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Read an issue on 17 Oct 1902 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - October 17, 1902, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 7 queer rite of jews How dwellers in american cities preserve Symbol of desert an elusive the by Dot Industry in the i of who finds employment one week of the Jet in the ghetto among the Ortleio lox his Woik is done in the fortnight which precedes the feast of the tabernacles and consists in build ing Odd Little Booths known As Suc cloths in the Back Yards of the Tene ment the feast of the Taber Vicle is supposed to commemorate the time during which the children of Israel wandered in the and probably also their sojourn in the land of Egypt during this period they lived More or less in the which fact in symbolized by the Booth having no or else a covering of evergreens and according to another the Booths represent the time when the israelite came in such numbers that they were unable to get into the and so built temporary shelters around the sacred the Succoth should be Bolike in not less than six feet in six feet and four feet it should be made the cheapest and flimsiest building material to indicate what it some of the builders take Pride in making the structures As Ramsli Ackle As others use the poorest but that the finished succed is heat there is but Little com Mercial element in the err ploy or supplies the Wood or the builder it to him at while for the work of setting it up his Price is nearly always fifty Charit i it thu in Jthn rail Ftp Var and Laud the ownership Charles Island is to be officially determined at the september term of the Louis county circuit five ejectment suits for this purpose have even tiled in Iho circuit clerks office in since Ishi the current of the Missouri Kiver was changed at the of the Lias Lipon a or dispute ii Ween Louis Anil of Cuil several citizens of Louis and pearls Ano Trench and of their Stela Turc according to an expert writer in the Petit i lie heyday of diamonds has at least on the Dia monds Are succumbing to three kinds of evolution j the evolution of moral it is now cons Kieril irad form for indies i and gentlemen to advertise their j by i display of j a Silyn Tiftic thanks to diamonds Are so wonderfully Well counterfeited that they Are no longer in hmm International Lisson comments for october is in Iii i in Jiyuji ult Vilt Tell Able hebrews will often employ two i 1ouw Coutv of sign of wealth the Larr and the Coit agree that the Island has not More a serous the diamonds the More or three builders and pay each the same As tie Here during the festival week Tho family takes its meals and assembles every Day for it is not at All unpleasant in fair but As often it the Situa Tion is decidedly on been an Island since and in Sist that it was swept across the River and annexed by Louis we ire it became a part of the main broker and Cottle were the Plain tiffs in the suits tiled at John William Frank Charles and Dan Stony desert where wandered Ages still More suggestive is the Way in which the prayers arc instead a Rainy Day symbolism As rain is practically Uek cow in the the israelite it Coffee Tuo Hie extent of property involved is Charles Isle jul was surveyed in by Ali Coore Surveyor of Charles and recorded As a part of the for Twenty four years it remain Oil and its prospered from the Fertility of its of the River Chan Reil from the Louis to the Charles county and the our of kneeling or of clasping the the one who prays holds a usually in one hand and a Bulrush or water Reed in the at the end of the prayer of these is shaken twice and then handed Over to is member of the the water Reeds Are sup wishes into the Charles posed to commemorate the finding of o rims widening the distance Moses in the and the fruit county and pos the premise of the lord to give them a land flowing with milk and and fit them with so much skill evening Haley Tiger Hagenbeck experiments in Breeding have produced a strange Liny by Jay broker and cot be could Sie their land Irot tins further and further Uva from their loonies on the Boyle and his neighbors owned the land to which it joined when the River and they although the possibility of Breeding lion and Tiger hybrids in Captivity has Long been the results the experiments have not been very Suc the an finals rarely reaching to their full size and More recently Hagenbeck has obtained some extraordinary and has supplied me with one is that of a mature animal which was born on May ant it is now rather More than five years it is a its height across the Withers As it stands erect is 45 English its length from the nose to the tip of the Tail is 10 feet 2 a length which exceeds that of a full grown in May during the present year it weighed 220 kilo equal to 467 English is an exceedingly Well grown showing slightly the stripes of the but it is not furnished with a mane like a and As this usually appears in the lion three years it May be presumed that no mane will Ever be pres ent in the Hagenbeck has not yet succeeded in rearing any off spring1 from this animal is any lion or to Speaks of it As a and says the two Young which Are now Oaly thir teen months larger than any purebred Lien or Tiger the same and he thinks if they Progress satisfactorily they will grow to a greater size than the the two younger which were a year ii on the of last arc both and show the Tiger markings rather More distinctly than the older la addition to pub Hagenbeck Baa seat ice another of two Young lion and Tiger male and born april 6 in the present twelve months after the it shows the two Little lying across Small which has furnished them with a Small Supply of the remainder being Given to them by the same terrier was the nurse for tha two larger these thus bred in what May be termed Domestic become exceedingly tame and in tha its too bad that some things seem scribed by him As larger in size than too Good to be the false faces society that was at one time very popular among the the fondness of the american in Dian for masks or false faces is held by a student of Indian lore to prove that secret societies exist among the red men As among the Accord and must visit sick people at All times when called this a a i have to in a report made to the new York University in 1s52 Lewis Morgan when broker and Gottle asserted their claims they maintained that they were entitled to All that Charles Island no longer by Caup it had been swept broker and Cottle tried for a year to get pos session and finally resolved to Appeal to the several close Law Points will he brought up when the cases Are called for trial before judge Louis Kerub Xavy done with tattooing May become the Vogue among men and women of distinction in As i occasionally Sre noted in to news but it has gone out of fashion among the said a naval Olicer at the Brooklyn Yard the other for a number of years in the old timers have been using ii certain method to get rid of their Tattoo this is the milk and toothpick and its about the simplest thing in Sailor Mau who has a bit of tattooing that by wants to got rid of Sim ply dips a Sharp and Bard toothpick in milk Aud jabs away at the Mark with it is a Tritsc of the skin must be Al Over the sur face of the tattooed Mark let milk into the the milk absorbs the and when the wound heals the Tattoo Murk is no longer a scar is but by no Means As bad a scar is left after a Tat too Mark has been treated by the elec tric in time about every one grows weary of his Tattoo the Young my Day in the old Navy nearly All had themselves marked up with the Bunch of tattooing just As the old time Blu jackets but i think were All or less sorry cur York they Are suspected of being the evolution of artistic the Diamond admits of hardly any a Rinion in shape or the Jerreat Continental artists of to Day in the jewelry line use even Copper or and produce with them Little marvels of in which the Diamond hardly Ever unless in a very minute and accessory in Oruro to animate the the Coronation year has not resulted in the rear Rush for diamonds that was and the quieter looking but More Erc pensive Pearl has gained an easy the manager of Tiffany told an express representative recently that the Sale of diamonds during the past year had not been very much above the nor but the amount of alteration and repair resetting of had been extraordinarily and the expert workmen had been kept very the chief work had been in connection the repair of family Large numbers of americans staying in England for the Coronation had bad their diamonds reset and polished by English the american Grande Dame was Al ways a Large buyer of and particularly anxious to have them set in the English the reason for the Small increase in the Sale of diamonds was the great popularity of the which had be come exceedingly Faalii Onahlee of late in spire of the usual Price for a Pearl necklace ranged from to and a Fine necklace was not to be had Tor less than where a society woman could make a Good show in diamonds for she could do very Little for the game amount in simplicity was the keynote the fashion in and clusters of Large made into brooches Ancl pendants and other articles of adorn ment were far More popular and created a better effect a Large collection of Small diamonds set thickly to the average Price for Diamond Brocoli with line Large stones was and this article found a rapid men use diamonds less today than they did a Short time and liked less showy stones for their rings and ing to Iroquois certain thus describes the Workings of this whose entity is comprehended in ugly have the Power to inflict Bod ily ailments and to cause diseases to afflict their to counteract their evil the of the false faces is maintained among curious order when any one was sick with a complaint within the Range of their Healing and dreamed that he saw a false this signified that he would be a feast was Hen the false faces a in order to appeared and marched in Indian Pease the evil spirits from whom they each one wearing a and carry ing a Turtle Shell rattle in the on entering the House of the invalid they first stirred the ashes upon the Hearth and then sprinkled hot ashes Over the patient until his head and hair were with the sick person marching around the room with his queer the mysterious callers were then presented with which they took away and ate in As they never unmasked themselves before the take their As Well As to effect a Charm against disease and to cure when a candidate is initiated into this strange the chief false face thus addresses him listen now you must know that we did net make this Cus the beginning is from our who is above the false member of the false faces must go about among the people in the Spring and fall to keep them from find Many bogus pennies have been proportionately i new Yorks sub Treasury discovered j the Man accustomed to the work of them in spots a bad Penny in the fraction in the minor Coin division of the j a counting at a Speed almost United states Subarea Story in new j too fast for the untrained Eye to Fol Ork of pennies received i lie if misses one there in 1901 Over were coun that is off color or that lacks the of the received in Sharpness of outline in the modelling 3cent pieces of a genuine minor ind were in counter Feit although the Baltimore sub Treasury has no record of the amounts of coins detected be cause of the fact that the United states secret service men collect All the is Seldom Able to Tell you what Are the things that Mark for him a particular Coin As his senses Are so highly trained to the work that he differentiates and chooses almost instinctive 3f these coins from this City and take it is merely a matter of a remit them to Washington for experimental purposes and for the purpose of detecting whether or not any new counterfeits Are being it is known that but comparatively few spurious coins find their Way into in local office of the about pennies Are Handl 3d by the local Aub Treasury each and of these a remarkably Small percentage have been found to be of no it was stated at the Lub Treasury yesterday that the Prin Cipal a far As counterfeits Bat been with hot More than about500 of these Are to a and of Ting vigilance and Long Baltimore vast extent of less than 10 per cent of Mani Tobas land has been taken up the neighbouring Vicinity Assiniboia has nearly mostly suitable for wheat cultivation near the is 500 by 300 Miles in and Saskatchewan is another Empire in its what a woman Doest know about a Man that truies her to have a Good new Sphier status Miller banded Down an opinion recently in the ease of the Columbia finance and Trust company against tin dispatch publishing in which be held that a newspaper is a manufacturing like i rolling Mill or a As specified by the for this tin Lien claimed by the manufacturers paper company for Cor furnished the defunct concern is de the following is from the opinion it is True that a newspaper is some times spoken of As a manufacturer of Public but in using this description it is not intended to convey the impression that a newspaper makes or manufactures Public opinion for in the sense rim a rolling i or foundry manufactures Iron or implements for the claim of tic manufacturers paper company to a Lien for material and supplies will Huu to be the opinion was upon exceptions to the commissioners report and in for final he misled what Lias become of that Iem used to be so fond of Little Percival we ask the greek and turkish sponges have been known to the Trade for hundreds of Syria furnishes perhaps the inst and shipments Are made from Tripoli and Latakia to new York and during the last fifteen the output has greatly owing to the introduction by greeks of diving which proved ruinous to fishermen and fish eries it is estimated that the animal exportation of sponges at present hardly exceeds in in adjoining territorial Waters of Cyprus sponge bods Are living worked with varying sponges were exported from that Island in 1sos to the amount of Ami in Worth were Calymios and other islands of the turkish and greek Archi Pelago also produce spouses for Export a Large share of this Trade was formerly in the hands of merchants with Headquarters in Smyrna and but it is now centred in Lon Don and the United states annually buys sponges abroad to the of about she dont mention detestable person to me but Why lie a lined enraptured with the he was Al ways handling it on Knees Aiu get Tii if it to Taik to that just he Wou lil take Percival on his Lap and Stuk the child with Arco Tirayoh him in every Way to try to and and then and then what to try to Kidnap the infant worse than that she we Learned that he was the manager of a biscuit and his Only Pur pose in fawning Over our Darling was to get him to say something that could be converted into a name for a new Brand of York our divided half the people in the world Are too optimistic and the other Hanif Are not the immensity of a traveler in Siberia says that few people realize the in amenity of that to think of a single state stretching through 130 degrees of Longitude and possessing on ninth of All the land surface of the is Stag the United states and All its and All except could be put into with land enough left Over to make thirty live states like to bad thought of it As a convict settlement As most persons no he found country of nearly ninety seven per of whom Are either natives or voluntary Immi and All living better and enjoy ing More political and religious Liberty than people in european Russia where he travelled it was like Minne where Rye and vegetables and raspberries and eur rants horses and cattle and Graze unsheltered tiie rear subject the 0u1 of Gollen when Joshua had he had Given them directions As god had Tommai sued As to How they should proceed to take the City of the Cape 01 the whom Joshua had ent to learn the condition of the had aroused the King of Jericho so that he took extra rare to Nave the Gates of the City to full secured against any further intrusion Tram the the seven these instruments were probably made and were the same As used of the before the before the called the Ark of the for it contained the tables on which the Cove Nant was instead of the dreadful trumpet of they sounded the trumpet of a already acting Faith in the Promise of the this was a sym Bol of gods and showed that at the victories of Israel were from by Token the Faith and patience of the people were the went ahead that they might give the notice of their and Lead the Way for the great company which the armed men went the soldiers took the Lead to Clear the Way of the the whole company of Israel followed in the line of the order of the procession seems to have the the seven blowing continually on Large the the main body of the probably kept at a Safe distance from the so that no weapons or missiles could reach be shall not procession was made in deep and solemn exactly As Joshua without acclamation or noise of any it seems a strange manner for no mount was no sword no engine to pioneers it was by strik ing terror to their feelings that Jericho waa to be taken and there were armed men in this approaching but no stroke they must walk and not to doubt the people were astonished at first but when they failed to receive any Hurt at they most Likely made fun of the until the Day i bid their Victory would come by perfect obedience to every Rose to begin the they began Early because they were intent on gaining the livery Day was equally important that the Victory might be so they did Sis though lately come into and their time Iery yet they must linger so Many Days about seeming not to make any on the seventh the repeated use of the number seven must not pass in seven seven Trum seven Days and seven times on the seventh seven denotes Pere gods ways and works Are All per one of these seven lays must have been a Sabbath the jews say it was the on which the City was taken and As doing the work for no objection arises it from the fourth any More than against the Man carrying his bed on the Sabbath Day in Honor of Christ who had healed if this be an illustration of the Way to spend our then we not to do on that Day seven times a much service for the lord As on other Days they Rose Here not Only Joshua rises As in but also the whole because great Days work was before Early risers grim Many victories otherwise would have been when the priests at the exact time a bin god declared they kept in tune with their expectations were so their Faith to their ear so Well that their voices were at once raised to sound the note of Triumph when god said they were to shout by Faith As though the Victory were already this they did and the Walls fell Only after they had declared it there is much in the shouts of it strikes terror to the hearts of their it inspires courage in the weak and Gideon went Forth to Victory with it is said that the soldiers of Oliver Crom Well came to feel that there was no defeat for and they rushed into Battle with a shout that caused the enemy to flee Ter uror m Jesus gave his followers a License to shout his Luke 19 shouting saints Seldom become but of course there no virtue in the noise god looks at the heart and if that is pure we Are accepted by the City shall be devote to the lord word from which the word or de notes to Cut to to withdraw from common use and consecrate to this was the Host Victory in it was israels first and As Huch must be devoted to the the Canaan hcs were slain because of their great wicked they had become corrupt Aud their punishment was in the last Day All the wicked of the Earth will fall beneath the anathema of the keep see it would be sacrilege to dedicate the whole to Jehovah and then to take posses Sion of a part Lor their own make the if any one should take for personal use that Khich Hud been dedicated to it be the in Saiia of bringing a curse upon and the Camp would be troubled and distressed because of the everything of value was to be set apart for the service of the and counted among tha sacred and would be honoured by enriching his dwelling his cause ii built up by the destruction of the enemy this would teach the Israel ites not to set their hearts on worldly and would show the nations around that they were not a set of seeking for there was also Spe Cial danger at this Point lest Israel should become contaminated by these Heathen fell Down several comments both jews and have sup posed that the ground under the foundation of the Walls and that the Walls sunk into the so that remained nothing but Plain ground for the israelite to walk probably the Wall fell Down from its foundations in every this Miracle put into the hands of Joshua the strongest City in it also gave both Israel and Canaan overwhelming proof of the Omni Potence of Jehovah and o his aia swe with stunt secret every Man has a secret ambition to Crown Bis life with some great invent but it never gets any further than a hopeless tinkering with the Kitchen Range in an attempt to make it Burn York a we Vesta is the Only one of the smaller planets which can be seen with the naked it diameter is only300 and its whole surface Oue to tint that of dried peat for peat Cut from the swamps near South Chicago and dried until fit for fuel May be placed on the Market As a High priced if experiments now being made for years residents of that District have noticed the Beds of burning which were ignited in the often burned Long after Winter the various countries of the world different kinds of postage amok think of j think of this make for they embrace every element of Comfort and Kite ing a degree of satisfaction not possible to Ptitzin Iff other fit and durability not excelled i highest All one the society gut on every Dull Light Himli Mutery Heel exact reproduction of this or Jet our handling of these slices to the exclusion of ers is a sufficient guarantee of our Faith in then the nost stylish dressers Iri this Wear Queen Quality a visit and inspection offs our shoes will prove a revelation in footwear compre5 Riveness not found Pittsburg visible Type wit the Only perfect writing machine the writing is in Plain View of the operator a the and strongest construct rapid easy de to All kinds of for plating and invoice w o r Al removable Stanay treble the life of any other machine for clean Send for the Pittsburg writing machine 208 Wood Pittsburgh r for Conklin Wagon Ligonier Light Aud heavy Bartlett stoves Harrisons town country faints farm armours new Home sewing tin slate roofing and Iron and Wood Anderson hardware new Testate on the estate of Joseph late of red Armstrong letters testamentary having been duly smut to the undersigned by court of Strong in the above estate notion is hereby five to All Perakos bail Nof against mid estate to present the Alae duly a for and to All Thom who Are indebted to old estate to make payment without to Jacob

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