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Read an issue on 31 Jul 1903 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - July 31, 1903, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania The Mai Siul cart Wolfe is pitching winning a nil Foi Griffiths heckler appears to be hitting up to Mil Speed Dahlen leads the Shorti Elliers of the National Harry Bay has no Superior As a fast fielder and base Magoon has developed a Fine batting since he to ipod if Donlin could Field his position As Well As he can hed be a the Catcher of is a Marvel of activity behind the outfielder Mcfear Laid has made him solid with the new York outfielder Dusty Miller has been released by Kansas City to Kittridge is doing All the catching Tot he is equal to the of the is sustain lag his reputation As a Good Pinch Cleveland has the fastest infield in the american league in Pullium off double Chicago has released the col lege finding him too Light for the fast of North n former holy Cross collect Aas been signed by Delehanty end Ivas and gives sorrow to thousands of fans Avo appreciated his great As a give us War to is the slogan of the Boston who daily cheer the Collins team on to Vic manager Mcaleer wanted Kittridge but thought his terms rather it is said that Hayashi Wigton pays him per Griffiths Kew Yorks Are beginning to draw some they arc play ing real the of Ball that was expected of prominent United states senator and Lodge Are making James Mcneill it is iad been ill from an internal complaint for More than a the Frederick who 1 translated tie Bible into fijian recent just died in another tour in the United states has been arranged for the to take place next Miles is quoted As saying that methinks a Large army Post should be located near new or the Infanta Eulalie of Spain has car the honorary presidency of the to Universal Alliance of for professor Annar Lias been elected Dean of the school of the Wisconsin the Sultan of Morocco returned to president the Loving exalted in his position of splendor and his acceptance of our Louis fair a recent mexican visitor awash in ton declared that president Diaz will and will hold the reins of Power until lie is physically i at present a Diaz is in the Best of condition to conduct an other owing to his Elevation to the speak congressman Cannon expects to take a Little More Active part in social doings of Washington next his House is presided Over by his Brigit Wellesley College very popular in the congressional it is probable that the third Sun of the German a lad of Nineteen May accompany Prince tie emperors to this country next the Prince wiil not come in any Otticia it is Prince Henry will travel i Sunn Sam International lesson comments for August the Tea for serving afternoon Tea where More than three or four persons Are sex the urn is about the most convenient apparatus for holding the Bev the Tea should be made in the then placed in Tho urn Over the lighted it frill keep hot and fresh for or if an is disliked As being old fashioned and formal and not make the Tea on the table in a there is nothing smarter than a Sam especially if it should happen to be an and of splendid burnished brass or As a final one May employ the Tea Kettle suspended Over the Little alcohol anything is better than to Fumble around with a Seaball while half a score of guests watch the operation hungrily moisten their lips in anticipation of the Tea that does cot York stains in White it is always Best to try simple ods of removing stains before resorting to Strong such As Chloride of which is one of the most pow Erful chemicals for removing it is so Strong that it May be very destructive if not used Iron rust May be easily removed by covering the stain with a thick layer of and then saturating it with a piece of Lemon and laying it in sunlight to if the stain does not come out with tie first application it certainly will with a mildew is one of the most difficult of All stains to rub Well with Brown then apply a paste of Chalk and water and put stained article in the hot after two or three applications the mildew May be bleached to remove Tea or Coffee stains rub powdered Borax into the part and pour boiling Tater through it into a new York fishing for old of new York make a living at the Cork is never useless until it is absolutely children who fish for Cork Day piers on the new York River fronts do not have to go above Fulton Street to sell some boys and girls find Cork fishing More profitable than Selling new spa Cork can be made Over about Many times As rags and waste a before the children who take from the Rivers can sell they must carry it Home and dry wet Cork is not there is no waste the fore Inan of a shop looks Over a Basket and says what he will give for the children invariably take what is offered As manufactured Cork is do while Cork Wood is on Tara free most of the corks used in new York Are manufactured the Cork tree will not grow in North Amer the Wood must be imported from Mediterranean Portugal is the principal source of Large come from Italy and Sar a simple and inexpensive method of renovating an old screen is to cover it either a Plain paper of damask or sateen like or one showing a Large Floral the first proceeding is to measure a fold of the screen with great and Tveith very Sharp to Cut the paper fit exactly inside the surrounding encloses the cloth the previous have in readiness some thin glue and with this quickly Brush Over the edges of your Inch or two is sufficient if too much glue is applied it cause the paper to apply the strip deftly to the and with press it firmly into proceed in like manner with each laying the Sereen Flat upon a Large table for greater ease in sometimes tie edges do not re quire any of but when this seems desirable a Iii we Border or Gold japanese paper or round bras headed nails serve the purpose ironing no less than Twenty one different kinds of flatirons Are on the Iron especially designed for the convenient use of travellers contains n Little Furnace in which prepared Coal is a single piece of fuel will provide heat sufficient to press out a bit of neckwear or some other thing of the tie fuel is said to be easily carried about and convenient to the hotel guest is provided for with an Iron which contains an alcohol lamp if failing the which May be fitted Over a Gas Burner and thus ironing outfits come done up in cases and comprise a Small Felt covered the Iron and a stick of beeswax and a durable ironing boards which can be induced to masquerade As settees Are a Novelty and there Are also folding la boards and tables for the same it is thought that the numerous cleansing preparations which enable to remove spots and dirt from expensive of course necessitating pressing have created a demand for Small Irons the rays of Radium Are of three those of one class Are but freely another class Are charged electrons moving at hates those discovered in Crookes a third class Are deflected by a Magnet and Are highly like those of Roen John dealer in pianos and organs affy other attention Given to tuning Vert Ottna of pianos by who do been in the employ Imtair Fino the i two Maple tie Yoke of two eggs until Light and add a cup of hot Maple Stiring constantly return to double toilet and stir ant Cook until the mixture let then add a cup of shipped Cream and pack and Macaroni in a frying Panone tablespoonful of butter when it is hot add one cupful of cold boiled Cut very Fine add to it one cupful of grated cheese and two Benten eggs Sprinkle in Salt and Pepper Cook until Berry two tablespoonfuls of butter add Grau pitl by on third cup of sugar and one Ogg Well beaten to two and two third cup Fuls of sifted flour add four level Tea spoonfuls of baking powder and one half teaspoonful of Salt put aside one fourth cup of this flour Mhz it with one Cap of any kind of berries and to the for Csc alternating w one capful of milk fill battered Muf on pans full and bake la Nyber Quick of Tab Twenty subject Samuel i 1 7 memory or Venev of planning for a new Kins Amuels grief because of Sauls rejection was this showed his affection for aul and his interest in the 3ut to continue Long in such grief finder him in his Public duties As Prophet and also Dishonour it was Samuels duty to recognize goes will As ind not cd Timie to clips to Saul when Ioa had rejected tha divine Curt or is a greater Faith in the lord told Amuel to 20 to Bethlehem and anoint one of the sons of but Samuel said How can i go if haul hear i he will kill me the lord then told Sam Uel to take a Heifer and to to Bethlehem ind sacrifice unto the Jen who acted As civil think that the breach tween Samuel Saul was now so great they feared the anger of Saul if they entertained the Prophet but it seems More probable that they feared that Hia coming was for the purpose of punishing some sin among or of pronouncing some judgment upon head come with no hostile purpose Hii Isit would be considered a Sanctify change your and Wash your bodies in a and prepare your minds by Mckita reflection and being in spirit of be Mav offer accept ably to the see and his Samuel himself took greatest care in the Sanctification of jesses some think the elders were invited Only to join Phil Catlie family of were invited by themselves to the subsequent it a Jears from chapter that jesses Amily were a devout religious Amuel instructed them in Tho nature of he sacred ordinance and by his counsels ind prayers assisted them in preparing to attend to it acceptably and it s probable from the acts and words Samuel on this occasion that he privately a formed of his purpose to anoint one of Hig but it nowhere appears that Jesse was informed As to the object of that anointing this was left for future developments to the lord chooses David when they were after the Niblic sacrifice there waa the sacrificial and in order to partake of this feast Samuel went Tohomeo be Ween the sacrifice and several Nous would necessarily elapse As the Vic Tim would have to he prepared and during this interval the sons of Jesse were made to pass before for it appear from verse 11 that David was sent Forbe Rore they partook of the jesses oldest one of army the Palestine 1 end afterwards the ruler of under n 1 he is called we save an exhibition of his rude and Over bearing temper in 1 Samuel was impressed with his stature and Beauty remembered that 5aul had been similarly recommended 1 but the Day was Pas when Cinius were chosen because they were head ind shoulders above the look even Samuel was judging from outward that which chiefly recommended Saul to he favor of Israel was his size and nut now in selecting Man after his own Icart Jehovah show that his divine judg ment is based not on external form or but on the David was of a goodly appearance on the god does not look at ones earthly social or family or literary attain Mentse or natural for he does not judge from Noh even from religious As Many Many a serious a solemn tone to the but looks on the the inner the Char and Jurleen these with were the sons of Jesse sent by War against the philistines no brought his sons before Samuel in the order in which he considered them to bringing the most Likely not chosen David seven Brothers had passed before Samuel and the had refused them this expression implies that Samuel had already privately informed Jesse of the object of his Are Here Samuel Wra not ready to give he quickly surmised that there might be one or counted unfit by the Jesse had offered Al of his whom he supposed were at All Likely to but the lord had sent and the errand could not be in the Jesse having evidently no idea of Davids wis Dom and spoke of him the most god in his Providence so or dered a Flat the appointment of David Mig it clearly appear to be a divine purpose and not the design either of Samuel or name signifies and he was an eminent of the beloved son of sit word thus rendered Means to sur and Here suggests the sitting Down or reclining around a Samuel did not propose to have that family gather round the table of the peace offerings with one of the sons Here lesson bearing on May be the word denotes the red hair and fair skin which Are regarded As a Mark of Beauty in where the hair and complexion Are Geu Erafily Beautiful of Beautiful this mid Cater that his eyes were keen and enlivened by the fires of and beam ing with a generous tras evidently a Beautiful Young Man As stood there before this is this was gods Choice and Samuiel was commanded to anoint him at we can see Here How Little stress the lord Reail puts on outward forms and Cere for David was not when Samuel sanctified jesses sons with such great David set apart for his anointed divid was anointed in the presence of his though it not at All Likely that they understood at this time to what position was being it is doubtful if David understood the meaning of the spirit came such a set Ting apart would have a mighty influence upon he the anointing was Nett an empty a Tii Vinc at tended so that David inwardly advanced in Wisdom and and con Cern for the with All tire qualified tons of a though not at All Vance in his outward tha of the holy spirit is the greatest and est gift of god to f my August remember Jesus from the preaching of the apostles until now the message of the resurrection has been that the risen Christ is to give repentance and forgiveness of and the message has been enforced by the personal Testi Mony of the messengers Are witnesses of these remember that the one excuse for Perpet Ual telling of the resurrection Story is that it is a Story of As Long As there Are sinners this must be of the christians use Jesus Christ Rose from the dead to be a Saviour from and the proof is that he has saved me that must be in every in every confession of it must be implied in every Christian and to it must be for the Sake of the what he has done for me he can do for the result of the resurrection is More than a Rescue of penitent sinners from it is salvation from unto it 4s infinitely More than a Way of escape from it is life whose Powers and Joys and privileges Are offered now to those who Are under the Power and pain of moral properly to declare that is to preach a gospel that on every account is worthy of All it is a wonderful that of the risen by its Power too Are raised from the and our new life is drawn from the same the we were dead we if so be that the spirit of Christ dwells in not i but is at once the humility and exaltation of the new i can do All things Are and be Are and Christ is the Normal ambition of the Young Christian is to know to come into close and tender relation to often enough this ambition is by or by temptations too feebly or by the example of indifferent professors of the Christian but the healthy convert begins by be ing Loyal to Anc ends by doing All for love of to to feel the Power which his resurrection gives Over and to Bear stif Fening for the Sake of is the right ambition of Levisy child of it is aspiration after the life that is life the resurrection of Jesus Christ Means that every christians life be Longs to his he died for be cause All were they which now have life received it from but not without they must pm play the Chris Given life As his ser they live now not my own is Mere poetic exam it is the simple As every True Christian is glad to August lessons from Paul How we May overcome our 2 12 710 scripture him that Over 13 2 17 262s lesson our Success in gods service docs not depend upon 6uhuman he can accomplish grand results through very feeble our very weakness May be transformed into almighty god does not guarantee Freedom from hindrances in his service he us to Rise above them succeed in spite of them if not by Means of even to glory in our infirm that the of Christ Nyiry rest upon the tiniest Daisy that smiles so sweetly at our feet owes its existence to the patient pushing upward of the Small germ against All the obstacles of soil and stones and were it conscious it might Teit a tale of daily difficulty and danger sturdily and bravely so in humanity itself All that is finest and most Beautiful is intertwined with Phillips Brooks once said that he could go through the crowded streets of and that we would look in vain for any soul that did not get there through a on the Earth each soul was a weak who became Strong through and in spite of his a Strong Man not Only carries a heavy but lie carries it in the the most easy and Graceful thus also you can judge a mans spiritual by noting not Only what work he docs for but the manner in which he does in the time of Jesus the mount of transfiguration was on the Way to the in our Day the Cross is on the Way to the mount of if you would be on the you must consent to pass Over the Road to suggested holy teacher take time to be i hear of showers of conquering now and still to whole thou almighty a family Railroad railway officials differ in the degree of liberality in which they define the family when used on a an american copied the instructions of the rail Way bearing upon the subject to a Lea son in on that Road a Paw for one la Good for grand inter Niece and attached to the cling Ali or the oif Forh says of the Church of the future there willbe a Church in Christ is men Are heed me the men Are answering the the Church of the future will be cml Dout ones of Jesus the form of organization will be no non can the Hurch of the future will do what it can to Trike the kingdoms 01 our lord and of Hio and the pierced hand of the son of Miido the ship of state on every and you need not wait for the Sec coming for for he Bai come to personal to from kidney and bladder diseases no matter How Long Yon have kidney cure will help this we will it has cured Many cases of blights disease and diabetes that had been thought however we do not claim that it will care these diseases in advanced stages As no Medicine can make kidneys for but fouls kidney cure will positively cure every Case of kidney arid bladder trouble if taken in and even in the worst cases of Brights disease and diabetes it always gives com fort and i could lot Start Lymm of Thomas i had very bid Case of kidney trouble and my Back pained a so i could not straighten the doctors treatment did me no saw Foley kidney cure advert Imd and took remember when the kid Neys Are affected the work of destruction never so commence taking Foley kidney cure at once and avoid a fatal Foley kidney cure is made from a prescription of a specialist in kidney diseases and was used for years in Pri vate practice before it was put on the which me and i have not been i gladly recommend this Phy Lolini Tram Din wet Lwort Simms of writes i had a Terera Case of kidney disease and three of the bust physicians in Southern Kentucky treated me without i then took Foley kidney the first bottle gave imme Diate Relief and three bottles cured me i gladly recommend this wonderful stiff Rod Yonari Seymour of writes i had troubled with my kidneys for Twentyfive Yean and bad tried several physicians but received no Relief until i bought a bottle of Foley kidney after using two bottles i was absolutely i earnestly recommend Foley kidney two sizes 50o and f sold and recommended by new Pennsylvania i to Cufalo a a 1 pm v in effect May list can 1 i 5 x r or m 3 2iu i 5 3 to o mfr trains marked run Dally t daily a accept Sun sunday f Flajs train on will make All Tropf Between red and for time tables and additional information consult ticket goal to Addison an the Pittsburg visible the Only perfect writing machine the writing is Plain View of the operator All the simplest and strongest construct rapid de to All kinds of for plating and invoice w o r Al removable stantly treble the life of any other machine for clean Send for the Pittsburg writing machine 208 Wood Adam 80s Broad new d1 i u Umatt Anderson for Conklin Wagon Ligonier Light Aud heavy Bartlett stoves and Harrisons town country paints farm armours new Home sewing tin slate roofing and j Iron and Wood Anderson hardware j new

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