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Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - September 2, 1956, Reno, NevadaPage six Nevada state journal Reno Nevada search is still continuing for the lost lode Jim Hardin found i Blackrock Nevada s great desert presents major Challenge sunday september deep Rollins Sand covered with Tough Brush lines the pie crust smooth desert floor in the Black Rock country. Travel on the desert itself is As easy As travel on a Gigantic skating rink and it extends for vast distances. Its Edge however is a Tricky thing for cars to navigate and even worse for people the picture below shows the desert stretching into the far Dis Tance beyond its edging of Sand and Sage. Journal photo a to aim a Western Pacific train to the Little town of summer Day approaches evening As on the Black Rock. The w. P. Tracks skirt the South Side of the desert and Sulphur and Are a comforting Assurance to people travelling across the area a not even slow Down for the Sulphur depot and was coming through Tom at about 60 Miles an hour. Wait Jim big Silver Deposit has never been re located by Basil Woon the Hollywood Citi Zert a gust search for old Mink Francis Lambert of us and a party of nine including John Holt Graham Fortunato Rafael Nunez and Norman o. Barre All graduates in mining have left for the Black Rock country in North Ern Nevada to seek the fabled Hardin lode which a Century ago was reputed to be of almost solid Silver. Lambert s Grandfather James Lambert was with Hardin when the ledge was found at a time both were Hunting game. Before he died at san Bernardino in 1905 he gave a description of the place Fiere the lode was found to his son. John Francis Lambert at the time an employee of the City engineering department. The son Drew a map from his father s directions and it is this map which the present party de pends upon to Lead them to the treasure. From the Petaluma journal july 9, 1858 a party of some fifteen or eight Een persons have left this locality a few Days since for the Eastern slope of Sierra nevadas where they go in search of what they believe to be an immense de posit of Silver Ore. Included in the party Are James a. Hardin Allen j. Harding Mort ton Thompson Charles Humph reys major James Pingley Holt Fine George w. Oman Henry Pat Mcguire a. B. Jenison and Fred Alberding. Never die Hopes never die and it s prob ably a Good thing for Yov. And me that they Don t. Of All the tales of lost mines and lodes which Are the Pepper and Salt of Western history no legend unless it is that of the lost dutchman mine of Arizona has a stronger hold on the imagination than the Story of Imes Allen Hardin who paused for a drink and found a Fortune but did t know it. Hardin was a Tough raw boned and bearded Man from the Ohio Valley where his father in his turn had been a Pioneer. His blood was restless and when the word echoed around the world i 1849 Hardin Lett the family Home in Kentucky armed with a Iong barrelled Sharp s Rifle and a few possessions tied up in a Blan Ket. He was a fast traveler. By the Winter of 1850 he was Well on his Way to California and had acquired quite a reputation As a Hunting Man. Not having any Money he worked his Way West with the Wagon trains As a Hunter and it was in this Guise that he reached double hot Springs on the Applegate Cut off from the Humboldt to Oregon the worst the most dangerous the act dismal of All the Many trails to Oregon and California. Double hot Springs double hot Springs is at the foot of Granite Creek Valley which is part of the dreaded Black Rock desert. Apart from Rabbit Hole Springs 30 Miles Dis Tant or More than two Days by of Wagon this was the Only water Between the Humboldt and Coy ote Wells a distance of 240 Miles. On this stretch countless Pio neers died some from first some from indians some maybe just because they were too tired to go on the Road they travelled is there today and passable by car. It is if anything More desolate now than it was a Hundred years ago. At that time there was a Small Community at double hot Springs. Nothing is left of new. There was a Blacksmith s forge and a store of sorts kept by a Man named Jed Blakesley who after Ward was the storekeeper at Hardin City. Hardin City Hardin City but yes our Friend from Kentucky left his name imperishable written in the Story of Washoe county Nevada. And the Way of it was this when the Long Wagon train with which Hardin was connected As Hunter reached double hot Springs after successfully Cross ing the worst american desert in two weeks of forced marches they had some water having filled their casks at Rabbit Hole but they were very Short on food. Hardin had seen not even a Jack Rabbit since they left the hum Boldt. Accordingly he decided on a Hunting trip into the Black Rock mountains which were Only eight Miles Distant and in which the kentuckian Felt sure he would find Deer if not Antelope. He canvassed the men of the train for a companion saying that he could take Only one Man m the Supply of bullets was Low. Fremont s Camp site in about two hours Hardin and a Young Man named Jim Lam add Cut did not find the lost Silver mine but he found something far Jun Sakkt i i valuable in the Black Rock country. He came upon a wet spot on of the desert Many years ago and dug there. The result is shown below. It is the widely known Garrett visited by hundreds of people every year who Stop in to enjoy the hospitality of bar and or. And Garrett and their staff of workers. Journal photo Black Rock country far stretches of spectacular country. This particular scene lies east., of the desert but in the background at the left is King Lear Mountain which towers to a height of feet on the desert s Edge. The dark line through the Center of the picture is a Western Pacific train making its Way through the lonely Nevada country. Journal photo desert makes a Fine wide Highway in the summer time when it is dry. During other seasons while the Quinn River is ing water into it from the North the desert floor becomes a quagmire which traps Many car driven by people who forget to feel their Way. Journal photo i r i it Bert reached a sort of Marsh formed by Waters from double hot and other Sulphur Springs in the Vicinity. Here was a slab of Wood nailed to a Post which had fallen Down the slab of Wood had the words Fremont Janu Ary burned into it. Nei ther Hardin nor Lambert thought much of the cavalrymen s Choice of a camping place it being a Mia Mic and dismal place filled with Mosquito but they Rea soned Fremont probably had t known of double hot Springs be ing so close. Later however Hardin or oth ers evidently changed their minds about this for Fremont s Camp was chosen As the site of Hardin City. But we Are ahead of our tale. From this marshy spot Hardin and Lambert took off Hardin thought afterwards in a North Easterly direction and eventually reached a Small Canyon at the foot Black Rock where there was a trickle of water and some wild currant Bushes. The heavy stuff bending Down to drink from the Stream Hardin noticed a metallic glint on the bed of the Stream and he plunged in his hand and withdrew a piece of Rock so heavy that he was sure it must be Lead. He called to Lambert Here s some stuff that looks like it might be turned into a Little later they shot a Doe and after they had skinned and butchered the meat Lambert who was a Strong Young Man hoisted it to his shoulders. Har Din scrabble among the rocks in the Creek and filled a sack he carried with As much of the heavy stuff As he could hoist. Thus Laden they staggered Back to Camp where they found another Long train arrived. The two trains threw together As news had just come of the at tack on a train 70 Miles North and West of the Trail they would have to follow. Forty White men had been killed but the indians had been driven off. The scene of this Battle is now called Mas Sacre lakes which Are dry Hardin showed the Rock he had found to various men of both trains and All were agreed that it was Lead probably by the weight High Grade. Accordingly Hardin borrowed the use of an oven from a woman named Strowbridge who had been Bak ing bread and in it he melted the Rock and fashioned two or three dozen bullets with which he refilled his Belt. Carvings still exist the trains got through to fort Bidwell without incident and some of the men including Lam Bert and Hardin carved their names in a Canyon now. Called forty niner a Little beyond massacre lakes and the carvings can still be seen there. From it. Bidwell most of the emigrants turned North but those headed for the Gold Fields went South and among them were Lambert and Hardin. Lam Bert went on to dig for Gold on the Mother ode eventually be coming owner of the his Bee mine at you bet and later in his 40s, a mine superintendent at Vir Ginia City. He and Hardin loss touch and never saw each other again. Hardin never got to the Golc Fields. He settled instead in Peta Luma where he opened a car Pentry shop on the main Street next door to an assay shop run by a Man named Kirbright. After he had been established in Peta Uma for about a year Hardin decided to go Hunting and found in was once More Short of bullets. Then he Bethought himself of the bullets he had moulded at double hot Springs. He searched for them and found them and was loading them into Cartridge cases when his Friend Kirbright happened in and picked one of the bullets up curiously. Hardin told him the Story and Kirbright took one of the bullets into his place and ran an assay. It s Silver half an hour later he returned excitedly. This in t Silver Man you be been using solid Silver bullets Hardin searched his memory and remembered that there had seemed to be a lot of the stuff in the Canyon where he had found it. A ledge ran right across the Stream he said and the ledge was maybe three or four Hundred feet wide. He had to Tell the Story Many times and among his audiences were two neighbors called Jenison and Alberding who had just moved to Petaluma from rogue River. These two men and an other named Allen j. Harding who was an experienced Miner organized a party and Hardin consented to return to the Black Rock Region As guide it being agreed that he would be allowed to stake the discovery claim and eight others and that the others in the party would each been titled to eight claims apiece. As eight claims amounted to 160 acres the party was intending to appropriate quite a slice of Black Rock Mountain. There a considerable belie in the probability of Hardin s find since a lot of Silver Copper Ore lad been discovered a year previously on a Mountain near Pyra mid Lake and quantities of High Grade were being shipped from Here via san Francisco to a Welsh smelter at Swansea. There were rumours too of Silver having been found on the slopes of Sun Mountain near Dayton. And above All there were the indubitably Marie of Silver bul lion. Such evidence could t be laughed off. Long search fails the Only thing was could har Din s memory of where he found the Ore be depended on Hardin thought it could but he was wrong. The party camped at double hot Springs for four months and the following year came Back again with some new recruits. But search As he would Hardin could not find his fabulous lode. Eventually he went Back like a sensible Man to his Carpenter s shop at Petaluma. Some Effort had been spent in trying to locate Jim Lambert whose memory might have been better but that Young Man had disappeared into the vast incognito of the Mother lode. But if Hardin gave up others did not and there were quite a few discoveries of Silver ledges some of which created flurries All Over Nevada. The Sage a peripatetic newspaper then being published at Honey Lake prophesied that if the Black Rock mines stand the test Washoe county in which Susanville then imag ined itself in two years will be the richest county in the state and in three years Black Rock will be yielding More Bullion than All other discovered mines besides. William Kingsbury alias smoke Creek has arrived from the mines and reported the boys in Good this was in 1867, a year after the Humboldt Register March 17, 1866 had written Black Rock is All the go now. When you see a Man sitting in front of a Roll of blankets and behind a Henry Rifle you need not ask him where he is going. He is going to Black Rock or burst Mill on Granite Creek the Evans Brothers who owned the mine near Pyramid Lake built a Mill on Granite Creek and called the place Hardin City. Ore Hafl been tested by Hiskey the superintendent of Captain Dall s Mill at Frank town and had run extremely Rich. The Evans Brothers employed As Mill Foreman an As Sayer named Isenbeck who had been testing Black Rock Ore for three years and was certain a Bonanza was in sight. But though Many tons were run through the Hardin City Mill the Franktown Mill and Mills on the Humboldt recovery of Silver was never sufficient to justify continued mining. The Hardin ledge now that had run almost pure Silver when melted Down in an. Ordinary oven. But the Hardin ledge could not be found. And so mining activities in the Black Rook Region dwindled year by year a few stubborn prospectors remaining there til As late As 1886 when the last of them Ladue vary crossed the Range to find the Caryville mine and found the town of Caryville desert keeps its secret since then the Black Rock has kept its secrets. Double hot Springs is deserted with Only an occasional visitor. The broken family group which pulled off fake robbery Here wll now move to state prison the family style phony robberies last month at the regal service station Drew to a conclusive end thursday in Dis Rich court when two of the station s attendants and the alleged armed robber were sentenced in District court. Carl h. Evans 26, of Sacramento calif., who assumed the part of the gun wielder for the two holdups which netted pleaded guilty before judge a. J. Maestretti and was sentenced from two to 14 years in the state prison. His accomplices got one year each. The californian was charged with grand larceny prosecuting attorney Emile Gezelin explained because of collusion and the absence of evidence indicating violence or threats of Vio Lence. James h. Evans the sentenced Man s brother was charged with receiving stolen goods. His accomplice Calvin d. Robinson 25, was sentenced on the same count. James Evans 24, of Sun Val Ley and Robinson of 1018 f st., Sparks were on duty when the station was reportedly held up during the nights of july 29 and aug. 19. The two attendants entered pleas of guilty and were sentenced to not less than one year in the state prison. Judge Mae Stretti withheld sentencing until an investigation for requested probation is Complete. J Wall of a Mill is All that remains of Hardin City. Now comes a new party convinced that where everyone else failed they will succeed. Ore that baffled the processing Mills in the sixties will yield to the new Pine Oil and cyanide processes Francis Lambert and his companions believe. Besides the Hardin ledge u practically solid Silver and Haven t they a map judicial Merit for nominees urged Dallas Tex sept. 1. Of the american bar association appealed to the next president of the United states today to make future appointments to the u. S. Supreme court on the basis of judicial Merit and not As a political Plum. The House of delegates 230 member policy making body for the Aba s lawyers for warded a Resolution to the White House asking that appointments be to the Best qualified lawyers and judges available without re Gard to political

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