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Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 1

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Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Reno, Nevada Four Nat Nevada s Only morning and sunday newspaper the weather weather today will unsettled. Yesterday High 59 Low 28 full do Tail in Page 14 sixty ninth year no. 25. Established november 33. 1870 Reno Nevada sunday morning March 17, 1940 24 pages today -3 sections five cents thousands View premiere 130 entombed in mine Crews Battle fumes Deady gases delay Rescue work 68 reach safety bella1re, Ohio. March Crews battled deadly gases three Miles into the Willow Grove Coal mine tonight to reach an estimated 130 men entombed by a Gas explosion that took the lives of at least three miners. Reports from the mine six hours after the explosion indicated that 68 of More than 200 miners had been taken out alive but that the others were in grave danger. Badly a std Deputy sheriff Ralph Harri son of Belmont county describing the Rescue of the 68 miners said that some of them pretty much there s not much Hope for the remaining Harrison said As he returned from the mine film celebrants dance historical Nevada characters again live a pageant of the Bonanza clays brought personalities of that period of the history of Virginia City to life last night at the civic auditorium. Under the direction of mrs. Vincent Muller and Edward ser Nenza persons were selected to impersonate 45 individuals of the Comstock period. Some of the characters portrayed were Snowshoe Thomp son Mark Twain Dan de Quille. President and mrs. Abraham Lincoln James o Brien. The costume Ball began at p. M. At which time Reno item As Well As Hollywood stars and pageant participants arrived in full regalia to live again the milling Days of Vir Ginia City. A Large crowd at tended. Hollywood stars made their last personal appearances at the pageant. Britain loses peace urged 2 More ships Allied nazi planes Battle in air London. March by Roosevelt brotherhood of Man declared need Washington March great Britain announced the loss Roosevelt of two More naval trawlers today 16. Today a world radio audience that fare that also claimed two Mer chant ships. In addition it was disclosed tonight the Jugoslav steamship other reports stated Silva of 4.512 tons was sunk in that officials of the Hanna Coal Bristol Channel. One Man was lost and the rest of the Crew landed at a Welsh port. A Brit ish warship witnessed the sink ing. The admiralty disclosed that the naval trawler Maida had struck a mine and sunk with loss of skipper r. N. Citing of the Royal Navy and five enlisted men. The loss of the trawler Peridot which struck a wine had been announced earlier. Six such have been lost this year. The flight of Royal air Force planes Over Poland and Over the German naval base of Helgoland where they were met by German in renewal of sea and air War the world is seeking a moral basis company which operates the Lar Gest bituminous mine in Eastern Ohio had talked to some of the trapped men Over a mine Tele phone. These officials thought they would b rescued. 3 known dead the known dead were mine superintendent John Richards How Ard Sanders outside tipple fore Man and Ralph Sutton 35, of St. A runaway Coal train gave first indication of the explosion. Obviously out of control of the Motorman Steve Olexia the train shot out of the mine Entrance and was wrecked. It was discovered that Olexia was overcome by Gas fumes. Quickly revived he said that he approached the in trance he heard a blast behind Hirr. And gave Speed ahead. His motor full the fumes caught up with him fighting planes also was announced. Aircraft of the bomber com Mand of the Royal air Force car ried out reconnaissance Over Hel Goland bight this the air ministry oppo j sit Ion was experienced from enemy fighters and anti aircraft for a real peace recognizing the brotherhood of Man and guaranteeing the integrity of Small nations religious intellectual Freedom. Today we seek a basis for peace or. Roosevelt said speaking from the White House 21 republics file protest wit England u. S. Participates in vigorous note to London Washington. March slates today joined the other 20 american republics in a protest to he British govern ment Over violation of the. Ameri can safety Jne by British War ships that overhauled the German freighter Walkama off the Bra Zilian coast. The Crew of the Walkama scuttled the ship when hailed by the British warship. The incident the second since outbreak of hostilities in Europe to draw a joint pro test from the americas occurred on february 12. The previous incident was the famous Battle of the plate in which three British cruisers fought the Admiral Graf von Spee into the Haven of the Montivero Harbor where the German pocket Battle ship later was scuttled. Hostility charged costume Ball pageants conclude Virginia city9 film event Here governor greets friends protest the american republics declared that the fact of the British warships in overtaking on the program with Queen and on the 7700-ton Waka Wilhelmina of the Netherlands diplomats and religious leaders. It cannot be a Era peace if it fails to recognize brotherhood. It cannot be a lasting peace if the fruit of it is oppression or starvation or cruelty or human life dominated by armed Camps. It cannot be a sound peace if Small nations must live in fear of powerful neighbors. It cannot be an intelligent peace if it denies free passage to that knowledge of those ideals which permit men to find common ground. It can not be a righteous peace if Wor ship of god is and he overcome by the time ground defense but our aircraft the outside completed its task and returned the train shot into sir. Richards and Sanders after notifying the St. Blairsville. O., office of the Coal company dashed into the mine but were fatally gassed. Called despite the mine the inaccessibility of the mud roads. Persons quickly gathered Rii Vii a l Lle Jim i bonfires were built on nearby Hills As darkness descended to illuminate the scene and Aid rescuers. Traffic was tied up for three Nyics on All sides of the mine delaying 20 ambulances being driven to the Entrance those already rescued were taken from a Shaft three Miles from the Entrance. Rescue work ers were equipped with Gas masks said tonight in reply to Cong res and outside ambulances doctors signal critics that there is no place explosions were heard off the scottish coast tonight As a con Voy of merchant ships passed and it was believed depth charges had been dropped in an encounter with a German submarine. The a boat did nit come to the sur face and its Fae was not known. Critics hit a Man Hoover flays untermyer Dies a11 o r Ney liberalism taken by death Palm Springs. Cal., March a to surrender was an hostile act within the definition of the declaration of Panama under which the safety zone was established. The protest reiterated the Decla ration of the american republics that they have a right to keep the War away from Continental wat ers and reiterated their Appeal to the British government to observe and respect the principles Laid Down in the declaration of Panama. Notes rejected the firs4 protest relating to the Admiral Graf von was addressed to the British Frerck and German governments All of which had warships in the South Amer ican Waters. These three belligerents rejected that protest but each expressed willingness to abide by the principles of the safety zone if the other belligerents would do likewise. However the belligerents replied that in the governor e. P. Carville of Nevada touring Virginia City in company with motion picture stars yesterday As part of the premiere Celebration is t Hown above As a Comstock resident in costume greeted him. Journal photo untermyer the absence of agreement by both Washington. March a Man j. Edgar Hoover new York lawyer who combined a crusade for liberalism with a Law practice that once paid him 000 As a single fee. Died at his win Ter Home Here today of pneumonia. He was 31 years of age. In poor health for several years untermyer took seriously ill two weeks ago and his two sons and daughter were summoned hastily from new York. Two Days ago j pneumonia set in and he was charge placed under an oxygen tent. He was in a coma when death occurred at 3 o Elock this afternoon. And nurses awaited. There were 250 men on the shift at the Willow Grove when the explosion occurred shortly before noon. Some of them were working outside and an accurate Check of the number in the mine could not be made immediately. One theory of the cause of the explosion was that Gas had seeped into the mine from an Oil Wel which was being drilled a Quarter of a mile from the main entry. This report lacked official confirmation. Crews of men under James Nardo. District 8 mine inspector from Bridgeport erected brat to keep Poison gases from reaching those still trapped. Governor acts those rescued first were taken out through emergency exits. They were Given medical treat ment at die company office but none was believed in serious condition. Mike Polovoy 52, of St. Clairs Ville was burned on the face in the United states for a National police organization such As the russian Opu or the nazi Ges Tapo. Activities of the Federal Bureau of investigation Are predicated its director said upon the belief that Law enforcement in the United states is essentially a local prob Gandhi featured in feature film Ramg arh India March Gandhi is he Star in movie film Gand it was made known today. The film is to be released in in Dia and abroad and it v. As re ported that it would be flown to Washington far presentation before president Roosevelt. The film is 12.000 feet Long in its Indian version and 3.000 feet Long in an English version. It is being produced in 21 languages and dialects. It depicts Gandhi s Early career As a Law Iron guard members support Rumania King Bucharest March Carol today received from 250 sides to respect the safety zone attempts to enforce it merely would Lead to friction Between the european belligerents and the american republics. Welles rumours again spread Rome Italy March president Roosevelt s fact finding Survey of Europe s belligerent capitals reached a Climax tonight amid widespread suggestions that Adolf Hitler had clarified or elaborated the nazi attitude toward peace or intensified warfare. Sumner Welles United states under Secretary of state assigned by or. Roosevelt to investigate the attitude of the belligerent governments conferred with King Victor Emmanuel Premier Benito King and state. Pius on monday. At the same time a delegation of Iron guard members visited j Premier George tatar Sci and asked permission to cooperate with the government and enter an official parly. It was announced that next Friday night tatar Sci will make a nationwide radio speech to clarify the internal political situation particularly that of the Iron guards whose leaders recently were released front prisons through the country. Vessels damaged Berlin. March German High command said in a special communique tonight that a German air Squadron had at tacked units of the British Navy in Scapa flow and damaged Sev eral vessels. The communique and hands and was taken to a yer in South Africa among other i h Martins ferry la hints. Peri i. Said the Squadron Martins ferry Hospital. Under orders from governor John w. Bricker to Aid in the Rescue work if needed the state Highway patrol and the Ohio National Giard prepared for Emer gency work. An ambulance company from stub Casville including two med ical officers of the National guard and 25 men left for the mine. Ine spa Perr things and his meeting with Charlie Chaplin. I a number of British air Fields. Ship aground new York March radio reported tonight that the French Steamer Louise Marguerite ran aground at Bishop s Rock off he English coast the ship sent Cut an sos but gave no details of the mishap. Pershing to leave Tucson ariz., March John j. Pershing s annual Arizona Winter vacation will be ended monday when he leaves Tucson for a Short rest stay at the government Hospital at hot Springs Ark. Denies report Hull demands strict u. S. Neutrality Washington March of state Cordell Hull irked by recent expressions by european Semi official sources seeking to attribute partisanship to u. S. Diplomatic moves tonight struck out vigorously to maintain this nation s position of impartial Ity in the european War. He issued a Blunt statement de Claring that there was no truth in a news report from Berlin that u. S. Ambassador Joseph p. Ken Nedy har incurred the displeasure of the British government by sending a confidential report to the state department criticizing the allies conduct of the War. The German dispatch said that the Kennedy report gave the Al lies less than an even Chance to win and that the British govern ment s relations toward Kennedy had cooled considerably As a re sult of this asserted document. Old Comstock Greet crowd Fleet of buses carries stars to lode for a few brie of hours tile com Stock of yesteryear lived again. Clock. And calendars were for gotten for a while by old timers and modern co stockers alike As the film heroes of Hollywood s movie version of Virginia City revived the glorious history of Nevada in civil War Days. Warner Brothers production was Given its world premiere amid the same historic scenes represented on the screen. Thous ands of visitors thronged the old streets of Virginia City but the remaining pioneers of the com Stock were Given the privilege of first witnessing the picture. It was a gala Day on the com of the most Lively seen in Many a year in a Region where exciting times were the Rule not the exception. The original program went somewhat astray due to delays and the press of the crowds Jam Ming around for a glimpse of their favorite motion picture stars. But some historic moments were revived during the after noon and much merriment provided by entertainment. Heading for the Comstock after the premiere Parade in Reno yesterday noon was a continual Stream of autos and stages so Many that they often roared up Geiger Grade in a double Lane. Traffic was Well handled by a Large Force of peace officers and was conducted Over one Way routes with the result that even such minor accidents As scraped fenders were scarce. When the huge Fleet of buses carrying the Hollywood stars arrived in Virginia City behind squads of motorcycle police sirens screaming a big crowd was already on hand to Greet the luminaries. Co stockers were dressed in colourful my costumes. The Hollywood party of motion picture actors actresses directors and officials headed by Jack Warner and such Nevada leaders As governor e. P. Carville mayor August Frohlich of Reno and congressman j. G. Scrugham former governor went first to Piper s House. The ancient theater had been closed for at least 15 years after seeing service As a place for meet Ings All kinds of stage shows athletic contests and other entertainment. Its Walls Are swaying and lean ing. The roof is pierced with premiere highlights throngs see stars during Day Long fete full House welcomes idols at Reno Heaters Tom mix. Hollywood Cowboy and master of horses could t make this team behave. The pair of horses pulling a City of Reno Wagon in the Parade yesterday morning stalled on the Virginia Street Bridge about one half hour and refused to move. After holding up the Parade about five the remaining part of the procession continued around one Side of the stalled Wagon. The Wagon and team were driven by Tom mix who with other occupants of the City entry walked throughout the rest of the Parade or jumped on other floats. Another team of horses was brought to Rescue the Wagon while the pair was led away. The famous Geiger Grade to Virginia City considerably improved Over the Days when ii Wai lined with freight teams and five mile House and Savery s stations were Over night stops carried the heaviest traffic in its history yesterday. Large greyhound buses and hundreds of cars lined the Road carrying picture stars and Cele brants to the Comstock for the premiere Celebration. Rosemary Lane who flew up Here the first of the week flew Back to Hollywood and then came Back on the train got a big hand because she had passed out so Many autographs during her first visit. Capes and talked their ways into second Story offices to get a bet Ter View of the Parade. There were even a few private ladders placed against the Stoes and top Ped by anxious sight seers. The Indian Bard was hailed by the crowd As one of the most colourful in the Parade. A be feathered chief led the hand which was decked out in native War paint and Buckskin clothes. Leo Carillo thrilled spectators by pretending to Lasso a group of children and grown ups who were watching the. Parade. Now that Virginia City has been launched on its career Reno residents can put away their red shirts and big hats until june 2 i or thereabouts when they will be taken out of storage again for the Rodeo. There will be a Kangaroo court then and the Western re Galia though rot exactly compulsory will be worn generally. Side made the a Perance in Heno for the first time in a Long period during. The Reno Parade. Dressed in Long velvety skirts and Wear ing plumed hats Reno ladies Rode in the old style popular before the adoption of Riding breeches cowgirls skirts or culottes. More camera men and news paper correspondents piled off the train than celebrities and caused the police and r. T. C. Boys More traffic trouble than the stars and the crowd because they had work to do. thought they did and were right on the platform. The premiere crowd was dressed in Nio Tely garbs with old fashioned costumes attracting the most attention on the streets. Many were dressed in typical Vestern garb with Cowboy hats boots Anco loud shirts. Amidst the costumes were people in the latest Spring modes. Then there were Cross sections of the two eras on the same individuals. Men and women in dress clothes were topped with wide brimmed com Obreros. Everyone was looking for the stars soon after their arrival. The lobby of the Riverside hotel was thronged with Auto graph seekers or those waiting to see a glimpse of the celebrities. A rumble seat which was the chief of conveyance before the coming of the White men to see 2, col. 2 see 2, col. 1 persons parked on top of signs above stores Clung to fire is Virginia irate Comstock audiences disappointed Virginia City people were up in arms last night after the hol Lywood stars failed to make their appearance at the Comstock the Ater s premiere. The stars were scheduled to i make personal appearances at the i Rigi a theater in the afternoon j when the Virginia City movie i was to be shown for the first time j the actors and actresses were and j Vertise to be on hand at the the Ater said Joe Hart manager. While the Comstock pioneers and others holding fir tickets to the premiere waited a Long time in the theater for the stars to show up the Hollywood party boarded the busses for Reno. Some of the movie goers who saw the film minus the personal appearances were More than a Little disgruntled. Reno ran open for film land yesterday Bri Ging to a close a Celebration that had even. Man woman and child out on the streets most of the Day for the world premiere of Virginia acclaimed a great motion picture by Reno first although the Celebration was declared successful m Reno the neighbouring citizens if Virginia City Fahrr which the Warner Brothers motion picture is were not too Happy. The motion picture stars to make a per Sonal appearance at the gala pre Miere planned for the Small 250 seat theater there. Throngs gather while every Reno citizen and visitor had an Opportunity to see All the vis tins celebrities Over and Over they still crowded o every event on the program to see them again. A Largo crowd is expected to be on hand today when the film celebrities Board their special train for the return trip to Holly Wood at noon. Three packed motion picture houses a Reno witnessed simultaneously last night the showing of the picture. Hundreds of persons unable to Purchase tickets in the three Heaters for the premiere shot thing crowded around the theater entrances hoping to catch another ook at. The multitude of celebrated motion picture artists brought Here on a special Tram for the occasion. Stars greeted premiere Halls at the civic a d thorium and Al ballroom where the stars made personal appearances again were filled to capacity. Reno had the premiere Atmos phere As batteries of giant spot lights shot their Long gleaming ribbons of Light from the front of the three the Paters and from other portions of the traffic on the downtown streets if not blocked entirely moved at a Snail s Pace through out the evening As chose the widest spots in which to walk or Jaywalker from Street to Street. The largest Crow i of the Day which was. Estimated at persons on the radio program gathered at he stars head Quad special Iran parked on the Southern Pacific tracks near the hear a broadcast from the train observation platform. Reno citizens including mrs. Virginia Plait it. Governor Maurice j. Sullivan and Richard Heap superintendent of the police department Bureau of identification spoke briefly on the pro Gram answering questions of Art pm Letler master of ceremonies on the program. Autographs sough stars that had made appear ances when the train arrived in Reno in the morning and that participated in the Parade All spoke on the program. Stars were besieged for Auto graphs throughout the Day and Sigrid Gune made one of the biggest hits when she stayed out in the cold air on the observation platform to sign paper after paper that was handed to her. The visiting celebrities were taken to Virginia City in special buses during the afternoon where they participated in the Celebration there. Welcomed thousands jammed the South Ern Pacific depot area at a. M. To cheer a 17-car special train of Hollywood celebrities and writers. Old fashioned dresses of the styles of the 1880 a colourful see 5, col 1 spa erf

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