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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - March 23, 1900, New Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaEns Ilage oar Dair Linen learning in that it would be a most profitable adjunct to Dairying a a dry like the j Luton made the and part when the years profits de a Spray pump Ped on keeping the Herd Froais shrink ing in Quantity during a critical Short age of fruit Aluinc in some sections tie Farmers have set ont fruit Trees along the highways in place of the More ornamental Shade properly pruned and cared for the practice is u most commendable and if others would follow the example it would result in a great profit to those a Frait like the Apple should As plums and cherries sprout from tha Root and grow readily from the if neglected the Road would soon pre sent the appearance of a late varieties of apples should be in the a word about Stone then weight Al me should decide everyone against their use in the with the most careful handling they Are soon it is impossible to keep them seamless tin pans Are Light and easily kept with no possible lurking places for of nil substances milk is most susceptible to Adverse and from nothing else is so variable a product Over the purity of the milk the housewife has Little or no the will i Orchard is Fri tag then seed to Spray with kerosene emulsion just before the bade or apply Wiite with Brush to the a so can be to tha of the of fruit and fruit Trees that i find a Breeding place Aud Winter Hall i Bor on the i bruises from any cause that Deaden j the bark make an Ideal spot for the propagation of the in the dead bark in where the egg is deposited 1 and by natures Law is brought into life and his work of destruction is commenced and carry a Roll of grafting was Aud a Roll of old cot ton and twine to do up any Bruise or break of bark As soon As before the Wood or bark becomes Aud it will grow fast if left until the sap in the Wood and bark becomes dried you will have a scar take two or Vears to elm0eit Waco lust Carnot be bup Ummi Skoal a control Aad Claria Paboue Akuri Namu Church should go to copy night a time when the controversy As Nerer March in Tmur tote that grow will Over j and if the Borer gets a Lodgment there it May be a lasting its by i Ter not to break or Bruise the Bat accidents will and the Rem i Edy should be applied to save the i Wax a if the bark is j Sot broken if put the Baik i Buck Aud Wax an wind with cloth aug i tie Mineral constituents of a correspondent wishes an explanation of How Mineral substances get into that As he expresses minerals that Are insoluble except in hundreds of women All Over insoluble Mineral matter can the land Are daily disheartened by its i not get into the Plant but the min it want of cleanliness when it reaches their slovenly milkers Are responsible for u great Deal of poor prime butter can Uever be made from Nilk having the slightest milk should never be allowed to stand in the stable while Era elements of a Plaut Are carried into it in if it is a Mineral that water can or Par the particles that eve held in solution arc carried by the charged water through the roots into the if Salt is added to water in an Una glazed Cream begins to almost immedi earthen like a Flower with lately after the milk is drawn and Agi tation causes More or less ill few crops offer a promising re turns As does Ginseng when properly cared and where the climatic conditions Are in my experience i have found it More to make the Beds in the Field giving artificial in the Forest or under Trees of any whether the plauts Are i raised from seed or from roots the Beds must to Well i am in favor of Plant ing the urfa three inches apart in rows in which the plants Are to re main until the roots Are ready to be dug for plants raised in this manner nud properly cared for will mature a fair Quantity of seed the Sec Ond year and a Good crop the third planted in this manner the roots will be much larger at two years growth than when the seeds have been planted then in trans planting the roots nearly one years growth is and the Small a tinted roots that result from too close Plant ing Are far More Apt to be destroyed by grubs nud Worms infesting the ground Luau larger and fully devel oped on sowing the seed it should be Borna in i id that not every seed will mature a in the after the first years the vacant spots can easily be filled with roots standing closer than de or these May be transplanted to new in new England Grousl Iorii far every Oucoin a while we see in some of papers articles attacking the feeding of soft food to yet soft like most other kinds of is of value when properly it Najiy indeed be a detriment to the fowls if improperly it Mav j easily be conceived that making soft feeds a constant ration would throw of order the entire digestive terns of the it would have this effect if fed to fowls that had i a very Large ration of Green especially in the time As in j that Case it would be substituted for the Grain ration of being used to balance the Grain the real value of ground in feeding it Totake the o part of j theg Iain Aii Fenju Render the work of i the of the fowls i the fowl that has nothing but Grain from the time tiie group i f re exes in the full till the time the g non starts in the Spring is the fowl the Bampi Oitim of a ruined at the Tuii the most eggs Are in the a warm feed of ground Grain ome a Day lifts a wonderful client in prevent ing those disorders Are fre quent with fowls confined and heavily led on Grain the that h is not More universally h the a disinclination of banners to the trouble to scald this feed Over right or even in the it is so toss a Meni ire of Corn to tie us that Many of them get no other Field and cure of Shapple keep the ground stirred about the Trees by using the Garden Rake after Rains heavy enough to pack t he this will conserve the moisture Aud is better than any mulch that can be nud the Trees will take deeper if weeds or trash of any kind have accumulated about the Clear away or cover up in the fall with making a Little Mound to prevent for remove it in the the Hole in the Bottom stopped it will be found in time that there is a on the outside of the if it will be found to be the moisture has gone through the sides of the pot and carried the with huh the water is with this is what water does with sol Uble minerals when it enters the roots of a there at the end of roots an acid that aids the water in dissolving it is not that the water takes into the Plant All the minerals which it holds in in the Economy of a the in a natural permit the Entrance into the Plant of Only such minerals As the Plant there an important lesson in this for the Tiller of the soil to we All know that moisture is necessary for the growth of but if it is necessary for dissolving Mineral Plant food in the it will be seen that too much or too Little moisture in the soil must be injurious to the Plant because in the Oue ease the solution will be too weak and the Ether it will be too or fail to take up As much Mineral As the Plant to illustrate if we place just a Little Salt a a Glass of the water will have but a slightly Salish if a Plaut was a need of Salt that weak solution would not Supply it with what it now if we keep adding Salt to that water there will ultimately be a de posit of Salt at the Bottom of the there will not to enough water to hold All the suit that we have have too much Salt for the the Tiller of the can see that if his soil contains too much water at any the sooner he drains the sooner he will feed the crops us they should be fed and if he is in acting he will have no trouble in perceiving that much water will have the that have men the necessity of frequent cultivation Ami of keeping a soil mulch upon the in times of drouth will also the use of water is not its entire function in rela Tion to Plant but it is an important plays Are being a greeted by Tho police and others Are being patronized by people this Sermon of to image is of Muzii tiie text is i corinthians they that use this world As not abusing my reason for preaching this discourse is that i have Baen kindly invited by two of thu lending newspapers of tills country to inspect and report two of the popular plays of the go some weeks ago to Chicago and see Tho drama quo Vadis and criticise it with respect to its moral effect and to go to new York and gee the drama Benhur and write my opinion of it for Public instead of doing that i propose in a Sermon to discuss what we shall do with tiie dramatic element which god has implanted Many of our natures a ten or 100 or but in the vast majority of the human some people speak of Trio drama As though it were something built up outside of ourselves by the Congreve and the Goldsmiths and Trio Shakespeare a and the Sherl dans of literature and that then we attune on tastes to correspond with human invent not at tie drama is an Echo from the feeling which god has implanted in our immortal it is seen first in the Domestic Circle among Tho children three or four years of age playing with their dolls and their cradles Aud Ali eur seen ten years after in Trio playhouses of ten years after in the parlor after that in the elaborate la Tho academies of thespis and Jescky Lus and Sophocles and euripides merely dramatized what was in the greek heart Terence and plautus mud Maruly dramatized what was in the Itoman heart Congrove and Arqulia merely dramatized was in Tho English heart Corneille and aider Only dramatized what was in the French and italian heart Shakespeare Only dramatized what was in the Groat worlds the Dilthy Rambec and classic ids sentimental Tho romantic Wera merely echoes of the human i do cot speak of the drama on the poetic Stielf or of the drama in the but 1 speak of the dramatic element in Sou land we make men responsible for they Are not they ure responsible for the perversion of but not for the original god did that and i suppose he knew what he was about when he made we Are nearly All moved by the when on thanksgiving Day we our churches with the Cotton the Rise and the apples and the wheat and the Rye and the our gratitude to god is stirred when Nti exist or morning we see written in Lett ii of Flowers to a is our emotions Are every likes to go to the school Wotli and its dialogues and its the torchlight pro cession of the political Campaign in merely the dramatization of principles no intelligent Man can look in any secular or religious direction without funding this dramatic element demonstrating what shall we do with it Aba 11 we suppress it you can As easily suppress its you May direct you May educate you May purify Ftp you May harness it to Multi potent useful Aud that it is your duty to just As we cultivate taste for the Beautiful and matters and Mustac that draw not wee Tyrity too Metal with thu Luti Tattoo of with i want to Chow Bow the Dan untie element in oar mar to the Aht lot of civilisation and fifty about the of tha poor could not Al not me a a Little drama of Aco Deot and suffering i saw one Blip Pery morning in the streets of Philadel just ahead of me was a wretched in his limb amputated at the knee from the pallor of the boys the amputation not Long he Viau a package of broken food under Arm food he bad i at the As he passed on Over the Slippery cautiously and i steadied him until Crutch slipped und he i helped him up As Well As i gathered up the fragments of the package As weit As i put them under one Arm and the Scutch under Tho other but when i saw the blood run Doorn his Pale Cheek i burst into fifty essays about the sufferings of tie poor could not touch one like that Little drama of Accident and wet want in All our different depart ments of usefulness More of Tho ill Mutic element and less of the the tendency in this Day is to drone to whine to cant to moan to croak to Seoul Harize when we ought to present it in Nult rated and spectacular what we ministers and is to Gat our sermons and our exhortations and our prayers out of the old the old Neki eyed religious phrases that come snoring Down to rough the centuries will never arrest the what we what you in your nud i in my is to freshen people do not want in their sermons the Shaun fio Ivere tace h 1 have studied the life of 1 to tha Middle of Ewe already in this years we have had two parables concerning this is the there Are several Ether references to vineyards in the lords study them in connection with the parable for this weeks topic the lesson of the Story of the two Bave Wati aed a sons is very to one son it was rejoiced at uie Vlot Ory go work today in Ray j been forcibly Imit jul this son refused at but afterwards Humble men to b the second had been p asked to do the said he would but did asks the lord did the will of the father of the inevitable answer the for though he he afterwards repented and the other one said he would but did who is the True son therefore the one who did not the one who said and did True obedience has certain Funda mental All of which must a in the first place there must be we shall never serve god perfectly until we have a True Conception of wet ready to exelaim7 t665 Tea son of the living the birth of at of Leah god so ordered that through natural can sea Mary were at just the right Troa Nazareth to the lord appeared to the you is the pie a deliverer anoint so und As Mali our priest Ami King the told child is Jesua twelve years old at the feast of tha Wien they Start Oatha never allow the Mother Beji to take her Brood out in the Early lir Coder Chicks thou Al be allowed to go out inning the warm portion of the Heus will Lay Mure eggs when con Rietl aids than when having free develops e system the Little Chicks get Luther Inea is death several reasons Why the planted to of if the 1 not 1ft or fur do not Cross pure bred there i enough variety for All practical one Breed enough to keep Oil any More than that usually re sults in of tiie time to a sick lieu is lingers louder than two Days it is better to kill in not put Over eleven eggs under a setting Beu in tue Early part of the later thirteen will not be too if there Are any rats around the poultry House get rid of them before the thickens otherwise they will soon make Way with every Brood that is put 1iiinily co to tin in China Ubea an Honor is coi feed on a family it is the ancestors and not the descendants who share tie if a for his receives a title of his can Uever inherit it or have the right to any but an inferior tuna the nobility in family on diminishing from generation till it Jiva by i have to Tell you not Only that god has implanted this dramatic element in our but i have to Tell Yon in the scriptures he cultivates he appeals to to develops i do not cure where you open the your Eye will fall Pou a Here it is in tie Booc of the fir the Tho Olive the All make then at the close of the scene there is Corona and the Bramble is proclaimed that Isa political Here it is in the Book of enter Elihu and Trio opening act of the All darkness the closing act of the All magnificent drama is the Book of Here it is in Solomons nil Oriental Region Omeata Mountain 01 lock of Garden of a a ii Bride dialogue alter nil tins tic a Nim is Book of Solomons Hern in is in tie Bolc of Luke costly mansion in Thrall the windows Bright with thu floor Ali like with he turned son in costly garments which do not Verv Well lit him for buy not made for but he must swiftly in Vul Oit his old garb and prepare for this Prihod pouting son it Usu i Jack too mud to Jjo they in muting such a tears o syn Palov running Down thu old mans at tie Story of his sons wandering and suffering and tears of Joy at his alien yen j Beard Turdock recite the prodigal son j in Oue of Bis Yoc dil not know i whether to sob or revivals or Roi legion Timve started under the Reading of that soul revolutionizing drama of Thi prodigal hero it is in the Book of revelation crystalline Pearly opaline Ameth Stine showering one vial poured out Incardi Narinji the a cavalrymen of heaven galloping on White actions in Hallel Dahs to the right of alleluia is to the left of As the Bible opens with the drama of the first so it closes with the drama of second when i suy Dent a i do not Ocean myth or for my theology is of he oldest years thousands of years As old As the of the drama at tie beginning and Elozo of the i do not mean an but i mean the truth so stated that in grouping and in startling effect it is n god world heaven echoing if Tod implanted this dramatic element in our a and if has cultivated Aud devel oped it in Tea i to Imam that you recognize because the drama Lias find again been degraded and employed or destructive purposes is nothing against Tho any More than music Sugiu to be accursed Becaas Eit has been taken again and again into the Saturn Alinn assails of will you Refuss to enthroned music on tin Church Organ Bec Nuspl thu Art has been trampled again and again under the feet c the lascivious dance it is nothing against painting and Sculp Ture tent n Coruth Mercula neut they were demonstrative it vulgarity and the dreadful museum it Pompeii shall throw do discreet in pow Erss greek slave or Church heart of the Andes or Rube ass de scent from the Cross or last tha very Fuet that again and again the drama has icon dragged through the sewers of iniquity a the reason Why we should snatch it up and Start it oat on a grand mul a holy am u magnificent let me Sny at this Point in Ray Sermon that the drama will never be lifted to its rightful sphere by those people who Timve not sense enough to distinguish be tween the drama Sod the the drama in no More the Beni Rotan a Guyinn Nook Isa i it not spen tug in regard to to Centre it is at mry exp Revlon of Tomt feeling which god in Ike Zaitun Over most in v if my met it bought at tiie millinery but the a Poulicos wet with the morning not the heavy Bones of Ost Luot Meg therium of past but the living Rei Deor caught lost August at the Edga of Seli Roon we want to drive out the drowsy and the prosaic and the tedious and the humdrum und introduce the brightness and the vivacity and tiie holy sarcasm and the Sanc unil the blood red earnestness Aud to Felfe of Foaud i do not Koiv of Nuy Way of doing it us Well As through Trio but now let us turn to the Iluma As to amusement Ami of new Many years ago in a very Brilliant but much criticised Swan of took the position that the theater might be renovated und made Bux Ili Ury to the Jiuu Christian peo ple ure of thu sumo i do not with i have no idea that Suc Cess is in that i have said heretofore on this As far As i can is my Sestina but but to Day i take a in Advance of my former christianity is going to Lako full Possession of this world and control its its its its Clenca Aud us shut out from Tho realm of christianity aunt icing Aud you give it up to ulu and if christianity mighty enough to manage everything but the amusements of uie than it is a very defective Chris is it capable of keeping account of the tears of the world und incompetent to make record of its a ruins is it Good follow the but dumb at Tho worlds play gun it control All the other elements of our nature but the dramatic element my idea of christianity is that it can and will conquer what we want id to hasten that How will it be Doun by the Church going Over to the it will not by the theater coming to the Imrch will not what we want is a reformed amusement association in every City und town of to United once announced Ami explained and the Christian Aud capitalist wiil Couie Forward to establish and there will Public spirited men everywhere who will do tills work for the dramatic element of our Wrt need a new institution to meet Reco ionize and develop und chef anal the Ita Mutie element of our it to be distinct from everything tit is or has i would have this reformed amusement association having in charge this now in of Titka Possession of Annii Hull or it might take a smaller Bill Mangat the but it would soon tin Aud even that would not Lium Tiu for he who lie fun thu dramatic element in human nature an Opportunity of gratification without Compromise Ami without dancer does the Mig Tiet tiling of this and Tho Tiki of no institution on Rise As like Atlantic rises at Liverpool Are Teui of thousands of Christian where tie sons Anil daughters Are Tion of our own we must learn to walk reverently before then we must believe in we must have Faith in god and be assured that he is the rewarded of All those that Dili gently seek we must love him with All our then we will obey without delay or our lord was talking to the jews he spoke this he sought to show them that they represented this of his holiness and and a con vie return trip the child is left behind found in the Temple with the doctors of asking and answering questions nil were astonished his parents gently rep Cove him he tells them he must be about his fathers business returns Wlter Thara the preaching of John the Tiberius Cesar roman Pilate governor of Judea Horod tetrarch of Gal lies Annas and Cala Phoa High John preached in the wilderness baptized in Jordan preached that they bring Forth fruits unto repent Ance different classes Camu to him a Faor Ough reformation required of pointed to tha Jesus goes from in to the to be baptized o Joha shrinks from sued a step Jesus it is baptized the heavens Are opened tie spirit descends like a Dove upon Fultn Volee Weiwen led into the wilderness lasts forty Days and nights afterwards hungers elder who had said to the father that he would go into the but did not he could have shown also by the same parable How their disobedience had affected other this younger who at first refused to go into the but afterwards represented those gentiles who were obedient to the heavenly but what a Large number of these same Gen tiles would never repent of thir Early refusal because of the unfaithfulness of the elder brother when we Are tempted to refuse gods Calls to service we should think not Only of the effect of such refusal on but of its in fluence on others who May be tempted to leave their work which they had be or May Harden others in their Early refusal of gods there Are some who find in the word Reward a they be Lieve that one should not work for re but for the Sake of the but All objections to the word Reward will be removed if we substitute in our thought the word result for there is no act which does not have a result All causes have we cannot judge of the tightness of any act without considering what Are the re sults of that so cannot think obedience without thinking of the Emir inmate fruits of the ser vice of god has important results or re wards for the life Here but How much More for the life gods Way is a pleasant because he pays the labourers in his Vineyard As they go he cheers them with his pres with the Clear evidences of his he develops within them the toy of service so that they learn to love nothing so Well As to labor for but they arc encouraged to look ahead the March the glory of scripture 25 to 13 15 35 165 Mere with ova do not cast by Salt fall and worship John the Baptist was near the close of his life he was anxious that ills disciples should accept the leadership of pointed Andrew and John to Jesus they follow him Jesua turned and them what they sought invites Thorn with him they abide with him that Day bring their Simon and to Jesus Jesus Coes into Galilee finds Philip Aad Nicodemus a Rich ruler of the and member of the Sanbei Luln came to Jesus by night introduced the subject of miracles Jesus said be must be born again Nicodemus failed to understand illustration of the Jesus Points Nico Demus to the son of Kan illustration of the Serpent la the wilderness gods great love for Man he that belie Vetu shall Java Vil Jesua goes through Samaria stops at Jacobs meets tha woman asks a drink she espressos Surprise Jesus Speaks of tie gift of Aad tells bar that those who drink Snail Nerer thirst be desires it Jesua a stg her to Call her husband she says she has has Hod five culls Jesus a Prophet asks about place of worship Trua worship Mast be in spirit and in Jesus is at Nazareth in the Syna Kogura on tha Sabbath bands Tom 2 applies the scripture to him self he Cau save thu to broken the the the bruised they question regarding lowly birth he cannot Lional there because not accepted justifies his course by Rof Urease to Elijah and Elsilia they think a puts them lower afcan the Heathen try to kill him he Jesus in a the Syna rogue on the Sabbath people they Aro astonished at Doc Trine a unclean spirit cries out Jesus casts him out Fame spread abroad at Peters House Mother inlaw healed when tha Sun was Down the diseased and those possessed with devils were brought to Ana he healed them All and cast out the he suffered not the Devil to Jesus is not dependent upon to testimony of devils to carry on his work or to prove his there is no Concord Between Christ had 2 Cor x t hts hh1 Uil 11 h u Lui 3 t i i ii i hold Back from dramatic entertainment for constitute the Rainbow is but we value it most because reasons which Somo of you would say ure Lwood Casona Aud others would Sny Are poor still held but on tit of such tin Lustin Tiou Liev would feel tie arrest of their Ifni Setles and would say of to establishment of Tbs new which i have called the this is what we have All been waiting As i believe that i make suggestion an institution we Iii Wlbur men will of i want to give suits characteristics of this new this Spe Tacu if it is to be a grand social and moral in the first its entertain ments must be compressed within a Hoar and what kills prayers and lectures and entertainments of All sons is at a reasonable hour every night every curtain of Public entertainment Ougel to every Church service ought to Jub instruments of orchestras ought to be on the platform of Tbs new institution there will be a drama which before Render ing has been abbreviated Aud passed upon by n Board of trustees connected with Tai reformed amusement association if there be in a drama a suggesting it will be stricken if there be in a bakes Poreau play a word with two Good meaning Aud u bad word will be an honest word looking Only tie caterers to Public taste will have 10 learn that shakespearean is no Wittor than Congre Venn you who will dvrs to by exp Urga Tion or abbreviation a shakespearean play i tie Board of trustees of this reformed urus umut association will it is no depreciation of a Tlok abbreviation of i would to Hoar to arty or forty of a filous Host read at but i should be very sorry the hear the whole Book read at one abbreviation is not Detrecia on the platform of this now institution elite under uie Oare of Thev wry Best men Ami Wou Ion in thu there shall be nothing witnessed would be unfit for a any any Auy won int would Ostend you soil and at your own your a mlle will b6 prohibit of from that pint Ivy Wlms Law of common of morality does that Ali ice is not fit to seen or Hoard by live people to become lit to be or heard by 1goo Peoria on tin of that spectacular All the scones of the drama Wilt b As Clin Stit As Wai aver n by ii Winil Ujj Vernit or Nermon by hint platform there shall no Aio no no foe of Good meat Sulluv it to a god has fulfilled the Promise which it so any Promise of Obedi however Beautiful in needs to give it value with we cannot obey god unless we know what his will if we wish to obey j we will seek to know his if the Little things have a right to your there is As great glory in obeying them As in obeying greater a ship that disregarded its Rud Der because a rudder is a slight would soon come to heed the smallest hint of he who has followed gods messages on Earth has at last another message to and according to the faithful Ness with which he has heard and obeyed Here will be the Confidence and glad Ness with which he will follow the god help us so to follow every voice of his Providence which leads us to his service Here that when the last voice before which the human spirit naturally shrinks and it will Rise up and doubting Noah and swiftly go clasping the hand of the Angel until we clasp the hand of Christ obedience implies that some one else is in then some one else is responsible for the it May look to us As if a Given course would mean failure but the outcome rests with the one that makes the plan and Marks out our part in if gods ways Are ways of then there is no cause Lor us to worn about what will happen if we follow his Clear his leadership ensures and our safety is in gospel gospel Jesus in Capernaum at Peters great crowd it tie door a paralytic i brought and carried to tins roof the Root torn up Tho de let Doivan Jesus Siw their Faith thy sins be forgiven tuna the scribes reason he blasphemies answers them is easier to or Oliy sins forgiven the cure tie Popio they glory led say we Uever saw it on this they saw that none but god could perform such a wonderful cure Aud they were filled with reverence and the divinity of our lord is Here fully jeans teaching at to Seaside sea lev at the receipt of custom follow me a feast at Levis House sat with publicans and sinners the scribes and pharisees question the propriety of this the sick need a Why do not thy disciples fast this a marriage feast and it is not an occasion for old old by Thesa figures Jesus shows that the jewish system offt legion was old and ready to vanish away and that he proposed the replace it with something entirely Jesus Calls his disciples from among the common a pays no attention to caste or social but wherever he 11 Nils an Lumbia heart he is Ever ready to follow he is preach ing by the near mat thew is sitting at Bis place of near and in his heart is longing to join himself to the one whom be already believes to be Tho Messiah but to a a despised and has been socially of therefore he cannot expect to a imagine Bis Surprise when Jesus stops and follow he not a wat Wolno for South Carolina having abolished the Saloon and substituted the she now pro poem to establish hospitals Lor where thirst will be treated u a it along with bromides Aad to aloft should Lorlona Brattm tic Fri fighting the True Way to conquer temptations a not to Light them in but to go a into a loftier Region where there cease to be How is it that Growa Meado not like the sweetmeats that used to tempt them when they were children they Hare outgrown then outgrow the temptations of the world How is it that them to most Altos nor malaria of the Montalo tops they cannot Rise above the Leyel of the swamps by the go to and neither malaria nor Quito will follow Belaf interpreted live near Jesus pid keep your hearts and minds occupied with and you will dwell in a Region High the temptations which Buzz and a tag Wal Qsar infest and on the lower i we saw a Man standing agora and flinging Gold and dumoadslaqm1 would say be most Many Young people aug dark Waters and Ewi

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