Page 2 of 17 Oct 1902 Issue of New Bethlehem Vindicator in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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Read an issue on 17 Oct 1902 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - October 17, 1902, New Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaAsst w of tie uni All t bought at i cwt Money loaned on a Pratt m iwo muted m allowed on All accessible All through or exp Conj capful would be pleased open an account with open l charter Moum hereby Given that an application Wil to governor of the Commonwealth the Twenty seventh Day of by under act of Baaun blur of the Commonwealth of Pennsyl Omaha entitled an act to provide for the in corporation and regulation of certain Corpora approved april and the Gupple the com ruler of a intended corporation to be called the Underwood Minine the character and object of which is Hie mining of Iron Fra ipod All other minerals incidentally and to Kinor ref nod and such other pro of Keliik made and of Ami disposing of the products w obtained and and for purposes to Poate and enjoy nil the and privileges of the quid act of Assembly and Ita jul Atin of peace All Biu inem left in Bia Atie promptly attended Offlee at his residence on West Arch a this med next to the constitct1om 1proposed to citizens Ostis their a or rejection by the Gener of the Commonwealth of published by of the Secretary of1 the com in pursuance of Art of the a joint Resolution proposing an amendment to Section ten of Arti Cle one of the so that a discharge of a jury for failure to agree or other Chiue Snail not wort an Section be it resolved by the Senate and Howe of representatives of the Commonwealth Pennsylvania in general Assembly thai the following be proposed As an amendment to the Constitution that is to that Section ten of article which reads As follows for any indictable criminally by in cases arising in the land or naval f Ore Orin the when in actual in of sror Public or for oppression or Misdemeanour in 1w Pierson for the same be twice a Oetjin jeopardy of life or limb nor shall private Punj forty be taken or applied to Public with of Law and without just Compon being or be so amen ded to read As follows so person for any indictable precede against criminally except in cases arising in the land or naval or in the when in actual service in time of War or Public Orby leave of the court for App Region or Misdemeanour in to the same be twice put jeopardy of lace Erib but n discharge of p the jury for failure to or other necessary Socall not work ran nor shall private property retaken or applied to Public 1 without authority of Law and without just compensation being first made or a True copy of uie joint Secretary of the jest dment to the Constitution proposed to the citizens of s Commonwealth for their a a Jval or rejection by the general Assembly of the Commonwealth of published by order of the Secretary of the common in pursuance of article xviii of tee a joint Resolution z proposing an amendment to the Constitution o i be it Rosof cd by the Senate and House of representatives of the Commonwealth general Assembly Itiat the following is proposed As an amendment to of the Commonwealth of Fenn accordance with tie provisions of the article thereof add at int article the following words unless before it shall be introduced in the general such pro posed special or local Law shall have been first submitted to a popular vote at a general or spec Ial election m the locality or localities to be affected by its an order of the of common pitas of use respective court a hearing and application and slip Al approved by a majority of the voters stanch election that no such elect shall be held until the decree of court a Tori Zilaff the same shall have been advertised a fair at least thirty 30 Days in the morality or localities in such manner As the court a True copy of the joint Secretary of the Spesia cure re what you caration contains All of the Jariis Ami digests All kinds of Relief and never it allows you to eat All the most sensitive chs can take by its use Many ends of dyspeptic have been lifter everything else it of Gason the Stoni All pleasant to kelp rat do you Good ocly by Chicago go pole contains 2 times the diseases fatal of All Dis ill chapter a Stephen has not put in an appear Ance at the court now for fully two speculation is Rife As to what has become of he teas at the says lie came up to us from the Southern end of at this both Dulce and Roger and the former color i really Voi Ider where he can says so do murmurs but fueling she is in duty bound to say Stephen never used to miss i hero t if you want says coming leisurely up to them from behind the 1 thought 1 heard somebody mention my he is looking Pale and and altogether unlike the unemotional Stephen of a month there Are dark circles under his and his Mouth looks strangely and full of an unpleasant amount of i mentioned says she is compelled to say because he has fixed his eyes upon and plainly every body expects her to to did you want me asks casting a scrutinising glance upon so absorbed is he in his contemplation of her that he has positively forgotten the fact that he has omitted to bid any one Good i was certainly wondering where you says she is frightened and scarcely Knovs there is something Peculiar in his manner that overages it is very Good of you to re Niehei my then you were Only at my absence Tou did Noi want me Dulee makes no she would have Given anything to be Able to make commonplace but at Thi moment her wits cruelly desert i never says Stephen even if you dont want i want will come with me As Fai the beeches his tone is More a command than o hearing Roger moves in voluntarily a step that brings him nearer to he even puts nut his hand As though to Lay it upon Hei when by a checks dont be Larme he with a sneering laugh every vestige of color gone from his i shall do her no i Shant murder i give you qty be she will he quite As Safe with me she could even be he laughs dismisses Roger from his thoughts by an indescribable motion of his and once More concentrates his attention upon near with lowered eyes am a distressed is n ailing unwillingly for what he May say Stephen leads her in silence and with a brew dark As Erebus up the travelled and past the Chilly and thus out of to say miss by omit is feeling nervous would be saying very she is look ing crushed in anticipation by the weight of the Thunderbolt the knows is about to presently it and once she acknowledges to herself it was Only a Shock worse in the fancy in the reality is Are of our daily so you wish our engagement at an quite in a tone that might almost be termed me he Waits remorselessly for an didst Tell you Stam mers to there has been quite enough dec Pinion of Dulc clocks it him lot us adhere to tin Plain truth this is i Oil Chicase iou loved me Ami now your Cousin has re turned you find you do Lovi that ajl your former professions of hatred to Ward him wore just so much let us so much a jumped you would be released from you would steadly forget i Ever played even a Small part in the of your is at this True his which s extremely rouses Dulce to their is one thing i she sex lifting her eyes fairly to but for you and your false Ntuli your carefully Choson and most insidious words that fanned the of my unjust Wrath against Roger and i would never have Boon you can believe what a acc about says unmoved by Lif r vehement believe any will your conduct look More creditable to anything that will make you More in your mind you but As i have no wish to detain Jou Here longer thu is strictly and As i am sure you have no wish to be let us not waste time in but come at once to the what Point 1 do not understand says when passing by the South end of the hidden by some i came upon Yon and Jirar Cousin and heard you distinctly Teu him what i must be indeed a dullard not to have known before tit Job did not lore was the of what Jen Bat Jour Fiu it Tai me to believe Joa Heldt of i Toa 1071 t i was he he takes great Comfort to his soul in the remembrance that he might have heard much More that was not intended for his ears had he uti Yed in his place of concealment which he had Accident brought me to that part of the and your words to my when i head them i remembered Toiv Many trivia things that at the moment of their occurrence had seemed As naught but now my eyes Ore i am no longer i have brought you Here to Tell you i will give you Back your Promise to marry your with n sudden As suddenly suppress one and that is that you will never marry Roger a without my the Chance of regaining her Liberty is so Sweet to Dulce at this first moment that it chases from her All other to be free again in vain she strives to hide her it will not be her eyes gleam her lips get Back their color there is such in abandonment of Joy and exultation in her face that the Man at her Man who is now resigning All that makes life Sweet to his heart grow mad with bitter of and All the world As he watches her miserable and fool had once honed h might vim Rue priceless treasure of this girls love to words could convey tie contempt and scorn with which he re Gards do not try to restrain your he says in a unnatural seeing she has turned her head a Little As though to avoid his searching you know the condition i Are pre pared to abide by it Dulce later on he will for get All this and give his consent to my she hurried in spite of the other voice within that bids her then out loud she says even if he should prove it will be Betler to be in old Mala than an unloving she will be rid of this hateful entanglement that has been ii battering her life for and of course he wont keep her to thie absurd arrangement after you swear it i swear answering As one might in a hers is a Happy to in which she is fast losing it is an he says As if to give her a last to it replies still wrap in Hir dream of she May now love Koger without any Shadow coming Between How divine n world it May perhaps love her too says let Ting each word drop from him As if with the settled intention of imprinting 01 burning them upon her i shall never relent about Yon Hare Given me solemn shall keep you to it i shall never absolve you from As i have absolved you from your first Promise do not Hope for should you live to be a Hundred years you cannot marry your Cousin re thou my and to Natl shall never Ami quite understand but her tone a grown faint and what has she done some in his his has at last her from the Happy dream in no sch she was now you ran return to your old pays Withan indescribably bit Ter and be for you deep r let me Tell you that for the future you shall see very Little o Are going abroad asks Virv in her heart hoping that this May to the of his Hist to i shall stay but the court of shall trouble with my presence do not exclaims for the first Lime losing his Oij Kerful self control and Spca Kinc Isth mat Ter with Energy has deserted me Rith nil the you have broken my t and that explains every turning abruptly away her your being where i see Rou Only makes matters Sypnie impulse to go him and Lay her hand gently on his she says in n of if have caused you for forgive exclaims so i Erocle she rtt vils from him in absolute lifting her fingers from his Arm As they burned he flings them plunging into the thick is soon lost to chapter at first it is so delightful to Dulce live Utsar making to ind so delightful to linger to be Able to Siake that Tioy Are Content with Mieir Rosent and Hen less of their no everything goes smoothly with even is of Between u toning to Lim the brightness of r they hold to their theory Nini it the eur Slimy of Stephens in us time i Lii they for inv Tirol of in an1 As the lays creep Fin and sitting alone i his own Castle in ssh licit refuses o see or speak to or give any inti not Jon of a desire to soften toward lose heart altogether and give them Ives up a prey to Roger one morning had plucked up Cour Igeland bad gone Orer to the and had forced himself into the presence of its had expostulated with him Mihl by aks Rcd Dulce after Ven threw out Broad hints to the effect that the believed that he and loft temper on from All a food Deal of temper bad been and not Beni and fat mat Otom interview that m m a acted of us or any he a opt for would be the it time Roger won present him self at the Fena an equally honest avow Al on the part of dare to the effect that the discomfort Felt in coming w almost it never could be quite balanced by the Joy he experienced at and a few More hot words that very nearly led to when Roger thought it All Over dispassionately Neit morning he told himself that now indeed All things were it an that no Hope Lay anywhere and now february is upon and Spring be gins assert and the land has Learned to smile and All the pretty Early buds Are swelling in the we shall have to shake off Dull sloth pretty Early says Dicky Why asks almost the you says Long Way hate Hunting Wien Ive got to leave my bed for you says Dulce nobody pressing of Minot like says liking a thag today and hating it you used to be a sort of mean but lately you have rather shirked the whole i had n cold last a head ache the Day before stammers blushing nobody could Hunt with a says at which defense Browne youve got Over he whats going to keep you at Home to Morrow i dont understand says miss with i am going Hunting there is nothing that i know of Likely to keep me she is True to her Vest morning they find her ready equipped at a very Early taut and As Dicky tells from hex hat to her do you he As though imparting to her some information joking you will you Are really quite a pretty Young thank says very meekly and As a More substantial Mark of her gratitude for this gracious she drops a fourth Lump of sugar into his shortly after this they Dulce still in the very gayest with Koger on her right hand and Mark Gore on her left but As they near the Happy Hunt ing grounds her brightness she grows silent Aud each fresh Hoof upon the Road behind her makes her Detray a desire to hide herself behind of Hunting has lost its Charm for and the meets have be come a source of confusion disco her zest for the Chase has sustained a severe Check so great that her favor Ite hounds have solicited the usual biscuit j from her hand in and All this is because the one thing dear o the sour of the gloomy Stephen is the Pursuit of the and that therefore in the Field of Battle it becomes inevitable that she must meet her Chilom Lover face to looking around fearfully she sees him at a Little distance seated upon an irreproachable his brows Are knitted his very attitude is re Pel Ian t i he responds to the pleasant salutations Showell upon him from nil quarters by i laconic How Dye or a still More freezing even sir Christophers Hearty Good has to effect upon to be to Funi Cate a the proper Way to fumigate a room is to close the Sre paste strips of paper Over a Tho fumigation by burning Sulphur is most easily two pounds of Sulphur should be Al Lowed for every from 10 to in feet it is better to Divide it up and put it in several rather than Burn the entire Quantity of Sulphur used in to avoid the danger of these should to set on or in other and larger pass filled with water or with after pour ing a Little alcohol on the and properly placing tie pans lao the farthest from the door of exit should be lighted first the others in the operator will need to Nive for no one can breathe sulphurous finnos with after dosing the door tie cracks around it should be pasted As was done with in the six at is to fumigate a Rooni properly Ai the endow that time it May lie entered and the windows open and they should be left open As ions As even for a if pos Aier fumigation a thorough process of cleansing should be Institute at least the Walls Aud ceilings should be rubbed much the better Way is to Whitewash and the floor and the Woodwork and the furniture should be scrubbed with a Solu Tion of carbolic or some other Dis a Myrtlia tto rth of Wool a Oil is being widely with a a substitute for there Are 22 different religious sects in great Britain and the total capital invested in railways and canals in Cicada is a service or automobile omnibuses has been established ii during the last fort five years be population of Spain has increased by Ottly during september coinage executed at trip mints of the United state tvs bats and their Are Jert re by an italian for the transmission of in Sonc there Are Over motor Vrh Flos in of Iii Iii ass8 As capable of a Speed of Over Twenty Miles an by sucking up the binding material of the bicycles Nyp Iii age to roads de clares the Surveyor of in Flior lev Kural District the German emperor has divided that All branches of Iho Kern Iii army will be equipped with Servici uniforms of Gray the present uniform be work Only for j a Bridge which will rank one of the in the from an n vill lie erected across the new South will be 3000 foot in not include Ilij Thi the French Movw Meni is about to Lay a Cable Miles ions across the North african Dos err from Tunis to Lake Ziplow drawn by an engine will Opena Furrow thirty inches deep at of Oiso mile and the Cable will be Laid at the same Adam 30s Broad St new d satisfactory a Enrice in All kinds of dentistry a share of the Public patronage to dental Parlours above drug r oenti8t two fell i Teeth a treated without Gold porcelain 23 years East end Broad Street and formaldehyde in a simple test to determine its pres formaldehyde put in re ilk As a preservative will keep it Sweet Pala table in the hottest after hours of exposure to it will taste As though fresh from the As the taste of the milk is not inthe least changed by we need not wonder that it is in general use by but it utterly destroyed All nutritive qualities and makes a most unwholesome which has killed great numbers old invalids and Chil a within the reach every Householder is sulphuric put a Little of the milk in a clean bottle and drop into it a drop the Soninlaw a certain Young Man had a Mother inlaw who was always nagging at and everything he did was always one Day he was told by his wife that she had died and that they should Nave a Tombstone the wife and husband went to the they were at a loss to know what to have written on the but finally Tho father inlaw said put gone before said the Yon can put not but sleeping for what said the Young sleep ing put on for for heavens Sake dont Wake her to stale if a tin of water is placed at neg he in the room where people Hare been the usual smell of stale Tobare co will be gone in the in Mexico the school children who have done Best arc allowed to smoke clean while Pun lung the tar if the milk be the color will re main of the tie umbrella and parasol were used by the Eastern nations Many centuries before the Christian tie oldest chinaware shows pictures of ladies and mandarins shaded by parasols of patterns similar to those now in physician and office in citizens National a info office hours from 8 to 10 1 to 3 and t to 9 All cells promptly answered Day or surgeon for Pennsylvania Ball Road physics an surgeon Calls answered 0lee in corbetts drug Corner Broad Lafayette f Andrews avoid represents Only firs class companies write or Cal at my livery Blake firs class service guaranteed opposite Mcewen new Money to loan by the new Bethlehem building and loaf Assn to tier month on each for cull on John dealer is pianos and organs and musical and attention Given to tuning regulating of pianos by who has been in the employ of the Lester piano the last new Chichester English pennyroyal pills a wors in Wei held Neu Iii Wale with j Bur of or nod in Munda toe in Craig near the gkkma3 or touted in one with 36 pm Leal 6 he Petal experience in met Trehu then i dear Send to afflicted ceiling treatment with bid War lilt ment on june for my right hip and Kam were drawn up to that i could scarcely and my left hand was swollen to the size of two and icon not raise my arms above my 1 continued the treatment until to Dart when i was called Home by Bat i go Home practically i highly recommend any one suffering As i was u give the kids was system of treatment Arley july dear sir i will try to answer your letter which i received the other Day you will have to excuse me for not answering for i and do not get to the Post office oftener than once a j am All right and feeling doing my own so you can use my testimonial if you want yours a Ley to u no m Dell let l grinder will grind ear Corn and All kids of Small brain into a frs class by in use the Farmer saves his hauling Jis Graid to the improves his Stock and Ines Bis write us for Book on ground feed and x a gents Tva need Star manufacturing 72 Broad new Ohio Kuehnert tonic cures falling itching Scalp Money sold by the Keener opposite Blomn Vercial the old and reliable jeweler and watchmaker invites your attention to his Well selected Stock of watch jewelry and spec which he is Selling below City repairing a at the old stand near commercial makes a specially of manufacturing i flannels and buys country Wool or exchanges goods for solicits patronage of Public and guarantees Satis fac custom carding done in agent for the Gearhart family knitting machine which can be seen in operation at the factory any James dealer in All kinds of farm in such As Grain horse Hay Hay Forks and Spring farm Robes and machine int for tie i Bay my goods in Gar Load lots and can give Yon the very lowest give me a yours out for a however at this time of year and it is a forerunner of a disposition to Yawn and an out feeling comes even before the kills tha malaria germ in it very first or cures Tho disease at any there Are no narcotic poisons in purely natural remedy and absolutely at 50 cents per bottle

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