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New Bern Sun Journal Newspaper Archives May 2 2015, Page 4

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New Bern Sun Journal (Newspaper) - May 2, 2015, New Bern, North Carolina Sath Row May 2 201 for local weather info when you need it go to. today pleasant <ux1 \ warmer cled it to partly coh nov tonight 72/51 sunday mostly sunny and Nice 78/55 monday v comfortable with Sunshine 80/57 tuesday Sunshine and Nice 81/57 the Sun i0urnai wednesday thursday v a j Friday it partly sunny ail pleasant Beautiful with some Sun almanac j a a Bernth in 3 p pm i temperature h go to. 66 52 v it turf ttys it 77 54 a year ago 82 i record High 94 119661 record to 3511963 precipitation. 4 Sou 5 through 3 0 0 28 month to Date 0-0 Hermit tooth to Date 0.11 year to Date 14 27 Hor in year to Date 15 35 a Hurtad to 9.0 it it at 8 a in. Hum do a 6> at 2 0 in mks _ Sci Nese today 6 17 Sunset tonight 7 54 Sunrise stir 6 16 a in. Sunset Sun v Vrr be . 6 42 p Moonlit Tesla 5 29 . It sew font North Carolina forecast ban Ion Al forecast in it we i y too s a or a a a Type atut a a be a s r it Gfa a Joni us to his. A through a inns Tun no Row j 5553 Urbom 69/48 72/49 Winston Solem 73/50 Greensboro 73/51 81/60 82/63 is Sot enjoy May 2, 2015 mostly Cloudy Shower n around 82/68 @ maj. A we rot Moh 72/49 Chorion 7/i a in a Monroe Rockingham few revile Kinston Psi 50 7252 49 a we i us i Wann it.69/49 h r or Ovilus a Quot Sor. A i. A is a ,., a it pop Asani in 5 a 74/11 Chot of we emf. To i fat i zoning Ion 78 53 a Lamberton 76/51 wftlevi�e73/ 74/52 k,n9s Myrtle Beach a 76/55_ 75/57 mountains mostly sunny today warmer in the Northern mountains near and Moonlit tonight Piedmont Wanner today a show Errn spots in the Northern Piedmont coast Sun Inget t r o ,.ts today Vav >0 turn the North at 12 25 knots seas 6 to feet vis Batty Clea a Ltd Seik ez3 a. V i. Us. A to. A. J Snow t to onto we in Snow flu no in cot warm stationary Ich of of Ich 20 so 40 so 60 70s 80s 90 too to shown Are noon posh Tom of weather systems com bands show High temperatures for Tow Day forecast half so Are even tor selected cd is. Be forecast tides i regional cities i National cities it i m.,y la it by i 25 too at total Daylight 13 hours 37 mans Mil ital oui 20 nautical Mil be outs is act i lie i09p is today Sun. Today Sun today Sun trom Ocracoke to surf City City Hilo w Hilo w City Ito w Hilo Vav City Hilo w Hilo w t c>0 at is so 103a com 12 5?s l3o ashes tie 72/46/s 74 51 s Albuquerque 77/53 s 77/53/pc Miami 81/71/s 82/ 73/s Snow Sara Sio it. Soona 66/38. S 69 45/s Atlanta 77/55/s 81/58/s Man a Polis 80/61/pc 77/51/1 to Hughy can a 6 36# a a c of Cape Hatteras 62/53/s 70 58/s Atlantic City 64 4 5 pc 76/51/s has v it in 77/50/s 80/53/s 46 feet Cee and Moonet Samon lie i App Charlotte 76/51 s 78 54/s Baltimore 72/50 s 78/53/s be Orleans 80/60/5 80/63/s tomorrow Cher Pont 72/52/s 77/55/s in Ogham 78/52 s 81 54 s he York 68/52/s 76/58/s 612 knots seas 47 feet Cape fear to Little River Fesse 2 ode 2 i Moti to Uia Beth City Fayetteville 6948/$ 76/52/s 75/54/s 80/55/s Boree Boston 78 48 s 61 4�?T s 78 48 s 70/52 s okla. City 66/51/s 79/58/s 76/57/s 79/60/pc Goldsboro 73/51 s 79 56/s Buffalo 66/47/ 68 53 s 78/59 so 84.-57 pc today Greensboro 73/51/s 77/54/s Charleston. In 74 4n s 78 48 s Orlando 82/62/s 84 64/s knots. Seas i 3 met 71/50/s 77/54/s 70/46 s Philadelphia 72/53/s emf Wenj c ton get 75. 49 s 77/53/s Chicago 76/53-pc 80/56 pc Phent 97/73/s 94/72/s seas 24 feet Clear Are Moor a ute., 6 12so c it 12 54� 7 Ioc s 77/55/s Cincinnati 72/49 s 76/53 s pit Scurf 72/48/s 74 52s tomorrow 76/5 be 80 54/s Cleveland 69/50/pc 75/57/s a Yod. Me 62/41/pc 69 43 pc seas 1-3 feet v Story Clear Hedd 62/51/1 72 57 s Dallas 10/si t kv59/s Portland. Or 69 44/ s 73/47/s Ocean temp for today 66 surf forecast he Bern 72/5v$ 78/55/s Denver Des Homes Detroit 76/50 s 73/44/s Providence 63/43/s 70/49/s r to a _ Raleigh 72/49, 79/54/1 73/52/pc 76 58/s Alffio 80/47, pc 76 48 $ a hot a. Rocky mount 72 48/ pc yen Rob f 33 so 83/49/$ r id to part Swansboro Hartford 71 45 $ 77 a is Louis 78/58/pc 8-j�?T Pip Vanhof r 1/92/s f i i of 9 Low risk Carolina Beach a i Ola wet Notor i 73/50/s 77/53/5 Houston 82/88/11 83.59 83/64/s or a go 73/62/i 69 61 do Wright Beach drum Trout blues sea Mullet. Croakers a so lunar tables i Jackson. Is 78/52/s 81/55 s Seattle 64 45/5 coastal Pinder Low risk not univ v of t def to 484 la la 05� 4 most u ii Iii �?�2 s a 76. 58 pc 81/61/ pc toot 78/60, pc 63/60/pc Oft slow fishing report for Carolina Beach by Bab bait and tackle and Wrightsville Beach by to a tackle Cut a Xiy 1126a514i i monday 12 13p6 Ola i 49c 5 37p in a to nil Little Rock it 77/54/ 82/58 s 74/57/s 81/57/f Low risk wednesday 1 3 i a 7-a to % Lott one 76/53/ 80/57/s it tisk i. Men you Arm at ate anew in a a uni i .9 f j run s 76 54 �?�4, 99 at the Ana a a Var a after cd it >0>� pc no Fonh lists Sitf to Accuu Urtha inc simis is i a tic n Ahi Staats i from the a a sit h i Stan if durum ers who have in Iii t Iona i Sci Ter attending the col Lei Fig from pro Tow time u by various sixth pre rom the Audi since of everything have beet in with Indus the sea Rmer employ to which c in state con employ a1 Crim in. D As president in Chargi for two years conv Al Al received a a no cording t Fie in his Lead i Here ies from pm in Volvie is on ii be state theft co in com named Back Cha ii Envoi Vinci involved hiring at the Candida Len Are sell Lien o resigned from the id did t shy away Issue when it came n three More Ndal stunts referred became Prest Dent the College was spread throughout four counties and facilities had Sico million Worth of deficiencies he said a these were safety concerns a he said a there were Walls separating from floors. Those were issues that must be Staats explained that funding sources that could he used for facilities could not address employee pay which May have been a Point of Contention a looking Back on it. I wish i had done some things differently he said a i w ish i had gone to faculty and staff and talked to them. When i of which arrived student government identical was also limited to Only one Campus. That is one of the things i wish had changed As and kick Staats seemed to have Learned a number of things from his tenure in Alabama and expressed those in his response to questions concerning being involved in student government processes As Well As addressing the needs of employees. A i have a new sensitivity when it conies to changes Quot he said a some changes Are Good some Are absolutely necessary and some can wait. A what i want to do is reassure you that i am up to the task of being your next president and have an inclusive style Staats housed on strategic growth that could he pursued with the military and with partnerships w Ith other Busi Nesses and industries he visions his role As one that is an advocate for both the students and instructors. Quot in a not the face of the col he said. A the maintenance person keeping up the facility the faculty member teaching the students the academic advisor providing guidance those Are the faces of the College Quot Nile is to help the students be successful and that is done by supporting faculty and staff a Staats also said he believes Trust and integrity Are vital components in any leadership role. My leadership style that i plan to implement if chosen is he said Quot i Don t Rush into decisions and i believe in being people con Ai Viii Duvvi Bull us visions come up and you Trust that the person did what was the right thing to do you can live with it Quot though he talked about partnering w Ith the department of defense and utilizing the military Community in past experience he said in these roles he has never traded those partnerships for the colleges Overall role in the Community the anal presidential candidate. John Hauser w ill be available for questions during a Public forum to be held at 9 45 a in monday at the Orringer auditorium on the colleges Campus. The colleges Board of trustees is expected to evaluate and select a candidate for the position on i Mhz. Any i Ede it a Quot to Tai $2 6 million and a a Tate fund a include $100,000 the school system has appropriated is 5 million of fund balance for the next fiscal year As Well the county typically appropriates $�?�00 too for capital costs the amount was agreed upon verbally by the Board of commissioners and the Board of e education in planning for the 2010-11 school year when the $2 million Bond wan issued v Eit said the $�?�00,000 rate was set for the next to years v Ert Saki How Ever nearly five years later an increase has been requested with that being Stal. The schools it Stem has taken hits in funding sources in recent years As Well Low wealth funding which helped pay for teaching and teacher assistant posit urns. Was reduced by i i 11,221 mom year in addition. Federal Impact Aid pay merits Are not being received on a timely basis a we cannot continue to a cover costs out of our local fund balance any longer because we w ill get to the Point of not having enough in Reserve to appropriate the $1.5 million going Forward in the 2016-17 said f finance officer Denise Altman during last weeks budget Woji or. Amp Johl in addition the District May not receive funding from the state for Drivers education courts i no it Wib la Scriney during the school Hoard meeting As an a unfunded mandate a however local boards have the it option to fund the program i he system charges a $45 fee per student but the True co to provide the coursework and do time is $2oo to $220 per student occur a Tinis i 11 Moi i arrest and led to protests that began the night before he died and it Ait limed almost daily after that the protests turned violent for the or St time on saturday april 25, when pockets of protesters smashed out police car w windows and storefronts. But those scattered incidents were nothing like the violence that happened on monday the Day of Gray s funeral at least 20 officers were Hurt tale person was critically injured in a fire More than 200 adults and 44 juveniles were arrested and nearly 150 cars were burned police that led City officials to imposes it i in nearby Rani i Leo i county. school budget did not include Driver s education classes of the capital budget requests Are approved by the Hoard taxes could potentially increase if they ask for around $4 i million More that at least three pennies on the tax rate each year. Veit said commissioners will receive tile Complete budget on monday from both the schools and i Raven immunity College both of which account for 9 percent of county expenditures these Calls and not respond to the demands for payment Quot an unidentified employee at a local grocer y store said at least one person has come in to the store to buy the card when she Learned she was being shimmer Quot the woman a crying and stuff the employee said. Adding that tee seen someone talk about it on a Chook that it almost happened to them Quot Meghan spokeswoman w us Duke Energy in t Barbate said a by scam is an old one that has started cropping up again a City w Ide to p to 5 Arn curfew that began tuesday and will continue at least through the weekend. Before All of Baltimore knew his name friends and relatives knew 25-year old Freddie Gray As warm funny and generous Gray was slight and slender at just 5-feet 8-inches and 145 pounds. He grew up in Baltimore a predominantly poor and african american Sandtown Community and had collected several drug related convictions during his life but the arrest that led to his death was a illegal a Baltimore Stop prosecutor said fonday since he Hadnot done anything wrong. Charging documents from his arrest allege he was carrying an illegal switchblade knife hut Mushy Quot unfortunately this scam is not Only targeting Duke Energy customers but utilities across the country Quot she said a we Are working with Law enforcement tit determine How this scam is continuing Quot she said customers need to be careful regarding callers who claim to represent the company. A Home of the red flags we like to Tell customers of they receive a Call and Are told to get a prepaid debit card and the caller lets them know they ire going to be mum Diatel disconnected if they done to pay Quot Duke Progress Energy accepts pay no lits in a number of Way s. She said and a prepaid debit card is not said it was a Legal folding knife w Ith the Blade folded into the handle after Gray was arrested he was transported in a police Van hut was never belted in As required for at least part of the ride he was placed on his stomach on the floor of the Van in announcing charges Friday Mushy said tray a suffered a severe and critical neck injury As a result of being handcuffed shackled by police and unrestrained inside the vehicle by the time police called for medical help. Gray was not breath Mushy said his death has now been ruled a homicide the Gray family is Law yer Billy Murphy said Quot his spine was Kun per cent severed a among them also a a they would never reef just one notification 30 Nunu or an hour before disconnect i they would get a common that from customer i dually she said the comp will try to work w Ith customer set up a payment system of you should receive a Call handing immediate payment it threatening to immediately off it Erv ice a immediately hang the she said then Call customer service number on y utilities Hill and report the Call you can also report the Cal your local Law enforcement a by and the Craven county in stoppers line at 252 o44 5141

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