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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - February 9, 1900, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania R 3 warning Talent of Cli Ucli of a undeveloped Aud Energy the Kawmy profits by this discourse a image shows How the cause of righteousness has lost Many of its weapons and now they Are to and put into tuve Samuel 1mi Aow there was no Smith found throughout All the land of for the philistines lest the hebrews mate them swords or but All the Israel ites went Down to the to Sharpen every Man his and his Coul and his and his yet they had a file for the and for the Couf and for the and for the and to Sharpen the what a sailing subjugation for the israelite the philistines had carried off All the blacksmiths and torn Down All Blacksmith shops and abolished the Black Smiths Trade in the land of Tho philistines would not even allow these Par ties to work their valuable mines of brass and nor might they make any swords or there were Only two swords left in All the these philistines want on anti they had taken All the grind stones from the Hind of so that if an us Limyr a a his voice troops heard my crying the whole line we want All the tars Are numerically too they do the beat they they Are the most Over worked class on Many of them die of dyspepsia bet mme they cannot get the right kind of food to eat gutting the right Are so worried that they Taku it Down in they die from consumption coming from Early find late if a novel lest or a historian publishes one Book a he is considered Indus but every faithful pastor Nuit originate enough thought for three or four volumes a ministers receive enough Calls in a year from men who have maps and medicines and lightning oils and Pic Tures to sell to exhaust their vitality Ibey Are bored with agents of nil sors Umfort tit f International lesson comments for february subject Jessai and John text John memory on tue Jesus kit Betha Baru journeyed North up the Jor Dan Valley to and Over Tae mountains to near Here he february Coal Deal Swik first the kingdom of Matt Union sleeting with the they Are set in drafts at funerals mud poisoned by the unventilated rooms of in valid and waited upon by committees who want addresses made until life becomes a Burden to it is not hard St adv that makes ministers look it is the in Anity of interruptions and both rations to which they Are numerically too Small in is no More the work of the pulpit to convert and Savo Tho world than it is the work of the 11 men go to Ruia there will be As much blood on Zuur Birta Asoa let us quit this grand Faree of Triu to Savo the world by a few clergymen and let All bunds Lav hold of the world give us in All our churches two or out null Ellree aroused and qualified men Aud Isra Wittish Farmer wanted to Sharpen his to help in most churches to Ploor his axe he had 1o go Over to the or Teu men Ari compelled to do Garrison of the philistines to got it my there was Only one sharpening instrument Law in h a a it i in the and that was a the Farmers and mechanics having nothing to whet up the Coulter and the soap and the pikas save a simple Industry was hindered and work practically disgraced the great idea of these philistines was to keep the israelite they might get Iron out of the Bills to make swords of but they would not have any blacksmiths to Weld this if they Jot the Iron they would have on which to bring Tae instruments of Agri culture or the military weapons up to an you weapon less reduced How i pity you but these were not forever to keep their Heel on Tho neck of gods Jona on his bands and up a great beyond which were the Phil and Nis Armor on Bis hands and climbs up the same and these two with their two swords hew to pieces the the lord throw ing a great upon so it was then so it is no two men of god on their Knees than a Philistine Host on their feet i from this subject that it is dangerous for the Church of god to allow its weapons to stay in the hands of its ene these israelite might again and aftain have obtained a Supply of swords and for when Thev took the spoils of the these israelite seemed Content to have no Iio no no no Active Iron until it was too into for them to make Liiv re i see the Farmers tugging Alon with their pick axes and and i where Are you going with those to bongs they we Are going Over tothe Harrison of the philistines to get these things sharpened i you foolish men Why dont you Sharpen them at Home they the Black Smiths shops Are All torn and to have nothing left us but a file so it is in the Church of Jesus Christ to we Are too willing to give up our weapons to the the world boasts that it has gobbled up the and the and the and the sciences and the and the printing infidelity is making a mighty attempt to get All our weapons in its baud and then to keep you know it is making this boast All the and after when Tho great Battle Between sin and righteous Ness has if we do not look out we will be As badly off As these without any swords to fight with and with out any sharpening i Call upon the superintendents of literary institutions to see to it that the men who go in to the classrooms to stand beside the Ley Den and the electric and the microscopes and be children of not the Tyndall eau thinkers of our times Are trying to get All the intellectual weapons in their own we want scientific christians to capture the science and Scholastic christians to capture the and philosophic christians to capture and lecturing christians to take Back the lecturing platform we want to Send out against Schenkel and Strauss and Eenan n Theodore Christlle of Bonn and against the infidel scientists of the Day a god worshipping Silliman and hit tack and we want to Cap Ture All the philosophical apparatus and swing around the Telescope on the swivel All the a vast majority of churches Are at their wits end How to carry of a prayer meeting if the minister is not there when there ought to a enough a edgy and religious Force to make a meet ing go on with such Power that the minis Ter would never be the Church stands working the pumps a few ministerial cisterns until the buckets urn dry and while there Are thousands of four tails from which inif1 dial spa pressing our a Yolks we will under was Prast fint at a and wrought his urst turning the water into wide thence Frith his Mother and his Brethren he went Down to about v Milus to the Northeast of the sen of Gali where he remained a fms John 2 from Here he Wasut to Jerusalem to attend the no passover of Tia minis John 2 13 at asserted i to his authority by cleansing Temple i from the John 2 j of Tho a very strict and religious sect of they were Ori Thodi and believed in the immortality of the soul and a future they Laid great stress upon their esteem ing them As highly As they did the scrip they expected the Messiah would be a temporal deliverer and and were generally looking for Nico a Rich ruler of the a phar isee and a member of the tha supreme Council of the jewish came to Jesus by the act of cleansing the Temple had brought Christ into the Plain inference thayse had performed miracles that to Man or Givs up finds an exec edit to sell Aii 1 l he came by As an act o prudence and the interest ing Point is not Why he came by but that he came at this was showing great respect to one who had not been educated in the rabbinical a teacher come this was a is scripture Kings 1114 1416 4 o 33 2426 2 i u 2 i he f the gospel be willing that he and make a full ves god for naught ail for the gospels Sake great the kingdom of heaven is not meat and drink Itiat it is not outward forms and the kingdom of heaven is within it is Ness and and Joy in the holy j i s what i god wants you to do and worrying As to How it will turn out j and a Good time while you j Are Doinik god will put up with a great Many things in the human but there is j j one tiling he will not put with in 1 a second he who offers got a 1 will Drill test Wells for forewarned of har compy srm a Large tract of Greene county Coal paid for by Joseph o the Purchase having been made by himself and i he Ted series and lie in Greene Dun Jefff Jap and Cinn Herland town sales aggregated about purchasers have contracted for Otter Coal which will be paid for As As deeds can be pre the proposed Railroad is expected to result in the extensive development of the Moneny in this during the past week the following Lul n Eomme m pent up i not mentioned by the Bible in i 7 i e a meet he by As an act of i him no cd saudi of fountains from which a tt3floaer come from this was a igbo be dipped up the Waters of Eter 2ompet8 endorsement of Jesus and his 1 before you and i have Tho work Antl thus endorsed d a Rossini on Wra he was under err Ratfor Shlit Retinna to he was under greater obligations to accept the truth that 7esus was about to espressos the truth and unchanging Validity of what was about to be this was considered of equal import with the most solemn i say unto Jesus Here entered into the very heart of gospel a did not undertake to preach a pleasing Sermon in order to make a new disciple of this master in but gave a hear searching in Nicodemus was made to understand that he was not in Tho kingdom god simply because to was a pious Jesus meets the except of Nicodemus with Ano bar Nicodemus says do Jesus a must be before we can born from converted to a Gin life a new with a new new new new i1 is the being made a new creature in Christ As the natural birth introduces us into natural opens our natural and prepares us to enjoy natural things so the spiritual birth introduces us into spiritual opens our spiritual and prepares us to enjoy spiritual cannot enjoy share kingdom of the kingdom of Grace Here and of glory 01 water and of tha present three different views As to the meaning of tha term and cleansing Are figurative expressions usen in scripture to denote a spiritual operation on mans it la not necessary that we should understand two different As this is probably Only an elliptical form of speech for the in other words let employ Tho Wor spirit under the similitude of we will i Siewt to ther music k of expositors think tha water and we will watch acumen am we he to Christian the will borrow which their philosophical apparatus to make oui and we will borrow their printing presses to publish our and we will borrow their rail trains to carry uni win under god decide whether our children shall grow up amid the accursed surroundings of vice and shame orc Oaie to an inheritance of bitter will be the curse that scorches our grave if hold ing within the Church today enough men and women to save the we act the Coward or the i wish i could put enough moral explosives under the con be nationalities and Majestic stupidities of the Day to blow them to atoms Aud that with men mud women from All the churches knowing nothing hut Christ and a Demairo to bring All the world to him we might move upon the enemy works for a Little while heaven would not have trumpets enough to celebrate the victories Ileau from this subject that we sometimes do Well to take advantage or the worlds these israelite were reduced to a and so they went Over to the Garrison of the philistines to get their axes and their Ponds and their plows the Bible distinctly states it the text which i read at the begin using of the they had no other instruments now with which to do this work Aud the israelite did right when they went Over to to philistines to use their ily is it not right for us to employ the worlds Grindstone if there be Art if there be if faculty on the other let unto Over and employ it for christs the fact is we Light with too Dull we Hack and we Maul when we ought to make a clean let us go Over among Sharp business Meu Aud among Sharp literary men and find out what their tact is and Transfer it to the cause of if they have science Aud Art it will do us Good to rub against 1 ii Lite of Trust will have its Reward even in the we shall find that j seeking the higher things we obtain the j while striving after the Spiriti uni we receive the there May be exceptions but As a Rule True Eligi Ion leads rather to riches than to Povy to Success and not to failure in earthly gods people Are not i generally despised and choose ing the they receive also that which j is j if you want to know what you value j think what you spend tune and j thought upon to what do i you turn your Leisure moments is it to Christ and his work gospel gospel names were added to the pension Calvin s8 Isaac Hiram Pine James j s3 Lemuel s8 Dame Seal i scenery William Edwards Josiah William Creek Side William North Rome Joseph Sio Samuel William Black lick station Margaret Carrie one of the Small Mississippi tall in Illinois and with great interest in the Chicago while the try would doubt Lew no time to for of the project after pie have spent is also True that rather shrewd game secure proper bion to create this great til the work was so Newi i it was the 21st of the trustees of the Tanii of Chicago secured a rotary Alger to turn in tace is the Missouri plea John mines and was unto and was atone known to the last comment has undoubtedly the Correct Jesus simply said to you must thoroughly repent and be born from of the flesh is Yllka produces that with both flesh and his he not Only got a thet Arnii t Are a clean he could bet of Tang cannot come Froman Marvel do not wonder at our Christian Aud to will borrow ships to transport our via Luc a Livoi until through them we can see the morn ing Star of the and with Miner a logical Hammer discover the Book of and amid the Flora of All realms find the Bose of Sharon and the Lilly of the we want some one Abo to expound of Brug to i snug to Wane no Aux Tuat can it the geology and the astronomy of tha the we want no goad that As Job the stones of the Field shall be in league with the truth and the stars in their course shall ight against Church of go out and recapture these weapons lip men of god go out and take posses of the let any printing presses that have been captured by Tho enemy be recaptured for and the re and the and the de and the publishers swear All allegiance to the lord god of Ray that Day must and if the he could get of but after standing on Mars Hill Aud in crowded quoted their poetry and grasped their and wielded Tumir Elo Aud employed their mythology until the Learned in the schools of Athens and went Down under his tremendous Powers Ftnat was what gave Thomas Chalmers his Power in his he conquered the worlds astronomy and compelled it to ring out the Wisdom and greatness of the lord for the second the morning stars Sang together and All the sons of god shouted for that was what gave to Jonathan Edwards his Inauen Ein his Day he conquered the worlds metaphysics and forced it into the service of god until not Only the old meeting House at North amp but All Christendom Felt thrilled by his Christian now my we All Hava tools of Christian do not let turn lose their to want no Rusty Blades in this we want no Coulter that cannot rip up the we want no Aux that cannot foil cannot Start the Lazy team let Usvat the v t the Flat be Best Grindstone we can to of be be Matt must Ana u the a urus Chen Nev took tie blacksmiths gr6at body of Christina men have not the i Tatien they took Tho Grindstone and Liev Laili to Fin i it u j v Tegl Lujo v cd v Best Grindstone we can though they be a Possession of the compel eng them to turn the Crank while we Bear with All our might on the Swift revolving Alieel until All our energies and a cities shall be brought up to a Bright glittering my subject teaches us on what a Small allowance Philistine iniquity puts a these philistines Ahat up the and then they took the Spears and the swords then they too the blacksmiths there Are Many things you do not under thou canst not even understand the blowing of the so is every As with tha wind the spirits opera tons Are beyond our and known Only by its to wean these things be a could not comprehend spiritual a master of one who had studied the old testament As he and thought so and accepted the Posi of ought to have known these Edersheim thinks that in Alt probability John was present during this entire do bespoke possible not from personal our they re yet refused to accept the spiritual truths he be is always plural and this is spoken with reference to the class to which Nicodemus How shall be if you do not believe the first be j continue the subject farther and Faith or courage or the consecration to do then let some Jonathan on his Busy hands and of his praying Knees climb up on the Rock of hindrance in the name of the lord god of slash to pieces those literary if these men will not be converted to then they oust be i learn from this subject what n merge the Church resources is actually hidden and buried Aud Indevel the Bible intimates that that was a very Rich this land of it the stones Are and out of the mils Thon Shalt dig and yet hundreds and thousands of dollars Worth of this Metal was kept under the Well that is the difficulty with the Church of god at this its Talent is not devel if on half of its Energy could he brought Migut take the Public equities of the Day by the Throat and make them bite the if human eloquence were consecrated to the lord Jesus it would in a few years persuade the whole Earth to surrender to there is enough undeveloped Energy in this City to bring All the staes to enough of undeveloped Energy la the United states to the whole world to but it is buried under strata of indifference and under whole mountains of is it not time for the mining to begin and the Pic Kazes to plunge and for this buried Metal to be brought ont and put into the furnaces and turned into howitzers and carbines for the lords Host the vast majority of christians in this Day Are the Sost of the lords battalion belong to the Reserve the Taos Rof Tho Crew Are a Alae in the Hara the most of the Metal is under the is it not time for the Church of and undo stand that we Aii the Talent and All we i everything but a that is the sin works it grabs it begins Frith robbery and ends with Rob it despoil this faculty and that faculty and keeps on until the whole nature was the Man eloquent before it generally thickens his was he Fine in personal it Nurs his was to it sends the sheriff to sell him was he it destroys his was to Placid and genial Aud it makes him up genetic and Aud so utterly is he changed that you can he is sarcastic and rasping and that the philistines Hava left him nothing but a a i learn from this subject what a sad think it is when the Church of god loses its Metal these philistines saw that if they could Only got ail the metallic weapons out of the hands of the israelite All would to and they tooth swords did not want them and Tho to have a single when the Metal of the was gone their strength was a the trouble with the Church of god t it is sur rendering its it not enough is it not High time that we awake out of sleep Church of lift up your head at the coming Victory the philistines will go and Tho israelite will go up we Are on the winning i think just now the Kings horses Are being hooked up to the and when he does ride Down the sky there will be such a Hosanna among his friends and such a wailing among his enemies As will make the Earth tremble and the heaven i Seo now the plumes of the lords cavalrymen tossing in the the archangel be fore the throne has already burnished and then he wll Liput its Gold Ina Liln j i a in lips to his and he loud Blaar blow the Hll the sea and potent not i of on lti9ti atonement salvation by Faith 15v the great love of god and no there was a false notion Amoas the jews that Moses had ascended up to heaven to get the Jesus la effect no not even hath ascended up to heaven to search out heavenly things but the son of maa has dwelt from All eternity in the bosom of the no has come direct in he is Omni full Lnor heaven and Earth with Hia and even now is in tie 21 to Jug history of the Brazen Serpent a a parable of the son of Man be lifted in his in his Shalta in the publishing and preaching of his everlasting gentiles As Well As not not a banished from the presence of have eternal Here is a double Benefit those who believe in Christ Are exempted from eternal they Ara brought to eternal so such a love could not be Jesus does not attempt there is an eternity of meaning in that Little word to condemn the to de stroy the gentiles which the jews supposed would take place when the Messiah came Beli Eveth on this implies a separation from the world and a thorough a Well As obedience and Beli Eveth not is the greatest sin we can commit against god is to reject his tha As Well a Tho is condemned already if he Vears Are numbered but the influences possible to our years Are unnumbered and by Thyl n nil the coming year with deeds As to do Tribu l eternal a the eternal life of it to not a Mere memorial it stands not merely pointing Back to the mat a Symbol and a we teas of be the of Carbt vanity certain Flowers mid suit to test the Validity of the new Law on mine suit will be brought in the courts of i Allegheny to test the Law i requiring Itiat gaseous mines be video with 150 cubic feet of pure air per minutes for each person employed or j so much More the inspector May deem the question of the j right of inspectors to require More than 150 cubic feet of air has been raised by an Allegheny county James chief of the Bureau of says the number of mines in each inspection District must be Lim or the number of inspectors in a Bremen dispatch says a representative of the american Coal Trust who has been in Bremen has been Over run with owing to the Scarcity i which the austrian strikes have product the american Are unable to Supply half of the Quan Tity because transportation facilities Are and the american Coal Syndicate declines to furnish such the unprecedented activity in mining the famous Brown Hematite Iron ores of the District continues and Over cars a week Are now being but the demand still far exceeds the Somers Coal at has purchased Union township Block of Coa paying and per tests of the 6 which is four and on half feet increasing As it goes have been an eight foot vein of Coal has struck in Shaft i of the Ellsworth Coal at near j at a depth of 280 Shaft 2 is Down 200 Orrman Williams Are beginning the extensive development of Brown Ore property recently purchased by them at Iron England Coal output last year was the miners at the mines Are on a the operators just introduced electrical machinery and refused to sign the machine scale when j presented by the no scale for the miners in the competitive Field is yet in i this condition is brought about by ability to reach an agreement in the joint scale that body closed its deliberations without an i English Soldier recently returned irom and at a Tern Peranzo meeting attended said that he had Only beep i Home a few hours but was proud to Beai testimony in favor of total a i had been in engagements on tha Frontier marched under tha burning rays of an in Alan camped and lived on the Halmai Layas where the Snow was Ever present represented his country in swimming i Cricket and football and amidst i it All enjoyed Good health and had not tasted a drop of intoxicating drink i was the greatest Euorky a Young Soldier had to contend with in it unfitted i him for rendered him More liable to jail into vicious and was most dangerous to As Secretary of the army i Temperance association in his regiment be had carefully compiled the returns of and but for the drink crime would almost to unknown and the Hospital cases reduced More than on half the tee total Soldier was More to be Pended upon when dangerous work had to be and his Superior officers used to select men from the members of Tho a t on such and thasom men were not ashamed to to known 03 havolock1 the Kurt of Bibie a vast amount of Bible study fails of Ita full value simply because it stops Short of realizing its final the purpose of All study is that we May Mere knowl Edge not an end in we know in order that to May use the products of our Bible study As a com Pul Flory or even pleasant religions exer Cise la not True but when we seek to know the Bible in order that to use our knowledge non the problems of our own Soula and for the Good of indeed genuine students tha a West who am and All recent Critt Tahu study of the said antl1 in their Thomas heat in George Samuel Alle James cur James William Youngs George Tor re Punk William Martin d Val d West s8 minor of Samuel Sio Nancy Coal us John Romanus Wood Ferdinand David g Kerr s6 Coryell to James Utah is Charles lip Henry Charlotte Hills Vilie Mary Mary Anna Effie Catharine Aid Christian Riemesch s8 James s Hay s8 William s Rob Amasa Saxton John James Pittsburg 8 Andrew Aaron Alexander t si2 Samuel to Snyder William Mcdonald Lyman Householder Benjamin Taylor Wil Josiah Altoona William Mont Alto s6 to Wil Nani to m Benjamin Mccreight Absalom Bearner William Mace to h to John Clough to Daniel j to s8 Julian Mil is Martha Grant j8 Susannah Johns j Tacoma Baran Emile new port Michael s to f Mcguire West to Sigil Liam to to in arcs new s8 to Harriett Bla Ekwe Ellen Lucy Twenty a grits Are at work at the i county Nome Uniontown As a result of the decision of the county commissioners and Board of poor directors to enforce the Law permitting them to employ a 1 tramps found within the coun Coutv commissioners furnish overseers and pay the Board 25 cents a Day Lor boarding the to fur Nish them employment a Large Stone Quarry has been opened on the county property near the count Home and All Stone quarried will be used the roads in the the Small mining town one mile West of has three cases or 1 victims Are Johan a Rochetti and John Geppi the last named Man had the disease for some time but the owner of the House kept the matter a secret from the other with the result that the two he named men became affected a quarantine was As Are Lully a cooperative company has raised to test Oil and gaslight in the heart of Ville and in tile sep Julia of Reading who several years while in perfect predicted that her death would occur in died Friday j alter a few Days aged i she never gave up the idea j in her and frequently during j the past month referred to her preaching judge Miller has a new Rule Lor retail liquor dealers in the court will hereafter require each dealer to maintain on saturday after noon and pay Days a special officer at his place of these of ricers Are to be paid by the proprietors and appointed by the largest on the the largest theatre on the North american continent is located at Gua known As the City of it is of the classic Type of and covers an area of More than Square feet the stage is 155 feet in Width by 55 feet in it has been building for 46 and u not yet entirely though Over has been expended App it the next that sealed Power Over any such effective Tae moment since Congress Eive jurisdiction Over the l and other navigable High or United the the Chicago people ranged to Send canal is in full soundings of All the ii Huron and de if there in any Levels or in the depth of the in these soundings will be Contin intervals for two aah time it appears that injury the shipping by diversion a Steps will be taken to it 3 probable that would then be asked kind of compensating dams in 01 air in this Chicago has been shrew provided for letting out from Lake if comes necessary to Obj ing the water Back at the other the task will fall to the United the important question Lake with which the Engineer department has to sanitary question is at Tho this is the one that interests the singular fact is Louis is 365 Miles away Froit and takes its water f Missouri River and not from it is i Over possibility of while a series of towns in which take their of the very streams throng by this canal pours its current patently become fully Rob the la Pekin and Are mainly dependent Fay Supply upon the Illinois which the Des Plaines one Illinois town which Eoa Tinnie protest is nor Doea Section seem wholly maintains that sufficient pro not been made against the of the Des Plaines Biver at and with the Gre argement of volume causal by the City would be a the drainage people assert that regulating works at lock Poi Miles nearer Chicago than would take care o All from Many Points of View drainage canal is one of the stupendous of human under it is certainly one of the great facial Waterways of the and has been built substantially corporation of a single amet can Oil the sanitary exactly coterminous with it includes about forty Miles of territory outside of and excludes within the City Terri now occupied by that part of the City South of seventh As far As one and Twenty fifth gets its age through the Calumet though it is now preparing to organize a sanitary District of its own Aad construct a Channel from the Kiver to the drainage this artificial waterway a notable also for its Small the Between 1892 and when most the supplies purchased most of Tae work was were years of Low prices for for Iron and for most other the excavating especially designed for the taking has been much Haga v cranes have been with arms feet which would pick up a Box the size of a freight car at the Bottom of the Channel and Deposit its tents High and dry 300 if is thought that these cranes Aad other drainage canal machinery May be carried to the isthmus for tha canal work por fifteen Adlee the cuttings were made through wild and for Only thirteen did the builders have the advantage of soft three Hundred Trio Wund cubic feet of water Par minute Quantity it has been aim we to Harry aside from Rock anticipation of the found that the present will carry 860fooo

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