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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 21, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions D A v E K R AM E R, Editor and Publisher JIM WEBRE, Managing Editor Page 4 Herald-Zoifunp New Braunfels, Texas Friday, August 21, 1987 Editorial We should discourage such risky behavior Good samaritans fished another few people out of the river beneath the MKT railroad bridge Wednesday. Perhaps the reason it didn t make the headlines is because everyone was safe and no one died or was seriously injured. But the story might have been different. There are plenty of places where river enthisiasts can get into the flow of things without jumping off the Garden Street bridge or ether unsafe locations. Any places that do not have signs posted indicating the potential danger should have such signs. Clearly our police department has better things to do than watch for jumpers and errant users of our rivers, but perhaps it s time to make a point of our desire to manage our resources. Stiffer fines and a few well publicized arrests might help Certainly a few signs couldn’t hurt. It may fce a hard thing to resist, but within reason and as often as is feasible we should discourage this irresponsible behavior before another drowning or a serious injury occurs. Other views Saragosans victims again Apparently Saragosa did not escape vultures in the wake of a May tornadothat virtually wiped out the small West Texas commune tv But the buds of prey appear to be the human knd Unconfirmed reports of missing donations hae been circulating since trucklers of food, furniture and clothtngitarted pouring in Only have those rumbl mgs become oud enough for the general pubic to hear The thoght that a person or people wouUbe callous enough to steal goods itendod to ease the suf fenng of torado victims is appall mg But the lotg-term effects of such thefts could tave even more impact The thousaids of Good Samaritans vho came to the aid of Saragosans ouldn t be blamed for having doubs about the fruits of their efforts It would be easy to say why bother the next time tragedy strikes A thorough investigation of missing donations by an outside agency — is in order By getting to the bottom of the apparent thievery officials can remove a stigma from a community that has suffered enough odessa American Mexico's inflation In one of ttose smoke and mirrors presentations in which the Mexican government specializes the treasury secretary announced that the government remains committed to holding the line on price rises while simultaneously admitting that inflation will exceed forecasts this year Since the nflation rate projections were already painful to consider 75 to 85 percent that means another round ot extreme suffering for the incredibly patient Mexican people ... Obviously it means suffering more suffering for Mexico s population It means increased pressure to cross into the United States It means additional difficulties for border businesses in this country The United States should offer its assistance, of course — but without fundamental change within Mexico there is little chance lasting improvement can be made in the condition of the Mexican people The Paris Sews improving state schools After 13 years of foot-dragging the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation finally has seen put on notice that it must get its act together U S District Judge Barefoot Sanders held the department and the Fort Worth State School in con tempt of court for failing to provide adequate care for retarded patients He ruled that more state funding is needed but he noted that supervision of residents has been woefully inadequate Money is a large part of the problem at the Fort Worth State School and at other institutions operated by the MH MR department But the tragic truth is that care and concern also are lacking, as evideaced by the poor leadership and lax «upervision by the state Poor Daniel I Sesame. Str-ce'P Inas been pre-er^p+cc| ■Fill 3qr\Uar(U *8 agency Judge Sanders should issue stern orders to the agency to carry out the reforms it agreed to long ago Dallas Times Herald To remember, forget Rudolf Mess was the last of the major Nazi leaders and for more than 20 years the only prisoner in Spandau prison built to hold 600 His death should mark the end of an expensive dispute between France, Britain and the United States on one side and the Soviet Union on the other, on the aging expensive prison More importantly, it is both a time to remember and a time to forget Mess was properly convicted for his role in planning and conducting Nazi aggression We must always remember that insane, murderous regime and the crimes it committed and be steadfast in our determina Hon never to let it happen again But it can he an occasion to put behind us the hatreds that resulted If we can do both perhaps we can make this a better world The Houston Post No need for budget amendment President Reagan, who has never submitted a balanced budget during his two terms, continues to press for a constitutional amendment requir mg one and goes so far as to sug gest that if Congress doesn’t pro duce an amendment there could be a constitutional convention That s two bad ideas in one breath Fortunately, there are signs that people are beginning to understand that It would still be best if states that have indicated support for a convention would repeal their support Mr Reagan s balanced budget amendment is unnecessary All any president has to do is submit a balanced budget, yet he has never done so and it is becoming clear that the reason is that he doesn t want to He really believes one can spend his way out of debt The amendment push is a dodge to obscure his incredible spending spree .4 ustm American St a tesm an High Iran-contra costs Ollie North & Co diverted Si million a tidy sum, from the Ira man arms sales to the Nicaraguan rebels, but investigators of the Iran Contra affair have already spent more than $4 million, and their total is still rising The $4 million-plus sum. reached last month, does not include such extras as hiring guards for the con gressional hearings, building a special rostrum for committee members to sit on and printing transcripts from ll weeks of testimony The House panel has a $1 95 million budget and expects to spend ‘ the bulk of the money ” The Senate committee projects its final cost at $2 million The Iran-Contra matter is often called a scandal.” and it may be one However, the same word can be applied to the way the probers are going through the public’s money Harlingen Valley Morning Star Mike Royko Why are they shooting only at nice drivers? There s something very strange at>out the out break of shootings on California s freeways lf you read tho accounts of the shootings you probably notice that just about all of the victims say essentially the same thing about their own behavior They were just cruising along minding their own business not bothering anyone and scrupulously observing the rules of the road Then suddenly almost out of nowhere some madman in another car began shooting at them I suppose it s possible that this is true that people who carry guns in their cars have sudden Iv developed a mass hatred of courteous molten sue drivers But I would find it all a bit more realistic if some of those whose cars were punctured said something like this “I’m driving home from work see Hate my jot) the boss picks on me. not>ody there gives me any respect When I get home me and my wile will have another argument and she II win like she always does That’s why I like tieing in my car Nobody messes with me in my car Anyway I see this guy coming down the ramp to get on the freeway He’s speeding up to merge in my lam* He’s going to try to pull in ahead of me Hey nobody gets ahead of me I don't have to take that kind of abuse so I speed up He speeds up But I ain’t letting this turkey get one up on me So I stomp the petal Now he’s running out of room Hah I almost run the sucker right up on the grass But at the last second he chickens out and slams on his brakes I showed him a thing or two The next thing I know he pulls up next to me and he s yelling something I just give hun the linger like I wish I could do to my boss Then I can t believe it this guy whips out a gun and puts a bullet through my window He tries to kill me’ I II tell you. there are some crazy people out there ” < »r maybe this so I rn hauling this big load from Portland down to San I bego and I ve been on the road all day I rn mad because when I went to dona- ,» couple ut uppers out of the Ixtttle they spilled ail over the floor and I don t have time to stop In my business time is money Anyway I rn moving got Kl when I hit this mess of traffic Cars Little cars I hate them sometimes I have dreams where thev re all ovei me crawling up my leg** biting nit* \nd I have fantasies where I rn going in ,i giant steamroller and I flatten them like bugs Like I say I hit this traffic and there s this little car in front of me one of those expensive sports jobs \nd if I could get by hun I could save maybe 15 seconds on my run But he s in my way What s he doing out there anyway I mean I rn making a living He s just getting in my way Guys like that ain t fit to live Fancy car la)ts of money \nd nothing better to do than make me miserable so I figure I ll teach him a lesson I get closer I get right on hts tail and sttl\ there Then I drop back a little and come barreling up and stay on his butt The rich little twit His father probably bought him the car Then you know what he d**-*- He taps his brakes like he’s going to warn me Oh the punk so I get even closer I got him boxed in He cat; t go nowhere and I know he s looking in that mu ror and he sees me and fie knows that if he screws up just a little I rn going to turn him into a blot) I stay there for two three miles Finally there s an opening in the next lane and the duty little coward swerves to get out of my wav so I barrel past turn and the next thing I know I hear pop pop pop The nut is shooting holes in my door 1 11 tell you officer it ain t sate out here for professional drivers anymore <lr possibly this I rn riding along in the fast Line talking to mv buddy We re just cruising around x-e Then I notice this jerk in a van behind me some kind of delivery guv Vnd the wav tie s coming up or me it s like he owns the whole road so I (.gute hey you want to go faster go around < if lout ->«• ta* i an I get around t**caus« of the traffii That s hts tough cookie I van tell he s getting mad Too bad lf he wusti t a jerk he wouldn t U* running deliveries so fie ftnallv gets in the other lane and starts to pass So | figure OK wise guy I wan* to sec* how fast you i an go and I hit the gas and stav right with him Then you know what he does he cuts in Iron* of me I mean tie almost takes off tm bumper No I tell my buddy I rn going it) show him who lie s messing with Vnd I hit the- gas hard and I wheel around and cut hun off Then I stomp my breaks I mean does he think I rn some chump No he switches lanes to pass me again tiut I rn too qui! k for turn I suing out and bit* k him Then tic- gtn-s around ttic* other side but I get in front I mean vou got to teach jerks a Ie -son right Then he slows down and falls baik I figure he learned his lesson VII of a sudden fie floors it and comes up like a maniac I look at turn and my God tie s pointing something at me He > blowing his horn and aiming this thing at me I got so m ared I swerved off the road and almost rolled over Mv heart was pounding Hey what s the world coming to with all these- whdi kos out there ’ Now I rn riot saying that those who are tieing menaced might sometimes bring it on themselves It s entirely possible thai there s something about courteous sensible drivers that brings out the homicidal tieast in some people lf so how can the- guys with the guns find such a tinv minoritv Analysis Right wing upset at Reagan’s pragmatism An AP News Analysis By MERRILL HARTSON Associated Press Writer SANTA BARBARA, C alif AF* When President Reagan ventures from idealism to political pragmatism he gets into trouble with his conservative followers Nowhere is this more apparent than in the furor surrounding Reagan’s decision to consider a diplomatic, rather than military, solution to the leftist dictatorship in Nicaragua While Reagan and his top associates have said repeatedly the president’s embrace of new peace initiatives should not tie interpreted as abandon ment of the Contra rebels, conservatives remain suspicious Reagan has used his fair share of rhetoric on the Sandinista government headed by President Daniel Ortega, saying at one point that his goal was to make the Sandinistas “say uncle ” But in the aftermath of the Iran Contra arms and money affair, Reagan s aides apparently were ready with some pretty pragmatic advice Show a willingness to negotiate a settlement to the conflict, or there will be no chance that (’on gress will approve any new military assistance to the Contras in the budget year starting Oct I Now, conservatives are protesting that Reagan is reneging on his commitment to the men the president once likened to our “founding fathers the “freedom fighters” whose cause he has ar tabulated so often This crescendo of criticism may have led to re cent statements by the administration emphasiz mg that the administration would not turn its back on the Contra fighting force the "in surance policy” against the export of subversion in the Western Hemisphere Presidential spokesman Marlin Fitzwater ad nutted as much when he told reporters last Fri day “You have to recognize that in this process, there are a number of very heavy pressures lie mg brought to bear on everyone involved by con stituent groups for a number of different pose lions ” In fact, one White House official who accompanied Reagan west for the president s vacation groused privately that conservatives want the president to merely carry their rhetorical water no matter whether that costs him heavily in the things he s able to achieve before leaving office in early 1989 Rep Jack Kemp RN I a 1988 presidential contender seized the opportunity last week after Reagan's speech on the Iran Contra affair to say he was "gravely disappointed" the president ‘ did not forcefully restate his principle of con tmued military ald to the freedom fighters if democracy and freedom are to be achieved in Nicaragua ” Kemp and other conservatives this week taun ched a campaign to pressure Congress to ap prove IMO million in military aid for the Contras and said Reagan s peace initiative is doomed Signers of a letter to the president insisting there be no interruption in military aid to the Contras included conservative activist Richard Viguerie. who has accused Reagan of surrender mg the last of his presidency to the liberal establishment ” ;