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Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - October 4, 1934, Reno, NevadaMet i prices bar bar London new York unchanged at 50vic new electrolytic Blue eagle.9.00c n. 3.60c e. St. Loilis.3.45c East St. Louis 3.87c established november 28, 1870 vol. Xiii. No. 326. Entered As second class matter at Post office Reno Nevada the to client of the United press forecast for Day Friday increasing cloudiness and cooler. Temperature yesterday. Highest 71 lowest. 35 Reno Nevada thu Shay october 4, 1934 75c a month by Carrier a tear by Mali Pekoe five gents 400 trial sensation May halt Vanderbilt squabble Over baby Gloria Likely to be settled by h. Allen Smith United press staff correspondent new York Oft. Vanderbilt the morgans and the Whitney embroiled in one of the Juiciest court Battles of the Century appeared tonight to be approach ing an agreement on the question of where 10-year-old Gloria Vander bilt heiress to shall make her Home. A two Day truce in the court fight was ordered by Justice John p. Car new in supreme court while at least two members of european nobility were preparing to hurry to new York and to the Aid of Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt 29-year-old Mother of Little Gloria. Mrs. Vanderbilt is accused by her Mother of being unfit to have custody of the child. May end Case the Public airing of soiled Linen that has marked the Case to Date May be abruptly ended by an out of court settlement it was reported though the reason for the two Day recess was Given As the illness of the Mother of Nathan Burkman who is mrs. Vanderbilt s attorney. There is no Chance of any set said Herbert c. Smythe attorney for mrs. Harry Payne Whitney Little Gloria s aunt who now has custody of the child. Yet rumours persisted that everybody involved wants to bring the matter to a conclusion without resort to further sensational revelations. Wild parties told the court action is an attempt by mrs. Vanderbilt to regain Cus Tody of her child through a writ of Hareas Corpus. Mrs. Whitney continued on Page 3 Rickenbacker pictures fantastic future War munitions Racket tax urged by senator Washington oct. A 98 per cent income tax in Brack ets above automatically effective with declaration of War was urged tonight by senator Gerald p. I Nye North Dakota As i the most effective Way to promote peace. Nye chairman of the Senate com Mittee investigating munitions said he was thoroughly convinced that dangers of War would be greatly reduced by eliminating profit from War activities of private concerns government control make the government the sole munitions he said and write now not after we v Egone to War Law which will fix rates of taxation to apply upon incomes automatically with the declaration of War. Miake these rates double existing rates on incomes up to and 98 per cent on All Over that amount. Do that and then observe the number of Jingo its diminish sen then what strength will come to the Effort to stay out of Racket scored Nye spoke of facts brought out during the recent investigation of his committee and pointed to Evi Dence showing that governments in Many cases either knowingly or unknowingly munitions Rakers in boosting their sales. The committee listened Nye said to men striving to defend acts which found them nothing More than International racketeers Bent upon gaining profit through a game of arming the world to fight itself. It is not an exaggeration to say that the manufacture and Sale of the munitions of War is an unadulterated a blushing world Racket of Large proportion overshadowing rack ets of which we have so Sun to be used to Burn up cities Washington oct. A fart attic picture of the next War in which whole cities would be burned to ashes by the Sun s rays was presented to the Federal aviation commission today by col. Eddie Rickenbacker famous War Ace. He envisioned artillery Battles Between giant aircraft while ground forces engaged in similar conflict. Air planes he said would carry giant lenses to great Heights and with them focus the Sun s rays. The resulting heat sent to the ground will Burn up he added. War in air commissioners listened closely while talked tout made no comment. The War Pilot said the United states had an in adequate air defense and no knowledge of tactics Wutoh might be used in future conflicts. Air planes in the next War will pick up fast tanks and drop them Over enemy lines without Landing. Then they la return to their own lines for another Load. Planes will be mounted with Small Dannon and artillery Battles will be fought in the air just As on the ground. Urges friendliness entire armies will be moved in huge transport planes capable of flying at High altitudes so that they can hide from enemy he told the commission the United states should join with Japan in operation of passenger airlines across the Bali Ifica. Such a serv ice he said would Foster friendliness Between the two Powers. He recommended a 10-year development program with civil Avia Tion placed under a regulatory non partisan commission. Politics he said already has destroyed much of our bombings terrorize soldiers patrol streets in Cuba for cubans revolution tax on radio sets sought commercial broadcasting would be replaced by new plan Washington oct. A tax on radio receiving sets such As levied in great Britain was suggested to the Federal communications commission today to finance broadcasts uncontrolled by commercial interests. Armstrong Perry of the nation Al committee for education by radio offered the plan and denied the Public would be imposed upon if it were taxed. He said the entire population now supports the radio Industry instead of that part which owns receiving sets. Better and More instructive pro Grams would toe Perry said. Tax revenues could support stations which otherwise would de Pend on commercial hawaiian rights May be reviewed by court Washington oct. The District of Columbia supreme court today overruled the motion of government counsel Tor dismissal of the hawaiian sugar planters in Junction suit against the Jones Costigan sugar act and thereby paved the Way for an ultimate re View toy the United states supreme court the status of Hawaii As a territory and the rights of its Citi Zens. Upholsterers on strike san Francisco oct. Coastwise strike of furniture upholsterers and the american radio Telegraph lists association s or Ders for operators to quit work on the Pacific steamship company s coastal liners Ruth Alexander and Emma Alexander provided sore spots in labor today. Actress Engineer wed Bounder City oct. Jean Page Young Hollywood film actress and Cecil former student at California Institute of technology left today on a honeymoon after their marriage Here. They will live in Denver where Kilgore is an employee of the Recla 13 Inch Check circulated As nevadans stunt stranger there is a Check floating a wind this Check what is a Check and what should rate a capital thirteen inches Long and five inches deep is this overstuffed piece of negotiable finance. The queer thing about it is that it is Good. This 13x5" Check represents five Iron men and can be exchanged any place in Reno for five Gem Iwine Pittman Silver Dol Lars. It is backed up at the first National Bank by the nevadans and is being circulated in con Junction with the annual admission Day Celebration. The object is to see How Many endorsements the Check will Bear by october 31. The Holder of the Check can Cash it anywhere after october 31 and receive full value. Bandits seize Midwest town marauders hold villagers at Bay during Bank Holdup Gresham was., oct. Sheriffs posses spread across the Menominee Indian reservation and into the North Woods tonight on the Trail of four bandits who seized this Village and held its residents at Toay Shdie they looted a Bank for three hours Flie bandits striking terror like a band of Rov ing cossacks were in Complete control of the Village and its 300 persons. Before they left the bandits blew the Safe of the state Bank of Gresham and fled with preacher nearly loses pulpit Church bums Portland ore., oct. Or. H. Guy Goodsell of Colorado Springs came close to being deprived of a pulpit from which to preach when the first methodist Church Here caught fire late today. Spontaneous combustion in the pageant property room directly under the main Entrance of the Church caused a fire which was checked Only after Quick work by firemen. Insu Ljury is Complete 12 Are selected to judge guilt of fallen magnate Chicago oct. Men who would have been too in significant to obtain 10 minutes of Samuel Insull s time a few years ago were picked today to sit on the Federal jury which will Send him to prison or vindicate my. The jury upon which Falls the Job of judging the greatest Indus trial debacle of the age was completed in the my Obogany panelled courtroom of judge James h. Wal Kerson Les than two Days after the 74-year-old coax of a two billion Dollar Utility was brought to trial. With 16 associates including his son Junior and other men some of whom he lifted from obscurity to fabulous Power Insun is charged with using Tihe United states mails to defraud thousands of investors. Cow s Tail Worth Pitts ibid mass., oct. Cow s Tail is Worth Berkshire county commissioners decided in upholding a damage suit brought by Mark Drumm of Stock Bridge against the owner of a dog that chewed the Bossy s Fly swatter off. The commissioners agreed with Drumm that insect annoyance after loss of the Tail reduced the cow s value As a milk giver. Havana Cuba oct. Terroristic activities gripped Havana and Santiago tonight tenseness in the unsettled economic situation increased. Twelve bombs exploded in Havana during the evening despite police and Soldier vigilance. Over 20 bombs exploded in Sajn Tiago since 7 . Firing heard in carious pants of the City. Cavalry and infantry patrolled the streets. Firing is heavy mysterious heavy shooting broke out in Central Park in Haw att panicking pedestrians. No casual ties were reported. Police confiscated copies of the new daily newspaper Ultima Hoite and ordered arrest of the editor Aldo Barioni who was in hiding for publication of an stat ing that a revolutionary group planned to dynamite sugar Mills and kill Spanish residents in an Effort to return Cuba to the cd Power lines Cut mid town. Santiago was plunged into darkness when electric line were Cut. Two Bombe outside police Headquarters. Regional federation of Klaibor ated with the cuban federation of labor ordered a 24-hour general strike in Santiago starting at mid night thursday. Sailors patrolled the streets of Cienfuegos in View of a threat ened terroristic outbreak. A Large bomb damaged the Home of Man Uel Stu Arez politician. California u. Grad. Hangs self in closet Berkeley oal., oct. The body of Nicholas John dermis off 33, russian born and a Grad uate of the University of califor Nia in 1930, was found hanging by the neck in a clothes closet of his Rooming House at 2311 Durant ave nue today. Nick Protopopoff a Friend Dis covered the body. He called to accompany Denisoff to Richmond where both were employed in an automobile assembling Plant Marilyn marries Marilyn Miller comedy Star weds dancer Man in Rube costume is Best Man at n. Ceremony ha1rrison, n. Y., oct. Usher Beautiful Musi Cal comedy 3tta, was married for the third time Here monday night with a Man in Rube costume serving As beast Man. Miss Miller former wife of the late Jack fuck Ford became the Bride of Chester o Brien new York dancer at a ceremony per formed in the office of William Wilding town clerk at about 10 o clock in the evening. Wilding wore Brown overalls a cutaway coat a torn Straw hat and Whiat he described As fake Nanny Goat whiskers during the wedding which was performed by Justice of the peace Leo Miritz Ler. Sure she kissed said wild ing. I Haven t got All the lip stick wiped off my face yet. I did t Kinas her. She kissed f mss Muffler o Brien and Lois Montgomery new York actress arrived in Harrison at about 9 . They went to the town Hall and found that All the offices except that housing the police department were locked. A policeman told them town clerk Wilding was attending a barn dance in a they proceeded to the garage and got the clerk. Date set for Lindy Case trial new York prepares Brief against Hauptmann As extortionist new York oct. Gal machinery which May Send Bruno Richard Hauptmann to the electric chair on a charge of Mur Dering baby Charles Augustus Lindbergh or. Was put in motion to night at Flemington n. J., while new York authorities were preparing to place the prisoner on. Trial on an extortion indictment. Sheriff John h. Curtiss of Hun Tendon county new Jersey was instructed to Call an immediate ses Sion of the county grand jury to bring fresh indictments against Hauptmann and it appeared Likely that the sullen German Carpenter would be taken across the Hudson River before the extortion Case was brought to trial in the Bronx. Trial october 11 county judge James m. Barrett of the Bronx set october 11 As the Date for trial of Hauptmann on the indictment which accuses him of extorting Ransom from the dead baby s father colonel Lind Bergh. It was made Clear How Ever that the extortion Case will not be brought to trial then if new Jersey authorities ask for custody of the prisoner. The extortion Case was strength ened when miss Cecil ban theater cashier identified Hauptmann As the Man who had passed a certificate part of the Ransom Money on november 26, 1933. Defense hit miss bait s identification refutes Che prisoner s claim that he was not aware of the fact that he had in Lindbergh Ransom Money until about a month ago. He has said that the Money was left in a cardboard Box by the late Isidor Pisch and that he did not discover the Box s contents until three weeks before his arrest. We Lle Feder Ajr City arid state agencies Prate Ederl with vesti gation into every known phase of the Case Hauptmann was placed today under the scrutiny of alien continued on Page 4 textile workers pledge Aid in Roosevelt plan administration heartened by offer Railroad r ports formulated by coordinator by Arthur f. Degreve United press staff correspondent Washington oct. Of the most powerful unions in organized labor today pledged its cooperation in president Roosevelt s trial period of Industrial peace. In a letter to the chief executive Francis j. Gorman vice president of tie United textile workers said his Union was prepared to enter into a six months truce with Industry at once. The Only qualification the right of the workers to bargain collectively would not be imperilled through such an agreement. Administration officials regarded Gorman s offer As a heartening sign. It was emphasized that president Roosevelt will move cautiously in negotiating an armistice Between capital and labor. He prom ised in his message to the nation that neither of the warring factions would be asked to abandon tools common to Industrial conflict. Rail problems labor and other problems con granting the railroads Are being incorporated into four reports by transportation coordinator Joseph b. Eastman the president said. The reports will cover the extant of direct and in direct substitution of carriers by the government a Survey of wages and working conditions on carriers other than railroads the question of the pooling of rail freight cars with the recommendations that All Box cars be pooled for use of All lines and the handling of Passen Ger traffic. New Aba goal until he has studied these re ports or. Roosevelt said no work would be started on Railroad legis lation to be submitted to the 14th Congress. President Roosevelt reiterated to Day his Torlief that one of the chief problems confronting the new governing Board of the Era is that of assuring workers an adequate living wage based net on a weekly Reno Man injured As truck strikes him a. T. Rice of 475 East eighth Street was injured last night when he was struck by a Highway department truck driven by r. Mcginness. According to witnesses Rice was crossing South Virginia Street and stepped from in Back of a parked truck directly in the path of the oncoming car. He was taken to a Hospital where it was said his injuries were not serious although he was badly Cut and bruised. The Accident was witnessed toy o. H. Mcginty and h. L. Cameron. Japanese Crew is held Manila thursday oct. Consul Kimura said today that the Crew of the fish ing boat Kain Maru. Held at for Mosa had not yet been exonerated of a charge of attacking and toss ing overboard three Philippines policemen. Aviator is suicide los Angeles oct. An autopsy report today by or. A. F. Wagner branded As a suicide death of Charles Ste Mach hand some Young aviator whose wounded body was found at Malibu Beach. Samuel Mellon held for assault trial los Angeles oct. Samuel w. Mellon wealthy Oil Man and. Second Cousin of former treas Ury Secretary Andrew w. Mellon today was held for Trail charged with beating mrs. Viola Herington. Mrs. Herington testified Mellon struck her with a Telephone when she tried to intervene in a quarrel Between the Oil Man and his Friend Rose Marie Mink. Mellon did testify in his own defense but a motion of his counsel to dismiss the charge on the ground Mellon was intoxicated at the time was de Nied. L. A. Attorney banned from court practice los Angeles oct. Carl Kegley attorney and prominent political figure was suspended from Federal court practice for three years toy judge George m. Cos grave today. Kegley was accused of misconduct in connection with the recent trial of e. E. Wiley attorney and others charged with complicity in a hot Bond ring. Kegley while investigating the Case allegedly accepted a retainer to act As Wiley s counsel. Revolution in Spain planned but on a yearly income. Winter belief american tragedy confessions Are put in evidence written statement said to Point to guilt of youth county court House Wilkes Barre pa., oct. Written statements allegedly by Bobbie Edwards that he struck and killed his neigh boyhood a Etheart Freda. Mckeccnie on july 30, were admitted As evidence in the youth s murder trial tonight by judge w. A. Entine Frank r. Mcguigan defense counsel objected to the statements toeing admitted but the court overruled is plates pcs. John Jones who Taa vacation ing Lestinea be found Tine Bawd Jaek which Bobbie is accused of using to slug Freda to death As she swam by him on the Stormy raining night. The Jack was about 180 feet from Shore in feet of he said he not know yet How Jones he for the which the this goal could toe achieved. Col. Precautions Are taken As socialist uprising scheduled Madrid were ordered held to their bar Racks tonight and widespread pre cautions were taken to guard communications lines and Public build Ings following a report that a socialist revolutionary movement was scheduled to begin Early tomorrow. At the Interior ministry it was understood that the socialists would begin their movement with a general strike to be ordered the moment Alejandro Terroux new Premier announced the com Posl Tion of his Cabinet. Terroux was expected to report the creation of his government to president Niceto Acala Zambia some time tomorrow. Tokyo is unperturbed Tokyo thursday oct. Government officiate were represented today As being entirely undisturbed at testimony be fore the Federal aviation con his Sion of brigadier general William Mitchell u. S. A., retired Advocat ing construction of a powerful Fleet of dirigible capable of attacking Japan. Mrs. Roosevelt urges Faith in living experiments by Ruby a. Black United press staff correspondent Washington oct. Franklin d. Roosevelt to Day asked the people to have Faith and courage enough to put a Little Money into experimenting in new methods of she said Tihe government s search for new standards of Liv ing and ways of decentralizing Industry in its experimental Community in Reedsville w. Va., is Compaq Kalble with Industry spend ing Large sums in research and1 to learn How to make automobiles and air planes better Street cars and telephones. Itoe Money spent in usually brings profits in the end she said. Mrs. Roosevelt accompanied by mrs. Henry Morgenthau wife of the Secretary of the treas Ury mrs. Henry Goddard Leacil of new York and miss Gertrude Ely of Bryn mawr pa., candidate for the Pennsylvania state sen ate will visit the Reedsville Community again on october 13-14. She has made Many trips there and spent much time helping1 develop the project which has been attacked in Congress and elsewhere private funds Are being used for experiments in education and methods Ait i Reedsville most of this fund was raised toy Mir Roosevelt s summer radio talks the Money from went directly to the Quaker committee in charge of the work. A second factory is to be established at Reedsville to give world to members of the Comto Unity in addition to the Branch of a Leveland electric Plant which will make parts for vacuum cleaners there. The subsistence Farmers

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