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Read an issue on 20 Mar 1903 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - March 20, 1903, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Chapters of lifes strange stories gathered from of a a novel Way to get electricity for lighting a railway train is described toy Cashiers the favorite method nowadays is to provide each car with a Small which is driven by the the current is first led to a storage Battery composed of Only ten so As to have a sup ply of electricity when the train is every Flake was charged with electric such an that when it came in with the hair of the mule on which the lieutenant was discharged electric spark with slight when the storm increased in fury and the eau came Down thicker and each Flake emitting a spark of electric the sight was truly mag after the flakes reached the ground or other resting place the elec tric display until the Snow again put in when the Dis charges were by shaking his Finger Beard or nose or ears the lieutenant was Able to produce a Shower of electric while a wave of his Arm produced an effect like the sweep of a flaming sword Blade through the every Hake of Snow touched giving out its Little spark of Light and the consequent slight sex a less satisfactory plan is to put tie Dynamo on the locomotive and drive it with steam from tie scheme which Cashiers reports is a variation of this latter it includes a Dynamo that is located on perhaps under the but the Power for it is derived from a rotary fan or Windmill immediately under the As the locomotive travels at the rate of then thirty or forty Miles an a Breeze of corresponding velocity is the current is conveyed to Small accumulators under each car of the it May be assumed that these Are fully charged the cur rent is automatically Cut tests Are said to have been made with an outfit of this and the results Are said also to have been to what one might be led to expect the blk artiest House in the what is said to be the smallest horse in the world has just been brought to by Tabiayo Espo Slot and sold to of los for a Large this Tom thumb of which is a bptji13 of its one of the most remarkable curios in the in the is the the Wing of which is armed with this Odd creature is found in Guina and Aud inhabits the deepest forests along the water this Large Black Bird is very remark Able for the strength of its which has powerful and Peculia guttural it bears on each Wing two powerful and on its head a pointed three or four inches the two spurs on each Wing Are directed Forward when the Wing it these spurs Are the of the metacarpal and arise from the Anterior part of the two extremities of this the upper Spur is larger and is about two inches Long and slightly curved at the a explorers Ami naturalists captured one which is now in the London zoological it la very tame in its Demeanour toward Mau but on the defensive As soon As it sees a it knows How to make such Good use of its spurs that it the enemy to flight by a single besides these weapons on its wings the Kami Chi has a very Strong beak and hard and resistant anode cores Here is novel cure for according to several dutch papers a deaf who resides at Krom Hada a Carrej a few weeks ago with some of her and As a result got into a violent smallest of prop lately stands just High enough to to his own ers and weighs Only seventy three though and she Pony is seven years old and is Twenty two and on half and a half lilliputian has a history that is Al most As remarkable As his diminutive the mexican who disposed of him claims he stole the and As foe immediately disappeared there seems to be no reason for doubting the Tho wily it a got lilliputian from an Island off the const of South be tween Guatemala and the natives there worship pretty Little horses and keep them constantly guarded on a High Exposito took this and another two smallest he could made away with them to lowering them from the Cliff with a he was hotly before teaching Mexico the other less Hardy than that Here snowed of coloured rain and Snow Lech have occurred in foreign lauds from time to time should give Rise to far less wonder than a storm which occurred in the United states not Long and which Inay Well be called l storm of electric f lieutenant John ninth United states regular a Well known in this Clun we a witness of occurred while he was making an of pikes to him the storm teemed like of cold thu cart of we Dot to the fact that As she is seventy years old Hei friends feared that this sudden and terrible outburst of anger would Jure but instead it completely cured her of her what is it this is not a Puzzle picture nor a Robes for of embroidery noted on weather judging by the examples shown a an imposing opening of summer Robes these fascinating affairs Are to be More desirable than they Are Espe Dally sought by women who have their dresses done at the skirts Are practically Only things to be done Are to sew them together Down the Back and put on a binding of the Blouse must be flt Tec a but this is by no Means a trying task at when the great idea seems to be to get it As Broad ant Roomy As the delightful part of it is that the trimming is Al ready on this not Only saves a weary Hunt for the proper but gives one something distinguished at far less Cost than the same effect could possibly be had if done by a dressmaker to and As to com paring it with a that is a since these schemes Are worked out on Tho very cloth and not bought by the Aud attached in a correspondingly cuban dried it is not to be denied that the smart est and most distinguished of these Robes Are in handsome White rather heavily embroidered in the bulk of this handsome work is at the front of the being the full Width at the shoulders and Down to the Belt in various in Many cases the neck finish and sleeves Are embroidered in corresponding while with others there come strips be used in various some of these White Robes show a touch of Black in the in others a soft tint is and several of them in a number of in one notes the heavier colors in the bulgarian the Beauty of the coloured Linen Robes will Appeal to very Blue is especially in the dutch China and Gobe Lin one cannot but Admire these most when embroidered in theres something about White and these blues that makes a most exquisite the Only other scheme for these Blue Robes is to work out the embroidery in various shades of the from one very much Darker up to while not As Dainty this is More and might to much More becoming to Many two shades of Coral Are in the very soft and Shade and the deep red for these the most desirable ones show the embroidery in the various with touches of this invariably adds spice to the Coral and Rose of these arc done All in so is the Lovely Castor or which seems to be More delicate More Pinky suggestions than Ever it is equally pretty the Theca 1 Calls it or a touch of Black Beauty the 7 be in any Good As Well really Brown itself to almost any then there Are the sheer just right for Wear and quite Fine enough for full if made the latter Are a mostly in very sheer and finely embroidered and very openwork neck to the Broderic seems to dominate these Fine the material is the Tow which has already Btu described As Silky like like Fine Batiste and quite As sheer As Liberty some of them Are daintily embroidered in and this is very Best the skin is a covered in by civilized usage and calling for a special cleaning most of us by warm water and for a few by Oil or International lesson comments if uuii9 Oil and and for still fewer by air and the artistic woman there is one advantage in having a weakness for observed the artistic one is subjected thereby to a great Deal of but one is also preserved from Many of the temptations to break the tenth commandment from which most other judging fro what they appear to some women never return from an afternoons shopping or a visit to a Friend Richer than them selves without bewailing audibly or otherwise Ihler inability to possess such things As they have seen for my own not All the wealth of whatever that May have and supposing it not to Bave been a inconvenient would compensate me for having to own the things with which most people surround them selves when they have Money enough to get to Rne the most desirable thing about wealth would be that it might afford a Means of escape from the tyranny of but if it were Only going to plunge one deeper in the mire of i cant see any object in having William Morris says that he never saw a Rich mans House that would not have been improved by the destruction of nine tenths of All that it and my own experience has been almost precisely Sim there Are 1ew houses in any class of society that of not make me Long for a Bonfire in the Buck new York men and treat the children like Little men and women h will do much toward making them men and perpetual scolding and fault finding do much toward making them for March the of the children of Wrath and As Christ the body of Christian believers with his ii Uesu 1 90 had he dealt with the on Vertex Kph Csiana who before were dead in trestas9m and made Advt the death is often used by All writers and in All nations to express a state of extreme mis the ephesians by trespassing and had brought themselves into state of deplorable As had the Heathen and having thin sinned against Ood they were condemned by him might be considered As dead in they were incapable of perform ing any Letraie act and were always i Abie to the punishment of death a Shioli they had deserved and which was ready to be inflicted upon they were incapable of performing a holy their bodies were the living coffins in which their dead Sofia were trespasses trespasses May signify the slightest deviations from the right sins More habitual daring but the terms run together in be they had sinned con not merely they lived in sin and Folk med the evil practices of the Heathen True christians separate themselves from the world 12 2 2 8 n1s and do not conform to its sinful customs and Prince this has reference to the Prince of he is Aso the god of this world 2 4 the air is represented As the scat of his the Devil seems to have some Power in the of the air he is at hand to tempt men and to do As much mischief to the world As he live in an Atmos phere poisonous and impregnated with deadly the As the spirit works that which is Rood in obedient soul so satan works that which is evil in wicked is Prince of the spirit not Only in Pauls Day hut even work eth in of disobey we Paul Here changes from the second to the first putting him self in with those whom he has just de agents for Conklin Wagon Ligonier Light Aud heavy Bartlett stoves and Harrisons town country paints farm armours new Home sewing tin slate roofing and Iron and Wood Anderson hardware new tempered and love wins in every a Mother should never be so Busy that she Caw not listen to her if they live to be men and women they will too soon leave she should make the most of them while she has she should encourage outdoor exercise or sports and she should not forget to train them with proper re Gard for their personal she should never allow them to form such habits As coming to the table in neglecting their nails or their or carrying soiled handkerchiefs she should never ring or forget that they Are creatures of Rea not animals that require to he nor should she fall to1 instil in Tench your land Jecter to and gentiles once the brings put Tho the word conversation is mis the whole course of the life was they lived in sin and walked in and pin was interwoven in their very it tinged every polluted f every and perverted every transact i Tion of the irregular i and corrupt affections of the the corrupt they lived in the actual of Alt those sins which their corrupt natures inclined them to thoughts mental suggestions and purposes As distinguished from the Bli Iid impulses of the by in implies that which has grown in us As the peculiarity of our a distinguished from that which has been wrought m 113 by Mere external influx Here is an incidental proof of the doctrine of original of Wrath the child of and think is one connected partaking or exposed to the children of Wrath Are those who live in hem a distaste for All that is open disobedience 2 Andare thus i Amer can j to the Wrath of see salvation an act f divine mercy but the apostle now any girl is and shows the glorious change that had been or Oricht in them through tie three words Are especially emphasized Kich in god is Rich in Manv thing besides mercy tic in worlds he owns the cold and Sil ver in n thousand Well As tiie cattle on but while a knowledge of these riches is not be Horary to our Salva it a necessary that we know about riches of his see s3 10 53 and Many other god is Rich in pity and com passion for the great Hij infinite love for us is the ground of our Sal he loved us and did for us while we were yet together with god has Given us As Complete a resurrection from the death of sin to life of righteousness As the Hod of Christ Lias had from the Sec 8 unmerited their Salva Tion was not of themselves the 1 abilities or Bethlehem i Hills makes a specially of manufacturing flannels and f buys country Wool or exchanges t goods for t t solicits of Public and guarantees Satis fac t custom carding done in agent for j the Gearhart family knitting machine which can be seen in operation at the factory any i James those pretty Robes come in the mod and the embroidery strange bit the Bonnet intended for Wear in an Auto As pictured by new Nespor a Chicago merchant tells the Tribune of that City that he uses various meth ods of but nothing else until Bis newspaper space Bat been contracted no other median race immediate or Inch Codil Erlof Tite it up by All tit ish schemes Range from allover to Mere crushes something to suit most Occa Sions and Ever so Many Philadelphia the Bath so it appears that sve in civilization need currying As Well As we for a Little to i la at least to have the skin in Contact with sunlight and moving to have it Brace itself to shocks of to get vigorous exercises looking toward restored blood by some sort of rub or incidentally we want to entirely remove such accumulated excretions As Are in and on Vire say for a Good Deal is thrown out by the civilized it has to be literally scrubbed if the skin were a piece of soiled with some persons heat is of considerable and the turkish Bath accomplishes what nothing else there Are often Stout Sec try for whom exercise to the Point of full perspiration is not but plenty of us can do perfectly with warm or Cool the turkish Bath does in agree with some few Are Actu ally worse off for water in any but do Well on Oil or just Sun and along with vigorous rubbing Ivl tithe flesh followed by Down Ward stroking with the Palms of the tha skin is a compound the whole of it More than equals in bulk the its needs Are correspondingly and Are the of a just Bow much and what sort of rooting is Best for them varies immensely with and hence the kinds of and the of to correspondingly in Gutt inf going to need to fall j upon her own resources some the ups and Downs of Fortune Are too too conspicuous to need Point no to bring up a girl without my training in useful occupation is at simply improvident and St it is feminine character Independence to make and keep Sveet and the darkest of life grow out of Ness and dependence of training in inc penal Ince of character and with High ideals of womanhood for Are what every girl Only through intelligent work can Fife highest character be growth of character is the while purpose of this school which we Call the Bright colors and Neutral tints Divide fashionable for Ordinary lingerie lace is said to be superseding embroidery As a trim belts of Gold ribbon fastened with antique buckles of some Dull set with persian Are smart and not very slides for wearing with neck ribbons Are among the jewelry they Are in Louis effects and frequently outlined with White tulle with Pompon remain in High favor because they Are so so fresh and refine and comparatively cheap As the summer hats will be mounted on Bandeaux or raising Horn a trifle above the a marked change from the present which presses firmly Down on the the greatest latitude prevails with regard to and the the fan ind nil the other varieties figure in the Couturie res endeavouring to add a touch of originality in shape or trim some of the smartest of the Large toques have the brim higher in these slightly resemble an enlarged Glengarry so far there is no Prospect of a Radical change in the shape of the Many new tulle turbans Are made of Turquoise Blue and Sunset trimmed with exquisitely Dainty crepe these Are for Early Spring and go a Long Way in brightening up a dark Spring among the Many new and attractive fabrics for summer gowns is the Lovely sheer goods called Bramble Batiste Crochet it hag an openwork design n which arc Crochet effects mingled with Floral in a variety of artistic made Over ill us of silk it has a Morel effect Midi or to Mere product of any Natura any Merit of their Neit ther it by works but it was through the mercy and Grace not merely and g saved from sin justified and sane tidied hut gloriously saved from the Devil and he saved to Christ and in the full View of endless Ages to these people were saved at this and so we see there if Suph a thing As salvation from sin in this believers Are citizens of heaven and have their places assigned which Thev will take Possession of 3 20 but this May be understood As referring to a rectified souls in this having been raised from death of we enter into a heavenly Union with and the soul i indescribably Happy in his it is heaven Mccun Ages to what god had done for ithe sinners at Ephesus would be proof of his Ereat Corines and mercy and serve As an sinners in a the through Faith the condition upon which we Are the instrument in gods hands by which we the Means by which we continue that is salvation inc free sift we com not Purchase Salva we did not Merit and Good works could not save us therefore it is not of and there is no room for Host so completely is a divine act that the Man who refuses to accept it on gods terms must perish there is no other the Christian life a divine creation his instead of our being the god is the worker and we Are the workmanship the fact the shared soul is created a new creation 1 5 17 6 13 4 unto Sood though we Are not saved for our Good yet we Are saved hat we May perform Good works to the glory of god and the Benefit of Good works Are the fruit of pre god has not Only created us anew and even us love for but has actually or cared the works for us to in to do Hood world trill the established order of our dealer in All kinds of farm in such a Grain horse Hay Hay Forks and Spring farm and machine toil 11 celebrate i buy my goods in car Load lots and can give you the very lowest give me a Tours aujk1suxt tabeta or Woodar 11 i 44 film 70s 786 7 800 j 00 so 10 now 10 10 33 10 10 11 1110 Nia film 11 Ounim Fine use urn 1 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Market Money loaned on a Pratt Money received on on demand and interest allowed on depth ital collections made on All Accel bite All business transacted through or will receive careful would to Phomad to have you open an account with from 9 to 4 top us physician and orca in citizens National office Houn from m k to 8 7 to 9 All Calls promptly or surgeon for t Road a tilt in alrered in co Famal Corner Broad a Lafe Ctm Wood new Only first class companies write or Call at my livery Blake firs class service opposite i Money Tolo

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