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Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1976, Page 8

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Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - June 3, 1976, Reno, NevadaA Cemmie Nten of improve High risk Moter if y care by Bill Phillips a commitment to provide Quality care for High risk maternity cases some predicted will mean the demise of delivery services at St. Mary s Hospital has been made by the Washoe medical Center Board of trustees. At the urging of three obstetricians trustees this week approved the Purchase of two fetal Nion tors the first step to establishing a High risk maternity unit at the medical Center. The trustees also agreed to commit the Hospital to establishing the highly specialized unit dealing with problem pregnancies. A detailed Cost report was requested within 60 Days. In response to a question regarding the effect on St Mary s Hospital which now delivers More babies than Washoe medical Center the trustees were told the Community cannot support two High risk units but that the Catholic Hospital Board had indicated it could not finance such a unit prior to 1980 Donald Mohler one of the obstetricians present said the Reno area hospitals now deliver an average of babies annually which is needed to financially support one High risk unit. You Don t get St Mary s to go along with or. Mohler said in reply to trustee Bob Rusk who wondered How Washoe medical Center could get support from the private Hospital. Having the unit at Washoe medical Center or. Mohler added would mean the patients will come Here instead of word will get around and it will become a Case of most of the child births being at the doctor said. He noted that now the Center has the Only intensive care Nursery and that a number of babies delivered at St. Mary s Are transferred to the Center. It Only makes sense to have High risk delivery care located where the Nursery or. Mohler said. Basically it comes Down to that St. Mary s will go out of the delivery business once it gets around that Washoe has the Best or. Mohler said. Or. Mohler was critical of himself and his colleagues who he said had allowed the problem of poor obstetrics care to exist in the Reno area. The Field is becoming so technical it is hard to keep or. Monger said. We Are saving More babies than Ever but without the proper equipment we Are losing an unacceptable he called for the new monitors an a Ray machine which would Cost approximately and a Wing of the Hospital to be dedicated to Only High risk maternity cases. Or. Mohler said ideally the Wing would include a specialized operating room. Rusk requested that a detailed Cost analysis be provided before a final decision is made but agreed to the Purchase of the two new monitors and a Central monitoring station at a Cost of Carroll Ogren Hospital administrator said he does not foresee St. Mary s taking on such a role As Long As the county refuses to Reim Burse the Catholic Hospital for welfare patients. The administrator told trustees that if Washoe medical does develop the highly specialized unit the state probably would not allow St. Mary s to duplicate it until such time As the Community could support both units efficiently and economically. Or. Mohler said hospitals throughout the country Are being forced to Combine obstetric units because of Economy and efficiency reasons. William Carlson also an obstetrician predicted Washoe medical Center would become a regional Center for the badly needed care. I have patients coming from outlying areas now and that number will in crease drastically when such Quality care is provided describing the situation As not simply a matter of survival for new born babies and but High Quality or. Donald Pickering said. You cannot Dilly Dally with Little local political whim wham of whether it the unit goes to St. Mary s or Ogren noted that in addition to financial reasons being a Catholic Hospital also placed some apprehension on establishment of the unit at St. Mary s for religious reasons since treatment sometimes involves abortions and it was estimated about 300 babies would be saved annually if such a unit is established. The doctors said 10 to 15 per cent of All maternity cases Are considered to be High risk. Crisis Sierra Pacific takes Steps to Avert shortage officials of Sierra Pacific Power co. Say they Are outlining what Steps can be taken to help Avert a predicted water shortage in mid-1977, but they re not certain what can be done to control usage when and if the shortage materializes. One of us main problems in controlling water consumption even in a crisis shortage is that individual Homes do not have water meters and there is no Way to gauge an individual user s consumption according to Sierra Pacific spokesman Walt Mackenzie. He said it would be possible for local governments in a crisis shortage period to Amend water waste ordinances to curb such uses As Lawn watering and car washing. But Mackenzie said there does not appear to be a workable method to determine or control usage within the Home. Robert w. Firth the Utility s water resources Engineer predicted in a recent study that the amount of water available in August through october 1977 would not be sufficient to meet household demands if historical weather patterns Over the Sierra Nevada repeat themselves. Within a few Days Mackenzie said Sierra Pacific will begin water conservation activities and an in formation program aimed toward discouraging water waste and maintain ening stored water supplies up Stream. Since local water consumption is Mimi Nial during the Winter no definitive plans Are in store for that season Mackenzie said. He said Sierra Pacific and other users will begin planning what to do with available water resources for the 1977 season with implementation beginning in april when pertinent data on water Snow pack storage projected River flows Reservoir storage and other significant information is assembled. He said Sierra Pacific efforts will include an in Tensive water conservation Campaign and the retention of All available water Utility holding in Donner Jid Independence lakes for use during the projected shortage period. Mackenzie said it also May be necessary to pump Truckee Meadows Wells far beyond their Normal use limits with the Hope that ground water recharge during the following Winter would make up for underground water losses. Such a step he said would help Many but not All of Sierra Pacific s customers. Paul Prenga Aaan Reno Man seeks seat in Assembly Paul Prengaman of Reno announced wednesday he is a candidate for the state Assembly in District 26. Prengaman 31, a Republican is doing advanced work in political science at the University of Nevada Reno. He is employed at the Nevada division of mental Hygiene and mental retardation As a Public ser vice intern. My Campaign will consist mainly of meeting people finding out what they think Are the problems and solutions and discussing with them my ideas about How we can Best use our existing resources to provide for present and future Prengaman said. A native of Western Pennsylvania he graduated from Loyola University of los Angeles in 1968 with a political science degree. Prengaman is a former High school teacher and said he is experienced in several areas of government including planning zoning and Parks and recreation. The incumbent Democrat in District 26, Bob Heaney has not yet publicly announced whether he will seek re election. Reno news rack ordinance guilty of a Reno ordinance Banning news Racks from City sidewalks is guilty of overkill and unconstitutional a Washoe District court judge ruled wednesday. So saying judge John Gabrielli granted a preliminary injunction to four Independent news dealers who sued the City Over its attempt to remove their news Racks from the second Street sidewalk in front of the Al Cortez hotel and the Sierra Street Entrance to the Primadonna. The ordinance which the judge ruled invalid had banned newspaper Racks or similar obstructions from City streets or sidewalks. No finding that the stands were an obstruction was required. The judge agreed the City has a legitimate interest in regulating Access to Public streets and sidewalks but said the ordinance in question was too Broad. It fails to consider the first amendment Freedom of the press guarantee As Well As the Public s need to be informed via easily accessible news outlets he said. By failing to dearly attack the feared evil of sidewalk obstructions and hazards to the Public and by regulating instead an important Means of newspaper distribution the judge said the ordinance is guilty of the suit asking the injunction was brought by four Independent dealers Charles Koehler Phil Rodgers. Jack Nichols and Vince Lamantia. They were represented by attorney Dan Olguin. Newspapers they distribute include the Nevada state journal Reno evening Gazette san Francisco examiner san Francisco chronicle and los Angeles times. A related matter not addressed in wednesday s ruling involves a second suit brought by the dealers against Reno councilman Clyde Biglieri. That suit involves Biglieri s alleged tampering with a third party contract. Major parking facility negotiated Over tracks by Barbara Henry the Southern Pacific transportation co. Is negotiating with a private Developer for a major parking facility on air space Over the Railroad tracks in downtown Reno the company s vice president said in a recent letter to Nevada rep. Jim Santini. If a private company builds a garage facility it would cause the City of Reno to Call off its proposed plans to build a garage Over the tracks in the Vicinity of Arlington Avenue. It also could cause problems with the City s planned court Case to test the Validity of creating a tax in Crement District in downtown Reno to finance construction of two garages downtown. William Denton vice president of Southern Pacific wrote to Santini in response to the congressman s queries about the possibility of depressing the Railroad tracks through the downtown area. We Are negotiating with developers for a major parking facility which could be built on cur property and on air rights above our existing Denton said in his letter. We have been interested in this Type of development for some time and we have i believe worked cooperatively with everyone in the fact that Southern Pacific is negotiating for construction of a garage took City manager Bob Oldland by Surprise wednesday. He said no one in the City knew anything about the possibility. Journal thursday june 3, 13 it ass damage take heed the first presbyterian Church of Carson City has posted a new commandment the parking commandment. The notice was posted in an Effort to keep the Church Yard Clear of unauthorized vehicles. A photo the Reno City Council will hold a Public hearing july 6 concerning the tax District and the two garage proposals with the other one being construction of a 500-to 750-car garage on property owned Fay Developer John Cavanaugh on Sierra Street Between first and second streets. Oldland said the City could modify the proposal to exclude the garage Over the tracks if one is built by a private Developer. He said he assumes Southern Pacific and the private Developer will work with the City in the garage development. Southern Pacific spokesman Henry Ortiz said from san Francisco wednesday that he could t Supply any More details about the garage development other than the fact Southern Pacific is considering an offer to build a downtown Reno garage. We Don t have Complete details since much detail concerning financing and design is he said. Reno City atty. Bob Van Wagoner who had planned to initiate the test suit on the tax increment District said wednesday if a private Developer is considering construction of a garage the City will have to re evaluate its decision to use tax increment funds for building garages. The tax increment legislation which was passed by the 1975 Nevada legislature requires the City to prove Public Benefit for any project undertaken with tax funds. Van Wagoner said when All the facts about the Southern Pacific plans for a garage Are made will have to be studied to determine whether a City financed facility is justified or whether other projects should be considered for the tax in Crement funds the off Street parking commission had recommended to the City Council that it use the tax increment legislation to build downtown garages because of what the commission considered a desperate need for parking downtown. The theory of the tax increment legislation is that after a line is drawn Defolia Ting the District All tax Money from future developments within that District would be put in a special fund to Oay off indebtedness incurred by building the garages. Ben Dasher chairman of the parking commission said any private garage development would take precedence Over a City financed one. There s nothing i d like better than to have private Enterprise build the he said. Concerning the Cavanaugh garage proposal Dasher said the City a Fol have to wait until an announcement is made concerning the size of the Southern Pacific proposal before deciding if the Cavanaugh garage is still needed. He also said a parking and traffic study now under Way would determine the need. When the City s plans to build a garage Over the tracks were announced a group of Reno residents in favor of depressing the tracks objected. That group which includes former mayor Sam Dibitonto said the tax Money should be spent to lower the tracks through the downtown area. Southern Pacific spokesman Ortiz said any development on air space Over the tracks by the private Developer will not prevent the tracks from being depressed at a future Date. In the past design concepts have provided for the possibility of future track depression. This will also be considered in future he said. Lamb s attorneys waive jury trial Las vegas up1. Attorney Lawrence Semenza said wednesday state sen. Floyd Lamb failed to report Stock transactions to his accountant As Well As income received from a Northern Nevada Casino As a legislative consultant. Lamb 62, chairman of the powerful Senate finance committee and the interim finance committee appeared in court wednesday surrounded by members of his family including several grandchildren. Defense attorneys Charles Mcnelis of Washington d.c., George Dickerson of Las vegas and Harry Claiborne of Las vegas waived a jury trial shortly before a panel was to be selected wednesday morning. The jury might lose it and be unable to follow Claiborne said in reference to the complicated financial transactions involved in a four count Federal grand jury indictment against Lamb. Semenza said in opening remarks Lamb failed to report Stock transactions to his accountant Carl Brown of Las vegas. Defense attorneys said they would produce evidence showing Brown had Access to any documents relating to Lamb s financial affairs but failed to obtain them. Lamb received funds in 1971 from a Reno Casino said Semenza without naming the Casino. The. Attorney said Lamb failed to disclose funds paid to him by Harrah s club for special legislative consulting Semenza did not elaborate other than to say he would attempt to introduce Lamb s 1973 tax returns a year not covered in the Federal grand jury indictment. Company mergers which effected Stock Lamb owned. The court refused to allow several exhibits to be entered into evidence and withheld a ruling on other documentation with assurances from Semenza that an expert witness would summarize the exhibits later in the Case. The trial expected to last five Days will relate to financial transactions As Long ago As 1961, according to Semenza. The lax violations spelled out in the Federal grand jury indictment involve Lamb s dealings with southwestern development corp., first Western financial corp., first ban corporation and Seilon corp. Of Toledo Ohio according to Semenza. Mcnelis told the court the Section of the internal Revenue code under which Lamb was charged was used when the government could not prove tax evasion. He referred to it As a so called Back up statute for the won t be allowed to control Industry foreign investors approved for Nevada s casinos by Myram Borders Las vegas up the Nevada gaming policy com Mittee wednesday approved a proposal allowing foreign capital to be pumped into Nevada gambling through direct investments or Loans but made it Clear foreign Money should not be allowed to control the Nevada Industry. The committee headed by gov. Mike o Callaghan unanimously approved a motion by Philip Hannifin chairman of the gaming control Board that foreign investments be permissible Only if they constituted a minority position in the licensed such investors might have to apply for gambling licenses. Foreign capital put into Nevada gambling through Loans would have to be processed through a Nevada Bank and All collateral for such Loans would be held by the Nevada Bank according to the committee s recommendation. The gaming policy committee makes advisory rulings Only. Any final action on the gaming matters must be made by the five Man Nevada gaming commission. The need for foreign investments in the Nevada gambling Industry stems from enactment of the labor management act by Congress which went into effect Jan. 1. It limits in vestments of Union pension funds on a percentage formula which bad the effect of cutting off teamster pension fund Loans in Nevada at least to the near future. The need for funding of our hotels and casinos is Treen William Weinberger president of Caesars Palace hotel Here and a member of the committee said. He said Caesars Palace had a project on the books and tried to find Domestic financing for three years but was unable to do so. If the funds in the United states were available we were Able to find them. The main source of funds the teamsters pension fund has dried up due to the change in Federal he said. Long term Money at a reasonable rate of interest must be made available so our state can grow and he said. The gaming policy committee decided to take no action on a proposal by Nevada National Bank to create a subsidiary for the purpose of going into the Slot machine leasing business the committee in effect said such an Issue is none of its business but probably a matter for the legislature to consider the committee voted 5-1 not to consider it

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