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Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1942, Page 1

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Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - October 17, 1942, Reno, NevadaTo to i pair j co. 310 a St. So , Calif z-3 pm Ornaf buy Bonds Nevada s Only morning and sunday newspaper seventy second year. No. 323 november m. I87o Reno Nevada. Saturday morning. October 17, 1942 10 pages today Airfield pounded by Jap artillery japs Gamble on outcome of Campaign editor s Soto the author of the following dispatch returned recently from the Solomon islands by Robert c Miller United press staff correspondent Pearl Harbor t a oct 16 japanese May be gambling the outcome of the entire War on one All out attack in the Solomon islands Long inaction on other Asiatic fronts and orderly withdrawal from the Owen Stanley mountains of new Guinea indicate that the Rass troops again Retreat at Stalingrad fierce nazi attacks take new Village Battle concentrated in Industrial sector Moscow saturday oct 17 1 u russian troops have fallen Back from a Village in the Stalingrad metropolitan area japs might have been preparing a but they Are beating off fierce desperate attempt to regain the initiative in the Pacific ably by an attempt to recapture Guadalcanal and its v ital airfields crushed at Midway thrown Back i German attacks on their new positions the red army announced to Day m a communique acknowledging the third soviet setback m 24 hours the series of red Aimy reverses in the Coral sea driven from the m the most Savage struggles of the Southern Solomons and repulsed eight week siege of Stalingrad had in new Guinea it appears that the japs May be staking All on one Gamble now this first Large counter offensive was launched More than two where japs Are now attacking Solomon islands 40 per cent combined rate gets approval Potomac River on rampage biggest flood in history Tough fight in Solomons Knox states outcome of struggle still in doubt menaces nation s capital news scarce Washington oct 16 surging Potomac oct 16 a Reil stiff Tough fight is raging Guadil Cinal Secretary excess profits tax River threatened the nations capital with its worst flood Frank Knox to Nav after the clause restored by conferees months after the United nations invaded the Solomons it possibly indicates an inability on the part of the japs to accumulate quickly forces for a drive because of their widely scattered fronts the communiques irom Washington indicate that the japanese landings Are being made in the of Cape westernmost tip of Guadalcanal Island and 30 Miles West of Henderson Field the big Airfield which the japs built and we captured for the first time it appeals the enemy is attempting landings under a canopy of land based High level bombers dive bombers and torpedo bombers the japs troubles will just be beginning when they get ashore two routes to attack our marines Are open to them they can go Down the coastal Trail which is passable but vulnerable to bombing and strafing or Down Hilly country farther in land Between the Hills and Beach it consists mostly almost impenetrable Jungles to make an attack successful heavier weapons than they had be fore must be employed because the japs found out that u s artillery s deadly supplying those heavy guns under constant Amer ican Aerial attack and to move them through the Jungles would be difficult Kidnap count to be filed abductors of girl Are the russians fighting with their backs to the Volga in the City s Northem Industrial zone but for three Days they had stalled off a threatened German break through this Central press map diagrams a possible Placer movement the japanese a be launching in an attempt to crush the United states Marine Garrison on Guadalcanal Island of the Solomons group two assaults by land and one b sea May be the Jap strategy. To the River soviet reports said tanks fort Thiee German tanks were destroyed and up to a regiment of about 3 000 enemy troops were annihilated yesterday in the crucial Battle raging without pause the Friday Midnight communique of the soviet High command reported in the area of Stalingrad our troops Are repulsing fierce attacks of numerically Superior a Nev forces the communique said after stubborn fighting our troops retreated from one of the towns villages locations Pic omitted but it was evident that the Etc Mendouse weight of the fighting was concentrated in the Industrial sector of North Stalingrad there the Ger mans struck in full Force wednes Day after a Day Long Aerial bombardment aimed blasting open a corridor to the Volga dude Fate the official army Organ red Star said the present Battle was deciding the Fate of the Volga stronghold and called again on its defenders to save the City at any Cost twelve hours before the High command its meager fonday Midnight communique it had re ported the loss of several streets in a Stalingrad factory settlement and 24 hours before it had revealed that soviet troops had been pressed Back somewhat fighting of local character was reported Northwest of Stalingrad where a Relief army had been pies Sig Down toward the City in i Johns sports said simmer sunk Nea Canada 130 persons missing in Torp doing Ottawa ont oct 16 the Steamer Caribou in route to Nova Scotia from Newfoundland with 234 persons including Canad i air Laid leaving him two Chil commits bigamy after first wife has 13 children Washington oct 16 01 House and conferees on the pending is 100 000 000 tax Bill agreed tonight to accept the sen ate s 40 per cent combined Normal and surtax rites on corporations beginning with the current taxable year in recorded history and president Roosevelt instructed officials Navy acknowledged that japanese to spare neither Effort nor Money to protect the City or issued his order after a personal hour Long Automo troops have stormed the key Island in luge numbers and arc pounding bile Survey in which he inspected the area Between Cham american positions with heavy a non War work spending Down the conferees however restored lit 4-4 l Stock and de Jyrle silent Ite ports 10 to the Bill he capital cleared Vilue excess profits tax Stucken out by the Senate income deductions the House accepted a Senate amendment connected with individual income taxes permitting de Congress 4-Bndge above Georgetown and the Lincoln ale Monal Alreid spilling Over its Bank and inundating scattered Areis the River was expected by the weather Bureau to reach a level of it to 18 feet by Early Satui Dav flood stage is seven feet mobilization civilian defense director Lem til cry he said the outcome of the Sav age stir Sale for control of the Solomons his not vet been de Tei mined but that he Hopes and expects the forces will hold the i Haid won positions i Don t wan to make any predictions he told a press Confer ence but e Ely Man out there Uel Bolles of the District of co akm and ashore vill give a Good Lumbia of died an albeit ind Par mobilization of air Rud War housing units in areas duct la affected it was reported that Fame Beccles England oct 16 Thomas Charlies con Yard today admitted committing bigamy after his first wife had Home him 13 children mis Jessie Hales testified he married her in june saying his first wife was killed in an Dren the first mrs conyard very much alive testified convard Man led her in 1920 and she bore him 13 children the Young est now 17 months old i am absolutely ashamed of. Myself conyard said far wages order made regulation pro Gram to be set up Washington oct 16 stabilization director James f Byrnes further implementing it was said that 104 survivors president Roosevelt anti inflation program tonight ordered Secretary of agriculture Claude Wickard to set up immediately in and United states military forces aboard was torpedoed and sunk in Cabot Strait wednesday moing Navy minister Angus Macdonald announced tonight dispatches from St Johns said 130 persons were missing and that 36 bodies had been recovered Byi Motorboat searching parties work ing the Waters along the Newfoundland coast soldiers victims Macdonald said both u s and Canadian soldiers were among the victims he added that a score or More women and children either were killed by the blast of the torpedo fired from a Ger Man submarine or drowned when the ship Sank l had been landed at a Canadian port the bodies of Thiee women and four children Werp among those that have been found St charged one sector soviet artillerymen and infantry Desti oved five German tanks four Trench mortars 16 machine guns two anti tank guns 28 fortifications and pillboxes and wiped out two companies of infantry the High command said san oct 16 up formal charges of kidnapping Vivian Miller four Vear old san Francisco girl tonight were filed against or and mrs Beaumont Dubois childless Portland Ore couple municipal judge Thomas f Prendergast set bail at Cash or s50 000 Bond each or and mrs Dubois last night signed a confession at red Bluff Calif Savig Beaumont look the child daughter of or and Morris Miller of san Francisco from in front of a san Francisco residence tuesday and drove with her and his wife to Grants pass Ore where they left her unharmed at a school san Francisco officers and the child s father a shipyard worker were in route to Grants pass to bring her Back to san Francisco along with the suspects held at the red Bluff jail or and mrs Dubois were arrested at red Bluff last night w Hen a truck Der saw their Ore gon automobile License number flashed by san Francisco police after the kidnapping do boys 39, an electrician claimed he took the child because he wanted a daughter of his own and could t have one he said he and his wife abandoned her at the school because he read about the widespread search in a newspaper and thought it was getting too hot for me no Ransom w As asked the kidnapping change under the California penal code Caines a sentence of one to 25 years in prison upon conviction spa Perl six men die ferry command ship is Down Dallas Tex oct 16 the army ferry service command at love Field tonight said that six men had been killed in the crash of a medium bomber 18 Miles West of Dallas the victims were unidentified said a statement and their names Are not to be made Public until next of pm Are notified the bomber was said to have been on a routine flight it struck level terrain near a radio station Tower and Only 100 Yards from a Highway the Craft did not Burn the Caribou of 2 222 tons was a passenger ship owned by the new Machmer to regulate farm w Ages he issued the order a few hours after disclosing he already had found land government Ard she asked the Treasury and the War plied Between Newfoundland and Canadian ports Tew details few Del ills of the attack were revealed either Here or in St Johns and it was not known if the ship was under naval escort at the time Macdonald said naval personnel was among those lost in the sink ing including nursing sister will Kie of Royal Canadian Navy she was the first of the Navy s nurses to lose her life m this War the Captain and members of the Crew went Down with the Caribou and the service men lost included members of the Royal Navy Mac Donald said dispatches from St Johns listed the missing ship Captain As Ben Tavernor and said his two sons also w Ere missing they also said two of the recovered bodies All of which were found floating m life jackets had been identified As those of John Sheppard of Aub urn n a and p h Cowley of Monti Eal subscribers attention delivery service in the face of increasing difficulties the Nevada state journal is endeavouring to maintain 100 per cent delivery service to subscribers we ask your cooperation. If you miss your paper please Telephone the journal office 4121, before 8 30 a m and one will be sent to you by special messenger we cannot give special service after 830 a m because we have no messenger after that time Lack of tires has forced the commercial Agency used by the Jour Nal for special delivery to go out of business the boys who deliver your paper want to give you Good service they receive a Bonus for Good service and they want to know when you do not receive your paper on sundays special delivery service will be Given until 10 30 am. Labor Board to proceed with Nec Essary regulations to control All salaries under the White House made Public the text of a letter from Barnes to Wickard m which he asked Quick action he fixed no specific Levels at which the wages should or would be pegged his letter previously i have discussed with you the question of wages for agricultural workers it is my intention to place this matter exclusively within the Lun diction of the department of agn culture it is therefore urgent that machinery be set up immediately for this purpose will you As soon As possible submit to me your proposals for the establishment of an Organiza Tion to Deal with the wages of farm workers meanwhile i shall refer to you All problems which come before me in this connection wages of most War Industry workers already Are being stabilized on the basis of the lbs Little steel formula which holds that workers generally Are entitled to increases commensurate with the 15 per cent increase in the Cost of living since Early 1941 oct 16 president Roosevelt in a report on the now Deal spending record auction of expenses for medical advised Congress today that non Hes in one area were being evac care Muired by the tax payer and War expenditures for the current rated to billeting stations his family. Vear Aie 356 per cent below Sand bag barriers were erected Evilier the conferees had agreed the 1939 Peak fiscal year around the sewage pumping Plant on the five per cent Victory tax r q6 acc Oltmer the m southea5t Washington to pre with slight modifications and had in p3ge, the vent a possible Backwash of sew adopted a s350 exemption for de Compromise Between the House figure and the original 5300 Senate figure they had hoped to Complete action on the measure tonight but scheduled another meeting for to Mono morning the conferees did not act on a Senate proposal to give corporations a 10 per cent credit on their made plam the magnitude Dens and emergency feeding and of the confronting the Amer president included budget Esti age Tram schedules particularly mates for the current fiscal Vear to Southern Points weird erupted placing total expenditures at 000000000 including is. Identified As Armand Knapp is m he Northern part of the Morne Black and Joseph Gerald he second go to be the handsome Flynn who i m that area m two Days done As much swashbuckling off ,. The sound stages As on said he d met the almost childish looking miss Hansen at a Bel air dinner party last sept 27 he insisted however that he had not taken her to an upstairs bedroom As charged by District attorney John f Dockweiler the prosecutor was incensed be cause the grand jury refused last night to indict Flynn and the others on the basis of the Story told by the girl Laval position said weakening by United press unrest Over the Vichy program to Send workers to Germany was reported Friday night to be sweep ing France and the position of chief of government Pierre Laval was said to be weakening Laval Able to Muster Only one eighth of 150000 skilled French workers b the German set dead line on thursday Wau said to be in danger of being ousted by the it might he said lie quietly for i disgruntled a belief per an indefinite period or on other hand might explode if Dis Turbed by a passing ship listed that the germans might m Tro auce forced labor in both occupied and unoccupied France. It was announced today the vessel was attacked off bum on the Southern trip of Bou Gainville Island 330 Miles North West of Guadalcanal where Amer ican soldiers and marines Are de fending their positions against heavy japanese attacks the rest of the Allied Aerial offensive was directed against the former portuguese dutch Island of timor Northwest of Australia and Iti new Guinea where for the second straight Day the communique reported the australian ground offensive across the Stanley mountains still was stalled on the North Summit. Establish relations Washington oct 16 the cuban embassy announced to night that the governments of Cuba and soviet Russia have established diplomatic and consular rela ions for the development of Friendly and commercial ties be tween the two nations the agreement makes Cuba the first latin amen can Republic to establish diplomatic relations with Russia Smice the outbreak of War. Both countries Are members of the United

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