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New Bern Sun Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1999, Page 3

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New Bern Sun Journal (Newspaper) - December 5, 1999, New Bern, North Carolina Sun journal new Bern . A sunday december 5,1999 a a3 Sun journal e g i on briefs new Bern from staff and wire reports new Bern Post office accepts donations of food for needy devastation wrought by Hurricane Floyd. A we had a few employees that lost everything in the flood also a he said. A we know How difficult it has been. We re trying to help out. It s something we can give Back to the drop off receptacles will be in the main lobby. Residents can bring the items in during Normal business hours and Post office hours will be extended to 3 . On dec. 11 and dec. 18 to accommodate those unable to drop Oft donations during regular business hours. Also during those extended hours full postal retail services will lie available for customers. The new Bern Post office will begin spreading Holiday cheer and extended office hours next week. The Post office on Glenburnie Road will begin collecting nonperishable food items monday to give to the religious Community services food Bank. The food drive will last until dec. 21. A this is the first year we re doing it a said Mike Polizzi the Post offices supervisor of customer services. A a we re doing it for flood victims because the food pantry is running Polizzi said Post office employees know firsthand the commissioners discuss How to use Grant to help victims a Trenton the Jones county Board of commissioners on monday will discuss the next Steps in the county a plan to relocate displaced residents whose Homes were severely damaged or destroyed As a result of the mid april tornadoes. Last month the state division of Community assistance approved the county a request for a $600,000 Community development Block Grant. The funds will be used to help residents whose damaged Homes were in such poor condition to begin with that insurance companies declined to Issue policies covering the dwellings. David Harris president of Harris and associates a Goldsboro engineering consulting contracted to administer the Grant said the county chose 16 families who were eligible for the funding. Harris is slated to present the Board monday with an update on the projects Progress. In other action the Board will make appointments to the following positions clerk to the Board county manager finance officer county attorney veterans officer health Board commissioner social services commissioner Eastern Carolina Council Board of directors and the Neuse mental health Board. The meeting is scheduled for 9 . At the county administration building in Trenton. Report reveals Bank robber killed by gunfire from police a Raleigh the Bullet that killed the getaway Driver during a shootout Between police and a fleeing Bank robber was fired by a police officer not the dead woman a alleged accomplice police said. Teresa Ann Nance 25, of Fuquay Varina was killed nov. 24 after police foiled a robbery at a Centura Bank Branch. The disclosure that police shot Nance came in a report that police chief Mitch Brown submitted Friday to City manager Dempsey Benton. Nance was shot when Bruce Womack 32, exchanged gunfire with officers outside the Bank police said. Investigators said Womack fired several shots at two officers waiting outside the Bank and ran toward the getaway car. The officers returned fire and the suspects car led them on a Brief Pursuit. The car crashed in a Sharp curve less than a mile from the Bank. Womack ran but police captured him after a scuffle in which police said he grabbed for an officers gun. Two shots were fired during the struggle. After officers captured Womack they discovered that Nance had been shot. The revelation that a police Bullet killed Nance apparently makes it less Likely that Womack will face a felony murder charge in the death of Nance who police have said was his Girlfriend. Still Womack faces 95 felony counts of armed robbery second degree kidnapping and assault in the Centura Holdup and robberies at 16 other businesses dating to july. Nance and her family had connections to another High profile Raleigh shooting. She and her Mother Rosie Williams were key witnesses in the 1998 trial of Kaw ame Mays who was convicted of killing Raleigh police detective Paul Hale. Williams was in a car with Mays when he shot Hale in 1997. In addition to Nance two other daughters of Williams were present one of whom was Mays children lost their Mother by Michelle l. Start Sun journal staff it s been a difficult year for three children in the area. Their Mother died of aids and their grandmother has been struggling with raising another family and its related expenses. She desperately wants to give her grandchildren a Good Christmas filled with Only Happy memories but she can to afford to do so. That a where the empty stocking fund can help. The fund sponsored by the salvation army and the Sun journal helps hundreds of needy families in Craven and Pamlico counties during the Christmas season. Through the fund Money new clothing and new toys Are collected from area residents and businesses. The fund is used to help make Christmas a Little More enjoyable for some needy families. The salvation army distributes the items and the fund Raiser is also used to carry on the work of the Agency throughout the year. The Sun journal will run a daily feature which highlights a family in need of assistance. The stories will run until the project is finished in late december. More than 550 families Are already on the stocking s fund list with the number expected to grow according to salvation army figures. In 1998. The fund generated Over $29,000. The empty stocking fund is one of several Holiday programs organized by the salvation army. Others include the Angel tree a food drive and the traditional Christmas Kettle for donations. The Sun journal circulation department has joined the salvation army in the fund raising Effort. From now until the end of december five percent of new subscriptions will be donated to the fund or to a Charity of the subscriber s Choice. Donations can be made at the salvation army a main office at 1402 Rhem ave. Or at the Sun journal at 3200 Welkins blvd. Checks made out to the empty stocking fund May be mailed to the Sun journal at . Box 1149, new Bern no 28563, or to the salvation army at . Drawer a new Bern. No 28563. Checks and Cash May also be dropped off from 9 . To noon and from i -4 ., monday through Friday at the main building of the salvation army or Between 8 . And 5 . At the Sun journal. Donations saturday were a Charles and Carolee Roming jr., $100 a Marshall and Reuth Falkenberg $50 a Anonymous $500 a Riverdale United methodist women $100 a Dean and Anne Cassidy $100 total monetary donations to Date $3,251. Michelle Start can be reached at 638-8101 ext. 268 or at . Insurance group underwrites defibrillator new equipment will help rescuers save More lives by amneris Solano Sun journal staff the Craven county insurance agents association. Inc. Has helped the new Bern fire department become better equipped in the business of saving lives. Last month the Agency donated $25,000 to help the department Purchase its first automatic external defibrillator. A they be been gracious enough to give us Money to Purchase a much needed and expensive piece of equipment a said new Bern fire chief Bobby Aster. A a it a just a wonderful organization and they be been very helpful to at a Cost of $35,000 per aed. Aster said the a bad would not have been Able to buy the device without the Craven county insurance agents associations financial assistance. The device gives emergency personnel such As fire and police departments the Chance to administer medical attention to a patient having a heart attack at the scene of an Accident or disaster he said. Quot this is new technology that has been out for a few years that gives first responders the Opportunity to Defi Brillati patients that Are in cardiac arrest a Aster said. A this piece of equipment enables firemen to do what used to Only be done in an emergency room aed is basically self operational Aster said. If someone is having a heart attack the firefighter will be Able to put two electrodes on the patients Chest and the machine will determine whether the electrical Shock is needed Aster said. A the machine tells you exactly what to do. The hardest part is putting the electrodes on the Chest a he said. Quot it will Analyse the patient Byron Holland Sun journal it. Anthony Roberg right instructs new Bern fire chief Bobby Aster Middle and Dennis Leoni to stand Back while he demonstrates How the departments new automatic external defibrillator works. The device which will help firefighters save lives was purchased with funds donated by the Craven county insurance agents association inc. And Tell you to Start or Stop car or it will Tell you to initiate the it. Anthony Roberg. A firefighter who has been charged with training members of the fire department on the machines use said Many times a device such As aed could mean the difference Between life and death. A when someone is having a heart attack time is crucial a said Roberg who received his instructor s certification through the american heart association. A Early car and Early defibrillation can bring the heart Back to Roberg said sometimes when a person is under cardiac arrest instead of pumping the heart is vibrating. Defibrillation a unlike car which maintains the hearts rhythm a can return a persons pulse to Normal. The a bad plans to work with the City of new Bern and other local organizations to Purchase one to two ads each year. A your Short term goal is to have at least one machine located at each of the fire stations a Aster said. Quot our Long term goal is to have one on every fire truck and Taff vehicle in the this is not the first time the Craven county insurance agents association a nonprofit conglomeration of six local insurance agencies has Given to the a bad. Aster said the organization has provided funding toward the Purchase of the no Fdl a fire safety House and an equipment truck for firefighting training courses at Craven Community College. Dennis a. Leoni. President of the Craven county insurance agents association said the sole purpose of their organization is to help fund Community related projects. The Agency has started a scholarship fund members have helped area police departments Purchase Rescue equipment and among Many other things it has Given monetary donations to local Hurricane Relief organizations. A philanthropic ally we give Back to the Community a Leoni said. Quot we take some of the commission we earn from the business we get and give it Back to people who ask for funds and we feel they warrant those amneris Solano can be reached at 638-8101 ext. 262 or at of shopping i cleaned watched my cats recalled old times the Day after thanksgiving came and went without my descending on the stores and spending lots of Money. Not that i did t read about mercantile pandemonium at local stores in the newspaper. Not that i did t know individuals who showed up at the Wal Mart at 4 . To be there in time for the Hewlett Packard computer Sale at 6 . And no i did t feel a twinge of envy when the overfull parking lot pictures rolled across the Small television screen. I had what i Call a a gown Day a a Day you stay in your Nightgown All Day and do whatever you w ant to do. What i wanted to do was to clean up after thanksgiving dinner and read a Book. I managed to do both. When i was a child i was spoiled Rotten. I was the first and Only grandchild for a Long Long time. My uncles were still in College when i was born. I needless to say was the Apple of everyone a Eye. On my ninth Christmas i got a .22-caliber Rifle. That was a Grandfather and Uncle influenced gift. The men of my family were All avid Hunters. And because i was the favorite Only grandchild at the time i got drawn into it. I used to go Hunting with my uncles and Grandfather. I was much More fascinated by the antics of the Hunting dogs Titan i was with the shooting. Nevertheless i got the Rifle and my Uncle Roy showed me How to Load it and fire it. He also taught me How to be very careful with guns. One weekend we visited the farm in Scotland county and i went out into the Coni Field with my Rifle. A Little defenceless Gray Bunny hopped out of cover and looked at me. I was so excited about impressing my uncles. I carefully raised the Rifle took and shot the Rabbit. The Bunny jumped up. Spun around clutched his heart and died. And just before he died he let out a scream. Well it did me in. I carried the Rabbit to my grandmother sobbing and crying because the Rabbit had screamed. My grandmother being a woman who did t waste a thing made a Rabbit pie. It was the last time i fired that .22-caliber Rifle at anything living. It was also the last time i ate Rabbit. I continued to plink and plunk at targets but i never again killed animals. I think my cats know about my Check ered past As a big game Hunter. They also know when in a angry with them i rant and rave. Of course the Only thing the dumb cats understand is their name. They must laugh behind their furry Little paws with absolutely no remorse whatsoever when they dig into a new bag of cat food. No matter that they have perfectly Good food in their feeder. Its tastier when they can rip holes in the bag and scatter it All Over new Beni. So the woman raves a whatever. Its the same with the furniture. Every piece of upholstered furniture i have is ripped to shreds because i thought it too cruel to declaw the Little Bas a i mean dears. Our cats Are Brothers. We got them from the head photographer in Rocky mount after our first cat Oscar died of feline leukaemia. My rationale for taking the two a a boys i use the term loosely they be been fixed was so they get lonely while we were at work. That was pretty stupid because what they do while we re at work is sleep and get geared up for when we get Home. Then its a couple of hours of heavy petting by humans play with the Catnip mouse until it drives the humans crazy and then on off Days a sort of demolition Derby involving the Rug in front of the door and surfing it Down the Hall. Our cats Are inkblot called blot and Katmandu whom we Call Kat Man. Blot weighs enough to sink a battleship. He is adipose challenged. No matter what you do or say to blot he automatically goes to the food bowl. He likes for humans to watch and Admire the Way he eats. You Praise blot a food bowl. Get angry with blot a food bowl. You stroll through the House with blot his strolling ends at the food bowl. His brother Kat Man has an entirely different personality. Kat Man is dreadfully insecure about everything. He has gotten better More demanding about allowing us to Pat him. This is the cat that kneads and kneads anything he sits or sleeps on with his claws until i am a raving Lunatic. Sometimes i Wake up at night and hear him scratching in the cat Box Over and Over until i want to scream. Kat Man has an obsessive compulsive personality. Blot is not so driven. As Long As he has food an audience and unconditional love he is Fine. He enjoys sleeping under the desk lamp that we Call blots sunlamps. Anytime the Light is on. He is there a just baking. The rest of the time a food bowl. We could easily use blot for a Doorstop. Blot and i had a deep conversation about after thanksgiving shopping. For a momentary blink of the brain i thought i might get out to the stores while i had some time off from work. A Well blot a i asked a what do you think a blot looked at me while i talked his sleepy looking eyes blinking. A meow a said blot and beat a path to the food bowl. I stayed Home. Martha l Reedy can breached at 63&8101 ext. 255 or at . Com

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