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Read an issue on 22 Dec 1899 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - December 22, 1899, New Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaOf Tarn not telling a detective 11 going to relate a great to it is not my purpose to length upon the efforts put Forth i Tho police of san in the search for Annie ail the Innery of Law and Force that wealth and influence could control was brought into but it was of no the wily chinaman and the Man with the shred face had dose their work without an they had left be sign to the police were t met the Uher of the missing girl he was a splekdi3 specimen Ameri can i budget that when not suffer ing w a affliction the Essen Ator was a Man Rhose talents and Bear ing would make a marked Man in any sphere or Aly my heart went out to him id his great grief Aud the More i saw it him and realized the awful Burden under which he was staggering the i cursed myself Foa brainless fool for not dangling the chinaman the nigh i saw him and had a Chance Todo i annies Ward Ealston was a Nan of Man Noble he wis he was Noble minded Tut his time was spent in his Library with his when called to meet the world and grapple one of its tragedies he floundered utterly lost inthe whirlwind of crime that he saw whirling he resembled somewhat the girl i had and whose picture the obtain of police had shown a few Days acquaintance with Edwald bal i declared him to be Royal Good in this i was a Tetany seconded by my Legal i had even dragged Langston Tow the his experience in complicated criminal in a professional capacity Asb Istad me Nota Little in solving some of the riddles of this Peculiar Kidnap ing or abducting or whatever else Legal lore might name As for the More i thought Over it the More morbid i had come to believe that upon me Lay the responsibility for the second disappearance and this thought being burned into my it was but another step to decide that it was my duty to search until Annie Ealston was no matter what the i was haunted Day and night by visions of that Beautiful face lying so helplessly on the often i would grow almost sick Aud dizzy when i thought of her and her probable much to my plunged heartily into the he was better posted on police ways than i was and often when i a seeming Lack of he would assure me that it was All right and then Tell me of some secret Lins of action that was being but it was All of no in the language of the people who choose their phrases for Thair expressiveness and not for had been put to we began to get in that became my chronic Condi i neglected my meals i neglected my my entire being was absorbed by the thought that i mus find Annie one when the police had about exhausted their efforts and were going to declare the game and the poor fathers heart was full of the superintendent received s Telegram from that again plunged us All into at the same time it lifted our Hopes overwhelmed us with Thia Telegram was Short it might mean it might mean every All i said was Young woman answering description Innie Bat Stan sailed in steamship Letoto 2 with two chinese of Teresa anything of standing in the Letoto sails for Shan Haju it is now a matter for National in that Balaton is better posted than i grew hoi and the loss of the promised Reward being Proba ble the to Beer Gatlin 1 was very indignant but poor Ealston sat with bowed now and then an uncontrollable sob shaking his Stalwart How my heart acne for him his White hair seemed almost holy As i pictured the awful grief that had come upon him in his Agel i could not give up the fight i with ugly de termination surging All through this is a shame this Hunt must go on i am As certain that Annie bal Ston is on the Letoto As i am that we Are get out Ouchis City and the police not know it nonsense they told us that no person could have left that House without Sykes seeing what then to e know the left the must be our conclusion in regard to the honesty of Sykes and now Sykes a a synonym for the entire do not include in this the superintendent or his officers of rank but this i say that Annie Ealston Lias been taken out of san and there is an other Sykes in the Case Langston stood pensively studying the his hands were thrust deep in his i had seen him Way when studying out a Case for re sensation before a when i Haa he slowly raised his he did not reply to he looked calmly and steadily at the superin he is tie h fat is said the superin i will find the if it takes Iny entire i regret that i a placed in this be Emma by indifferent in the i know How you feel about ii Sand do not blame but Iam not i have done All that one Man in my position could and i have Ealston jumped up from his chair and grasped the hand of the you have done i Honor Yon and thank that you have i am not your but i am almost crazy what shall we do he Sank into his chair and gazed helplessly at Langston and Edward Briston stood As helpless a his his hungry news of his Beautiful Gry for to Burn their Way into my i Felt rebuked by the speech of advanced and took hand of the Pardon my Hasty i i am a Little i meant Moon wringing May god bless Botti of Jon am ready to go with you and draw on me for All the Money you i will go with Yon i Hunt Down the tile dese creator of my Homeland Alai in my poor girl bring her Back to me she is my bring har Back bring her Back you Muat not said de laying his hand on this fathers ton must co Back Sou know How she be needs we will go to we will find but you must stay with dont Yon know it is so but my heart will go with you my heart will go with you in its sorrow now lets see whats Saia if to accomplish anything when we get to it is time we were getting let s see Ive got a travellers guide Here i had it the Olfier Day when i went to los did i do with it Here it is now lets what time will the Letoto arrive at Shanghai i standing so i could look Over his that is the Letoto be Longs to the British America and China and might not be in this guide which is Only Here what is this the Pacific coastline of steamers connects with the and 0 at Here it is the and from Vancouver to Shanghai Pas Twenty two this is the 1st of the would be due in Shanghai on the 2th of that is All Emht so isow me fastest line Between Here and China is the Occidental and Oriental stopping at Hong Kong and we dont car about the Bangkok part of when list and Page Inow Occidental and Oriental o san Francisco to Hong Ron Twenty Days Twenty three Bangkok is a Good you that lands in Hong Kong sailing Empress of december City of Eio de december Good that will bring Ber into Hong Kong on january just one Day be fore the Letoto arrives at i believe the distance by rail from eve 5i 1 upon receiving this Telegram the superintendent called us together for immediate no details of identification were the news was very of one thing we were certain Annie Balston did not sail of the Letoto of her own a telegraphic correspondence Between fee superintendent and chief Baylia but Little More could be Learned save the important fact that the Young woman had not engaged passage in and her name did not appear on the books of the com two staterooms had been engaged one for Chang lung and the other for Sid see and it was further stated when the Pas sengers Sid Kees a Beautiful was very ill and apparently it was be lie Rad by the agent of the company at Vancouver that the two chinamen Roee pied one stateroom and Sid f the As May Well be simply whetted my appetite bub the police seemed at any the prof eased to doubt the woman on the Letoto the superintendent smiled b Iafrat Bingo he i get that every have you anything in the Way of advice to offer not give me time to come Here Aud i will try to plan very in a tone of then turn ing to he said let us go to my where we can talk this Over calmly and better i will you go us Laugston led the talking with i followed wit a eals we said Little of each one of us was deep beaching the opened the Are at least comfortable and can study this thing sit take easy it will rest the old Man dropped into to big armchair and sat Wiki bowed hurry i lets what youve got to say in the first the getting himself in attitude and speaking you Are thoroughly convinced from the a Hong Kong to Shanghai is about eight Hundred to a thousand by making connections we ought if we sailed on the Bio de Jan Eiro to be in Shanghai at least As soon As the Letoto reaches he closed the Book and Lay Back in his waiting for someone to the father and had followed him breathlessly As he had and now whose face showed great said Fate works with but can you go both of you what about your professions let them take care of i for my i am going to China of the Bio de Janeiro if i lose every patient Ive but about the its rather late to obtain said i am Well acquainted with the agent of the Occidental and Ori and i think i can fix but there is a great Deal More to be dons than to begin we have no that must be arranged Between the state department and the Consul at Hong Jiong by Cable h Ealston will Telegraph or write immediately to the present senator from who is i believe in new he no have that arranged better than we i will do said senator Balmor is a personal Friend of he will take great pleasure in helping me at this sad you had better see Brown Brown and obtain letters of that will be very said we will probably need plenty of Money to see us we shall certainly want to eat some thine fir idea Rice and that reminds i re would script on that this girl on the is Annie Balston there is no doubt of there is no doubt of not a bit of added his Langton stared at the ceiling in you Are too i said in lawyers Are so method in my we Leara to act go replied there is no use sitting plan Ning and i the girl is the thing is How to get at gentle i am going to Langston nodded the two Balsina looked us As if wait ing for their Powers of Noncen seation were it was Plain to that they depended Ato going to i11 t 11 me that it nearly it is too late for you to see your Bankers Ealston so leave it till morn the ship sails at ten but Rou will have time even at but i must go and see about our Pas of we wont mind a lit Tiev Crow for my said Edward would be willing to travel As freight in the do spare no but do get us Pas Sage an that ship i propose that you and your father remain Here while Crick More and i hurry and perfect our a we will not be gone and then you for replied Edward eals father had better take 63 about in selves comfortable Well do it Range me More the we will to very and the even ii suit Yon make Here till we up tween inflicting i Jorier at brain he diet for is the Folio last week Willis petes jul Mont Fayette Pittsburgh Lone Matthew to to a Woodford George Hamson w Elf id Green George Lopp West to George 6 to John h i 10 58 Campbell Youngstown 14 Daniel Armagh 12 Dai id f Daniel h West to William to to Benjamm f Ano to John who had been and Flor mate of the county almshouse at was found dead in a Pool c n his room a Days came to the institution several weeks ago Iron Pittsburg he was Abou years of age and a discharged ular he was admitted to institution and had his room in to tramp recently he boarding the Steward for we past 10 Days he had been on a spree lie was subject to epileptic fits and twas during a fit that be died it his fall to the floor he bit his Tongue almost in two a murder trial m which three generations of a family were defendants ended at Scranton last with a verdict of manslaughter against Thomas Galla aged 21 the youngest of the four defendants and act Trutal for his brother Joseph his and his Bundee the murder for which they were tried was the killing of James Quinn or at Carbondale August i0th during a quarrel tween the quins and which began in a dispute Between boys the were a1 Positan that the fatal wound was caused by a Stone Thomas Gallagher at Cooney morgue at there Side by two Brothers who met tragic deaths at Points far Thev Are Wassil and Petro aged 25 and 40 years the former met with an Accident in the mme sat Trau i Ger on and died in agony at the Hospital at the latter was on his Way to the bedside of his Orother when he was caught in a Tunnel near Here and almost instantly the Brothers will Likely be inter red in the potters for they in ends in the s country har mounts a Well known work Man m Ashington a in the Oil by two footpads saturday night while returning to his Home m and beaten Ana Rob bed of a package of clothing and about s8 one felled him with a when be attempted to he received a harder blow across the other Side of he head rendering him m in ious he his found his bundle of clothing and his Money after a trial which lasted three Days at new Charles who was charged with defrauding is part out of was Al Lowed to walk free out of the Lawrence county court during the it cropped out that before locating m new Castle Hetzel had been in the Allegheny Penitentiary Lor Hetzel admitted this on the witness the jury imposed the costs of the Case upon handsome Christmas present was received by the Belles Lettres of Oil in the form of a Check for from Andrew club has been petitioning Carnegie for a donation for a new Library building in Oil Cir for some the gift is to be used for the Purchase of new this causes the club to be hopeful that this present gift will be followed by a gift of a Library the jury in the Case of Amos Geist on trial at Lebanon for the Mur Der of his returned a verdict of who is an Iron shot his wife on saturday even August and she died several weeks Geistweit was under the in fluence of liquor at the time of the he was insanely jealous of attention paid his wife by a William aged 72 of my was at work at Monongahela steel works the other when his clothing caught in a Large Belt he was drawn into the machine and received a compost my fracture of both was injured and badly lacerated about the head and he was taken to the Hospital but cannot fire gutted Jareckie Penn at including the new York and Pennsylvania Bell Telephone sex the loss on the building is and the insurance the loss on sties and offices is partly covered by the Harte have just closed a Deal at whereby they become the purchasers of the Joel Bailey of of Timber land in Little sugar Cen Ter for tie of the purchasers will Hoite of tis Joh Els com the in Louit gtodl9 had to spa Obj of of eternal me value and this jut son of was a eth born so Sorof Sod Law a son sign of from Tbs his both human Anu to believe in the Supe Samurl at the How godhood and together in tha per Scoof but things Fui of water to Lor one who has Wisdom and saus was the Wisdom of Jug mighty As he has str Eagle he is most and such is that no less a Power Mochty god could acco control of All forces Tor men he conquer All his kingdom triumphant c can always Sta a Lea Siik them on to Higner Everitt expressing do vote love s for a love that can new it is the of Alldren that Are weak in them Lottes them when they 5lftl in when thay Are and Whei theare and helps Prince of As creates Neace both keep tha hearts of proles in he is the that peace which Isth pro Wiss of his press All the kingdom where to Ward enemies la ddn John of the Road at i

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