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Read an issue on 31 Jul 1903 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - July 31, 1903, New Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaWhere minutes by Franklin Telephone Bell rang in he called it a spoil Ami it one of the of the j one to lie Nover could have greatest business buildups she breathing time he Touk in the so far As out the modern Kelps that into Tho cd tryday lift of a one Day last la the old Atsion a clerk answered the the head Sibi Viies sigh As he carried would the office info cd a Fol a Aulow director in a kit him a or wished to speak with the j the part the Tel Pigom plays in rho called was in an1 business world is Little other director was in the same new work building three floors two were different build Ings in it was accessory to hold a committee meeting and none of the directors could leave his a leased Telephone wire Between new sort and Philadelphia was put in ser quickly three men in Philadel phia and two in be by the Avo age he regals the inv Tuii As wonderful i its develop More or less of a he must answer a Doriu times a it is when the Nia Uags of the Telephone is systematized that its value out As an help to modern go listens to it Clear notes change and and then writes it out on the As if the employer were dictating slowly and Aii Ordinary typewriting Abd in addition to Al these things comes the wireless Chicago business firmware put tons it in use Between Stock Yards and Down town when it Echos a full Skive name use will be employed for the business is to yet hold of every de vice t save time already he him s the wireless system on his by Prea Raug it All he need not be Cut off from the world More than a few hours at most As he crosses the he can Irive his business directions from mid w the Stock Exchange n each sitting new York and watch its in his own office and each with a telex Oral Hundred jiul i phone receiver to his held ing a stand Veim me Wem Cortani meeting motions were made Era end of the great finn clings and passed and n record kept of have wore than one and it was Over in ten mini again flown one urm uses a and a matter involving the mate disposal of jillions of dollars Tad advanced on a serious in its in the old Way of hold ing such a meeting it would have Rosi the Philadelphia men or the new York men each at least half a Day of a Chicago business who Branch houses his line of Industry in every leading walked fifth Avenue from hotel toward Broadway the other morning with a apparently the Chicago Man had ample and was not both cer Tain these boxes Are always every change the Market is telephoned to brokers in a twinkling every office can reach Man of the Ashen a broker is called from his office to execute some order the Man at the Telephone presses a and of Cadi the two great bulletin in full sight of every one in the the Maua number in Addi a messenger of whom there inc dashes through the crowd to find the it takes Only a few when the Days a great Are probably Post educated men spore them selves in crucial moments by Merle he greatest gift that life offers is and it implies a Cor responding for one who has such an advantage the greatest temptation is cot nor any form of a serialism it is the declining of the question is often asked whether or not a University education in the Ordinary sense of the president Jordan says that it on the other president Wheeler and others say that it is at least More men fail from want of Force than from want of and it would appear that education often tends to reduce rather than to add to a mans the danger is that one has Learned to spare himself when crucial moments it is a fact that some of the characteristics of the Rotten life of decadent Rome Are to be observed among us there is an air of Blase i differ ered in the with business seconds fur him to get in he looked at his the time was Tion with his instructions Are he looked it just in Chi he said to his come in Here until 1 read my mail and dictate the the Chicago Man dropped into one of his Branch culled up his Secretary in Chicago on a leased Telephone had every letter of importance that required his personal attention read to dictated the and in Twenty minutes resumed his walk Down i had to have that attended to be fore change he i feel like Pecan reach Wall Street in halt an hour or what do you the new to Rush on the Way while i hey were dodging an a they were nearly run Ever by a Carriage containing two one of them was Foremost financial i fairs of i retrain was one Olio demur lift not interrupted by business the moment he left his and steamed into ills Carriage his business whirl be tie Oiler Man in the Carriage was n private did you see who that was in that Carriage asked the new yorker on toot said the Chicago he turn w Given so quickly that tie course of the Market is frequently changed entirely in a minute or these numbers that Flash out on the bulletin or calling boards Are manipulated by electrical pneumatic also opines into play broker puts his message into1 one of scores of and seeds it to the Telegraph room or messenger service room it this Stock of mechanical contrivances of a com plex adding the value of the menial alertness of the great Isth contrast to the procedure of thirty years when there was More deliberation on the floor of the Stock there Are Many Mem Bers who can recall when they made the rounds of various offices in Wall Street with a slip of paper Dis and asking Bankers Anil Ives his or speculators to buy or wonderful is the to Stonna Titi to the present and the greatest Purl played in it has been by Ilse is a single or two or three of in every Large business such a place is now i a Central office of its and every i Man of importance in it his own Telephone on his if he wishes is Oak with another Man on the same Stock Market amounting to a panic in can be As soon As a Wall Street Kin is on the Ocean and out of the worlds activities for a the wireless Telephone is being de if it is Ever perfected the modern business world will seize just As it has every other invention for simplifying commercial Neth ods All the copying and duplicating in use in every All the developments in All the improvements in All the hundreds of Little things that add efficiency to a business mans office Are the result of the demand for More time the business Man of today is a vastly More productive machine than he was a score of years he makes j other and he makes machines do As much of his work As he has even less time than sometimes he has to take his stenographers on the train with him As he goes to his country but once there he drops work and goes into the Wall Street Man employs subordinates who take a Large part of his re but the Man who prob ably has As if not euro Pean business than any other in the financial always attends to one detail absolutely himself he writes out every Cable message with his own it not Only ensures Complete but places full responsibility upon for the cry of the business is give us More More labor so that we have More so that we May do More business would be a better Way of harpers ence of knowing it All to be seen la too Many University including some of the younger instructors As Well As there Are some such is tractors who have shown themselves unable to stand the air of a German University men who really do know something Worth great men like Huxley and Are invariably As Isaac Newton g perhaps in the to say nothing of talking Man in another part of the he leans Over to his and the time is saved thai it would take to Send a message in the old Way by an office hanging by thu same mans a Little contrivance with a Lor push when he wishes he lifts the Button Holder one of the and forthwith the is at his soands on his Way Down town to his he was too Busy to notice he had his Secretary with him and he was dictate in important letters and neither the Secretary nor he looked up the Coachman pulled up his soands went right on talk ing and the right on that How i know it was an j important that reminds of busiest physician in Philadelphia when i lived there ten years said the Chicago i tie reporting on the great news Man he had every minute of the papers is done largely by is Day scheduled beforehand for his a Willy in the Rush in other he was especially Strong in Consulta every patient who called to him had the time axed in j office what h Wilth just so Many minutes set apart would thru either come to for looking him the physician calculated to the second How Long it would take to get people into his office and How Long it would take to get them he had his Secretary calculate how1 Long it would Rake his Carriage to reach a How Long lie would stay and the exact Mimi re he would reach the next and so he did his he was Cheeky Stith one Accord the Farmers am of Salem county second the arraignment of the rascally As set Forth in the audacious Ness of these red Bro Astol robbers is almost past belief an of flue Strawberry Pitcl recently noted that a Robin that a Reinin a family in a nearby in Stead of carrying food to the is coiled Bis family direct to the Patch after regaling them with the fines berries in adjourned to the nes for a postprandial another owning several Cherry Trees suspended Bells in the the Rin ins when the branches Are in motion i usually sufficient to keep away the feathered imagine his sur prise and disgust on investigation to find a Robin perched on the handle of one of the leisurely nibbling his dessert of cherries a adding insult to injury by spitting out the seeds on the Farmers phia True value of yacht racing by John a neurally classed in the popular Tiew As sporting events and nothing More the International yacht races for the americas Cut have had from the a serious and important practical end in View for the building of every International work that is carried out with an uns tinted use of time and a search for absolute the work of the smithsonian or that done tinder the Carnegie is not More and certainly it is not done More for while the cup that Cost less than is the held or to View for each series of the real object which the naval architects have in mind when planning the racers is to discover what form of Hull and combination of spars and Canvas can be driven at the greatest Speed pro High and Over the the work done by colonel Mark Beaufoy and our own is continued by the builders of the racers hat meet off Sandy Hook to sail for the americas if we compare the racers built for the present year with those that sailed or the cup fifteen or Twenty years we shall see that while of tarnishing the to Blic the most healthful known to the the men behind the International races have accomplished something Worth while even from the Point of View of the most practical Captain of the fascination of by Ell to know is it that the anglers Art is but a pretest 01 rather the incentive to a ramble and not the object of the unless alas he belongs to that to common variety the Man whose sole object is his such a Man fishes with a hides fingerlings in the depth of his Basket sine photographs his catch As a witness of his he is not a out a a yellow Primrose on the Rivers Bank is to him a Primrose and nothing the True Fisher Man loves to catch to match his wits against the War Trout but As he wanders from Pool to Pool the songs the Birds Greet Hiir res fully every turn in the Stream reveals a Nook in which strange wild Flowers Nestle the gentle excitement of the sport prevents the scene from becoming the element of the uncertainty of the catch add the drop of Tobasco sauce which gives zest to the and the Noontide meal by the Brink of the Stream when did a meal have a More delightful flavor Delmonico never served a Trout like unto those we have eaten by Banks of a Mountain Brook with the Clear Blue sky the waving Forest round about and the murmuring Stream at our the hour of contemplation comes afterwards with the pipe of peace in our hand instead of the relinquished How far off the City seems Are there such things As trusts stocks Bonds electric lights that amaze the harsh warnings of trolley gongs the rumble and grind of the wheels and the brakes on the elevated Road affright the ear the harshest note that Breaks the stillness Here is the of the Bittern in the Distant Home to Camp the Fisherman goes taking a cast in this silent Pool in which the Trout Rose in the Forenoon to Ais cast but missed the or in that dark Hole deep under the Bank in which a vigilant Eye May detect the Brown sides of a Trout with lazily waving fins and Tailan old campaigner not easily paint Protection the practical Painter when your House is Cov ered with patrons Sunroof paint and the paint Cov ered by a 5 year guaranty you have the Best possible Protection to your House and patrons Sunroof paint preserves and made of purest pigments and with just the right proportions of Zinc and Lead i patrons secret it withstands Sun and heat and cold twice As Long As guaranteed to Wear Well for five lasts twice that Send for Book of paint knowledge and advice free to Patton paint Lake for Sale by Fain count new i new Bethlehem Mills i makes a specially of manufacturing flannels and buys country Wool or exchanges goods for j solicits patronage of Public Anil guarantees Satis fac Foj custom carding done in agent for t the Gearhart family knitting machine which can be j seen in operation at the factory any t f James Pontefract f always making addresses and writing being a High official of the i University in his he by stated his papers to his Secretary As he drove from place to and he went so far As to have his meals sometimes in his he died comparatively Young he burned out he want like because he Nerer took any time for never to have any and never Aid have that where he made his he took advantage of every Labo saving device in those hut be did it Only to do All the More such a plan is unit gives you time to to take a walk As if one had no work to just As we Are doing soon Wall Street was in minutes the Chicago Mau was talk lag again with his Secretary Over the in a Jiffy he Learned How the Market had what Quick changes in the business Outlook had and he had sent word How to meet these so far As they affected his half a dozen time that Day he did business in Chi just As if he were there person ally and not in new Nile time to give attention to details his As he dropped into this that Branch and he even to far As to stroll into a picture Callery to see if there was anything that would add to the strength o pc irate i take these hew York be Bald not ten years the reporter use the Telephone to notify his had found he the office to write out his or would Dic Tate it to the Man in the if there was nor sufficient time to write it out after he had the Nowa the routine the Man who has certain rounds to rings up the office an tells a Man lie has the Man in tie office writes it dashes it off on a the reporter is largely a the newspaper re is fast scout in such porting caching a Point where no Man will be mip Loyed As a writer unless he uses he Tye writing it is Neces because every moment of time must be saved in that exacting As to the use of the it May be said that modern business could not be done without it has increased efficiency so that it has made More business imagine one copying letters in a Long hand in these and yet there Are thousands of men in Active business Early in never knew any other Way of preserving records than in that then there Are other contrivances for Speed and adding never lie and never inks a if the proper keys Are in use in thousands upon thousands of the Koinange of k scotch the life of the scotch Donald now Baron Strathcona and would read More like Romance if it were not so studded with Improta people like their romances to be possible it is Only from reality that will be endured the touches of extravagance which turn Standard fiction into fairy says the Young Donald dreaming in his scotch Village of the stirring adventures of a fur trading Uncle in the wilds of North and afterwards becoming fur trader first As a clerk of the Hudson Bay company in the bleakest Corner of its vast then after years of hardship and to be a chief Factor of the company and resident governor in and in his old age governor of the Home company in High com missioner for Canada and a peer of tha j is Dis did the Correct thine any one could Hofve told from tha fearless glint of his Blue eyes and the rakish tilt of his Cap that he was of the class of messenger boys known to their Fellows As he knew a few after he finished his if tee cent meal at the lunch counter he went up to the Sis foot who made him look like a Dwarf by com Gimme my he the waiter meekly scribbled the dealer in All kinds of farm in such As Grain horse Lay Hay Forks and Ropa Spring farm Rob and machine As an improvement on the latest idea is to Combine Fie adding machine with tie so that one can write his a great mass of figures in tabular and know that the additions at the end Are absolutely a vast amount of time and Energy is saved thereby in footing up totals on a Bill or in a and then there is the device to Dic Tate letters when the stenographer i or when there is no stenographer at the phonograph is turned the business Man talks into just m he would to a he makes changes Here and and dont put it that make it thai and to he to Ulk to the the con Rou in the menace of Small families by George t is most deplorable fact that the persons who occupy the important place sin our commercial and political life Are failing even to reproduce their own while it is among the most undesirable element in our population thai we find the greatest this is particularly True in the where the average number of children in the families of the Wel Todo is certainly not greater than while the foreign born Many of whom Are from the lowest classes of Are increasing at a marvellous were it not the fact that in the Rural districts this condition is not so apparent the danger of the country would be much greater than it the country there May act be As Many children on the average among the families of american born parents As but the rate of increase is still much greater than it is in the and merely because the As a will be secure so Long As the Rural districts Are still Able to Send their worthiest sons to the cities there to take the most important is no excuse for the parents now living in the cities for not doing their share to reproduce a race has taken first place in the for the Mother who deliberately sacrifices the Joys of motherhood in order to he Able to devote More of her time to and for the father who pre fers to be Aole to have his automobile and his cribs and his handsome Day and country without being hardened in even the slightest Way by a Large family of there is no there can be and for the fashionable Mother who delivers her child Over to the care of a nurse immediately after its birth there is still less to this fact to the unhappy fact that a Large proportion of City bred children Are brought up on bottles is due the great preponderance of country bred men among those who Are filling the positions of importance in nil our statistics prove that less than fifteen per cent of such men were born in fed when i buy my goods in car Load lots can Gore Yon the very lowest give me a Tours dentist amount on a slip and handed it to the diminutive go buy herself an Automo said his the dropping a Nickel into the big waiters York Curlynn to find their two German explorers Are planning to go to the North pole in submarine they think it will be easier to steam under the ice pack and come out or near the pole than to climb Over the pack with dog they Are not afraid of getting they in tend to use wireless telegraphy to keep in communication with their base of let us Hope that they May be More than who sailed away in a balloon to 0nd tit bed Young on a instead of being nourished As nature they Are unfit to compete with the boys who come from the mountains and who were started and before they entered on their careers gained the strength and nervous Energy necessary in the life we Are leading in the larger to this violation of the Laws of nature is due much of the weakness and tendency to disease which to so strikingly apparent among City children As compared with those bred in the i cannot too strongly express my opinion on this the True racy of this country is an aristocracy of whether it originates in the farm the tenement or the but if we Are to continue to have tills sort of an aristocracy the men and women who now make must not jail in their duties of future the far seeing girl of the future who wishes to solve this problem in her own would much better make Choice of a Young Man of brains than of the Young millionaire without it should note so much a question of Money As of real ambition and Abil it in the future that is the important Point and if this condition 01 affairs is not to be altered for the worse it behoves the educated men and women of the present to think for the and to remember that it is the luxuries and not the necessities of life that make us cowardly about taking upon ourselves increased responsibilities coincident with increased the too Caref Al Man presumes that his children May not be Able to sue need As Well is he has on the other i often wonder what of forefathers who worried Over the prospective poverty of their descendant would say they could see the present palatial mansions of their millionaire in so be respects this flew might be taken by on children As a reflection upon their and might be Atco Magly resented by some telling Teeth wit Trout Gold n 23 years end broke sit tit physician and office in Wood office Bourn Jose Nonoi id Day or surgeon for physician in Craig near the Lluc my the old and reliable jeweler and watchmaker invites your attention to Hii Well Stock of watch jewelry and spec which he u Belling below City Lead Iii a specially at that old Call o Joe in Fetig Corner to Lafayette i Nus ranch Andrei Wood new repro Auto Only firs class companies write or Call my 111 Tilv Blake firs class service new Money to loan by the new Bethlehem Bill lib shakes per month m per month chiche stents census to pennyroyal Pius commercial now

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