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Read an issue on 26 Nov 1897 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - November 26, 1897, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Mountains of features about the cent and its something of the an Humble but by a device known As the aug by which 500 Are counted at a the counting Board is to lined with columns the exact of a separated by Coppei partitions in height exactly equal to the thickness the the cents Are spread Over this Board and fall in but important in to the grooves prepared for their been the Moat useful and hardworking member of the Coin according to the Washington consists of ninety five per of Copper and five per tin and Aud bears of its face the legend Ione the Rise of the cent to this position of supremacy has been rapidly going on the past few it Doest require a person of advanced age or Long memory to re Call the time when the Humble Coin was practically unknown West of the sow its use is Well night and the demand for it is in creasing so rapidly that the Philadel phia mint is compelled one cent pieces at the rate of 000 per month to up the according to the estimate of the director of the there Are at present something like pennies in engaged in carrying on the Small business of the recent devices have been largely responsible for the increased Ytse of our Only Copper one is the machine which has spread Over the land like the locusts of Egypt within the past two or three a single automatic machine company in City takes in have a million pennies a As there a Crossroads Village in the Hast a chewing Niue Roscop music of weighing machine the num Ikmon coins to keep them All Liing is enor self the of lick invention responsible uie Ripepe the rent is the for fort nine cent and ninety nine cent bargains makes work for a j lot of superintendent of the new York said the other Day that it was no unusual thins1 for one of the great de All surplus coins falling off into a then the counting Board is emptied into the Canvas which Are carted away to be shipped to any part of the the figures of distribution kept by the mint Are As showing the localities where pennies Are most in last year the demand for pen Nies was greatest which took Over of York was the second largest adding to her sup in on other the cent is still unappreciated and Little and in 1898 Only 4000 were sent to this Terri with a Uuele Brooks was the bad Man of Salt Lake he had quite a respect Able number of victims to his score in the Mormoni but he Hun gered for hews reputed i sleep1nc car iwo girls Tell of with the american there were three or four Young women Iii a parlor car on a Jersey railway other and two of them gave their experiences in travelling alone at one had ventured the remark the american men Are always polite to travelling if they axe it is certainly the woman she is or or that started the one girl didst know about this and protested you know i am not at least i Hope i am or and yet i had a very unpleasant experience i was going to1 Pitts Burg father and brother Frank went Over to Jersey City with me Aud e went on the Western express it half past Frank had the tickets and found my there were a Satchel and overcoat an umbrella which he moved to the next Sec we had Only time to get the illustrated say and i was i haunt turned the second Page of lilt Lem Pei Lincoln at the drink in evil made Manifest in la full in our great Soux Fentem in full take Temperance to thy breast while yet 13 the hour As a Bitress exquisite of All that shall thee for better than fortunes Best is Mastery in the Ami sweeter than anything Sweet the Art to Lay it aside Imogen the wrote famous word on i ii tinn of Thna speaking of the dedication of to at Gettysburg famous address that Curtin began by saying that there Hud been much discussion As to and when the address tie says the i can toll you All course l was and of president moment r pc Ting ii Hon Sawi had taken before we Llila 1 he that people could b2 impressed with the importance of total Niu Tieuel too Many look upon the Temperance move ment As a Hugo this should not be if you Are of the harm wrought by dont stand by and smile at the workers efforts to alleviate Tho coma Over and Kielp Rouen out in he have Trofi Dontly stated in Lii or i to t h it t that when taken in Large Quanti Bitting is really Aud often cause the death Cythe unfortunate one who drinks it to Here is a ease of a recent Date we Iii our George a labourer living with his daughter at Cherry new York drank two one after and then fell on the floor heart course 1 was and the president but his Cabinet Hud arrived and Weie As the Price of tandem who m soon after his their popularity Ami i inc around in the a use have increased pro port thou Shtul Tor a i tandem Riding nest season and again who moved those things and i want Iny was things put Back in fatal of this he gave a i paper too interesting to look telling and bloody example one he aug in a Roadside House some distance outside Salt Lake he was drinking atthe bar when it party of strangers came in and ranged up alongside of the according to the etiquette of his invited them to one of the Felt my face getting but said he picked up his Aat Down in number seven unbuttoned his kicked first then the other across the aisle under Durer tory significant common of the editor of the new York mail and express upon falling off in Tho Sale of liquor As shown by the Revenue it Means better purer happier fam Ilies and larger for o then said now for your will it do what do you say several spoke in favor one t two commended it in Strong the you any do von sir jul Ono or two Sug bearing on so slight verbal which 1 Lincoln a dignified sort of my feet put on slippers and a travel abruptly i ins huns his hat Over my said Brooks mean to say you wont v apartment stores which make a special to of bargains to take Worth of a the Penny newspaper and in Nomo places three cent Street car fares have also increased the Field of opera of the one cent is really the most inter filing Aud least known of our Mitil and there Are some very curious facts about the sub Pii Sivov is the Clearing House for the pennies in circulation in the metro Wiital and the Penny is for a a Calendar und accurate Index of business is no better indication of Lively Trade conditions than during periods of dullness they Al ways accumulate on our acid when Trade revives they begin to Cir in hit rapidly they come to from the Slot machine the newspaper offices and the Street and they go out to i Patti Zient the toy Aud Coupe cd Itonery shops and the Small trader some of them tunic and go through the this said you want see the Way we Han dle and held the Way to minor Coin where half a busily at in of was a stack of the there preg i s to another is a stack above off into pennies Are kept in4 and when they Artber Tutu counted Aux do drink we Neyer drink with he stranger with a fiery Eye that indicated he was no Tenderfoot where fighting was Brooks looked him and that peculiarity which at went for the who had just ome he growled something at aim and l heard the Porter say to see the Pullman he went into the next i called the found my tickets were All and wondered what would happen i didst Bave to wonder in he came 1c words in Ine Aii that the will be the Hoa Iii of the of t a it votes of statesmen in words Kaoru liquor mild and the Hearth Toni Hal Ladonta Tinnat Simun Tia ii Trio in a of till Lien by 0 How if you Wilf be continued 1 this and again and a copy the continued the or Vii had wit Init Khz him that what i it much it have of the fairs which to in Hill to and tin Soldi no think of it Cycle inc at on september Bill Martin it is Rode a mile of Highway with the wind at his Back in the Road was a slight somebody Wholl Kes to Jucute with flour i Lias computed from some does not say there Are bicycles in use in All the at a recent wedding in Long Otic generations were All bicycle i the Deli Vertu on i is Eirl Kysur years i the italian recently i from Florence to London Back eighteen Days thirteen the distance i being 2625 he Rode Only in the Day As a the coaster endangers no but his tandem wheel shave de and the number and thoughtful Tor i tandem Riding nest season will probably be indulged in to a far greater extent than aver in1 Belgium you have to be particularly Arefi what you two Zirins which Cefi Rcd in their advertisements to tha Ina inless bicycle Asun Apple car been obliged to pay damages to the makers it particular Iii Shiue arrangements Are being made to print Good roads pamphlets for Dis Tribu Ion among thu Farmers through Ourthe the de pertinent of agriculture it Washington has promised to mail the literature without expenses to the Finland is about the last place where one expect to loud cycling yet he British vice Consul at has reported that cycles Are increasing in favor throughout and in Titi Kingfors alone Are nearly 4000 if Layor Carter h Las issued an order directing Lor struck sprinkling that hereafter in streets they shall leave a space of four on each Side of the Thorr next to the for the use if shiny in Tae Lino of brakes will 0 of Rcd from theold Fash exand Lizbar lever Bra lie to the boat Dali big and so that Iti ending Ali Well to look incr the Tiri Lino before accepting a Mac looked and said 1 arc sex soil thins Hento i vill Ikirt prepare in holding in yellow government Nuhad his want withdrew if 1 to hav How nth Moziy for 1 to did part taches itself to most professional 1 he was Broad did not attempt to Force the elegantly quarrel at that but when any though he party turned to go he waltzed up j want said something to the in front of the big Mau and said Porter about a then came Over do you know what i think me said first Temperance Keal was old when he his Lirsch Temperance it was at anniversary supper of a Piru come Tauy to which he and his strenuous opposition to thous of liquor was effective to that degree that the tire company adopted Temperance As a Princi a Light delay the Lith 1iayu an important in the last in Toul t us Milla in the fall and the surrender Cults Ion forced marches Are a in Tui l but lit lasts the experiences of those last few Dap will Ever be vivid in the minds of Tho night Lofing of with Little rest we March continued firebug and join a who lived Noar Benton quarrelled with on Henry about Henry shot Iii father and r Linto Tif after whih Hiki led the father was Reed cart fruit tiie but died a Tew hours the Sultan to give the Sultan 1ms declared his Willi Agnesi to give Austria full satisfaction for Mersina averting in this was the threatened bombardment of that Worl the austrian of you he did not have time to go any for the Mau struck him with his clenched fist full in the face and knocked casting a i made a i ask your i know my face blazed Aid feel so insulted to think he could contemptuous look at his fallen kick his shoes under my feet ail then the stranger stalked toward the door i looke1 straight him of the but he haunt taken Fatmi j think it time you asked More than three Steps before a Bowie my Pardon you arc the rudest Mau 1 launched with unerring aim by quivered in his spinal As he rolled on the floor in agony the known that i was that kind of a Ever met in All my he stood there Lou enough to Tell me that if to Ruffian shot his life and jumping on his Rode Francisco making sumly for i Rast trains Kun using the fast express is the title of an article by George Etli Elberic Walsh in Walsh svs the Engineer comes Down to his a Oman he never would have apolo and then went Back to his Sec at Philadelphia some one he knew came in and he must have told All about in one of those myster ious lulls which of the train Are just like those at a concert1 we All heard say i went up and told her id make a mistake Audas Koedher Post of duty nearly an hour before his pc g so Sassy i was sorry i Iii i train is scheduled to All night Long in the Roundhouse the engine has watched has spent the whole right rubbing Down snorting Iron horse until every Rod and Cylinder shines like Gold or Silver banked fire has been kept so that a Little steam been always in the boxes and before he left a night the fireman everything a perfect order inside the the fireman appears first in the and inspects the work of the Roundhouse and if any part is net he makes it the Engineer makes his inspection after he fire Gizis was that my fault you eve Nan will be rude sometimes the Champion often took a Back and girl gave her Ili Newas just i my ova 1 was due we were going across the and the train rocked like had watched several people land in the place hair wanted to land and was getting a Good Deal of i called the Portet to Bave my berth made walked up the sat Down without a on the Aud Liew up at the Aud Sid its grated door could be i Canvas bags piled theres Sample lot of half a million or from the the Slot machine the and heres a boy with i Hill who will get ten bags of pennies for that the Way they come and there Are several unique features about the coinage of Ami the work is managed in a somewhat Dif Ferent fashion from the turning out of told Aud Silver though the United states govern Iii ent is Only authority entitled to j indulge in the manufacture of our Uncle Samuel does not prepare the Blanks from which pennies Are he finds it cheaper to let out t than to do it in the hands Cincinnati they prepare the Copper Blanks in sheets Large enough to turn out 100 pieces it is not known exactly How a Ucli the government pays for these but the Price is in the Vicinity of per or trifle Over one Fiill for each unstamped in the disparity Between the real and face value of the cent there is considerable profit for the for the reason that a great proportion f Tho pennies coined will never be for final an i Normous number of cents Are lost in 3ne Way or another every they Ivory their Way into the sewers or the children place them on rail Way tracks to be flattened out or other in ise so that they will not is one Hundred thousand year is a Small estimate of the loss this another source of profit Aud thoroughly and wily the other passengers every the Bear mrs Are then Aud the oif clips Are filled with the engine is run out of the Roundhouse and fifteen minutes before the time to the engine is coupled to the and Tho steam Aud air brakes Are no Racehorse was Ever brought to his Post better fitted for running the course thanis the locomotive of the fast in addition to the tests already a Mechanic goes from wheel to and upon every one strikes a resounding blow to ascertain if the wheel and Axle Are nuts and bolts Are the Engineer and fireman Are held responsible for the perfect condition of the engine and cars before the Start is so a agile As i came Back i Man sound arms be wants Shirn in about on half the distance Between the West coast of of Wales ten to and in fifty Aud is capable of we rent noticed head and hat Over his i1 came opposite him the train gave a fearful i Felt my Aud grabbed it was the mans Neek i was i my head struck and his hat flew into the next he said Good and i was i didst look i just crawled my i the in the country every morning the brings with it a new aspect of Ging or fading a new duly fulfilled upon Aud a new or warning in no Day is without its innocent its in Blini of Wise Hus of the wholesome ride and bodily Power of kindly gift and its Sublime in every process of Wise ally used one Ofilio curious customs of Portland in those1 Days wag tin rinsing of thu town 11 and at 4 by Way of warning to mechanics that it was time to leave work and get a this custom the Young reformer in having the ii he most of the 1ortland employee to their Meu Wilb aft this first1 Xeal Powfoot Liat Tempe Toniu was the most important of tin to his that the Young ideas total a of Portland was its Jiust it is was bold of a harpers Liquoriu rum in miss Belle recently visited Alaska in thu interests of the gives the sur Winins up of her observations in a communication to Tho Union from which i cull tin following passages the ii vestion Amo it the peo ple of what shall be Tho liquor Traple a a perfect Wail of despair is Goi it up from thy friends of Temperance and prohibition Juilu Tea Saloon men laugh them to scorn and Pusl their trades tin condition of this great Northwestern territory strikingly presents tin inconsistency of on National in to Trio Lipior on gnus that no ii dior shall Alaska except for medicinal and scion till purposes Tho whole country is a spoiled with any by paying a Small fee the Revenue can Stab a Gro shop in anyplace that suits Bis put out and Viilo Bis there Are Twenty open saloons Iii Anil just Many in proportion to tin population in City and in to lieu of towns i last and thousands of Gallons of liquor an smug Glud in Eon saintly the boats Ami sold and a foul upon at Iliad a interview with a to whom rih said Wavu License to run your Saloon certainly we it from tit you it is tacked up on the Side of Tea turning his thumb in thu Dir aulion of the much you pay Fot it Twentyfive arc procured tins main government in or direct from Tho come Cheaito if sell much us dior you soil to indians was tits de muttered Between closed turning to walked so lid a contempt in my soul fora govern meet so Dis Honor a missionary at Tow her the White men brought the Lipior in bottles and then sold it privately to the a who Wen constantly debauched by it impossible to indict a Man for violating Tho because no Ono will in court against and if he no jury would und a True who Aro victims of Tho White mans because they want the whisky and arc not conscious smitten As tothe Way it is of tur oads were so dark that often men ran against fell Over rocks or into Ravin is at the Side of the beaten 1 the Day of 1 of were Ami unit night on our Piid Donly we by h Nas about Oclock in the War Ordenel t counter our for Arii in Tiv dining tin previous Day our in had thrown tip a Linof earthworks some what in Iid Ami c our Obi but As these 01 is found that the had not club Raul into Xvi Weinly their to Mug Luul Faill at the t cold in the fight thought a null Jiu Riim All this unit was o dark that could Bally see 11 v Jin being v the by we could Loveat tin in wins just a in Advance 3 the wholesale prices of ctr entry 1 quoted of and Tho Arcao Price paid for the on to platforms has been t1 net to shipper Lle seipts of milk and Cream at the Lif Terent Railroad distributing Points m and year thu City for Tho week have been As follows Fenily receipts of Tho fluid con Maul to coulis be sex Nii Nandur cried lire Tunac Are of our our colonel Gavi the Fin but a Eimire cute the brigade Oit ii ont dont our off Imenit is a Allyl a member of Lith had and Vanceil Little in front of our name the All was confusion in our could it to that a part of our and we Iliili not is your colonic called to thirds to Dairy extras imitation Low part Good to ul1 h 12 11 a Fol 7b i Fol Refl 20 state Ami Renn Western Dick t i Resh s Fol 5 a o a s in 01 2h Isu or 1su7 1 the 1 to Liri Garft com our colonel at in the was and a dually Volloy was from kits All along our when that rrbf1 had answer Stu Davis knew the forces in our font not of the Alfh later that had the a conf Der newsy to 30 Green peas fruits an Viil v r1 grapes t 1 1 20 1 id 1 135 135 1 15 200 150 125 100 Fri n no 3 25 Fri 2 50 Fol is 3 50 12 10 Al o 800 5 50 6 00 i 50 it has several lumber Mills Aud fish u i of the care of serviceable soften and enlarge his life with lowly charities and discipline him in familiar Wisdom and a boast Ful fortitude while the divine Laws of which cannot to which cannot be it happens that there is not a strip of land throughout the vast alaskan nor within its which bears Tho name of the states Man whose dream it was to Annex this great land to the american and Aud in which no can i i i the subject of Purchase began in the Buchanan Why should not this which dears the Tiame of Aud of him who stands next Aki Irio the greatest Sovereign of the be changed to Bear Tho name of William Henry the All of be anxious and rest too Sweet to the government is in the a coinage i fat of during a old which were All Large and the civil to intrinsically More valuable than those now in in the three years Al Sam the gain from reclining old Katei three cent and two cent pieces into current pennies and Nickels vhf pennies Are not counted by the laborious process of Handog an top Erbil the kaisers Imperial built at a Cost of contains twelve including two Nursery carriages 3 t m 11 Wells under Iii the Garrison station forts stand ing in the of Spithead the Supply of fresh water is obtained from inside their own which lie under the bed of thu it is said that the water is exceedingly Cool and Ono i web to the length Incutti Wiik i vet if you favor tins you snou4 a Saloon adorned Quarter Miles has been drawn from the to give Onn Bright boy to 1 v and a Bath for Eacle sleeping body of a single of two and on 11 the York temper arc Tho Way of rum i the Way of when drink comes in through Tho win love Llimos out at the Tho latest figures show that Tai Caliolio total abstinence Union has a membership of tin liquor Devil has not injured Somo Membrot your you Wujs Rhetto to to have to fight Appitito in front of Tho Grenitz in Sec tin arid capital Back of the does it pay to told rate traffic which Breeds Aud death wherever it is allowed there no certain miserly in every thing who an very Proli iral i Trio matter of spending Money for if it is a Small a Rifle for you to sign up the do it Sako of others if if is a great do it for your Temperance fight until its win tin wll fought Day a fore Yon All your foes shall and leave you crowned with i it is estimated that family out of i Overy five in Trio United states must fur Nish Ono Bov in every generation to Tho liquor have you furnished a boy Montana has Many Indian Greece National debt is Over Northern firm has just placed an order Lor Coo bushels Tho Anthracite Coal men Uiato Taku measures Tondtrict the Pennsylvania Monument the the yield of clip Kamarga were the Winters Likely to see great hardship and a institution among the poor of 57 and a movement to reduce tin number is on German whips were ordered to Thi scene of the recent outrages of Mission arii3 in contrary to All the american tourist Stutson in Europe been Tho worst in Many Many refugees from Cuba Continuo to seek Aii in the a club lie Santo exports of during october in creased Over sex 1 ports of Cotton decreased prod a patient in a Cincinnati suffering from committed suicide by cutting artery in statistics of the years Seal catch read before the Bering sea conference at Washington show a great decrease ii the Seal i the largest number of tracks in any German railway station is at Frankfort Munich coming next with Russia is said to own or nearly Ono half of number in sex most of them belong to the peas ants of that 1 the administration has a coded to retain in office postmaster of because of Iho Birtis of quadruple to and two sets of tiring in Bis tramp recently arrested in refused to work out his Flao on Tho by order of Mnyo to was i chained to a cart and towed through Tho principal Tho expert who has been working on Tho books of Luton Ultang state Trot Isanor any of that Tho shortage acne Hod Hartley la now a Eho Pacific Good to old live v v a blessed rofl Toxy v Spring dry Long Island v Hay 100 Clover Short t1 i in v r v Green egg v v string f1 v 1 v v v to i v100 Ier per 1 s f 13 i is 5 4 s 40 75 15 10 10 to 1 25 25 13 h 12 1 25 12 225 50 40 5s s 175 us 115 if is 2 75 ii 3 00 400 a 00 k 2 50 Fri 1 75 s 9 00 s 1 30 Fri 1 0 150 Mado a bloated for Tho Saloon guat Hutu boys t has one citizen who tins been limes sold in Spring Thuat 2 hard 2 125 2 50 225 no goo so so 1 00 50 10 75 1 co 25 50 5 00 500 la 1 25 it i 30 in i 25 it 1 00 no i 75 1 00 a 5 25 Fol 5 10 Fol 97j

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