Sasha She s gonna say W here the heck you been. Vitaly He s gonna say: ’Oh. it was terrible The Americans drug me Take, me to States Try to make me tell secrets Then I escape and come home to you as fast as I can I don t even stop to have one with the guys ' Now , do you think any woman s gonna to believe that7” “It is a little farfetched ” "Yeah She s gonna say: 'Vitaly. I warned you about chasing skirts I'm Mavin and taking little Boris and the color TV with me,” It s a story as old as man and woman." “Right But it shows how dumb the Russians really are He could have saved himself all that grief if he had done what any American man would have done before he defected ” “What’s that7" ’ He should have phoned his old girlfriend first And if the old man answered, hung up ' Mailbag policy The Herald /eitung welcomes the opi mons of its readers, and we re happy to publish letters to the editor While readers opinions on local issues generally are of more interest to other readers, we welcome letters on any topic local, state, national or international that the writer chooses to address Content will not prevent publication unless the letter is judged to be potentially libelous All letters to the editor should b signed and authorship must b verifiable by telephone Anonymou letters will not be published Send your letter to Mailbag. 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