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Read an issue on 6 Apr 1900 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - April 6, 1900, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Spring annually says take hoods Sarsaparilla Clae Dali origin of the trouble Between i the Montana eruptions and Geue Rul Bud feelings indicate that there Are cobwebs Hitha it needs a thorough and Tho Best Brush is hoods which sweeps Humours before this great Medicine eradicates Saj dues Salt neutralizes Trio acidity which causes n Purl Les the blood and thoroughly renovates the whole physical i hoods has been taken in our family As a blood Puri Fier and medium a with Satis factory Kichard 135 West William be sure to get once Avero partners to tin ing but now arts j hitter Kucci itis Many stories told i about the cause of to their Twenty years ago Clark and Marcus Daly were partners in the mining business in says a writer in Aias Lees Iii two had made their fortunes in Tho rough conditions of the Early years of that and had been Drain to Gether perhaps by that Peculiar 1 Pathy the world Mea of natural the agent Aud practical Ana operator for the a compose 1 of Tevis Aud Cie Orgo Hearst Clark a Pierc Iii and who had been ii most of Bis who finding of a lost a Hermit acc just in the Feldern authorities at Ottawa have been notified of Tho on a lonely Island in Hudson of a lost tribe of a Community which his been for centuries without Intercourse with Oiler representatives of the human species and whose Mem Bers never saw a White Man until a few Mouths they Are Sigil in ibo Stone knowing no metals they grow no and their houses Are built of the skulls of the Home of this strange Tribo is of Southampton a piece of water Girt Laius nearly As Large As the state of and situated at the North of Hudson apparently the Len pit dwelt there since pre columbian and today Thev sub Sist is same As Thev must have having been isolated for o Long a it s that they should possess of Trio eng Ltd Ianu writing on the decline of thu Jean Finot Points out that at the end of the last Century French was the by greatest o thereas now it Eer is spoken by russian by i German by reach by Trio i mfr i Linos of had Tho it is the greater is the purchasing Power in any Tho i Iii search will in Abl Tonii to with j Large of r Cross of Large package or with tin two Piaro d ii Ulas natural As or one twentieth Century or the finest of its j Ever All your cough 4 is the of my Tor it relieves Cults ill a few Price at Aii the Power of stories illustrating the Power of imagination Are Here is a new it comes from recent number erf the psycho log review which re lates an interesting Experiment made by Sibeson with the View of demonstrating How easily this faculty of imagination May be called into in the course of a popular Blosson presented before his audience it bottle which he uncorked with elaborate and watch in hand asked those present indicate the exact moment at which a Peculiar odor was perceived by within a teen those immediately m front of him held up their and within forty those at the other end of the room declared that they distinctly perceived the there was an obstinate largely composed of who stoutly declared their inability to detect any but Slosson believes that Many More would have Given Harl be not been compelled to bring the Experiment to a close within minute of opening the several persons n the front rank finding the odor so powerful that they hastily quilted the the Tottle contained nothing but distilled it would be inter Esting to know the effect of the explanation on the but this part of the Story is left to the imagination of the a contrary you Call Dickson a contrary Man Isary that Man would try to Toboggan up titration of tiie part interests of the two a participate a irs Story tells about her daughters illness and hew she was setters to write to Teli you about my she is Nineteen years old and is flow Ingall the and has been for about throw Rupa t the e d of Tor does Lier Veyo lit tie if i thought i Ifould try Pink lain so vegetable but i Vram your advice before begin Nimr i Hare become very much alarmed about is getting Manchester affords me you of the Benefit inv daughter has received from he use of Lydia in khans Coin after of your Medicine she mend rapidly and is flow Able to be at her her menses Are in Nilar and almost thankful to you and expect to adv tvs Muiir vegetable compound in my it is the Best i Ever you Piave Ira pc Mission to this letter if you it May be the Means of doing others Matilda Manchester september try Craigo try Craigo ask your grocer today to show Yon a package of the new food drink that takes Tho Placo of the children May drink it without injury As Well As the All who try like Graino has that Rich Seal Brown of mocha or Tont it is Mode from pure and the most delicate stomach receives it without j the Price of 15 cents and 25 cents per All Ike Coffee Coffee u claik3 Caj Utai a Nikii of unusual Imit Early Laining i tiie Clar paly every important Jiu Viup the the men aug in Ery aspect of tic Progress of tin their Cupi Iii aided in the location and improvement of new mine and hence of Civ Thev had to Ilo with the construction of the they built smelters and employed hundreds of they loaned Money to they acquired landed As we As Mineral prop they established Aud con ducted built office operate Street be into by the time the quarrel arose Between them there was scarcely a phase of the states activities in which they were either jointly or no one except Clark and Daly when this close association began to and no one clearly knows the friends of Clark do not acknowledge that there was any outward evidence of rupture until As late As the friends of Daly Date it Back to the latter part of the Daly is an fond of Power fretful when Clark is a not accustomed to chances or to be he had entered Montana with a of team and no Aud everything he had earned had come by hard knocks and Superior on the other was equally had made his Way by acting for originally n mining lie had become a locator for Aud through a remarkable acuteness of judgment had been Able to command an interest in the valuable properties which he through the bartering or these interests he had Laid the foundations of a Fortune by Choice As Well As by he bad remained with the syndicates and ultimately had become their manager and he acted in this capacity All during the private partnership with and in whatever he did with Clark the syndicates interests appear to have where there were town improvements to be made Daly rendered assistance on behalf of the where there were politics to be Niu he dictated the votes of the employees of the in the narrative told of the genesis of the there is Little separation of Dalvas five of tiie Syndicate from Daly As in according to on behalf of the was seeking p acquire an important c ppr when proceeding upon inside knowledge derived from close Frie Iid ship with Lou lit the j before Daly could i another Story is that Sud i acting representative of times Viii entered upon a extended of improvements in the sown of and was engaged in Acon Rinir certain water rights when Clark saw i a and held the Syndicate up j big had wittred about seven eighths of the necessary Ngi its for some to when Clark slipped in a and Bough remaining eighth and thei Aske 1 ally for 3 Price Dalys hesitate f o 1i they returned with Cark a cd when they hesitated another i and then returned with the so Clark Psi Una continuing to and Vance the Price with each hesitation of tiie purchasers until uni mately he received still another narrative is that Lark and Daly were Tasso elated in the ownership of a Large tract of Laud Daly ordered some improvements i upon disapproved of the improve refused to Bear expense and compelled Daly to buy him the Price be fixed was regarded by Daly As a deliberate in the absence of authoritative exit is necessary to Taka Tho for As the people of Montana have their has of Ifni Thi great of and tue hem Over in the Middle of the e ing is an Ieva Ted Pic of which stands Thi inevitable played for Coo ii melting drying clothes and in certain the Yaniris not Hiing ii re Triau an open of whale or Oil with a Wink of dry Moss soaked in the whale is the chief Means of subsistence of these strange they use the whalebone in a variety of surprising ways Makisi Ere their clips and buckets of by bending it into round shapes and sewing of the Many of their implements Are of Aud from the same article they make to Bogg Anlike they also Manu facture sedges with Walrus tusks for runners and Deer Antlers for Cross it would be Bard to find More daring Hunters than they Are the the Walrus Aud the wary Cari Bottson Tributino to the game the tribe comprises Only f8 about equally divided Between the its members speak a dialect Peculiar to and quite unlike that employed by any other Straits 3u Miles Broad separate Southampton Island from the Western Shore of Hudson whore there is a Colony of Aud once in a very Long while the Straits freeze it is said that this happened 73 years and then a few Hunters came Over from the Island to the where they were much surprised to encounter other human beings like having doubt less imagined that they were the Only e la Southampton Island there is to which among the Esqui Maux elsewhere is the favourable material for pots and hence the people of the lost tribe Are obliged to make such receptacles out of slabs of Limestone glued together in Recta Usu bar shapes with a mixture of grease and Deer la the same Way they manufacture their and this fact is another evidence of Tho prolonged isolation o the Community inasmuch As other whet they can obtain no soapstone in their will make trips lasting several years in quest of this rare Amend i he Coal for Pru urn who cum Aad or Seal iwo Catarrh c Nedir Frt v Irith of the Pombo Halls family p and surface i if lost 4 11r9 enough tear on the Soldier without discomforts come from having to use 1n common Brown soaps when the a Xiii Union 01 London a capable o seating what Xiv e have for this question arises in the family daily let is answer it try delicious i and healthful la 2 min no i Bol Hapl noun Klimik simply add n Little hot i water a set to flavors i Raspberry Aud at Loe i publishes a dry i and All prongs Are spent pub be i us i a Man Claland Niht with out take 48 Davs to or Ney the to a cola in one Jake laxative Homo Sci nine tablets i c n if it Falls to Groves Aitu Aturo is i each Aiava i the it crr j of will receive 4s Caius an j tue j pleases All four i and Strawberry at your 10 used Tor washing the Are extremely Ivory soap is the Iceni Soan for the suitable Tor All for the Kitchen for washing and for the Ivory soap is not easily mss of the household Only 25 a 200page illustrated Book of inform atom Aud recipes for the Farmer and the Farmers wife and other Man and Nornon who is Ashen finn from the penance of those Brainy and Patent in i i l c0t rpt to numerous to mfr hair j r sch As Conns to m j sent postpaid for 25 cents in Stamps i it Rice Chin san to Niani Mars in in order that civic n it and i mix Ioni for Chilla widow was devoured Kara of Corn Foi dinner every k a f All men and it Thor quinine in Cureno Don l hey wont but and no 1 need worry As to Ibex for much or by easier ski a finally very i Patera i do nor lure caters o i trip original film All Kal for la an Init Rimu Duel Der sumy in a Terribile Aluir took that throw a Outing Uver Tini Misity and the in ire two Stria Clits Iuar Clcil Dii Cicich tie Earth was not Large fur Buth of them to Livo Nihil Isu Ircul to the diabolical tit Cleil tie Ain Enciu in a Rikimu tiie men having Swonie that Iio Ilion the blackball co Init Iii the to nine a Ballet into his Art Aud ror Evora Days his death lied Bis were sri Nimrod by and him on Timeir the name of Iii Auta but he and die with tiie be Cit in his re tiie students uni filly Nso Iii but his and Wuhu his to Uia ius Iascu to the railway Sta Tum to be to a Distant i ciry accompanied tic ii feral j tee with and the Trienis he u not a Sirij for hews Kidd ill a Honora be tiie that his accessory to Bis Ile Atli Pitisi he shot himself i lui1 Airgun units them and Neer could convince the of then extraordinary Cir Iii Vii Iii the Foy for my family Irani or Osiier j Nih h incr very i a u t i Corn r j the Nenrod horse n by Kjier 81 trial fur i Arch Iii led 187l cd cry is Iuit Rcd by something bullfight some of the spectators Lojo Thelt a disgrace Iii scene was witnessed in a Bull when there was a a Maii an Oai a Large am a powerful says a Madrid correspondent o the London in a Short time Tho Hull terribly the Panther Anc Tae but he had More trouble with the which required several terrific toss legs Anil Iron which blood flowed before the wretched animal gave the proceed Ings a Vars witnessed spectators of ail who were were Trio in i Oij culy their conic dict All Coli air with j electrocution in i the French government May Dis continue the use of the Guillotine and adopt electrical the head of the criminal a enclosed in a helmet somewhat similar to that need by a i when the executioner turns on the current two Needles penetrate tha temples and enter the a powerful alternating a ii Nuiji irm the Otisi and brusque in Pathy for Spain a and plainly through in the Cordia Iliev of a tired of the he studied Aid formal ii irtely of the our first expeditionary land Force entered the Hay of Manila on tin 3iiih of under Convoy of the Baltimore and the As we passed the quarantine station at protected Cruiser Kii Serin the most Formida ble warship in the steamed running close to the on which the writer had his head followed us up to i did not suspect at the time that any discourtesy was but i found afterwards that our naval officers thought it was a discourteous bit of Many of them expressed the opinion that the germans intended to interfere to prevent the bombard ment of Thomas Angenonia the North american Engro Secl in the Focht and so enthusiastic Over the Victory of the thai they hardly the report of gun fired by the keeper to goad on the beasts when at first they did not show about Twenty however hurriedly one of the Stone Galler and when performance was nearly Over it was found that these Twenty spectators had wounded several in the eyes and face by the slugs fired at the the injured were instantly attended u by the elector of the infirmary at the who stated that one austrian lose the sight of both while another would not be Able to Soe again with his of on hearing this Tho crowd be came very demonstrative toward the who was at once arrested Anc Uken to Tho office of the civil govern or by the he la to be prosecuted for having caused the in juries to the occupants of the j the Madrid papers denounce the aug Thorlies for allowing the use of in a crowded but Oil i Correo and Al courage to lament fact that neb a Eum Powl ble in capita by coir prefer ice Ceil it is in in dry pow in no Capoand Packi Fuli tem from k Walls Wlch de a Ilo who f you same a Labastie or Jucs Herried or is try is o l of Fering Sorn Ethine realize wiil suffer by n your will not buy a risk one by by using Alabas Lino own Rurik Wall coat o Riih cold r Walls of i should pure Dur it Safe hundreds of tons for Unis Vohy so much when he can pick avoid get under insist of inns in pts Yit of a Oln it c or a in Brush it Oit s jul or scale in Shui a Saint r Tor Book As me Are thu of s i j tos6 other to x or at Jar a said kind or Ica Thoi Csc quilts it l Duuglas slide a sure a Stiles is the cure of is Jacobs 01 Cli Yon Navy w l be Only Guan Awod no from 0 sure pile cure 391 a Yium

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