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Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Reno, NevadaThe temperature recorded yesterday 55 degrees lowest 35 degrees. Fore cast for today fair and warmer. Freya a Slite Roumal Silver 1n London 23 1-24 new York 49 3-4c. Tin. Bid. Electrolytic casting Lead Spelter. 413.25. No 140 Reno Nevada thursday May 20, 1915 Price five cents merger mines litigation settled Legal tangle Over Goldfield properties compromised peace Pean san Francisco conference re sults in tentative offers be ing. Submitted to end difficulties threatening mines directors to meet to ratify May 28th Erickson Wingfield Witte More Clark and other inter ested magnates make con Cessions to restore peace special to Tho journal. Francisco May gation that has tied up the Goldfield merger mines company involved the jumbo Extension and threatened to embroil Many the leading proper ties in Goldfield virtually has been settled. At a conference today the principals in the various companies Tenta Tive proposals for a settlement were made and agreed to by those present and it was announced that the terms settlement Oxild be submitted to the merger directors at a special meeting called for this City for May 28. Today s conference was attended by John Erickson and Edgar Ames Seattle both whom Are Large minority stockholders in the merger Frederick Bausman attorney for Carl m. Johanson receiver for the merger George Wingfield president the Goldfield consolidated j. Ross Clark president the Salt Lake Road also a director merger and c. O. Wittemore another merger director who is restrained by the court order from participating in fur ther meetings the Board. Proposals Are complicated the proposals looking to an adjust ment the difficulties Are said to be complicated and somewhat technical and it will require several Days investigation before a summary can be Given. Authoritative announcement was made tonight that the presence Here receiver Johanson and his attorney gave Assurance that there will be no further litigation As had been threatened at least until the present peace negotiations shall have been submitted for ratification. Additional suits authorized by the Federal court at Seattle probably will not be filed for several flays and will not be brought at All if the present negotiations end satisfactorily. Both sides want peace it is understood that both sides came Forward with proposals settlement indicating that peace is highly desired and virtually assured. The receivership now in Force was brought about by the minority inter ests in merger objecting to the Sale the velvet claim to the jumbo Extension. Following the Sale Ore was developed in the territory and the minority expressed dissatisfaction at the Price obtained for the claim hold ing it to be insufficient. Hundreds streams in Missouri overflow Kansas City a. May Hun Al rect Small streams Are out their Banka and Many larger creeks and Rivers Are approaching flood stage in Kansas Northern Oklahoma and Western Missouri. This District has received from Tow to five inches rain in the last "48 hours and in Many sections rain still is falling. Heavy damage is reported by True Farmers and Orchard owners. Knights ousted. May 20, a. Times today says it understands that a Royal warrant will be issued removing All aliens from the Rolls British orders King Italy termed right Man in right place by noted italian poet alter private audience Rome May 19 10-10 p. The poet who has been a noted figure among the Strong advocates National expansion was received today in private audience King Victor Emmanuel and when he returned from the Palace he said certainly King Victor Emmanuel is the right Man in the right King whom in this supreme moment describing the interview d Amunzio said he was struck by the wonderful Power the Sovereign and the knowledge he possessed All the Complex problems now agitating Europe. It would be impossible to imagine a better informed said the poet. On hearing my speak one might almost receive the impression at one moment that he was in Paris conversing with a statesman thoroughly Comers ant with the subject from the French viewpoint at others in Berlin talking with a minister the German emperor in London in Vienna Petrograd. The Ballnus and Eastern Mediterranean Are so familiar to him that he might have lived there All his life. His lucidity mind is astounding and Only surpassed by his unpretentious manner which Puta one completely at East. There is that this ruler in addition to fulfilling the Cutie state Coula absorb so much knowledge and such a Clear and certain perception foreign countries interests Ami Kaiser Germany has narrow escape from russian Shell heavy Shell bursts 500 Yards away emperor s chauffeur is killed Geneva via Paris May 20, a. Geiman can Perot and his staff had a narrow escape sunday while watching the operations in a Village near the River san in Galicia. According to a dispatch from Buda pest which reached Here by in direct route a heavy Shell burst 500 Yards it fell among some automobiles destroying Sev eral machines including the emperor a and killing his chauffeur. The emperor had left his car Only 15 minutes before. As More russian shells were falling in the neighbourhood the emperor and his staff left hastily in machines which they commandeered. Yaquis raiding ranches when american colonists put Stop to sport attempt to drive raiders out precipitates Battle three colonists killed Douglas ariz., May american colonists at Esperanza were he aggressors in the Lecent Battle Ith yaqui indians in which three were killed according 10 a dispatch received Here today from so gales Sonora. The indians were ranches owned by mexicans in he Vicinity the message says when a arty americans interfered attempted to drive the raiders this interference precipitated a Battle. Drawing near Border advices received Here by the Villa forces stats that general Trujillo with 1100 followers is gradually drawing toward the Border from the Vicinity Arizpe while another Villa Force numbering 1000, whose Leader is not Nown Viero is marching nac Ozari. Both forces half which Are said to be yaqui indians Are headed for Agua Pieta. With the exception a few Small scouting parties the army general Calles the Carranza commander is inside the at Agua piety. The Railroad to nac Ozari is out commission because burned Bridges. King improving. Athens via London. May with the exception a troublesome cough the condition King co Stan Tine. Who is suffering from pleurisy was said today to be favourable. His temperature was Given at "101. Frontier towns in hands military authorities troop trains congest lines spirit. Soldiers excellent four regiments guard Flag carbine ers italian Frontier via Paris May Frontier towns Udine Bellono Vernoa and Brescia As Well is their respective provinces., Are entirely in the hands the Mili tary authorities and trains carrying Field guns horses troops ammunition and provisions Are contesting Al along the lines. The peasants houses Are occupied by officers every family being obliged according to its size and Means to provide lodging and in some cases meals for one More officers. The spirit the italian troops is excellent and the officers Are full Confidence not Only because the enthusiasm displayed by the men but by reason superiority their arms. Poi Worful machine gun it is said that Italy possesses the most powerful machine gun in exist ence capable firing 1400 bullets a minute covering an a a 5-0-0 Square Yards. Italy has also adopted a new Type gun Carriage enabling the transport even up Steep mountains heavy siege guns through a mechanism in the Carriage which pro Pels the Cannon. Twenty nine thousand carabiners Nave been recalled under the colors and there Are about select troops which can be used for scouting and Advance guard service. But these have been grouped into four regiments to which has been entrusted the Flag which the carabiners carried in 1s4s, when under the leadership King Charles Albert himself they Defeated the austrians. Wear austrian uniforms a Large contingent italian sol Diers Are wearing uniforms made cloth originally intended for Austria but Sequest rated As contraband War. The cloth is somewhat different in color from that worn by the rest the italian army being a deeper Green. The greatest anxiety is Felt for Venice where Large platforms have been hastily constructed for new Bat teries to protect the town. The danger to the monuments from Aero planes is recognized. Protective Meas ures have also been taken in Florence Rome and Naples whence the austrians can easily reach these towns from the Dalmatian coast. Nebraska Snow storm continues unabated Ellsworth neb., May snowstorm that began yesterday has continued unabated with a depth one foot the ground and1 sign abatement. The Snow is wet and heavy causing considerable inconvenience to Stock. The storm is the longest in duration known Here for the month May. Every Day terms in pulpit should take place sunday voice Chicago pastor urges ministers get rid sunday voice and language Cincinnati o., May if Church members would demand that ministers get rid their sind May voices and and speak in every terms it Oulu be very helpful to the peo ple and the Church according to thet Rev. W. Hansen Pulsford Chi Cago in addressing the an Nual session the Western uni tarian c Oinie Pence Here spoke the subject Freedom in the Rev. Robert s. Loring Ann Arbor Mich said tracts should be presented like those a Hundred years ago intended to make the worker contented with his lot. Such tracts should be sent to members labor unions. They might Lead to Contentment and they might Lead to profanity. We May not approve profanity butt is sometimes a higher moral value As a Spur to social Reform than is quiet resignation and religious British Steamer Dumfries at tacked two members Crew Are killed trawler sunk off Rattray head and Crew landed no warnings Given london1, May admiralty reports that the British Steamer Dumfries was torpedoed at clock this morning. All hands were saved. It is added that the Steamer is still afloat 25 Miles Southwest Hartland Point. The Dumfries which is 4121 tons Gross left Cardiff tuesday for leg Horn. Rescued by patrol boats Plymouth eng., May 20, a members. The Crew the Steamer Dumfries have been landed at Ilfracombe. They were picked up half an hour after the Steamer was. Two Lascar the Crew drowned and two others were badly injured. The Captain the Dumfries says that neither he nor any the Crew saw the submarine. They took to the boats and were rescued by a patrol boat. Submarine sinks. Trawler 20-, the trawler Lucerne was sunk by a1 German submarine forty Miles off Rattray head wednesday. Of the trawler twa3 landed. Clamor for privilege giving away wealth without compensation Western executives continue session at Seattle discuss states rights Trail brought to an end and expected verdict May be reached this evening attorney pleads that colonel be permitted continue Power for Good Seattle wash., May Syracuse n. To May squander resources Given them by the Federal government executives attend t ing the Western governors conference Ivere told today by some their number. Emmet d. Boyle governor be said the slates were clamouring for the privilege giving away their there is not much use unlock no resources when someone is wait no to pack them out the he said. Away Timber lands former governor Oswald West Oregon said that when the govern nent gave his state thirty five billion get Timber for school purposes the Tate made haste to sell it for ten ends a thousand feet that same Tim Ber now being Worth a thousand. The legislature he said gave All the Ide lands three Ocean harbours in Benton county to a Railroad without cent compensation and had let go most four million acres Given he government for school lands the Salt million remaining acres he said Vas Scab Coli tool. Water Power governor carlson1 Colorado read paper favouring state control water Ower. Sentiment seemed to favor postponing action until september 1-22, when the governors will attend he National water Power conference n Portland Ore. Governor Georgia petitioned to commute sentence to life imprisonment Charleston w. Va., May the state Senate late today adopted i joint Resolution petitioning the gov nor Georgia to commute the death sentence to life imprisonment n the ease Leo prank convicted tilling Mary Phagan. Eini Sylvania joins in Harrisburg pa., May Enn Sylvania legislature tonight adopted a concurrent Resolution request no the governor Georgia to com Nute the death sentence Leo m. Convicted murder that he May be Given the Opportunity lovin dictate agreement made at request Pope ended germans not treated fairly London May ence Between the British minister at he Vatican and the foreign Olyce Dis closes the fact that Germany has re oked the agreement made at the re quest the Pope for the British and German civilian and in capacitated prisoners independently the question Milliard age. The Vatican has explained that the action was taken because great Britain was not treating German submarine prisoners a s Ordinary prisoners War. Enters Mon Astbury. Geneva. 20, a. Ledochowski general the society Jesus a he known As the Black arrived at thei bin Sideln monastery in the Canton yesterday it is stated that at i monastery until the end of4he-War. M. Bowers chief counsel far Theodore Roosevelt in the trial William Barnes suit for libel spent three hours today in summing up for the Benefit the jury the Case the de sense. Near the conclusion his address he asserted that the action brought by the former chairman the Republican slate committee was a purposed act the machine to de stroy colonel Roosevelt s Ivins to argue today. Or. Bowers used up much More time than had been allowed him. For that reason the summing up the Case the plaintiff was postponed until tomorrow morning. William m. Ivins chief counsel for. Barnes said tonight that he might conclude within an hour. Supreme court Justice William m. Andrews presiding will then deliver his charge to the jury. That completed the jury will retire and begin deliberations. A verdict May be re turned late tomorrow. Compare the two principals in his address. Bowers Dis cussed the testimony Given by. Barnes and colonel Roosevelt and their respective witnesses. He urged that the jury consider the evasions and in a sense the denials. Barnes. He urged a comparison be tween the two principals. Or. Bowers questioned the truth Many the statements made 6y. Barnes and presented exhaustive arguments de signed to convince the jury that his client was justified in saying the things he did about. Barnes. Guide the nation in concluding his address. Bow ers described colonel Roosevelt As closely following president Wilson As a guide the then he referred to his client and Lis ease in this manner the people s True representative. Jurors will you let him be broken Down and destroyed stand for Nim stand for he people. Give no vote to accomplish the purpose sought by this action. Meet the responsibility that rests upon you with a Clear conscience and Theo Dore Roosevelt will remain a Power for diplomatic affairs All War ring nations now cared for by neutrals Washington May Italy were to enter the european conflict american ambassadors ministers and consuls abroad would add to their Al ready numerous tasks the custody italian interests in Austria Germany and Turkey As Well As austrian interests in Italy. Inasmuch As Italy has been acting for Russia in Turkey the american embassy in Constanti Nople is expected to take Over rus Sian affairs. Switzerland would handle Overman interests in Italy. The diplomatic and consular machinery the United states govern Mentie caring for the affairs More countries and nationalities than any one nation has in the history the world. An appropriation 000 in the last Congress provided for extra clerical help and interpreters. Caring for the diplomatic and con sular interests a Friendly nation is a Courtesy the expense which is borne by the Neutral country. The United states now represents Austria Germany Turkey Belgium Servia great Britain France Russia and Japan All belligerents in various quarters the Globe. Saltillo captured Eagle Texas May Saltillo capital the mexican state Coahuila fell into Carranza Haws monday according to persons reach ing Piedras today from that City. Final Siep by Italy 10 be decide definite announcement expected from foreign office when chamber deputies meet Austria submits new plan government decided course to pursue austrians Hope to inflict serious defeat in Russia that troops May be hurried to meet new foe from South London May Italy is confine itly believed to be making her final preparations to enter the War the Side the allies Austria who Mouldi be the first object her Al ack is with her German ally at Empting to inflict such a defeat. Russia that she will be Able to divert rooms if necessary to meet her now in the South. Decides t Pon course dispatches from Rome continue to in somewhat contradictory but the majority agree that the italian gov rement has definitely decided the ice War that the German Ami austrian ambassadors Are preparing leave Rome and that the Consul generals those two countries Are con to leave their posts if not Al Eady. Few proposals submitted the other hand a message rom no through Paris says that Austria As submitted new proposals which he Hopes will induce Italy to remain Neutral. A definite announcement is expert d from the italian foreign office be Ore the chamber deputies meets Omorrow. Meanwhile the austrian armies in conjunction with those Germany continue massed attacks against the russians who Are a tempting to form new line behind the River san boil Orth and South Psi Emyl and West f the Vistula River in Southern to these attacks according to the austrian and German reports have net with their greatest Success North f Przemysla where the germanic Al ies have succeeded in crossing Tho Iver and have occupied Sinawa he Eastern Bank. They also claim to have captured ome positions Southeast the for Mer austrian fortress while their heavy guns Are keeping up a Hom i ardent from the West. Ii Eck Soi Illi Poland Advance in Southern Poland their Progress not so marked the russians having iad Strong forces concentrated at in Gorod which they Able to iring into the Field and Check the

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