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Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Reno, Nevada Fife Rafca a state Nevada s Only morning and sunday newspaper the weather the weather today will be fair yesterday High Low 51 full Delalli on Page 2j sixty ninth year. No. 122. Established november 33, 1879 Renc. Nevada. Sunday morning. June 23. 1940 32 pages today five cents French accept Hitler s terms envoys Speed to Rome to open conferences with Duce Churchill makes eleventh hour bid for support of French armed forces to continue War on nazis _ armistice provisions kept secret pending Italy meet republicans draft election platform dark horses May be Given party honors Hurley dark horse disputes created by foreign policy attitudes Philadelphia june 22. Birthplace of Ameri can Independence bulged tonight with thousands of confident re publicans gathering to nominate a presidential ticket to Lead a third Effort to Stop the new Deal. L most of them seemed to believe f that their 1940 opponent once More will be president Roosevelt. A dozen candidates eager to Chal Lenge his recent Mastery of the electorate Are assembling Here in a concentration of political Hope Fuls unmatched since the g. O. P. Convention of 1920. The Conven Tion will be called to order at 11 a. M., Edt monday. The bands were assembling to tootle and drum in Praise of i candidates who have retained them. Countless Square Yards of red White and Blue Bunting fluttered in the Quaker City Breeze. Patrick Jay Hurley a Boom for Patrick Jay Hurley Secretary of War under president Hoover has been launched by Hurley s Oklahoma friends. The Hurley Boom is based on the con Tention that All factions could j unite on the oklahoman As he is i praised As a Friend of both Busi Ness and labor. U. S. Congress recesses for gop conclave new taxes assessed As legislators Speed work Washington june 22. Up Congress tonight approved the final phases of president Roose velt s defense pro Gram levied in new taxes and then recessed until july 1 so that Republican members i could attend their National convention at Philadelphia. The break neck Pace of Legisla Tive action at the usual saturday session had All the appearances of the annual Rush for sine die adjournment. Vote. Seeded this time the vacation from Law j making will be Only a week and the Rush had the dual purpose of letting the republicans go to Phil j Adelphia and to Complete action on i vital appropriation Bills before the i new fiscal year starting july 1. Not Only did Congress put its final approval on the Jar big sense Money 908 supplemental deficiency Bill but big army plane trapped in mud on Landing Field Alamosa Colo june 22. Department work ers and volunteers using Pon Derous jacks and limbers heaved a huge 20-ton bomber from a mud Hole on the old Alamosa air port tonight and it took off for Denver. After the scores of labourers had succeeded in lifting the giant wheels from the soft Earth in which they became mired to Day the Pilot used the four giant motors of the Hamilton Field calif., Craft to taxi it to solid ground the huge plane took off at 5.15 p. Most and arrived at Lowry Field Denver s air tech Nical school at Lieut. John a. Way Pilot of the ship said he would Lake off for Hamilton Field tomorrow at 9 a. House votes approval on Nav measure new defense plans to be drafted in recess backing Given to Bankhead the House initiated another russian army Rumor denied reds tighten grip in Baltic area Moscow june 22. Official soviet communique tonight anyone who wanted to know what support pledged f of i to aggression f .-.t. An _ ,-1 a 1 t la 1m__ v his favorite candidate looked like when his photograph was blown up three sizes larger than a barn door needed Only to tour the big hotels. Drafted political events Are moving so fast delegates scarcely can keep up with them. Or. Roosevelt s nomination of two Republican Stal warts to his Cabinet Shell shocked this gathering in mid week but there Are Marks of recovery. The preliminary platform Dis Cussion is shaping a party program i which will avoid bitterly j Hersial issues such As sit Down and specific amendments to i the National labor relations act and the wage hours act. Farmers will not be deprived of government checks in any Plank Likely to be adopted Here. There is dispute Over How and How much Aid this coun try should give the allies and that May cause some difficulty before it is adjusted. But republicans Are out to Mark the democrats As a War party and they feel that they can win this year if they can make that appellation stick. Hamilton backed developments As republicans made last Day convention plans included 1. The Republican National com Mittee voted to change party rules to deny convention representation to any congressional District cast ing fewer than 1.000 votes for a congressional elector or congressional candidate. It would affect about 75 Southern Delegate seats and appeared to be a move instigated by associates of former president Herbert c. Hoover. 2. A keep Hamilton As chairman move was started in behalf of John Hamilton head of the re publican National committee for the past four years. 3. An Effort was made but abandoned to compel platform sub committees to make their reports by sunday night. 4. National committee treasurer c. B. Goodspeed announced a party Bank balance of and liabilities of Only news for the delegates. 5. Miss Marion e. Martin assist ant chairman of the Republican National committee counted up and reported 309 women delegates per cent Over vice presidency defense measure destined to Cost denied that soviet troops in i it approved thua la had concentrated along the German Border. Persistent rumours of russian troop concentrations on the Ger Man lithuanian Frontier have circulated in Scandinavia. Reports that German troops have concentrated in East Prussia have been denied in Berlin the soviet press today gave great prominence to dispatches from the Baltic states by the of Bill which would add 200 warships to the Fleet. The Senate is sched j used to take up this measure after the recess when the administration will Send up requests for even More billions in authorizations to make the americas impregnable Washington june 22. V v thirty three House members from 21 states tonight announced after a caucus that they would support the candidacy of speaker William b. Bankhead As the democratic vice presidential nominee. The decision to Back the speaker at the democratic National convention at Chicago next Wes the first formal move to select a party vice presidential candidate other than vice president John n. Garner. Rep. Andrew Somers d., n. Y., said that the action today was inspired by the enthusiastic reception on the House floor when Bankhead s selection As Keynoter for the convention was announced. Somers said that the Bankhead supporters decided on a program that included a Headquarters Here and a plan for numerous meetings to Advance the cause of their candidate. He emphasized that this support was predicated on the he led in song the atmosphere in Congress was identical to regular adjournment evenings. While the House awaited Senate action on appropriation measures in disagreement Mem Bers lolled in the seats and some staged an Impromptu vaudeville show. Rep. Louis c. Rabaut d., mich., was master of ceremonies. He Lead his colleagues in god bless and let me Call you sweetheart rep. Albert j gored tenn., the self styled month Champion fiddler of Tennessee rendered a violin Solo. The Senate recessed shortly be fore 9pm and the House stopped work for a week at p. Est. German envoy Dow Sutack Uruguay investigates seizure Rumor Washington june 22 up the House tonight unanimously passed a Bill aut Boming the creation of the world s mightiest Navy i to defend the United states and the Western hemisphere against any possible combination of enemies. Com to Senate i the measure granting authority i to build 200 warships an entire streamlined Fleet for the Atlantic a Cost of 000.000 now goes to the Senate where any action on it will await return of Congress from the Republican National convention recess. It is not an appropriation Bill and the administration is not pressing for split second action. Experts Esti mate that it would require from five to seven years to Complete the program. So far this session Congress has appropriated for actual defense activities s4 287.271.469 in Cash and authorized an additional 698.009 in contracts for defense i Proir cts. This brings the defense program this session to which does not include such supplementary items As youth training Airport and fortress construction by the spa and army engineering River Harbor and flood control projects. Barred when Congress returns after the recess it is scheduled to receive move opened to form new Exil Cabinet British head hints Petain May be powerless facial Tass news Agency reporting j additional requests for huge a great enthusiasm shown by the Baltic Peoples for the red army. The dispatches said that mands were being voiced for social reforms liquidation of anti soviet elements and release of political prisoners in Lithuania Latvia and Esthonia. Tallin Esth onix june 22 up a leftist government Lien Day to soviet Union held Iff ice to night As demonstration in favor of closer ties with Russia swept Esthonia Latvia and Lithuania. The new government was instal led Here after a bloodless uprising by workers and socialists. It succeeded a Brief regime of several hours by a Central executive com Lief that president Roosevelt would seek a third term but that if or. Roosevelt was not a Candi Date again the group would sup port Bankhead for president. Base planned army flying Center set at Stockton Stockton Cal june 22 the u. S. Army air corps will Stab j Lish a major training base for army fliers Here using the Stockton municipal Airport As a nucleus for the new Field at which units will arrive about july 1, it was revealed today. Congressman Frank h. Buck in Montevideo Uruguay june 22 minister Otto Langmann and the entire person Nel of the German legation Here May be declared Persona non grata to the uruguayan government after a congressional investigation into nazi activities in this coun try according to Semi official re ports today. An official report by the Secretary of the investigating com Mittee charged that the minister was involved in nazi activities which an earlier report said aimed at armed seizure and conver Sion of the nation into a country of doctor Langmann directs an unconstitutional activity under the Protection of his diplomatic in the later report said. This National Hitler Ite organi a Telegram to Irving Martin pub Lisher of the Stockton record said approximately had existing Uruguay con allocated to the project As an in-1 ital expenditure. The City will lease the 240-acre draft Plank peace preparedness to be stressed drum is thumping for them. But the convention appears to be head ing toward deadlock. Nomination of a dark horse candidate is pos party leaders can make an Early Deal to Airport to the army for 25 years at a year and the City and san Joaquin county will buy 400 ad-1 joining acres to provide a base one mile Square the announcement said. Corns the National Security and sovereignty since it demonstrates we Are in the first phase of actual the report said. Philadelphia june 22 01 r Republican policy makers tonight were drafting a Post card platform calling for peace and preparedness and proposing improvement rather than repeal of the new Deal. A Battle on the Issue of Aid for the democracies against Hitler and Mussolini was in Progress within the National defense subcommittee. Its chairman Alf m. Landon 1936 g. O. P. Nominee expressed Confidence the Issue could be com promised to avoid a minority re port and floor fight plans for a full committee meet ing at 4 p. Tomorrow to pass on a tentative platform draft were abandoned when Landon s commit tee and some others served notice on chairman Herbert k. Hyde of Oklahoma that they would not Complete their work today. Windsors leave for Spain City i Zaragossa. June 22. J the Duke and Duchess of Windsor i arrived tonight from Barcelona in route to Madrid. The National Defonse commission is Rem Rcd to have decided that to attain Peak production private Industry must be guaranteed Large steady orders accordingly the War department has drawn up tentative plans for Worth of new fac tories and additional facilities for making vital defense supplies. This is a Cor of to he a two year pro Gram to insure an adequate Supply of ammunition powder explosives guns tanks Armor air planes and engines. The Hill carried a provision that London sunday june 23. Prime minister Winston Churchill in n dramatic Appeal to All French men wherever they May he urged them today to join great Britain in the War against Germany and hinted that the new French govern ment which yesterday signed a German dictated armistice was without constitutional Churchill determined to fight Adolf Hitler s armies to the end made his Early morning eleventh hour bid for the support of the French Empire the French Navy and air Force and the French army of the Middle East shortly after he said the British government had heard with grief and amazement that France had capitulated to the German peace demands. Expresses grief the prime minister s hint that the French government of aging marshal Henri Petain lacked constitutional authority was believed to have been made on the grounds that the Petain government never had been Given a vote of Confidence by the French parliament. Occupation said one of Germany armistice terms London june 23. Cd Many s armistice terms for France it was said without confirmation tonight provide for German italian occupation of France until termination of the hostilities with Britain. Other terms were said Here to be surrender of All French War stores. Surrender of All Gold and for eign currency reserves. Supplying of Coal and other raw to Germany Over a fixed period of time. British bomb Krupp works hits big factory Ott cease firing order May be give monday delegations Fly to peace session j on tiber 1 Berlin june 22. Fluri France signed Adolf Hitler s terms of armistice tonight it 6 30 p m. 32 50 p m Edt in the Forest of comping be and her emissaries hastened immediately by Nir Plano to Rome to learn Italy s Price for 1 peace. Not until six hours after a French italian armistice is signed will the German order for Cessa Tion of hostilities be issued. The agreement was announced officially Throe hours later in Ber Ime and broadcast to the German people by radio. Protest severity by that hour the French Dele Gates having placed on record their spokesman s protest against the severity of the German con London june 22. U r great Britain reported officially tonight that swarms of Royal air Force i Lions were already in route planes had bombed the important was he Krupp armament works at Essen Nievod Here that the cease firing the Focke Wulf aircraft Plant at Bremen the German hold dutch base of Viilo Foord. Find that the j crack German battleship Scharn order May come some time Mon Day. Of coast was based on a belief in Gorman circles that the negotiate ill was indicating that a new French government in similar to those of Poland the Netherlands Belgium and Norway might be established soon in great Britain. Churchill s declaration was in a statement handed to represent a i lives of the press who had been on All night duty at the ministry of i information. At 2 a Liaison of j finer of the ministry called report-1 ters into the press room and Road in addition the British announced a big italian submarine was captured by a British trawler after a gun Battle. The air ministry said that Sci eral different squadrons of bombers had carried out 101" Gprman Horl of unit or arks Mpr was armistice. The plenipotentiaries agreed on Franco German terms 27 hours and 20 minutes after Chancellor Adolf Hitler handed his demands to the French delegates yesterday. Signed in c or the a Mimico was signed today in the same old Railroad dining coach of the wagons lits company whore on Friday Hitler received the French delegates and where hem the statement in Rea which attempt by briton planes 22 ears ago Mars Al Ferdinand works. Which congressional authorization and Vinson said that this would pre vent Sale of such ships As the Mosquito boats to great Britain. The naval expansion Bill in creases the u. S. Fleet by 70 per cent. Earlier this session Congress authorized an 11 per cent expansion of the Fleet at a Cost of 000.000. Contracts have been let for the 22 ships that measure provided. The Navy now has 307 ships in operation 160 being built or the i terms dictated by the germans have been accepted by the govern ment of hint knowledge the wording of the statement indicated that the terms of the French German armistice signed last night in comping be Forest May already have been known by the British government. No one in official quarters indicated what the terms were but it was said without confirmation that they provided for German italian occur appropriated for and to is recon j of France mis Sioning 35 old destroyers and of the Blitzkrieg inst great 36 submarines. Loss of fleets by allies feared Hyde Park n. Y., june Roosevelt it was Learned tonight is giving most serious consideration to the possibility that both the British and French fleets May fall into the hands of Germany and thus Force he United states to double its fighting fleets to match the sea Power of the totalitarian nations. Oppose nazis French nationals to continue Battle planes Fly South Mahon Minorca. June 22. number of air planes believed align majority strength behind one to be French were of the leaders. Wendell l. Willkie s Boom a sounding louder doily. Seen Lvi 4i.m warehouse Burns cal., june 22. Fire destroyed the Willard la j Franchi lumber warehouse in Fresno late today and caused dam age estimated at South from France toward North chief Lewis a. Moore of the fire a prevention Bureau said the cause Africa it reported tonight of toe Blaze was not determined. Barcelona june 22. Up the Duke and Duchess of Windsor have left Here for Madrid it was reported today. Reports that the Duke would be arrested if he should set foot on English soil were laughed off by the Duke s Secretary. A dispatch from London quoted usually reliable sources that both the Duke and Duchess will return to England from London june 22. Charles Gaulle undersecretary of War in the Cabinet of former Premier Paul Reynaud tonight appointed himself Leader of French nationals outside France and urged them to continue the War against Germany. I invite All French people who wish to remain free to listen to me and to follow Gaulle said in a broadcast Over the Brit ish broadcasting corporation. In the Honor of common sense and interest in the country i Mand that All free frenchmen should continue the fight wherever they Are and by whatever Means 1 they Britain. If a new French government is set up in Britain or elsewhere throughout the French Empire Iti was expected that Gen. Charles Gaulle under Secretary of War in the Cabinet of former Premier Paul Reynaud would play a leading part. Only a few hours before Churchill made his Appeal Gaulle spoke Over the British broadcasting corp and announced he had appointed himself Leader of French nationals outside France. Colonies to fight authoritative quarters mean while had asserted that reports were being received from All parts of the French Empire stressing that the French colonies were strongly in favor of continuing the War. Meanwhile government officials were awaiting word of the arrival of the French peace plenipotentiaries in Rome where they were expected to sign italian peace terms similar to those of Germany. Cessa Tion of hostilities in France will come Only after conclusion of terms and Italy. The latter country entered the War Only 13 Days ago. It was believed in official quarters that Hitler already was re grouping his forces preparatory for the onslaught against Britain. Churchill Early morning state ment expressed Confidence that Britain would be victorious Over Germany in the end. It was bitter toward the action of the French government. The Gorman armies. The air ministry said the planes had scored several direct hits on factory build Ings and important Railroad Sid the air ministry said that Kas Sel. Rothenburg Antl Gottinger a so had been attacked by the pianos which raided the Focke Wulf Plant Essen. In raids Over Northwest Germany six Supply and ammunition trains Between Osnabrock and Bremen near the town of Rhome wore wrecked by direct hip ministry said. Most of the raids took place during last night. Today s journal today s 32-Page Nevada state journal includes National and International news of vital importance to nil in these history making Days from food rec ivol the germans on a similar Mission but one where the positions of France and Germany Woro reversed. Gon Charles Huntziger. The Al satian born German speaking chief of the French plenipotentiaries signed the armistice for at the orders he said of his government. Col Gen. Wilch m Keitel. Acting for Hitler signed for Germany. Yesterday the Clearing a the pleasant Compogno Forest where the Mot was flooded i h Sunshine. Today the sky grow As the afternoon Woro on and it was gloomy in the Woods by the 1-me the hour of signature arrived. Before he affixed his name to Hitler s terms. Hunt7igor, spook ing in a voice with ent Rod a protest. A transcription of his words and of the proceed mrs at the moment of signature was broadcast to the Gorman people Over the official radio tonight. Local 16, 2, 11 and is. And feature articles by local and National Page 4. Reno and Sparks social and pages 7, 8 and 9. Hat a timely article by Rober Babson. I hah Hnin Lyrll Page 5. A visit to the Tufa atone Quarry near Reno continuing a series of on Page 13. The Junior chamber of Commerce travel tour to Beautiful Vose Page 10. Three of interest to the Home builder. Pages 19, 20 and 91. News from the financial world. Page 22. A full Page of Money saving bar gains classified advertising. Fage 33. Full of comics in color and state wide news coverage by the journal s correspondents. French Council again confers Bordeaux june 22. 1 official announcement said tonight that Franco German armistice negotiations have been virtually French government spokesmen peace terms which i had been under negotiation for two Days at comping be Forest would not be revealed until agreement with Italy also had reached the Council of ministers which has been in almost continuous ses Sion since last night re assembled at p m. After a Short recess. Detailed it was revealed that the French delegation which has negotiated with the germans will also negotiate with Italy. The German demands were said Here to be detailed and technical. It was said that the document out lining them was 40 typewritten pages. It was officially announced that firing. Page 2. Col news Laferr newspaper a

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