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New Bern Sun Journal (Newspaper) - December 5, 1999, New Bern, North Carolina A2 a Sun journal new Bern . A sunday december 5,1999 continued from a horses of horses. We can to take All the babies or All the females or All the old ones because that would disrupt the social Structure of the once it is decided which horses go and which stay birth control shots will be Given. The annual injections prevent Conception but done to affect the behaviour of the horses or pre existing pregnancies. In addition its reversible. A Dart injected Booster is required annually in order to prevent pregnancy. All it takes to return a Mare to Fertility is skipping the shot in the Spring. The same method of birth control has been used successfully on the horses at Maryland a ass Teague Island National seashore for More than a decade. The National Park service and foundation for Shackleford horses will work together to determine which horses to remove from the Herd. Those animals will be available for adoption by the Public shortly after the Roundup. A this is the first Opportunity in nearly 20 years to obtain a historic and culturally important Shackleford horse a said Roundup coordinator and foundation spokeswoman Margaret Willis. A they have roots in colonial Spanish continuation of the unique Breed is one of the goals of the Public adoption program. Willis said. A a we re hoping there will be interest in Breeding them and keeping them As a pure Stock rather than crossing them with other Breeds. The More there Are out there the less risk we have of losing a viable Gene Pool she said. All of this years adopters were bom in the last three years. A since they re Young animals they re More adaptable to new food sources and surroundings. A younger horse w ill be More inquisitive and interested in trying new things which is Good a said Willis who raises arabian horses. A a we re looking for people with time a real interest in this and a lot of patience a Willis said. A one lady inquired about adoption As a 4-h project. It would certainly be educational and it would be a Good environment for the Little horse. Those 4-h kids Are really dedicated and the 4-h program in Eastern North Carolina is wonderful a she said. Because the Shacklefords were raised in the wild caring for them will pose special challenges. A if you offer them Timothy Hay or Orchard grass for example they won t know what it is. They do recognize coastal Bermuda Hay which is a Good Start a Willis said. A a we be found out How to get them to eat a Normal horse diet. Basically its a matter of pasting a Little Grain to the Hay until they get the taste for it. Letting them see another horse eating out of a bucket works Well too because they want to know what the other horse is one thing they be already got the taste for is raisins Willis said. A every last one of them loves raisins. It s just a matter of getting the raisins in their Mouth the first Willis described the Shacklefords As a Nice pleasant tempered horses. They re very patient with you not real flighty. They can be a Little stubborn a she said a but then in be never seen a horse that be when he got a mind a mature Shackleford horse stands Between 12 and 14 hands High Willis said. Applicants names will be drawn from a Box to determine who will adopt this years horses. The adoptions will take place in january. To receive an adoption application packet Contact Willis As soon As possible at 252 225-1181. Penny round can be reached at 638-8101 ext. 261 or at polished virtually nothing. And All suffered substantial losses too As an event that started calmly and close to the script quickly spun out of control. Seattle officials hoping for a civic boost As hosts to the biggest International Trade talks Ever in the United states were left defending themselves against criticism that they overreacted to protesters with tear Gas rubber bullets and mass arrests. Thousands of peaceful demonstrators trying to draw attention to issues of human rights labor standards and environmental Protection saw their moment in the spotlight co opted by some bad apples intent on vandalism. Merchants expecting a Boom of business got a bust instead curfews and riot geared police kept shoppers away costing downtown stores at least $9 million in lost sales on top of $2 million in damage by protesters. President Clinton expecting a Trade relations coup suffered a jarring defeat. He invited the to to Seattle in his state of the Union address last january a tactic to show sceptical americans the advantages of free Trade. As recently As last month the president professed no worries about protesters. Last week after his motorcade rolled past boarded up windows and buildings marred by Graffiti Clinton turned to Seattle mayor Paul Schell and said according to Schell a you know there san old saw that says a be careful what you wish for. You might get Clinton fared Little better inside the conference Center. Delegates unable to agree on a Basic Agenda failed to produce a new round of global Trade talks. If the president wanted More focus on Trade he got it. But More in the fashion described by al Cio president John Sweeney a workers rights human rights discrimination environmental and Public health concerns Are on the to radar screen coming to Seattle . Negotiators already had angered poor countries by saying the to should study Basic labor standards such As child labor and unions. Clinton further provoked them when he told the Seattle Post intelligencer he favors a system that not Only sets Core labor standards but also sanctions violators. Many developing countries saw that As an attack on one of their few economic advantages lower wages. . Negotiators spent the rest of the week backtracking but it was too late. Clinton a comments inflamed third world worries that the to show is run by the Rich and powerful. A if its a culture of the old boy network it will not work a nok kure Murangi a Delegate from Namibia said after the talks failed. A it must be an inclusive outside the convention Center where to delegates were holed up mayor Schell dealt with his own problems. He was criticized kith for going too easy on troublemakers who smashed windows and for coming Down too hard on peaceful protesters. A the mayor blew it a said a Friday editorial in the Seattle times. Protest organizers had a Public relations problem. Their official line w As this they threw the usually Low profile to into the Glare of Public scrutiny and added their viewpoint to the Trade group s Agenda. Friday night to opponents Sang a Ding Dong the round is others danced in the streets playing Drums cheering and High living each other. Privately however protest leaders complained about being upstaged by the destructive antics of a Small number of demonstrators who smashed storefront windows sprayed Graffiti and slashed tires on police cruisers. A they got attention but not the right attention a said protester Marty Brennan 24. As he Knelt on a sidewalk scrubbing a Wall to remove Graffiti. A there were tens of thousands of people exercising their rights. A few people can screw it up for to officials meanwhile blamed the organizations growing complexity and intractable National differences not the protests for their failure to produce a new round of negotiations. A we can Start said to director general Mike Moore. A this is not the first time a round has been talks already planned before the Seattle round will begin next month in Geneva he noted. The protesters Are naive said Cynthia Mochnacz part of the european commission delegation. A you can to blame everything on the she said As she Rode an escalator at the convention Center where the air was filled with the babble of conversations in a dozen languages. Expansion of free Trade is just one result of an inevitable globalization Mochnacz said. Barriers Are falling. The world is drawing closer together and protests Are but a minor stumbling Block. A this a she said waving her a is the Way a a a i Sun journal the backstreet boys in a file boys had a plan but College fund has no fund Denver a the backstreet boys planned to donate $75,000 from their Denver concert to the Columbine College fund but the nonprofit organization is about to fold for Lack of funds. A we re currently trying to get in Contact with the Correct organization to make sure that the Money donated on behalf of the backstreet boys gets to the kids a Mark Norman vice president of show promoter House of blues said wednesday. The group donated the Money after learning that 1,200 tickets to their oct. 31 Denver concert sold for at least $1 to apiece. Patrice Pagano. Who established the san Francisco based fund in May to provide College scholarships to students in the Columbine High school massacre said Only about $800 has been faces fraud and bribery charges Bologna Italy a Singer Andrea Bowel ii a manager has been charged with bribery and tax fraud involving his representation of another client. The charges Stem from Michele Torpe Dine s former management of italian Rock musician Zucchero. To Pedine denied the charges. The tax fraud charge involves allegedly phony receipts for producing a Zucchero music video. The bribery charge alleges that to Pedine gave a Mobile Telephone to a tax inspector in Exchange for advice on How to falsify collection goes to the auction Block Miami Beach Fla. A some of Gianni Versace s private possessions including his collection of 25 works by Pablo Picasso Are going on the auction Block. Rotheby s in London expects to sell the fashion designers collection of five oils and 20 drawings by the Spanish artist for at least $ 12.8 million at a Public auction tuesday. Best known among the Art being offered is a Young girl with boat a a 1938 Oil that features the Painter s eldest daughter Maya dressed in a sailors suit and holding a Model boat. Another is Quot woman sitting on a chair a Gianni Versace an Oil portrait of Picasso a mistress Dora Maar. The family is Selling the Picasso to trim the italian designers enormous estate said Versace family spokesman Lou Colasuonno. A i think it would be unreasonable to expect the family to keep every thing that Gianni collected Over his lifetime a Colasuonno said. Versace was shot dead outside his beachfront Villa in 1997.crooner denies any sexual harassment Branson to. A country Singer Mickey Gilley is being sued for sexual harassment by a woman whose janitorial service used to clean his Branson theater. Connie sue Smiths lawsuit filed in . District court alleges that after she was hired in 1992, Gilley a continuously and consistently made sexual comments and remarks and touched her a in a sexually offensive and improper Gilley denies the allegations. A it is impossible to describe the sense of disappointment that i feel right now Quot Gilley said. A in my nearly 30 years As an entertainer i have never Ever had anyone suggest that i would Ever engage in this kind of a from wire taking at Bambi during Deer Hunting debate Jackson Mich. A Rock Star ted Nugent says protests against state sanctioned Deer Hunts in two Michigan Parks Are off target. A it s a Boon to All except those that think Bambi a Nugent said Friday while Hunting near his Home in Rural Jackson county. A reducing living breathing flesh and blood creatures to the value of a cartoon. It managers of the Parks concerned that the High numbers of Deer will either starve or devour endangered Plant life endorsed a series of Hunts in july. They consulted with an advisory committee that included representatives of two outdoors groups that Nugent Heads. Opponents say the Hunts Are unnecessary and inhumane but Nugent says the Hunters Are doing a Job that needs to be done. A these fantasy based hippies have a lot of nerve bringing their cartoon education into the equation of wildlife management Quot he said. A it angers me that the debate is even allowed to ted Nugent displays his Archery skills outside the Michigan Capitol in Lansing Mich., in this file photo. Continue. Wildlife cannot be stockpiled or everybody countdown to tension Happy new year Bob Greene human interest not to be the bearer of bad tidings but boy Are you in for a letdown. On new years eve. If you re planning to make this new year s the transcendent experience of a lifetime simply because 1999 will become 2000 As Midnight hits then you re setting yourself up for a fall. The new year s eve syndrome itself is one of the few infallible principles in life a i.e., if you go into something planning for it to be great and memorable it won t. Tile new year s eve syndrome is based on the realization that the truly wonderful things in life Are Seldom scheduled a the moments that stay with you Are the ones that Blindside you that Delight you by Surprise. That s Why new year s eve is so often a Flop. Multiply that Flop Hood by about 1,000 a that s How Large the Flop looms on this coming millennial new years eve. There s not a Way in the world that it can be As Fine As you re hoping for it to be it will doubtless fade into Bland and vague memory once the Dawn of Jan. I comes unless you Are say planning to ask someone to marry you As the clock strikes 12. And even if you be got that in mind the person can always say no a or pretend not to have heard the question. What makes this particular new year s eve so potentially dismal is All the psychological pressure being put on people to make it spectacular of it s not a once in a Century bundle of ecstasy a or so the Assumption seems to be a then it must be considered a total failure. This is the two minute Drill of a lifetime a if you Don t win this one if you Don t win this night then you re a loser. Which is Why All the staggeringly expensive package deals at hotels and restaurants Are being thrust at people. It s a Shakedown of expectations an extortion of the heart pay up or you will forever regret that you did t do everything you could to make this night the Best of your time on Earth. Recently i received a Call from a booking agent asking if i would consider being a speaker on a luxurious cruise line s Quot millennial the passengers would be spending a lot of Money to sail around much of the world on this elegant Ocean liner one of the things they would be getting for their Cash was nonstop entertainment Day and night. Music shows lectures. Would i speak on the ship i asked for the details. The woman from the booking Agency said Quot Well you would Board the ship on dec. 27 in mutter mumble mutter and we would drop you off on Jan. 3 in mutter mumble mutter a her voice dropped and slurred when she named the places where i would get on and get off the boat. I asked her to repeat what she had said. It turned out that two Days after Christmas i would be expected to Board the ship in. Buenos Aires. And on Jan. 3, to get off in some Little port town on the coast of Brazil while the Happy travellers continued their cruise. Right. With All the talk about How y2k problems Are going to bring much of the world to a standstill on Jan. I this is where i want to be As the Century turns somewhere in the water off the Shore of Argentina. And then As the Uncertain new year begins to be let off the ship in some Remote brazilian seaport with a Hearty laughing wave from the Crew and a Quot Good Luck getting that s not the reason i m not going to do it though. On paper a new year s like that sounds All right even pretty interesting. But in real life As opposed to on paper it would consist of being in the midst of the highest Echelon of the new year s eve syndrome a All those people on that ship who had spent All that Money to make this new year s eve better than any other with their bought and paid for need for pleasure and nonstop gratification at a ceaseless Peak. And there i am part of the daily diversion for which they be plunked Down their Cash. Fidgeting at a lectern in the ships theater looking out into their demanding eyes saying to them a huh Are there any questions Quot no i think i la be on dry land on new years eve. I have weighed All the possibilities a All the false Hopes raised by the historic occasion All the potential disappointments inherent in the night a and i have decided that at the stroke of Midnight i will be engaged in the most thrilling and fulfilling activity i can come up with proofreading. Bob Greene s syndicated column appears in the Sun journal each sunday tuesday and thursday. News of the weird a in november in Tokyo a passenger was killed in a car Accident that occurred when the Driver Tomomi Okawa 25, rammed a Concrete pole according to police she lost control when she missed the Brake pedal because of her trendy but Clunky platform shoes. And in september schoolteacher Misayo Shimizu 25, died several hours after fracturing her Skull on a sidewalk after toppling Over in her 5-Inch-Heel platform shoes. Chuck Shepherd weirdness a Patrick corp 24, pled guilty to Possession of child pornography in grand rapids Mich., in november and will be recommended for a Federal prison sentence. He had photographed his 17-year-old Girlfriend with her permission. Although she is beyond the age of consent to have sex in Michigan she is too Young to be photographed while doing so. In Canada photographer Gary Geisel 56, is fighting the same Battle Canada s age of consent for sex is 14. But Manitoba and other provinces set the photograph age at 18. Today in history today is sunday dec. 5, the 339th Day of 1999. There Are 26 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on dec. 5, 1933, National prohibition came to an end As Utah became the 36th state to ratify the 21st amendment to the Constitution repealing the 18th this Date a in 1776, the first Scholastic fraternity in America Phi Beta Kappa was organized at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg a. A in 1782, the first native . President Martin Van Buren was born in Kinderhook . A in 1791, composer Wolfgang amadeus Mozart died in Vienna. Austria at age 35. A in 1792, George Washington was re elected president John Adams was re elected vice president. A in 1848, president Polk triggered the Gold Rush of 49 by confirming that Gold had been discovered in California. A in 1901, movie producer Walt Disney was born in Chicago. A in 1932, German physicist Albert Einstein was granted a visa making it possible for him to travel to the United from wire journal a Freedom newspaper uses 526-460 published every morning by the Sun journal inc. 3200 Wellons blvd., new Bern . 28562 main Telephone 252 638-8101 second class postage paid at new Bern .miss your paper of you Are unable to Contact your Carrier please Call the Sun journal. 638-8101, Extension 231. The circulation department is open from 6 30 . To 5 . Weekdays and 7 to to . On saturdays. Sundays and rates Home delivery $9.50 for one month $27.75 for three months $55 for six months or $109 for 12 months. Mail $15 a for your subscription your newspaper Carrier is an Independent contractor and not an employee of the Sun journal. Therefore payments made by subscriber to carriers Are not subject to control by the Sun journal. It is our suggestion that Advance payments be made payable to the Sun journal and returned to our office in new Bern where they will be held in Trust for the current Carrier and credit Given each Billing period. The Sun journal will not be responsible for any Advance payment unless it is sent to our office in new Bern. Postmaster Send address changes to Sun journal . Box 1149, new Bern . 28563-1149

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