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Read an issue on 5 May 1899 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - May 5, 1899, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania R the ways of people do not like this they they Ace and find with few Uera to have been miserably planned Tho weather never suits they Are always racked with and Sish for things of or dread things of some people find this world it ours a place of Serene Delight to Vliem the weeds Are fragrant Flowers and unto them All Days Are Bright they wonder at the of god to 31 in is Ever giving they seem to live to spread abroad the joyousness of they Are no1 the Rich who nor Are always poor who sigh tin servant Oft is happier than the master in state goes by theres always cheer in plenty Here for those who care to take it the world is or Bright or As one to xes to Mart in Chicago Aguinaldo Fate of one who foiled he Story of Attavio is not a strange one for the Philip but to us in far away America it possesses Many features Render it Surpris Attavio was the that he came from that Section of Luzon which As the Sailor would to the ii Orth dream of loot might become a a but to must have and Atta cios injunction bound up Bis then came at tacos come isrial instinct must be buried beneath his the argument succeeded and Attavio waived his so that the funds might As a whole be devoted to the common cause of Breeding another revolution with the Coin which had been paid to smother the and White men advised the Souad Eulou White men prevailed on Admiral j de St Dewey to go against his judgment of and give to Paterno and their allies Safe transport White men Are not wont to do such things for but they did Kot Feit mostly when a Post rots in the ground it is just at the where the combination of air and soil makes the conditions right for often both ends for two and a half or feet will be found j a to such posts can j i in the Clanger of Swine disease can be largely avoided by feeding the j pig and shoot the if fed a reasonable Quantity of in a be forced without great a Coin for a curly the Cut shows a desirable Coop for very Early the Coop is Long and sloping and has a hotbed South american Thev Are taking an act Lvi part in ail Umo movement of the the that the new woman is to be found most Complex designs to those repro setting tiny Flox vers strewn with dres Den effect upon Pale Blue ground upon which White cres cents Are the ground be tween is traced with Curling vines of Pale a Broad band trimming of Green and Blue edged with narrow Blue velvet simulates a Pep Lurn Over dress with Side open similar trimming scheme is and to Dewey was sent a round 1 f 1 Ceable by each putting bolts and through Aud then Seti Ini in the a round a leaving a Fiat j or three i to hold them j the posts i 1 i Post tuns i in will often last As Long in the t did when originally set and mile a Man is very hand with the labor of would be Worth gird of Attavio was a Mestizo or half caste he was educated and possessed both Money and he liked not the Spanish Yoke under which his people were Revo Lution was in the Aud one Emilo Aguinaldo was its chief at Taeipo liked the he could be a a and when the Victory came he would be of the elect to share in the spoils of con perhaps away Down in his heart Attavio did not think so much of re Lieving his people of their Burden As he did of diverting the profits of that Burden Spanish a offers to those Over which he could maintain a i partial if not Complete but it is enough to say Ghat Attavio became a to not alone in possessing that class of patriotism Winch has a question of Revenue dozen of filipino who went on Shore ostensibly to harass the Span but in truth to lie in telling their people that the grand War splicing two old Post ships had Only come to establish j As much it nor More Tiqua the of Aguinaldo As but in the tale living a new of revolution i am forgetting i for a time he was allowed to come of and go among the Stasiof but j to keep in the vitality of n lock there was a glitter in the leaders Eye necessary steady Supply of eggs which told that the financial incident i roosters must a disposed of at Hong Koug was not i every second year a least procure one Day the glitter turned inward a from unrelated this and Aguinaldo prepared to next is one of the heu Spring Day Attavio the trap comes and Heus grow remove was set to catch another but at Taeipo proved the Only game it on the Cornar of a Street leading to the lauding at Cavite stood a House guarded by filipino i tried to gain Access there one Bat was roughly ordered it was n House of i longed to know Coop Witt Glass hinged to the the higher half of the Coop has a tight Bottom with slats at its outer As shown i in the lower there is no l Bottom to rest of the and the lower end Lias a hinged and is i also covered with Otic Inch mesh of i wire i when very the door be j shut up tight and the Chicks will have i a warm run of the ground outside the j when it is warmer Tho end regard to Advance movements going j of his said that women j were largely instrumental promoting enterprises looking to speedy development of people and Many women of Energy Aud note were spoken especially have the venezuelans been from there j have gone during the years of conflict i t a Small Yoke of tucked the High Collar is of crushed the sleeves Are Long and except for the which have a baud of the contrasting foulard about the Girdle is of Blue velvet of the same Shade As the Nar Row ribbon employed to outline the the hat is of shirred Blue Nave gone Anrig me years 01 Vuu Yuvi e with Spain Many particularly with a Large Chou the of women and and these have i b by an been helped in every possible Way by Oil s As i was watching it one sultry afternoon i saw a face of one of each one to ii Small House prepared for never leave sitting hens among the around the floor of the hatching shed arrange forces half tilled with Earth and in which arc Otic or two China keep u Supply of shelled Corn Eon Tiu ally in this sitting House that Heus May feed at their pleasure and get Back to before they Are its upper drawn but it was it was in View but a when the rough voice of a Seu Timuel ordered it away from the then i knew Why Aguinaldo had so thoroughly guarded that for Atta cios Dis appearance was to just As the Sun was rising Over the Blue Hills beyond Manila on the Day after i had see the face of Attavio at the window the Gateway of the strange House was thrown open and a group of men All were armed save who walked in the that Down through the narrow streets went the Little Butch of through the Gate Way of cavities Wall and out to the it was a the result is much More also have plenty of fresh water and Oyster Strong chickens May usually Becchi to Hatch on the though some will be a Day or two be move when Day and keep covered in u Basket in the if left in the nest the Hen becomes restless and is Likely to or nah when All Are hatched put the heu with her Brood of flu Fly beauties out in a of grass if but at least separated of tile lauding place the party i there a native Banca with sail Al closely there were others i ready set anticipated the party com dreamed a dream of wealth i Tracio was the first to go of but it a surly order from one of the filipinos which sent him out of the Waters of the Bay floated the headed toward Cavite thence led the Road to where Aguinaldo held supreme there against the Wail of the Hacienda based of revolutions and Attavio was but Aguinaldo was another who indulged in financial fan Theu there was of whose gleamed the jewel of the grand these were lit examples for a Northern Leader to and so Attavio became a a his Fortune was Given to the Aud in return he became a aide to general he Laboured diligently to further the he mustered he told them of the Joys of Aud it is not sure that he did not Tell them of the wealth to come when Manila should fall and the filipino would be free to loot the storehouses of the hated then there cause a Lull in the revolutions negotiations were in As Aguinaldo was dealing with the Span the Deal Aguinal do sold his stripped off his coat of Aud for the yellow Gold of the castilian agreed to Lay Down his arms Aud take himself with his Allied chiefs into Attavio was one of those whom the treaty upon to depart from his native Attavio did the bidding of his Mas Ter Aud joined Colony at Hong Attavio knew that Money had been close to a half million had passed from Spain to at Taeipo had 110 revolution to occupy his mind and became he discovered that this Coin was banked in Aguinaldo Why had there been no division of the spoils was not each Exilee titled to his share so thought Attavio and he demanded his of he was then he set about to find out he knew a bit of English and eng Lish Law prevails in it was an English court which gave to this filipino a injunction which restrained the Bank from honouring any More of Aguinaldo a checks until Atta cios claim was Aguinaldo was inclined to take the jaw upon Attavio must said the would be a few niches of cold steel and there be no Atencio to prosecute the it took a lot of counsel to Cou vice agn Ualdo that he was to longer in a land where murder settled Law jut the White mans advice gained the Aud i know it was a White Man who for i have had the Story from his own Attavio was negotiated i demand was of the dollars for which Aguinaldo had buried his patriotism and sold his cause to while Aguinaldo was debating As to whether he should yield to Atta cios or risk a trial before a English into the Harbor came the Fleet of the Gallant from the snowy White of peace to the Leaden Gray of War were these ships quickly and then it became known that to the Philippines their orders led the Fleet departed and then came the Story of Cavite Aud Tho awful havoc of that sundays once More did Waguiu dildos Patriot ism he would go Back to and organize again for the overthrow of the the Spanish which before had been such a was How beneath the and his by a six foot poultry netting from the other in a week let them run at Large in their own never feed raw Corn meal it is dead if Corn meal must be bake it first into a the Best feed is cracked fed cracked cracked racked after the first week whole wheat May be to Vixen four weeks Aud whole see that they have fresh Oyster shells and coarse gravel grit of Loiue door can be giving a protected but plenty of fresh the can be let out into this run when a cloth can be thrown Over the class at night when the weather is England hitter n uie the Creamery method of making butter is decidedly the Best for Creati had others stood to face Tho bullets from a file of Aguinaldo had Learned the Spanish tricks of exe Aud at Imus he had just put them into the nex Day the House of mystery was without its guards Aud a filipino woman sold mangoes in its new York a plans wife him for an extremely interesting Case has lately been decided by the Indiana supreme establishing a new principle regarding the rights of a a Man in that state who kept a sure store employed his wife us a Saleswoman and her weekly which she saved and when his business declined he Bor rowed her and also failed to pay her Theu he became his wife presented her claim As one of the for the borrowed Money and a years unpaid in the old times the claim would have been thrown out at the theory of the common Law gave the wife no right As against her Hus her property was she could not testify for or against him in co Uzi in any civil or there would be to valid contract Between Tho two for the payment of the situation has been greatly improved by statute and by the common sense decisions of modern one of the last of the ancient Dis abilities of the wife is removed by the Indiana the court holds that an agreement to pay wages for services of a Domestic character would not it would be against pub Lic policy that a Man promising to pay his wife for washing the dishes Aud for sewing on his but Money from his Ordi nary but the wife was under no Obliga Tion to become a Saleswoman for her he rather did not her what he would have had to Pav to another and therefore his creditors were not injured by his employing consequently her claim was a Good one Aud was youths the Hap Many Bishop who has been elected master of Pembroke has been Amsden preacher at select preacher at of and has published a Standard work on the greek he is a enthusiastic anti quary and and has been heard to boast that he can carry his episcopal Robes and an evening suit in v smaller Compass than any Dos mall the Canadian government has Pur chased 1il Eskimo dogs for to the Klondike where the Ca nines will be used to carry the the animals were imported from Greenland and at Cost of and were selected for their superiority in training and Sou there is a Strong tendency soil whenever it is obtainable in preference to As a Rule sodding s Aud unless of the finest j or Efy the old style Dairy method is not the Best for Home neither is the Creamery unless enough is to warrant put Ting in a full line of machinery and also pay for the time a modification the Creamery method to suit actual conditions is what is really a Small churning must be done with but a Small expenditure of time and or there i will Belo suppose the amount churn eur at once is but twelve to Twenty five the following is confidently recommended us the simplest and easiest to use Way that has proved satisfactory use Blu Rel or Box churn and churn until the butter granules Are As Large As Ains of then dash in cold grass is always less satisfactory than j in Quantity about Squal to the seeding with Uwell cleaned grass Mixi Cream put into the of Small Aud especially a such situations is close to buildings or fences where the seed will not readily the method Here lust rated our cd both the Sod is Cut in strips about e the churn few then draw off Tho fill the churn nearly fail with cold water and revolve swiftly until the butter Gran been helped in every possible Way the women of a woman club was organized in the capital of Venezuela in the summer of it is called daughters of America Hijab which title shows its object to be far reach the president is Senora Andrea wife of Lorenxo one of the wealthy Aud cultured citizens of the Senora Alia de Moi is tire her husband is a member of one of j the oldest families and this j woman work for her so is dictated by her haired of oppression and de sire to elevate her sex to a sphere of general Senorita Aminto who is the Secretary of the is called one of the most talented and progressive of the women who Are in Public or i sem Public sue has travelled j extensively in Speaks fluently several and has made herself a fait with the condition of Tus masses in Many she is logical and inspire Spanish americans have preeminently the gift of ii ent declamation is made of great account in the schools of both boys and the Ore generally educated people always speak ing at least their own and and English is also it More difficult to speak English Aud other although Many read and understand it Senorita Cou Regua constantly de clares that it governments first duty is to sure and True the political she Speaks with Force of the cruelty in the blood of the Spanish and makes it responsible for Many and she upholds International the of All these Earnest thinkers and is to promote it High Standard of National life und family Aud they More to secure a close interest with the people of the United states and movements that Are of common in Terest to those who work for the pub Lic York lift the wearing of engagement rinses society of big As the coloured stones for is one of the latest e a just As Nithra the generosity of the Fiance would permit him to was the Only Correct but a certain imperious Young girl who made a Point of wearing nothing but rubies insisted that her engage ment ii diet should be set with this Beautiful she May be said to have set the and she has found Many Many girls now prefer their engage ment ring shall contain their birth and rings with stones of every color have caught the popular fancy and the engaged Young mans there is july one Rule for engagement they must be set severely and with no attempt at the unique or the Stone should be the favorite of its prospective a old time custom that has for centuries been in Vogue in Ger Many has now crossed the Waters and found favor and that is the Fash Ion of exchanging engagement the Rirl gives her betrothed a ring in hic he wears presumably with As much pleasure and secret satisfaction As it her to see his love Token on her own Smitn plan fool a and described has been j Ules Are firm to the in most satisfactory Aud Ine Peu cases the butter will now be ready for but in Winter the butter Raj be too Aud the remedy is to add some warmer water not hot and soften it so it will adhere when pressed now scatter file Dairy Salt on top of the butter in the and Theu revolve a few times very slowly to mis the Salt with the let it stand fifteen minutes or Aud then revolve the churn and let the butter form in a press the but Ter Down Linn with a shape like a potato turn in Over Aud set on Edge a ladle and press Down the butter is now finished Aud ready for packing of this has the advantages of the method of the it is also washed practically the same As in the Aud the finish is the same As when the modern combined machine is used in the Cream Tho great advantages Are the saving of labor and no exposure to the air As it is not taken from the churn until it is and no Dan Ger of because it is not the Buttermilk is washed out and the butter then merely pressed with the Grain where the churning is larger than get inches Long and Laid in 1mes As shown in the the spaces Between Are filled with Good soil and Over it is shown firs class grass should the seed not germinate the grass in the Sod will soon spread Over the space and make a Rood covering of when sowing the seed any Bare spaces in the Sod May be filled a few Ai Vicc to the Stout one of Tho commonest Aud at the same time most telling faults of the dress skirt of the woman who is Stout through the hips and the Abdomen is the inclination to Rise up in which ruins any Bathe have your dress skirt Long enough to step of it than it detracts from your makes you look shows the feet and takes All Grace and style from the general a Cut that gives a High Waist Hue and shoulders in the Back adds apparent fat arms better in moderately close sleeves rather than the present Ultra Ami take on better proportions if trimmed up and Down the falling Well Over the the Shore neck looks longer when the Collar is quite High and and should be a Florence Coralie who has just it Neuilly in her sixty seventh May he described without exasperation As the Florence Nightingale of the franc German having Ost her husband and her ouly child just before hostilities Bike she resolved to devote her life to the cause of she organize an ambulance corps at Aud remained at her Post till the Tours is the next scene of her and crib Betta entrusted to her the Hospital at peace and she hurried to Lorraine to look after the hordes of returning find ing Liat Many were still Sha passed into Germany and under the Protection of the Empress Augusta visited sixty six where procured the release of Many Captiva detained for various her work was not Ihen for she besieged the War office in Berlin till she had traced dead or living of whom the authorities in Paris no her remaining years were spent in charge of the jewish orphanage and not until 1889 did she receive the Cross of the legion of Queen Victorias impartial the recent visit of Victoria to the it Vieras the thirteenth since her accession to the the position occupied by the British Sovereign happily robs her Tours of political and her movements Are not liable to cause panics in european Chancell eries or furnish mutter for profound leading us lev set on the but not articles in the organs of Low Enouch to make the flesh roil at As if to deprive her annual tour of any apparent political second year once in a while we find a Farmer who follows the old plan of keeping hogs until the second but he is the rare the almost Universal practice is to fatten and Market the first still the Sec Twentyfive pounds a butter worker is Ond Vear Man is not without some arguments on his Side of the keeping hogs until the second he has the following advantages the sucking period of a pigs life is the costly the As a will lose 100 pounds in the second year hog has Only of these expensive periods to go the two the one your sys two of such the second year hog runs on and depends almost wholly upon grass for two the Cost of the two Summers keep is during the first Winter the animal lives principally milk Aud some the feed ins being comparatively the a if not a unless the combined machine is if salted on the less Salt is required than when salted in the the usual proportion is one ounce of Salt to one Pound of but when salted in the More Salt should Baas the butter will not to drained so free from and Tho salting is Dona As there Are no intermediate Steps and therefore it does nut stand to Drain in churn Early in the morn the churning and the milking should be done at the same As the milkers come with milk to they notice How churning Aud Stop the churn when the butter it is something that most second fall there is a exceedingly homely but it is a i people do not a churn should be nothing that anyone with common sense can there is a Strong i As soon As Corn is fit to before it it is Cut Down and thrown to this raw boned hog and it is Aston Ishing How quickly that hog will round and should not chink is soon by the and until it is Learned the churn nut and it is claimed that you j can be stopped and the learner see have a hog that is practically proof How the work is butter against disease during most of its j dealers report and that it will give you double the weight that the one year hog will there is considerable Force in some of those but not Force enough to convince the average Swine breeder that turning Swine off the first year is not Tho most profitable it is turning the Money Over and there is something that the most of the far made butter is of poor and that is Over worked and spoiled by too much fuss ing and i avoid All this in the Way and find that farm made made As Sells As Creamery butter in and even better than common Creamery in the Ameri can agriculturist the line Sherii the Collar and the bodice Kuchen be effects have a tendency to shorten the neck and Lessen the shoulder Aud should be worn Only by women who have some length of Bre Telles lengthen the but must be very narrow Aud pointed at the and grow broader at the top of the flaring High collars Are not designed for women of fat belts made quite pointed in with a hitch up in the Are j an improvement to the woman whose j fullness of giving i her a Long waisted worn in with exaggerated busts look better i with some sort of fullness or trimming j at this and the same Rule applies to the woman devoid of flesh at j is fus Sily trimmed revers and turnover collars help cover no Drici Rucies of the slender while for the Stout woman trim mings should be Flat and study Harmony of consistency in and give Tho same consideration and acknowledgement to Short comings As to your Good and the matter of successful dressing is Tnador much Home foulard in Kitie the most promising fabrics for sum Mer dress occasions Are Light crepe de and among the no washable among which is an old and tried has obtained a firm position in to Mats not Only is a gown of this material useful and Dainty for summer but where the materials Are Well chosen it will likewise do Good service As an indoor gown for informal evenings at Home during the autumn and their her since her has shown the greatest catholicity in tiie Choice of since she has paid thirteen visits to ten to four to two to one to Austria Aud one to her first visit to the Riviera was in this henceforth became her favorite foreign for since that visit her majesty has returned no fewer than seven during her visits to France her majesty has greeted the representative of every Mon Empire and her first visit being to King Louis her Only visit to Paris being As the guest of the emperor Napolon while two years ago she had an inter View with Felix Alfini Lipics 1rom the burnished old jewel cases Wilt exquisitely wrought effective Black Chi Tiou parasols Over laying a coloured Tea gowns of Fine dotted Swiss fashioned Over a Silken Ilich ombre plaid liberties having Black and brilliantly coloured figares of a White numberless new styles in Eton which Promise an unprecedented Sale this millinery displays in which hats and to match Are the conspicuous jobs blouses of Madras and Percale in Light Aud dark stripes Wash Silks in Crystal Cord effects and stripes representing All the new est color changeable ribbon stocks in Corn new products of this season Many i by nations of Blitek and Blue and of elaborately stamped and fared and Brown and Cipully coloured in persian designs jewelry Aud pins of every de scrip to Meagan being of old Chintz pa1 Tion in the form of violets and Clover such As our grandmothers find leaves in their natural they vary from the i dry goods

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