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New Albany Weekly Ledger (Newspaper) - December 10, 1862, New Albany, Indiana A a Pey Awde us to of Mil follow it kit m when Douthe stairs. A to the fint Miclet be min<t8 Are to the a manc Ipatia be Hoadly the length of time for it thirty seven Jeanj and thirdly Tea compensate in. A tax Aboite compkn9atjcd emancipation the Emrod Patio Bill win be Unrau fac toy to the Aavo Oate of perpetual slavery toil the Len of time should greatly mitigate the Limmis Fotion. The ume spares Mth Ranee from the Eibi of sudden Derau Mmith a Fiu from the necessity of any do Whu Mostof those whose habitual Lourae of thought will be disturbed by the measure will have passed away before its of. They vill never see in i Tow Glass will Hail the Prospect of emancipation but will deprecate the length of time. Thev will feel that it Ives too Little to the now living slaves. But it really gives them much. It saves them from the vagrant debt Taxon which my it Lara by attend immediate emancipation in Loci tiiu Vrbeti a their numbers Are very great and it gives the in storing Assur and Fiat their posterity shall be free forever. The plan leaves to each Tate choosing to act under it to abolish slavery now or at the end of the Century or at any intermediate time or by degrees is tending Over the whole or aft part of the Periot and it obliges no two states to proceed alike. It also provides for compensation and Ami really the Mode of making it. Nils it would seem must further mitigate the dissatisfaction of those who Are to receive the . Doubtless some of those who Are to pay and not to receive will object. Yet the measure is in both just Aiki economical. In a certain sense the liberation of slaves is the destruction of property property acquired by descent or by Pur Clem uie same Asj by other property. 11 is to True for having been often said that the people of the South Are not More re Fogt Ond ble for the original introduction of this property Thwe Are the people of the North and when it is remembered How unhesitatingly or a All use Cotton and sugar and share the profits of dealing in them it May not be quite Safe to say that the South has been More resonable than the North for its continuance. Of then for a common object this property is to ice sacrificed is it not just that it be done at a common charge easier to Pat a Larue sum than a Larcer one. And if with less Money or Money More easily a we can preserve the Benefit of the Union by this Means Thui we can by the War alone is it not also economical to do it let us con Der it then. Let us Quot ascertain the sum we have expended in the War since compensated emancipation was proposed last March and con Der whether if that measure had been promptly accepted by even maae of the slave states the same sum would not have done More to close the War than has been otherwise done. If so the measure would save Money and in that View would be a prudent and Cha comical measure. Certainly it is not so easy to pay something As it is to pay nothing but it is easier to pay a Large sum than it is to pay a larger one. And it is easier to pay any sum when we Are Able than it is to pay it before we Are Able. The War requires Large sums and requires them at once. The aggregate film necessary for compensated emancipation of course would be Large. But it would require no ready Cash nor the Bonds even any faster than the emancipation progresses this mighty not and probably would not close before the end of the thirty seven years at that Lime we shall probably have a Quot Hundred millions of people to share the Burden instead of thirty one millions As now. And not Only so but the increase of our population May be expected to continue for a Long time after that period As rapidly As before because our territory will not have become full. I do not slate this i considerately. Be impracticable to return to bondage that class of persons therein contemplated. Some of them doubtless in the property sense belong to Otoi owners and hence provision is made in this article for compensating such. Colonization the future of thi freed no go. The to Laird article relates to the future of the freed peo la. It not oblige Quot but merely author izod. Congress to Aid in colonizing such As May i ouse at. To Lii ought not to be regarded As objectionable on the one hand or on the other in so much As it comes to nothing unless by the Mutual consent of the people to be deported and the american Urs through their in coughs. Not make it better known than it us is that 1 strongly favor Voloni Zaniou. By Teijo graph. The increase of population. At the same ratio of increase which we have maintained on an average from our National census in 1790, until that of 1860, we should in 1900, have a population of 103,208,415. And Why May we not continue that ratio far beyond that period our abundant room our Broad National Home steady is our ample resource. Were our territory As limited As Are the British Isles very certainly our population could not sex pad As stated. Inst amp us of receiving the foreign bom As now we should be compelled to Send part of the native born away. But such is not our condition. We have two Mil Lions nine Hundred and sixth three thousand Square Miles. Europe has to Lares ill lion and eight Hundred thousand with a population averaging seventy three and one third persons to the Square Mue. Why May not our country at some time average As Many is it less Fertile has it More waste surface by mountains Rivers lakes deserts or other causes is it inferior to Europe in any natural advantage if then we Are at some time to be As populous As Europe How soon As to when this rnai be we can judge by the past and the present As to when it win be if Ever depends much on whether we maintain the Union. Several of our states Are already above the average of Europe Sev Enty tiree and a third to the Square mile Massachusetts has one Hundred and fifty seven Rhode Island one Hundred and thirty the Connecticut ninety nine new York and new Jersey each eighty. Also two other great states Pennsylvania and Ohio Are not far below the former having sixty three and the latter fifty nine. The states already above the european average except new York have increased in As rapid a ratio since passing that Point As Ever before while no one of them is equal to some other parts of our country in natural capacity for sustaining a dense population. Taking the nation in the aggregate and we find its population and ratio of increase for the sever decennial periods to be As follows and yet i wish to say Liere is a \ objection urged against free coloured person remaining in the country which is largely ini agin Ary if u get sometimes malicious. It is insisted that their presence would injure and displace White labor and White labourers. If there Ever could be a proper time for Mere catch arguments Liat Tuic surely is not now. In times like Trio present men should litter nothing for which they would not willingly Lee responsible through time and eternity. Is it True then that coloured people can displace any More White labor by being free than by being slaves ? if they stay in their old places they Jostle now Hite labourers if they leave their old places they leave them of ten to White lal orer8. Logically there is neither More nor less of it. Emancipation even without deportation would probably enhance the wages of White labor and very surely would not reduce them. Thus the customary amount of labor would still have to to performed the freed people would surely not do More than tiv old proportion of it and very prove Abl for a tine would do less leaving an increased part for White labourers bringing their labor into greater demand and enhancing the wages of it. Wit i deportation even to a limited extent in he ced wages to White labor is Matheny apically certain. Labor is like any other commodity in the Market increase the demand for it and you in Rease tie Price of it. Lleduc the Supply of Black labor by colonizing the Black labourer out of the country and by precisely so much you increase the demand Abr and the wages of White labor. But it is dreaded that the freed people will swarm Forth and cover the whole land Are they not already in the land will liberation make them any More numerous equally Distri Sulail among the Whites of the whole country and there would be but one coloured to seven Whites. Could the one in any Way greatly disturb the seven there arc Many communities now having More than one freed coloured person to seven Whites and this without any apparent consciousness of mail from it. The District of Columbia and the states of Marj land and Delaware Are All in this condition. The District has More than one free coloured to six Whites and yet in its frequent Petit irions to Congress i believe it. Has never presented the presence of free coloured persons As one of it i grievances. But Why should emancipation Fouth Send the freed people North i Hoople of any color Seldom run unless there be something to run from. Heretofore coloured people to some extent have fled North from bondage and now Perli aps from both bondage and destitution. But if gradual a Maceij action and deportation pc adopted Uliey will have neither to flee from. Their old masters will give them wages at least until new labourers can be procured and the freed men in turn will gladly give their labor for the wages till new Homes can be found for them in congenial climates and with people of their own blood and race. This proposition can be trusted on the Mutual interests involved. And in any event can not the North decide for itself whether to receive them again As practice proves More than theory in any Case has there been any irruption of coloured people northward because of the abolishment of slavery in this District last Spring what i have said of the proportion of free coloured persons to the Whites in the District a from the census of 18gu, having no reference to persons called contraband nor to those made free by the act of Congress abolishing slavery there. The plan consisting of these articles is recommended not but that a restoration of the National authority would be accepted without its adoption. The emancipation i focal Mattox Ai hired to. Nor will the War for proceedings under the proclamation of september 22,18g2, be stayed because of the recommendation of this plan. Its timely adoption i doubt not would bring restoration and thereby stay both. And n plan the recon a curation that Congress provide by Law for compensating any state which May adopt emancipation Evore this plan shall have been acted upon is hereby earnestly renewed. Such would be Only an Advance part of the Plau and the same arguments apply to both. A Washington dec. 2. Gen. A Halleck the commander in Chiei in his report to the Secretary of War states that he started on the 24th of july to visit Trio army of the i Potomac to. Ascertain if there was a possibility of an Advance upon Richmond from Hanson s Landing and if not to form some plan for uniting the armies of Hope and Mcclellan the latter of whom was of the opinion that it uld require 50000 More men in Allock replied Liat there could not possibly be More than 20,000 sent. Ciocu. Mcclellan asked time to consider the matter till morning when to agreed to go on with that number. On a Halleck s arrival Home he Eivid a dispatch that at least 35, 100 would be required. The report states that Inch reinforcements could not be sent without leaving Washington and Baltimore almost defenceless and an order for the withdrawal of the army of the Potomac was issued on Trio 3d of August. A previous order having been Given for tho removal of the to it ick and transports in vast Nuin Bers supplied. But a protest was received from Jen. Mcclellan on the 5th, and that tho order was not put in Force for eleven Days. On the4st orders were issued to Jieri. Burnside to a embark at Newport news for acquit Creek who arrived promptly on the 5d. A review of tho movements before Washington is made. He says a part of the army of the Potomac was dered Forward from Alexandria and that gen. Cox was offered by rail via Washington from Western Quot Ginia with the main portion of his Force. Of gen. Pope s order on the 27th to gen. Porter to be at Bristow station the next morning he ssh Yah for some unexplained reason Porter did not comply and Bis corps was not in the Battles of Quot thu 28th and 29th, in which gen. Pope Gainell Amie Gnu and although the Battles were not decisive. Of the reinforcements from Alexander embracing at length tho whole Peninsular army it is said that some of the corps moved with becoming activity but the delays of others were neither creditable nor excusable. Tie soldiers actually engaged in Stluise Battles fought with great bravery but Many Sombai Moi Stevens submitted the following re is solved that this Union must be and remain one and indivisible forever. Resolved that if any person in tho employment of the United states either in a legislative or executive Branch should pro pose to make peace or should accept or advise the acceptance of any such proposition on any other basis than tho integrity and entire Unity of the United states and their territories As they existed at the time the re Bell on commenced he will be deemed guilty of a High crime. Resolved that this government can never accept the mediation nor permit the intervention of it foreign nation in our Domestic Law and collection Offnick 9. W. Ailoro amp Umili attorney at i awl or Rioin Northeast Comer of Market and state Street Weddw a building new Alib Ampf Indiana. His term of office As common pleas judge Hivia expired he will con Iliae the practice in All the Roarta of the slate. Jar special attention Given to the collection of claims and probate business. Ave has a it cited from tho pension Agency Florius in prepared to prosecute successfully claims fur pensions due to officers soldiers widows minor children and soldiers who Hare been disabled from sickness or wounds received in the service. And also it extra pay und arrears of pay due soldiers and widows and in teal heirs of soldiers killed or who Hare Dietl from wounds received or disease. Contracted in the service. Jinil thousands straggled away from their Coni 1700. 1800 1610 1620 1830. 1840. 3,920,827 3,305,837 7439,614 9.638,131. 12,906,020. 17,0��,453 35 f�2 per cent ratio of increase. 30 45 33 13 33 4a 32 67 35 87 a a a 35 5� Quot Isao. .23,191,876 1860.3i,h3>7mi this shows an ave a decennial increase of 34 60 per cent in population through the seventy years from our first to our it census Tuen. It is seen that the ratio of increase at one of these seven periods is tether two per cent below or two per event. Above the average thus showing How inflexible and consequently How reliable the Law of increase in our Case is. It Sam ing that it will continue gives the following results 1870. 42,323,34156,967,210 1890. 76,677,872 1900. 103,206,415 1910. 136,918,626 1920. 1 56,984,335 1930. 251.680,914 these figures show that our Conj try May be As pop3l us As Europe now is at some Point Between 1920 Ana 1930�?say about 1925�?our territory at seventy three and a third Persis to the Square mile being of capacity to contain 217,186,000. And we will reach this too if we do not ourselves relinquish the Chance by the Folly and evils of disunion or by Long and exhausting War springing from tiie Only great element of National discord among us. While it cannot be foreseen exactly How much one huge example of secession Breeding lesser ones infinitely would retard population civilization and Prosperity no one can doubt that a be extent of it would be very great and injurious. More a Orr the Necito. The proposed emancipation would shorten the War perpetuate peace insure this increase of population and proportionately the wealth of the country. With these we should pay All that emancipation would Cost tog Euie r with our other debt easier than we should pm your other debt a without it. I we and allowed our old National debt to run at six per cent per an Mun simple interest from the end of our revolutionary struggle until to a without paying anything on either Pri Napal or interest each Man of us Woi ild owe less upon that debt now than each Man owed upon it then and this because our increase of men through the whole period has been greater than six per cent. Has run faster than the interest upon the debt. Thus time alone relieves a debtor nation so Long As the population increases faster than unpaid interest accumulates on its debt. This fact would be no excuse for delaying payment of what is justly due but it shows the great importance of time in this connection die great advantage of a policy by which we shall not have to a until we number a Hundred millions what by a different polio. We would have to pay now when we numb Bart thirty one millions. In amp word it shows that a. Dollar will be harder to pay for the War than will be a Dollar for a Maiu nation on the proposed plan. And the latter will Cost no blood no precious it will he a saving of both. Abo Moir in a Othee aspect. A to the second article i think it would the economical App Eft of emancipation. This plan is recommended As a Means not in exclusion of but additional to others for restoring and preserving the National authority throughout the Union. The subject is presented exclusively in its economical aspect. The plan would i am confident secure peace More speedily and maintain it More permanently than can be Dono by Force alone while All it would Cost cons Eilering amounts and manner of payment and times of payment would be easier paid than will be the additional Cost of the avar if we rely solely upon Force. It is much very much a that it would Cost no blood at All. The plan is proposed a Ern Anent constitutional Law. It cannot come such without the concurrence of first two thirds of Congress and afterwards three fourths of the states. The requisite three four tits of the states will necessarily include seven of the slave states. Their concurrence if obtained will give assurances of their severally adopting emancipation at no very Diskint Day upon the new constitutional terms. This Assurance would end the struggle now and save the Union forever. I do not forget the Gravity which should characterize a paper addressed to the Congress of the nation by the chief magistrate of the nation. Nor do i forget that some of you Are my seniors nor that Many of you hav More experience than i in the conduct of Public affairs. Yet 1 Trust that in View of the great responsibility resting upon me you will perceive no want of respect to yourselves in an undue earnestness i May seem to display. Compensated emancipation again urged. Is it doubted then that the plan i propose if adopted would shorten the War and thus Lessen its expenditures of Money and blood ? is it doubted that it would restore the National authority and National Prosperity and perpetuate both indefinitely ? is it doubted that we Here Congress and executive can secure its adoption Quot will not the Good people respond to a United and Earnest Appeal from us ? can we can they by any other Means so certainly or so speedily assure these vital objects ? we can succeed Only by it is not Quot can any of us imagine better but Quot can we All do better Quot object whatsoever is possible still the question recurs Quot can m c do better ? the dogmas of the quiet past Are inadequate to the Stormy present. The occasion is piled High with diff Mculty and we must Rise with the occasion. As our Case is new so we must think anew and act anew. We must Dise Thrall ourselves and then to shall save the country. Peroration Morf about the negro. Fellow citizens we can not escape history. We of this Congress and this administration will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal significance or insignificance can spare one or another of us. J he fiery trial through Waluch we pass will Light us Down in Honor or Dishonour to the latest generations. We say that we Are for the Union. Tie world will not forget that we say this. We know How to save the Union. The world knows we do know How to save it. We even we Here hold the Power and Bear the responsibility. In giving Freedom to the slave we assure Freedom to the free honorable alike in what we give and what we preserve. We shall nobly save or meanly lose the last Best Hope of Earth. Other Means May succeed this could not fail. The Way is Plain peace leu generous just a Way which if followed the world will forever applaud and god must forever bless. Abraham 1,1862._ a report is current in Memphis that Genna town was burned by soldiers belonging to the eighth Missouri while gen. Sherman s Disimon was near that town and that gen. Smith had had the offenders arrested. Mands and it is said not a few voluntarily surrendered to the enemy so As to be paroled. It is added that had the army of the Potomac arrived a few Days earlier the rebels could have been easily Defeated and perhaps destroyed. The losses at South Mountain and anti Etani Are put at 1,742 killed 8,060 wounded and 913 Ai Issing a total of 10,721. The report states that the army rested on the North Bank of the Potomac near Sharps Burg from the 17th of septem lier to tho 2d of 0> Tober and says that the Long inactivity of so Large an army in the face of a Seatell foe during the most favourable season for a lipid marches and vigorous campaigns was a matter of great disappointment and regret gen. A Halleck says he telegraphed gen Mcclellan on the Goth to Cross tho River. Gen Mcclellan Distaj proved tho plan of crossing South of the Joilue Ali dec but pr0j 0sed to Cross at Harper s ferry and move on Winchester hut he did not Cross until october 2�o, and then at Berlin the passage occupying till nov. 3. I Turing this period gen. Mcclellan stopped communicating with the commander in chief addressing tho presi Dent. On the 5th his removal was ordered the Secretary of War details the military operations during the last year Ami Points to the fact that tho department of the Pacific has been free from tho calamities occasioned by the i rebellion. An Earnest and de sym Paliy has been manifested by the Loval citizens of the Pacific states in their support of the Union. From a Survey of the whole Field of operations it is apparent that whatever disasters our arms May have suffered at particular Points a great Advance has been made since the commence Mcnol of the War. The Union forces Are now in the Field under Able commanders stronger than Ever Resolute and eager to be led against the enemy to crush the rebellion by a vigorous Winter Oam pain. The armies of the Potomac and the West stand ready to vie with each other in dealing tho quickest and heaviest blows against the enemy. Tau by by experience of the ruin of inaction the Izzard of a spirit of Earnest activity Seei Snow to pervade the forces of i he United states beyond what has Lii Ilberto been exhibited in the numerous Battles Liat have occurred. Our armies in have disc played tho courage and that should in so it i officers and soldiers fighting in defence of the government. Under the Calls of july and August Liere Are already in the Field Over 42it,i in in now troops of which 399,000 Are volunteers and of these 332,000 have volunteered for three years. Washington dec. 2. . Mcdougall offered a Resolution calling on the Secretary of the Treasury to furnish the Senate a statement of the amount of Money mild for prosecuting land titles suits ttc., in the state of California during the years of 1857, 5r, "59, co and of and also the amounts paid for searches in Mexico. Laid Over. Or. Powell offered a joint Resolution Tilting that whereas Many citizens of the United states have been arrested and imprisoned without any charges being preferred against them whatever therefore resolved that All such arrests Are unauthorized l y the Constitution and Laws of the United states and Are usurpation of the Power delegated by the people to the president and that All such arrests Are hereby condemned and declared palpable violations of the Constitution of the United states and it is hereby demanded that All such arrests shall cease hereafter and that All persons so an ested shall have a prompt and speedy trial according to the provisions of the Constitution or be immediately released. The Resolution was Laid Over. Or. Davis offered a joint Resolution declaring that it is hereby recommended that All the states choose delegates to meet in convention at Louisville on the 1st monday in april to Trike into consideration the present condition of the country and the proper Means to be pursued for restoring the Union and that Flie Legislatures of the different states take such action As they May deem fit for this purpose at the earliest to Sibie Date. Laid Over and the Senate adjourned. motion of is Sheffield it was resolved that the committee on ways and Means be instructed to consider and report As to the propriety of admitting Cotton brought from foreign countries free of duty and report by Bill or otherwise. On motion of or. Ledwards the committee on Public expenditures was instructed to examine into tha expenses of the general land of bce and report what reductions May be made consistently with the j Public interests. Or. Cox a to ked leave to introduce a Resolution instructing the committee of ways and Means to inquire into the expediency of reducing the tax on whisky five cents per gallon with the View of ii creasing the Revenue. Or. Lovejoy qty acted saying the Revenue was already Large under the present Law. Or. Aldrich introduced a Bill annulling and abrogating All treaties Between the United states and certain bands of Sioux indians and for die Relief of the sufferers by the Indian outbreaks in Minnesota. At 12 30. The House adjourned. Washington dec. 4. . Clark offered the following joint Resolution resolved Hij the Senate and House of repro resent Tives that they cordially approve the policy of the president of the United states in setting free the slaves in the insurrectionary districts As indicated in his proclamation dated september 22d, 1802, and recommend to him tho employment of that and every other Means known to civilized warfare to terminate the present rebellion and Assort the supremacy of the president of the United states Over its entire territory and people. Ordered to be printed. Or. Sherman offered a Resolution requesting the president if compatible with Public interest to communicate to the Senate All the correspondence telegrams letters and reports concerning the military operations of the army of the Potomac and All correspondence letters telegrams and reports relating to the surrender of Harper s ferry and the testimony ten before the investigating committee upon such surrender. Laid Over. . Hutchins offered a Resolution instructing the committee on military affairs to inquire and report As to thro Eriety of dispensing with the West rapt Miu tary Academy and instead thereof aiding the endowment of military schools in the several states. The Resolution was rejected by 49 to 78. Or. Aldrich introduced a Bill to reduce the rates of Ctm presonal no leage. Referred to the committee Olaf mileage. Affairs. Resolved that no two governments can Ever be permitted to exist within the limits now belonging to the United states and which acknowledged their jurisdiction at tho time of the insurrection. Washington dec. 5. . Stevens desired to introduce a Bill which be gave notice of last session. Tap Bill was read for information. It is to ind Emily the president and others for suspending the writ of Hareas Corpus. That All such suspensions arrests Ana imprisonment by whomsoever caused shall be confirmed and made valid and All concerned Are hereby indemnified and discharged and All proceedings Are hereby made void. Philadelphia dec 4. The Washington Star of this evening has the following Fairfax station dec. 3, p. there is no news from tho front. A Man arrived in our lines from now Orleans with a pass from gen. Butler. He caulk visit Ilich Nind and Gordo Stille to Madis ii court House and says that part of a Jackson s forces were at the latter place a week ago and went thence to Liberty Mills where they encamped the next Day. New York dec. 5. The times s army correspondent says fhe result of Burnside s interview with the presi Ilent is that he will now be let alone and allowed to follow out his own plans in his own time and Way free from bureaucratic dictation at a8hington, and confident that he will have from the government All the assistance he asks for. The i mics s special says a special Cabinet meeting held to Day which occurring Only one Day in Advance of tho regular meeting is regarded As an event of unusual interest. Tho committee on ways and Means have not yet hold a meeting but will to Morrow to consider tie proposed amendments to the tax Law believed to to necessary in order to its successful operation. Tho Tribune has the following from Washington or. Barry a citizen of Baltimore was recently taken by rebel pickets near Centreville and forwarded to Richmond. To has since stated that he wont in their Way for the express purpose of being captured. While in Litchmond where he has numerous acquaintances he had frequent interviews with members of the Confederate cab act and was admitted into Many secrets of the rebel programme. When the time arrived for his departure North he was sent for by Benjamin who handed him letters Quot addressed to gov Seymour of new York Fernando and Benj Wood Vallati it Ligham and Cox of Ohio Bay Ard of Delaware lie verdy Johnson of ma-r3 Lanai and a number of other democratic leaders in the North and Border states. In the verbal instructions Given to Barry no terms were asked for. Southerners told him they would consent to no terms. That if not admitted into the Union again As equals they would not come in at All. What they ask is the granting of an amnesty to All the civil and military loaders of the rebellion so that an election for members of Congress can to had during the coming Winter and that body be called together at least As Early As april. Sigil to Day demanded a court of inquiry to investigate the charges and imputations of Pope s letter to a Halleck. The Tribune has the following the Situa tion is unchanged. The pickets reach for five Miles above and along the fiver and Are very Friendly. Yesterday three of the ene my s pickets belonging to an Alabama Rigi ment came across the River and talked for an hour with ours. They endeavoured to Trade for Coffee and overcoats. Two other rebel soldiers forded in sight of their pickets and gave themselves As deserters. They were omit to Burnside s Headquarters. The Rei tel Force across the River is supposed to be about y t,0 l0. Poll Ladelphia dec. 4. The Star contains tho particulars of the suicide of Jap. A Hood of the regular v it says the affair is truly deplorable and fails for investigation tie deceased havin been confined in prison for an offence entirely unconnected with the Public enemy or prosecution of the War. Washington dec. 5. Gen. Scott in the National intelligencer briefly and finally replies to Liu Chain say ing he has not any resentment to gratify but to vindicate Justice and truth. He insists and shows that certain Southern states received an undue proportion of arms Many not condemned. John m. Tots Esburn. Tu0ua8 m. Crown. I a and office. Stots Wavra amp blow it attorneys at Law new Albany Indiana. 0ff1ce-Sta�strkee, bet. Main and Market Haven Ochbb Pete forms and instructions we prosecute the claims of discharge cd soldiers in the present War Hiso of soldiers widows and heirs for arrearage Bounty Money and pensions. Bounty lands and pensions procured for services in former wars Anvil of Wiy or. Oji tes s private medical dispensary conducted on the european Rian thi ova or Fox private diseases. O. Ruthm. A co., . Quit m s. »iccolxiz8t33&, Toniey at i a notary Public and collecting agent Leavenworth Crawford co., is. W ill practice in the courts of Crawford and adjoining counties. A Ptter titular attention Given to soldiers claims. S�pl7 dicw3w those afflicted with any uii ease of a private a Tuke ,8uch As Gotor Rhea Gleet 1 stricture Prima or secondary 1 Hyp Kilis seminal weakness he tial debility impotency bar-1 renness or any disease of the genital or urinary organs be fore imparting the secret to any one should first read our new treatise of sexual debility sent by Mitil to any adj Reis on receipt of one three cent Kosuge stamp. This work contains much valuable information never before pub Lisle ill and of the most vital iii Ortance to the health and happiness of every Wiuli visual both male and female. It con uus an elaborate treatise on the various Deases incident to the genital organs of both sexes to Seuier Wiki list of remedies prices in. To tiie Are agent for mad. Cap Raul s female Montull pills a Safe and effectual remedy for al female diseases such As obstructions of the menses Whites a in. Price by mail i and one Post age stamp. C aug Pilu Sli Ould not be taken during preg a to pent no uti Fli Eon Tsiu our Power. For tbs whole Boand les continent is entirely vege Tamel it Alco he be prefer Tuttoi a pure tonic Medicine. Doctor Hoofland s celebrated 1> e i i w h o 11 s e. Main Street Between upper 3d and 4th Streeta new Albany and. William b. Blackwell proprietor having taken the above Well known h and in tending to make it Ray permanent Buai it Psi the pub lie May rest assured that to pains or Ekiji Eiiseo will by spared to Render entire satisfaction to All who May become the guests of the Pepaw House. Char Gici ver Mode rare. Audi Way we. B. Blackwell. A Ltd have i in to ukr . It i six years and live uii Nancy Ai Luey Are sure to produce miscarriage. I. And family medicines of h also form. La Croix s French Prev Eytive pow Dias. Lar exceed in Nuiji by their use married ladies May limit the number of their i similar Natoro in tie Market. Quot quota Apple Ziatin it i Public was not i discovering they possessed and hence to Weir and Monsef nent in it it it to tue . The German bitteb8. 1 to the in it com prepared by of Spring at without the Leaa danger of injury to health. They act by pc venting Conception Tiki a place. One Box will last for years. Pricw by mail $2 and two postage Stamps. Females Lyiah obtain much valuable information by Reading our new medical treatise persons wishing to consult us personally on any of the above diseases will find us at our of bce Northeast corny a third and Market streets private Entrance on third st., from 8 a. To 1. M., and from 3 to6 and 7 to 9. Al sundays from 8 to 11 . No charge for Consul action or i a a a examinations. rooms entirely private. Be enabling nun to exp thu Croy in �11 cases inviolable. Address All letters to drs. Ii. G. Miller amp co., jel4dfrwiy Apio Louisville. By. Quot there is no such word As compound of Ubbes and Copaiba his preparation is particularly rcom penile medical i of the i l Blu Billing in the most convenient celtic idiom form the we Estul it lib hed Virtues and properties of Oubes and co Liba. For the so Weiyi and Ell actual Relief and cure of All Koual , it May justly be consider Eil Oue of in greatest and nost valuable a discoveries in the annals of Medicine frequently effecting Acure in three or four Days. Ill its i Elia ratio As an extract or a past the usual nauseous taste is avoid del and it is consequently Neva r found .1 interfere with the digestion while from its greater con i titration the dose is much reduced. It May a relied on is the Liest Mode for the administration of a Liaise remedies 111 the Lari e class it diseases of both sexes to which they applicable. N. Are advised to ask for Tarrant s compound extract of cubes and , and take nothing else As Liui unions and worthless preparations under similar names Are in he Market. Pamphlets ii company the Medicine , full and Lunil directions. Price h. Sent by express on receipt of Price. Prepared and sold wholesale Piid retail by tall rant amp ro., to. 278 st Corner of Warren st., new York. Anil for Sale by drug wrists generally. Ryhd amp Way a 7 b amp 8 , the world ii great remedy for scr Fula and scr Ofealous diseases. Of dollars each year in to Ltd Merita and Public slain i tic which have been Shower ted ii Poi Lim to it in the of the or. C. Jacksom Phim a a. Will effectually cube liver comply let d�o8pep8i�o, Java Bxs cd amp Ohio of. No a toys it debility di9ea8k of Tirilli rep e Medicina for the life and heal iii i Quot upon the pit Rita of tie blood if the blood is ois Noil to Dut a miserable existence. To for Conrin i prof us Syi Hili a vein , of so an ii it Heurn ,., acrid liver comr Unni five it Rind j Oil notice. Hair jew bib s hair jewelry hair jewelry a s Many in sons Are under the in Aires ion that there Vijai Rcw Wilry is Mauu Fatui we we would respectfully inform our i Jiuu and the i Blic in general that we have Inion in Miick in this particular Rancho business tor Many years .111 1 that we have now comply ted a Large assortment o samples such As bracelets ear Luigs breast pins Fob and Vest Cli Ains and charms in a Vail Tett of forms too numerous to disk Ink. Having secured the services of competent artists we prepared to execute All orders for f it k i ii a i u w o u k. Of the above articles Wilt be manufactured at Kast Ken purges and a Liberal discount made to the Trade. I it. K. Hogan amp a. Dutiel no. 85 fourth Street near Market , by. A a our 6t�>ck of hair work is now Complete con a a ting of wigs ids and curls of every Shide. Mall do a t nun Turners kits a Well known merchant of Oxford \ Maine. To Miranti Tieso yours\r3aparlll\ i v a it a. Quot of 1 but j to ova \ a lev \ a Vav and Lull Aigist to Trio so who took it. As fast As our a in a that Uliey strike at Allf i fore m j by eradicating every partic a of imi i into thru Stiens a iii Kle i. Blotches pustules ulcers sores and All diseases of the skin. From Reu. Roit. Stratton Bristol England Quot i Only do my duty to you Aud the Public when i add my Toto Ioury to ill it you publish of the medical Virtues of your ."iviji.irillh. daughter aged teu had an humor in her ears eyes and hair for years which we were unable to cure until we tried your Marsa Barilla. She has been Well for some h mrs. h. Rice a Well known and much sex teemed Lohn of Denim Nulle Cape May co., n. Quot my daughter has suit ored for a year past with a so Romulous eruption which was very troublesome. Nothing Ilton led any Zellef until wearied your Sarsaparilla which won completely cured i com Charles. Oane esq., the widely know i Oage Murray 4 co., manufacturers of enamelled papers in Yashua n. 11. Quot i had for s veral years i very troublesome humor in my face which grew constantly worse until it disfigure to my Feavai is and Neoama an intolerable a function. 1 tried lmo3t a nun could of both advice and medi iii but without any Relief Whiite ver until i took your Sarsaparilla. It Imu mediately made my face worse As you Tobl me it might for a time but in a few weeks the new skin began to lorm under the blotches and continued iii til Lily a e is As �111 it thas anybody a and i am without Auy Rani Mitoma 01 the disease that i know of. 1 enl in perfect lie Alth and without a doubt owe it to your of Erysipelas a soneral debility re Purily the bloo4. From or. Robt. 6aum. Houston st., new York. A a or. Ater i Seldom fail to remove eruptions acid so Romulous sores by the persevering use of your Sar Apa Filla Aud 1 have just now cared a attack of malignant Erysipelas with it. No alterative we possess equals the Sarsaparilla you Havu supplied to the Jutro Fessio As Well As to the from E. Johnston esq., Waksman Ohio. Quot for twelve years i Lutil the yellow Kry Sipel on my right during which time i tried All the celebrated physicians i could reach took hundreds of to dollars Ivor Psi Ocorr j., Erysipelas i in Urr ors fun in Roku i at. 1 erupt Luris c . A. A a a her Bui a tar w t in. Standin i and m \ de. Leland s in a permanent Pijue Foit Trout neuralgia and All s i .>11 l. A 11 affections. Price two dollars. By mail or express. Toni tier with c Eric find Torim Sinais Fri a. Smith amp co., proprietors a ital Broadway new York. For Sale in new Albany by Uoka Kliu 4 Llo Keld .1. H. C Onn . Hat. Jjr2d&weowly late and interesting Southern news. The commercial standing of Geo. N. San Dersy the wandering George. Correspondence of the Mobile Register. I learn from a gentleman from Richmond that George n. Sanders who lately arrived from Europe remained but forty eight hours in Kich Nind most of which time he was closeted with tho president and has already departed on his Way Back. It is said he has effected an unlimited credit to Purchase every thing we require and that contracts arc eagerly sought to be made for furnishing us with All kinds of machinery <tc., As Well As steel Clad steamers a number of which Are to be ready for of our coast this Winter. The Mississippi. Canal at Vicksburg destroyed a Federal policy. Niin the a Trophis or Jinadu Appeal voc. -7. A gentleman whose duty made it necessary for him to critically examine the efforts of the federals to change tho Channel of the Mississippi at Vicksburg has Given us a description of the canal they Wero so Long engaged in cutting. Its dimensions were stated to us to be one and a half Miles in length and Only some twelve feet in Width at the top the sides sloping to the Bottom. At no time did they succeed in getting the water through although at one time they made a desperate Effort to do so by backing a Small Stern wheel Steamer near the upper end of the Chute where she was anchored and an attempt made to Force the water into the ditch by the evolutions of her wheels. The Brilliant idea however was not successful. The River proved unconquerable and refused to become an ally of our enem. We Are glad to learn that All the labor expended has been destroyed and also that any further attempt of the kind will to prevented. Ample preparations have been made to prevent it. They Wail not to allowed to commit another such Folly. Salt not to leave North Carolina. From the Raleigh Standard. Gov. Vance of North Carolina has directed the Wilmington and Manchester Railroad not to carry any More Salt out of the state. Advance in sugar. From a new Orleans a tibial advocate of. 17, the planters in Louisian have advanced in their prices upon this important article of luxury for the following reasons 1. The recent frosts have bit the Cane and none but an inferior article of sugar can be made from Frost bitten Cane. 2. The want of Oil absolutely necessary for tho running of the machinery. 3. It requires More hands by two fold to grind and gather the canc than it docs to cultivate it and planters from the River will not their negroes upon tho coast. 4. Tho great number of negroes already taken away and the fear if tho crop is perfected the Yankees will take it from them. These reasons have greatly advanced the prices and next year it is believed the Supply will not be one Hogshead to tie county in tho Confederate states. Jober s. Attorney Baku at Law. Will attend promptly to All Bui oem confided to hi8 care. He has the same office lately occupied by Otta it Davis on lower High Street in the City of new Albany Indiana. __octi4 dkw6m a Abiff Muk Beer ind. 8ahvbl u. Bosun Bloomington ind. Bpm amp a do attorneys at Law Indiana. Prompt Attao Iob give to Cou Muzii of Lelalu Wurm Loaa of Tuet payment of taxes and by Otter Bari my of Atton tits. A had a lar r Sli Euliff s Saliu. By virtue of dii execution issued out of the Floyd circuit court directed to the Short of of Kloyd county in favor of Ali Quot Ohio insurance and against Teunis a Lut Sjolin us Yhnell i will Otler lor Sale he Riding Law at the court Itoi isi d lor in the City of Alli Luy in Kloyd county by tween the Lour j of 1 1 �?�i1- i a. M., and 4 of look 1. M., i it a the Lth Day of Date Meier in tvs the following Desorb so properly to wit front or North 40 feet by lio feet of lots nos. 21 and 23, Oil lower Market Street in the City of vew , Idiu iii. I will first offer the rents and protits for a term of a not a jii ii seven should the Sauie not sell for a sii ii it sum to satisfy said execution i will then and then Oil or the fee simple of said defendant in Aud to said Preuit Impi. Taken As the property of John Bushnell. Sai it y Sai l writ. Steward Sano Koki deos w3sheri Iron Klo Yil pm mtg. Sheriffs . By virtue of an order of mile issued nut of the Flovil circuit court directed to the sheriff of county ill favor of Simon Stroebel and Agio a it Loob enter Len 1 will off a forsake according to Law at the court House door in the City of new Albany in Floyd county Between the hours of 10 o clock a. A and 4 o clock. A. On tho 17th Day of december Istir the following described property to wit that it Art of Lota seven eight to l Putin Lef Friou Conner s , of part of i Huber forty two of the Illinois it Kraut in Foyil county Indiana which beginning at a a loue on or. Vetter a land adjoining the land of William Stevenson runs thence North West 3 chains Aud 53 links to a Post thence North 77 i East 0 chains and 33 links to a Stone us the line of tho rail rail 55 East 3 chains and a 11 links to a Stime on the line of said Railroad Aud hence 771� West to chains and 31 , to the place of be Inni if containing two acres. Also thai tract of land describe id Dpi flows to wit that part of lots seven eight and nine in Joll Erson Conner s plat of part of number forty two of the Illinois Grant in said county which beginning at the Northwest Corner of Schuh s Laud thence North 20m�j"west 512 feet to j Brooks s land thence along the same South 07 i Quot East Fiji feet to the Railroad thence along tha same East 153 feet to ii huh s land thence along the same South 7= West 420 feet to the beginning containing 3 97-100 acres. 1 will first offer the rents and profits for a term of years not exceeding seven should the same not sell for a sufficient sum to satisfy said execution i will then and the ofter the fee simple of said defendant in and to said taken As the property of said defendant to satisfy f its of nine Jei Dant a of Twoy Ai i Antosek writes if it Sifri was pm after his Flash had almost wasted a wily the doctors pronounced the it ii ble. Another was cured of i Lvov Ami a after Trvin z t in Ilion it in liar Quot n Ach Antheil Vas i Uroil of fever Sor which had exist no fourteen years another Quot of of eight Yeai of a cases Ltd of by Pep i a i count reach took hundreds of Ilo Llars Usi .i.v. Ivorah of medicines. The ulcers were to bad that the i complaint could by mentioned in Lili i Jorji visible and the doctors decided that my no a. ,.p nil i Ilu term must be amputated. 1 began Taki your Varsana i. Said writ Novini w3 st Ward , sheriff of Lovd Coli nov. Ski Tiff s Salk. By Virtus of an order of Sale out of the Floyd common i Leas court directed to the sheriff of Floyd county in favor of George k. Erwin and against Lames m. Waters 1 will offer for Sale according to Law at the court House door in the City of new alban3in fiord county Between the hours Lif 10 o clock a. M., Andu o clock i. , on the i7th Day of december 1802, the following properly to wit eight and one half acres being tho Northeast Corker part of the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section Twenty one 21in township two 2south Ami Range six 6 , of the land in Foyil county India in with the appurtenances. I will first offer the rent and profits for a term of years not exc ending seven should the same not a Ell fora sub Tsuin to satisfy said exec Sitison 1 will Ihen Ami there offer the fee simple of said defendant in and to said Preni taken a a the property of James m. Waters to satisfy said writ. Nov26 w3 Steward Sand oud sheriff of Floyd county. Shilliff s Sale. By virtue of an order of Sale out of the Floyd common court directed to the sheriff of Floyd county in favor of the state of Indiana on the relation of Dudley d. Byrn auditor of Floyd county and against Edward Brown .ir., etal., 1 will offer for Sale according t.1 Law at the court House door in the City of new Albany in Floyd county Between the hours of iii o clock a. M., and 4 o clock. M., on the 17th Day of Deceu Iber. 1s62, the following described properly to wic lot naw lier thirty 36 on upper Hikiji Street in the City of new Alhay Floyd Cou tity Liliana front inf said Street sixty feet and extending Back tie same Width one Hundred Aud Twenty 120 feet deep with the appurtenances. I we first offer the rents and profits for a term of years not exceeding seven should the same not sell for a Sufle client sum to satisfy sail execution 1 will then and there offer the foe simple of said defendant in and to said Prem taken is tie property of Edward Krown .h-., to sandfordnov2<i w3__shoriir of Floyd county. s Salii. By virtue of ii of Sale is.<u., out of the Floyd circuit court eted to the sheriff of Floyd county in favor of Mary Ann Kic Liardon and Agi inst Sarah n Aguel it al., i will offer for Sale according to Law at the courthouse door in the City of new Albany in Floyd county Between the hours of 10 o clock a. M., Aud 4 o clock. M., on the 17th Day of december 1662, the following described property to wit lots numbers two and three 2 and 3in Block number i in the White Hill tract in the City of new Albany Indiana. A Aid lots fronting on the North Side of Dewey Street one Hund Reil and four feet and extending Back the same Width one Hundred and sixty feet to a Twenty foot Alley. I will first offer the rents and profits tor a Tarm of Vears not exceed thing seven should the same not sell for a inefficient sum to satisfy said execution i will then and there offer the fee simple of said defendant in and to said premises. Taken As the property of the defendant to satisfy a Aid writ. Steward Sandford nov2fiw3 sheriff of Floyd Cownty. 1860-z. Rake s Plantation bitters invigorates strengthens and purifies the system is a perfect Appetiser and nature s great restorer. It is com used of pure st. Croix rum the celebrated Calisay Ark Roott Ana Harbs. Particularly adapted to weak id delicate persons and can he relied non for its parity. It cures Dys Pula is a go Otie tonic and is just tie thing Doroha Sufea of tote Seo a. Sold bar All oro oors Onig costs hotels and saloons. H. I it Rake pc co., aos ban new York. Amputated. I began taking your Sarapa Rill i. Took two bottles an Ltd some of your pills. To elder they have cured to. I am now As Well Aud sound a is any body. Being in a Public place my Case is known o every body in this Community and excites tha wonder of from Hon. Henry m. P., of Newcastle c. Iv., a leading member of the Ana Iriart parliament. Quot i have used your Sarsa Parallie in my family for gen Dol Mility and for purifying Puebla Oil with very Bene to civil , and feel conf Denis in commending it to the st. Author 8 Rose Salt Ritu Uin scald head st it re eyes from Harvey Sickler kii/., tie Able editor of the tank Hannock Democrat Pennsylvania. Quot our Only child about Threa years of age was attacked by i mics on his forehead. They rapidly spread until they formed a loathsome Aud virulent sore which covered his face and actually blinded his eyes for some Days. A skillful physician applied nitrate of Silver and other remedies without Auy apparent effect. For Fineen Days we guarded his hands lest with them he should tear open the Feite Riiff and corrupt wound which covered his whole Lake. Having tried every tiling else we had any mope from we began giving your Sarsaparilla and applying the iodine of lotion As you directed. The More blvd ill 10 heal when we hot al Fiven tha first Buttle Mil was Well when to had finished the second. The child s eyelashes which had come out grew again and he is now As healthy Aud fair As Auy other. The whole neighbourhood predicted that the child would Orphilia Aud mercurial diseases. From or. Hiram Sloat of m. Louis Minso i. Quot i find your Sarsaparilla a More effectual remedy tor the secondary Semi items of syphilis and for syphilitic than any other we . The Are indebted to you for some of the beit medicines we from a. , m. D., an eminent physician no Lawrence is a prominent member of the of Massachusetts. Quot or. Afer my dear i have found your Sarsaparilla an excellent remedy for syphilis both of thu primary Aud secon Ilary Type and effectual in some cases that were too obstinate to yield to other remedies. I do not know what we Ctm employ with More certainty of sue Ceis where a powerful alterative is or. Chs. S. Van , of new Brunswick n. J., hid in Adoui ulcerations on his legs caused by the abuse of Mercury or mercurial disease which grew Morv and More aggravated for years in spite of every remedy or treatment that could be applied until the persevering visa of Ayer s Sarsaparilla relieved him. Few cases can tie found More inveterate and distr Niue than this and it took several do3en bottles to cure hint. , female weak Uessie Are generally produced by internal so Romulous ulceration an 1 Are very often cured by the alterative effect of this �saparilla. Some cases re Juire however in Aid of the 8 Parilla the skillful of local remedies. the Well know in and widely celebrated or. Jacob m Virrill of Cincinnati. Quot i have found your Sarsaparilla a excellent alterative in diseases of females. Many cases of irregularity , internal ulceration and local debility Aris ini from the so Romulous Diathesis have yielded to it and there Are few that do not when its effect is properly aided by local a lady unwilling to allow the publication of her Nart. To writes Quot my daughter and myself Hare been cured of a Vii debilitating Lucor Rhoda of longstanding by two Bott s of your Rhein Matin cont liver complains dyspepsia heart idea ask neuralgia when caused by scr Fula in the system Are rapidly cured by this ext. . A yer s cathartic pills possess so Many advantages Over the other purgative in the Market and their Superior Virtues Are so universally known that a need not do More than to assure the pub lie their Quality is maintained equal to the Best it Ever has been and that they be depended on to do All that they have Ever done. Prepared by C. Aver m. D., amp co., Lowell mast., and sold by All druggists. Octilo a whim Yahoo Vav Pilla til Are the my aii Tiva and Luno Zigl Siivo Over l Introini cd. Ricoy act to tic Kiver in a that or Ari to Snell in extent Astlin to to system does not Vel ups. Into if tonner Coli edition Wirich a too Apt to be the Case a ill simply i Pill. I he Are really a which in i Oil jii iii tion with the it ill euro nil the Tilisi rises live i Quot will relieve Ami 1 ii. Costi Vencenc Ceil .,.-, ahoier.,. Mol,., p.iin. The Ziroe a Etc. I by in so medicines Aud you will Nevei or t it. So a Nair Ntuli Lehors who Lime Seil them i say they Are uii m i l try them before going for a la iii it h l Una Ilet or almanac of my Mil v i i tio i Erti ireates and if you tvs fwd you will to Ava its out dec. As i.-"�f Thill the blood Wiiri Flor and Pirih Are purely v. i 11 1�? he certificates of to Louse Enid soul chem to ,. L ruin Ltd to i tilt of of n. Y., Miil of in Lunati. I ii or. Iloh if siw�h1 not a re and pub is ii ii a part of Thih upor from Lime to i l i a tho Lii and Navlan Vgcfnl la Irinod purifier al .1 a or per hat do in. Of the is org. A pills Ift a a a lit or a it or i Milfs for 91. A Rill. It i to it Eliod s a Quot iii it iii no. I fast foil Rah st., i us ji>\ m Lii. St., Quot . O. Lala oratory in .1 i Gnu Sale by ceo. O. Hart and H. Conner new Albany n. Brown Galena Cyrus Bradford Greenville Valentine Schwal Floyd Knob Geo. Foreman Edwardsville and by druggists and mar Chan generally throughout the United states. _jy2jfly practical experience better than experimental science. The Kila yes and All diseases arming from a i ordered 8taach� such As Constina. Tion Laward files fullness of blood to the Iliad acidity the Stoa Aik Nuu Tea. Heartburn Dis uht for food fullness or weight in to e stomach sour erect actions sinking it or i Ito the st Hiack swimming of read hurried and difficult Bratli ii i i Luti Erigat the heart choking or eur a Cattail when in a lying posture. Dimness of vis Loii i ots or webs before the Vitsht fever and Jiuu fair in Llie head deficiency of Periti Iatrou tel Lowe a of the skin and eyes Fain in Side i ack Chest limbs amp a. Sudden flushes of heat burning in the Flyth constant imaginings of evil and great depression of spirits. And will positive lar prevent few by bii.i.iou8 feb tar. Amp a. They cont of no alcohol or bad whisky they will curs the above disease a Bike Niaz Caes out of a Hundred. Induced by the extensive Sale and Universal Poponi Ariter of Hoot land s German bitters purely vegetable boats of ignorant quacks and a a scrupulous Ade amp Ottren Bava opened upon suffering humanity the flood gales of Moa to us in the shape of poor whisker Rilely Cut pounded n Ith injurious drugs and christened to oct st Macula and bitters. Beware of the innumerable array of alcoholic preparations in file Whoric bottles and big bellied Kega Iular tim modest Apiu dilation of Biti ets which instead of curing Only agg Avau disease and leave the disappointed so fisc or in despair. To Dowland s German bitters Are not a new and untried article but Bava stood the test of fifteen years trial bar the american Pulte and their Rei it station and Sale Are not rivalled by any Anuar preparation. The proprietors have thousands of Lettan tha in clergymen lawyers physicians and citizens testifying of their own personal know led to to beneficial of Feu and medical Virtues of Okesa bitters. you want Sou thing to strength Stout do you want a Good Appel tit no you want do you want to feel Welli do you want to get rid of Neitous nebs 1 0 you want Energy do you want to Siep Well do you want a brisk and vigorous feeling it you do use Andrew Castlen importer and wholesale dealer in China Queens Are glassware hardware and cutlery Brittania Ware solar i it amps Coal Oil Maui pit Chaa Saliers look ling Gln Aaen. I it eolian la Toplitt arc. 0. 5is2 main Street new Albany. At the old stand of James Brooks amp co., is now in receipt of one among the largest and Best assorted stocks Ever brought to Liis Market All of which will be sold at old prices or As nearly so As possible in View of the recent Advance in prices East. Country merchants will find it greatly to their advantage to give his Large Toek an examination. They can not fail to be suit Bolh in Jiries and variety of goods Offerl. A. Hubaud. 8. Oa8h. New Albany planing Mill door Sash and Blind factory Oak Street near the . New Alan not is Chicago in Irlond. Hovard oo., have constantly on hand and will make to order. Panel doors Sash venetian and panel shutters mantels door and window frames father boarding White a a yellow Pine Poplar flooring shelving for stores Plankl boards and holdings of various patterns suitable for the finish of Frame and brisk buildings. Boxes of All Kinits made to order. All kinds of Rio Nin done at Short notice. Build int hardware Furni Sheil to order. P3?terms Cash when work in ordered. Ap7 a Hwy 1s62. Fall. 1862. Day amp Colung wholesale dealers in foreign and Domestic dry Tiodos boots and 81ioes, hats and Caps no. 48 state Street new Albany ind. Would invite the attention of merchants visiting this Market to their Large and varied Stock of , and Winter goods which they Are now receiving direct from the Eastern cities and will sell at the lowest Market rates. Our Stock of boots and shoes. Hats and Caps is very Large and Complete to which we invite Especial attention. An Early examination of our Stock is respectfully solicited. Day k Mcclung aug d&w6m__no. 48 state Street a xxi amp ask t. Otto attorney and counsellor at Law Holloway s ointment and Hollo Way s pills the history of this great remedy is the most Onderstal medical revelation that the world has Ever known. It is not a history written by one Man or even derived from the experiences of one nation but consists of a compilation of testimonials from tha sick of every country a record the like of which has never been adduced in favor of any discovery or invention since time began. Bilious disorders. In whatever form disease attacks the liver it is repelled and exterminated by this searching painless and Esis table curative. Let the sick whom the faculty have abandoned resort with Confidence to this powerful anti bilious agent and a restoration to health and activity will be the unwary i a result. Dyspepsia. The great Scourge of this continent yields quickly to a course of these Antiseptic pills and the digestive organs Are restored to their proper tone no matter in what hideous shape this Hydra of disease exhibits itself this searching and unerring remedy disperses it from the patient s system. General debility and weakness. From whatever cause lowness or a Pipits and All other signs of a diseased liver and other disorganization of the system vanish under the eradicating influence of this All powerful Antiseptic and . Sickly females should lose no time in trying a few doses of this Regula ting and renovating remedy whatever May be their complaint it can be taken with safety in All periodical and disorganization its effect is All but miraculous. Holloway s pills Are the Best remedy known m the world for the four wig diseases asthma diarrhoea indigestion Bowel complaints dropsy influenza. Debility inflammation fever and a gue inward weakness female Cora liver complaints 1aints, lowness of spirits headaches piles venereal a Fec secondary sym tons Toms. Hoofland s a Erman bittek8. From N. Brown d. / editor of to enc coped a of religious knowledge. Although not i spoke to favor or recon mod Patpat medicines in general thaw High Aston Thair Ingre Giseie Aud effect in i yet know of to sufficient re Aoa Wber a lab May not testify to the Benefit he believe himself to have received from any simple preparation in the Hope that he May thus contribute to die Benett of others. 1 do this the More readily to regard to Hoof land s Gar Man bitters prepared by or. C. Jackson of this ci., because 1 was prejudiced against them for Many years under the impression that they were chiefly an a Coho mixture. I am indebted to my Friend a Bert Shoemaker esq., for the removal of this prejudice by proper Teata and for encouragement to try them Whan suffering from great Aud Long continued debility. The use of three Botu Raof these bitters at the beginning of tha present year was m Lowed by evident Relief and reat oration to a degree of bodily Aud mental vigor which i had not Felt for six Mootha before and had Almast despaired of Riga Saiag. I therefore thank god and my to trend far dare cog me to Tom a of them. Newton Brown. Philada Labia june 23, 1801. From the Rev. Joseph m. Kenord pastor of the tenth a pith cd week. Or. Jackson cab Sia i have been frequent re que sted to connect my name with commendation i of different kinds of medicines hut regarding the practice a out of my appropriate sphere i have in �11 cases declined but with a Clear proof in various instances and particularly in my own family of the usefulness of or. Hoof land s German bitters i depart for once from my usual course a it express my full conviction Chat for general debility of the system and especially for liver Coa plaint it is a Safe and valuable preparation. In some cases in War fail but usually i doubt not it will by very beneficial to those who Suiter from the above causes. Yours very respectfully I Kennard. Eighth below coatesst., Philadelph dec. 24. From the wife of Alderman Wun Der go Man Tom. A Germantown Jane 1st, imi. Or. C. H. Jacob on it gave a Plaa Aure two years ago to give you a certificate Tea tidying what the German bitters had done for me. I am now perk try cured of All those diseases your Meditina Profesa a to Ewe Viz Dysli it a Sia chronic and nervous debility die Aida of the kidneys amp a. The Power tel influence it exert a nervous prostration is surprising. I have been consulted frequently in reference to your bitters and without hesitation have recommended it for the above complaints Aud in every instance it has effectually cared. Your Melicine has a great reputation in Germantown and a now sold in every drug store and in Moat of tha grocery stores Here. If any one should question what i say let them come to Germantown and i will prove to their satisfaction that the bitters have cured in this Vicinity More than Twenty cases of the above disease. Yours very respectfully Hannah wonder. Main st., above Rittenhouse Germantown a. Coughs colds Chest diseases Cost Veness , Stone and gravel Worms of All kinds c.\uti0n a none Are genuine unless the words Quot of jmj of new York and London Quot Are discernible As a water Mark in of Gay Leaf of the Book of directions around each pot or Box the same May be plainly seen by holding the Leaf to the Light. A handsome Reward will be Given to any one Render ing such information As May Lead to the detection of any party or parties counterfeiting the medicines or vending the same knowing them to be spurious. Sold at the manufactory of professor Holowat 80 Maiden Lane new York Aud by All respectable druggists and dealers in Medicine throughout the United states and the civilized world in boxes at 25 cents 63 cents and $1 each. there is considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N. for the guidance of patients in every disorder Are affixed to each Box. Ap3n dlair7is6in beware of coaster Heitst see that the signature of pc. By. Jackson is on each bottle. Principal eff Lee and Mann Victory to. 631 Arch str to. Jones k Evans successors to c. Jackson k co Haopai Ktoris. Of for Sale by druggists and a dealers everywhere y aug important to females. H. N. Devol main Rac Tuinier of cop per tin and Sheet Iron Wake an do Alk in Stotera cart inks Tinner a Stock Iron and Iju and pipe Cyri fixtures Sheet Iron a Sec. Steamboat and House work and Gas fitting done to order. South Side of main four doors West of Pearl Street Jyl Damp Way new Albany ind. Spring Trade. Saddlery and coach hardware. Iii Silli s flu. The combination of ingredients in these pills Are the result of a Long and extensive practice. They Are mild in their operation and certain in correcting All irregularities painful menstruation removing All obstructions whether from cold or otherwise headache pain to the Side palpitation of the heart Whites All nervous. Affections hysterics fatigue pain in the Back and limb., c., disturb sleep which arise from interruption nature. Or. Cheeseman s pills was the commencement of a new Era in the treatment of these irregularities and obstructions which have consigned so Many to a premature grave. No female can enjoy Good health unless she is regular and whenever an obstruction takes plaice the general health begins to decline. Or. Cubes email s pills Are the most Eit Ectal remedy Ever known for All Hculiar to females. To All classes they Are invaluable inducing with certainty Ier Odieal regularity. They Are known to thousands who have used them at different i it periods throughout the cd until. Jiving the Sanction of some of the most eminent physicians in America. Explicit directions stating Token they should not be used with each boxy the Price one Dollar per Box containing from 50 to 60 pills. Pills sent by mail promptly by remitting to the proprietor. Sold by druggist generally. B. B. Hutchings proprietor no. 20 Cedar Street. New York. Uygur Sale by m. C kerr._8ep22 Way Howard association , Jax Kobs b. Mart by is now ready to fill Large orders for Carriage hardware and saddlery leather Hames horse Cohan blankets whips lashes saddles harness a 1au0, on ump Ako Sau one Fine Shabas. Two Kawat Oab Burkt two top Buqo ies six open Buqo flt Iio. I atry Denim an me Omilio invited to imm imams i too. Marll in Way new a toss Dow in , not Diana. A benevolent a to citation Esta bushed by Speari endow ment for the Relief of tree sick and distr said afflicted with virulent and epidermis dimsm., and Especial or for the cure of Dimalea of Tea sexual organs. Ayr Edical and tick Given Gratis by the acting if Geon to All Afao apply by letter with a of their condition age occur anon Habito of life and a Carea of extreme poverty be Diazo. Fur ached free Val ble reports on Sperato Rhoa and Kotliar diseases of the sexual organs and on us new rss Diss employed in the dispensary sent to the flu cad in Mied letter Anve Lopea tif of Char a. Two arum strap. For Foa tace will be dec sataua. Add in Skildum Mamok is Olaf 9v so. A Ibonie

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