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Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 1

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Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Reno, NevadaA bar sii.ybr-47c. Electrolytic spot and he asked. Spet Neva vol.51. No. 277. Full associated news ssh Ovioe the wet Athba the he Sheet temperature recorded yesterday we 41 decrees lowest St. Sunday unsettled rain or Enow. Reno Nevada sunday january 31, pages five gents nine ships s. 0. S. Call shooting occurs in hotel As argument is renewed pm Road Foreman is held for murder differences of opinion Dur ing conversation is fatal special to the journal. Winnemucca Jan. Byers Jungo Miner is dead with two Bullet wounds in Hie body and Pilade Manfred in held in the county jail Hie player. The body of the slain Man and Manfroi were brought to Winne Muo a this morning by under Sher Iff Earling Prout and Deputy George Howe. Prout said he received a phone Call from Jungo about s o clock stating that a Man had been shot. Prout accompanied by or. E. D. Of Roux and Howe with Jim Slat Tery train master left Here on a Western Pacific speeder about an hour later for the mining Camp to investigate the report. Byers found dead ers was found dead by the officers and Handcuffs were clap Ped on a Coroner s jury found that Byers had been shot by m an i red i and that the act was in acco Dinar to the Story Tol Prout at Jungo. The shooting occurred in the Austin hotel during an argument Between the two men. We themes said Manfredl started to Abu e Byers and that the latter kno kid Manfredl Down and Start walk from the hotel lobby. Draw Ilia Ore Gott to support three shots at the Retreat Fig figure two of them taking effect. Fatal argument the quarrel was the culmination of an argument started earlier in the evening at the George Noble Dent ii room several Eye witnesses told Prout that the slain Man wa3 unarmed Byers was about 25 years old and hai1 no relatives in this Section. His Mother lives in Oklahoma and he has a sister residing in Denver Manfredi is unmarried and 35 years old he it .1 Section Foreman str the Western Pacific at Jungo j. Murphy was the principal wit Ness of the inquest. He was play ing in the hotel lobby at the time of the fatal shooting. My May be san Francisco. Jan. Chronicle quotes judge c. Purkitt of Willows chairman of the d socratic state Central com Mittee As saving Here today the democrats of California plan to draft former United states Sena Tor James d. Phelan to run for that office again the democrats also plan to run John e Raker widow of con Refl Ornan Raker who died recent Washington As a candidate to him As representative from second California District. An other candidate proposed by the democrats is John o. In Van of Ber Keley former collector of the por there to make the race for governor. And other matters affect ins the party s welfare Are to be discussed Here next saturday when democratic leaders meet it the Palace hotel is nabbed in s. F. San Francisco Jan. Kastel. Sought on an indict ment charging of the mails defraud m bucket shop operations in connection with the bankruptcy of the brokerage firm of Dillon and company in 1921. Waa arrested to Day by a postal inspector. Kratel As Dandy toil to the o Broadway s night life. Held in bail pending proceedings to extradite him to new York. Jim Ferguson to run for Texas governor Dallas Texas. Jan. Dallas news will aay Tomor Row that it Learned Aai Thorl tattle in that Jamea Ter Naon. A breached former governor of and Hus Caad of prevent governor. Who be a. Anil Ilax Anan am or bar criticism of Roosevelt is explained by Oregon judge recess appointee under fire hastens to explain his remarks Washington Jan. Wallace Mccamant of Oregon nomination As a Federal Cir Cuit judge is under fire in sen ate declared today that All be in ended to imply by his statement that Theodore Roosevelt was not a Good american waa that the for Mer president bad advocated an in american doctrine. I am bound to think recall of judicial decision Subserve live of the Constitution and of an in Ameri can he said. That is All intended to imply in my Testi Mony before the judiciary commit tee the Jurist who is serving on the Bench in the ninth circuit under a recess appointment said he had expressed his admiration Foi Roosevelt and added that he had rendered Public service of a High character judge Mccamant s statement re Garding the former president was general subject of conversation today in Senate corridors and cloak rooms. His friends expressed the View that his personal reply to he charges brought against him by senator Johnson Republican of California had served to remove some of the opposition to his confirmation which developed to the Point two weeks ago that admin stration leaders had the Nomina Lon recommitted rather than in ing it to a direct Issua on the other hand those leading the fight against confirmation expressed the conviction that both Craft to engage in series of Battle exercises near canal extensive practice planned by u. S. Navy sea fighters to move out of Harbor under hostile conditions san Pedro Jan. Moves for preparation for Battle Maneu vers in which fighting Craft of the United states Navy will participate were taken Here today and at san Diego by the United states Battle Fleet. Every fighting Arm of the nation s sea Power will be tested in extensive War games in the Pacific Ocean near the canal zone before the combined scouting and Battle further tax reductions within few years predicted Bureau aides hear world court praised budget director lord announces founding of one per cent club Washington Jan. Suggesting the to edibility of atoll further tax within a few president tonight renewed Hie plea to government executives for Economy and efficiency under a general program of constructive econ or. Coolidge observed that of fleets close their problems and much Economy might not be Bene move into Balboa canal zone Peb be Chobe rather to make every Dollar count and to obtain the maximum of results with Man Rumary 15. Fleet mobilizes under War orders simulating in every detail the conditions that would follow a declaration of War the naval on the Pacific coast comp losing the Battle Fleet will mobilize off Coronado islands near san Diego monday morning before Dawn and move southward. The nine dreadnoughts and ten Craft of the Fleet train will move out of san Pedro in cruising order shortly after Midnight tomorrow yes in hand. The Economy policy has done More than reduce the cosh of government the president said for he saw in it an example to the world in administrative Effort. Review work speaking at the Semi annual Bud get meeting of department and Bureau Heads the chief executive re viewed accomplishments of the Senate wrangles for four hours on controversial Points committee a roved by senators Barbara la Marr film Vampire Dies suddenly screen celebrity nearly recovered from breakdown when end comes let Eris takes decided stand against income publicity repeal Jan. Thi tax reduction Bill was subject to a dozen new amendments Todi y some on vital questions us the Senate spent a four hour ses Sion wrangling Over the first controversial Section to to reached in of numeration of the measure. While no rate sections were reached today senator Couzens Republican Michigan opened the promised fight against repeal of the inheritance tax offering amendments to restore the inherit Ance air gift tax rates now in effect Weet Rathee considerable support for the amendment from Western senators night while the Light forces de period since Pic first meeting of the Stroyer submarine and aircraft organization of the gov div Islona based at san Diego will Ern Melu in june 1921, and declared steam from their bases sunday that the mng9 done in perfecting afternoon and will be concentrated Ettic ency been tremendous in the Jurist s declaration that he had i ready for Fleet formation when tha Reil Ulto and o overwhelm tag Sig made no pledge to the voters of j dread Aughta led by the flagship _ a _ _ .wvh.14btaaw. Ajcatfattk1 it. N in a the state presidential primary in 1920 and his testimony to the americanism of Roosevelt had served to increase the opposition to confirmation. Flight lands Franco and aides in brazilian Waters o clock morning. 67 War Craft in that the part i seated played by government in its i household and in world of there will be 67 War Craft in the Falig would not be unless Battle Fleet concentration n Addi to was rely forced. By adhesion Tion to the squadrons of air planes the world court when it moves in Fleet formation the president s exposition of southward from san Diego Waters what he the to engage in the greatest Fleet Man Jeral a governmental of reuvers of the year. F supplemented at some from the Atlantic the scouting Fleet comprising some sixty vessels fairs was supplemented at length by director lord of the Bud get Bureau who described an econ battled chips scout cruisers destroy he ans to ners submarine train and aircraft he f t Federal expend squads have already left its stations. These forces Are in the role of an enemy Fleet with movements of both the scouting Fleet and Bat i the Fleet shrouded in secrecy. No information has been divulged As to when the Atlantic forces reach the Ity they May not be already in Pacific Waters. Fekn Akdo do no Conha is land Brazil Jan. A continuous flight of approximately 15 hours the Spanish seaplane plus Ultra in command of the noted Cir Pilot Franco completed the Ion Geet and most perilous stage of its flight from Spain to Argen Tina South America coming Down in the sea off this Island at 8 o clock tonight. Captain Franco at first girdled the Island in search of a Good Landing spot but found none be cause of the heavy surf. He again flew out to sea and alighted there. Late the plane was towed into a Safe Harbor in Concepcion. Bay. The distance was about 1432 Miles and now Are Only about 279 Miles from Pernambuco the Bra Zilian Inland the intrepid Bird men took off from Rebero do in finl Rno Bay Porto Pray Cape verde islands a t o clock this morning. Madrid Jan of Cannon at Midnight gave Madrid the first news of the Safe arrival at Fernando do Noronha of commander Franco and his com rades of the plus Ultra. Bedlam followed the news spreading All Over the country with lightning Speed. San Bernardino Cal Jan. For damages was filed in the suit for court Here today by to Beanie Barnett of Redlands against d. C. Mclario v and Earl Harris elders of the first Christian Church of Redlands whom she charged injured her by forcibly ejecting her from the Pul pit of the Church at a Church ser vice on november 8 when she to make charges the pastor the Rev. R. Glenn Edwards. Lira. Barnett that the de maliciously assaulted her and struck beat and kicked her and also Tore her a jury in a a Eholt recently acquit Ted mrs. Barnett is Leader of it faction of Dru Rota that has demanded Thor re Moval of the Tures one per cent club general lord announced the chartering of a one per cent club within the government saying1 the one qualification of membership u a i i was ability to Rodunce expenditures Ess or s had fallen Short of its objective by Only three million dollars he i planned in setting the figure of i As the amount to be i saved. I the a resident 8 idea of construe Tive Economy was to eliminate As Many non essentials As possible while bolstering the agencies whose function a better order of National life. Merely to reduce the expenses of the he said might to cancel by Leo a. Mcclatchy Washington correspondent the Nevada state journal Washington Jan. 30 not in itself be beneficial. Such action might be Only the discontinuance of a wholly necessary a Tiv act ment of legislation in the Oddle Ity. No civilized Community would Bill covering a charge off of con close its schools abolish its courts Striction costs and suspension of payments on the Newlands Recla mation project in Nevada was recommended in a report by Secretary work filed with the Senate irrigation committee. The Bill Calla for the charging off of and for suspension of disband its police Force or discontinue its fire Nat at Oain such action could not be counted a gain but As irreparable loss. The underlying spirit of Economy is to secure better education administration of Justice More pub All payments on Over acres of lie order and greater Security firn conflagration All through a Superior organization which will a temporarily unproductive lands and Mori than acres at. Public and private lands in contracted for at present Cable car dashes s. F. Staff fbanc1sco, Jah a runaway Cable car dashed Down Slippery tracks on Hyde Street mils Here tonight to plunge into another car at the terminal injury crease the unit of Cost. It is All reducible to a question of National of the r resident held the View that pro Posada for Economy and efficiency were neither selfish nor provincial. Rather he believed them to reveal a spirit dedicated to the service of he emphasized that if these things Are not important then there Are no earthly considerations that Are import ant pleads Economy All of thu he Coan to inability away car to maintain its Crip " on the Cable. Q the of government is that it the throw away self restraint and sell control and adopt Laws which being without sound economic foundation bring on such a financial distress As to result in want misery disorders and the dissolution of so Clear. America has demonstrated that new York Jan. J self government can be so admins actresses were overcome by smoke tired a fairly to protect each in today from a fire which started j div dual in All his rights whether under the stage of the fifth ave i they affect his person or his prop actresses overcome in theater Blaze playhouse during1 perform Ance of the House of at tended by 300 men and Wem ii. Jazz goes a tax Moscow. Jan. Can jazz by radio goes Well with of Efimi been much away Rog of Lively of my by air in and near erty. Under constitutional authority we tax everything but we confiscate nothing. It is not through selfishness or or Arm Gance. But through self denial conservation and service that we Hajj build up the american spirit u the True constructive Economy the wat Altadena Calif Jan. La Marr motion picture actress died at her Home Here tills afternoon. Miss la Marr s death resulted from comply Fol lowing a Ner Vous break Down several months ago her father w. Watson said. Her death come unexpectedly and until yesterday seemed i m proving rap idly. Thurs Day she was Able to Leive 1 the Home for the first time to Many weeks. Miss la Marr s breakdown was in july Hulle the was completing three pictures in new York. She i returned to Hollywood to make1 the fourth and it was while she was engaged in this work last onto her that 3he suffered a second collapse. While Las la Marr s condition be i came worse yesterday it did not by the Senate finance com but would negative the Reg in this tax provided by the House. With the Bill now cleared of All non controversial items leaders were confident tonight that de j spite threats of fights against Sev eral vital Rote reducing provisions a final vote could be obtained by a arbuary in which would March 15, when Linen u on 192.6 in Jomes Are due. Inspect returns t approval was Given today to a provision setting up a permanent on Gressional investigation com Mittee which would be directed to inspect income tax and investigate administration of the internal Revenue Bureau. At the request of senator club ens it was agreed that the com Mittee would have All in formation discovered to this provision was described by members of the finance committee As a Congress of publicity income a payments now repealed in the pending Bill and was so accepted by both Republican and Democrat leaders of the committee. Senator Norris Republican Neasia however has offered an amendment proposing that All in tax returns be open to Public inspection. Publication urged in this connection senator Cruz ens also introduced today an amendment requiring All decisions of the internal Revenue Bureau on tax incomes to be published. Some of the work of yesterday was undone when senator Reed Republican penna., obtained con sent for reconsideration of the proposed repeal of the capital Stock tax in Olving a loss of annually in Revenue. Chairman Smoot of the finance committee in charge of the Bill indicated he would couple consideration of this item with the proposed one per cent increase in the Cor Poi Atlon tax which waa voted by the committee to offset the loss which would be occasioned by re peal of the capital Stock Levy. Democrats have served notice they would fight the proposed Corpora Tion tax raise. She died about an hour later Barbara la Marr whose real name was originally Reatha Watson was born in Yakima wash., july 28, 1896, her father said and attended schools there and in Portland and Fresno at eight she waa a Mem Berot a theatrical Stock company in Tacoma and later waa with a Spokane company. The Young girl s first husband waa Jack Lytell of Arizona who she said pulled her from a horse one Day and hurried her Over the Border into Mexico where he prevailed upon her to marry him Lytell died two years later. At 17 she married Lawrence con verse said to have been an officer of mexican revolutionary forces. Her married life with Converse was Short and she returned Home to her father. In 1916 she married Phil ans Worth a chorus Man who later obtained a divorce from her. Before her decree became final miss la Marr married Ben Deeley an actor at fort Lee n j. While Deeley s wife she went to Dallas Texas and adopted Marvin Carvlli a child from an orphanage there. On april 16, 1923, she waa granted an annulment of her marriage to Deely on the ground that when she married Deeley she waa really the wife of Ainsworth. Six alter she was finally freed of mat rom Only entanglements by the California courts she married Jack Doherty a motion picture actor at Ventura May a 1923. Doherty is atoll her husband although they became estranged after some months of married life. Barbara la Man began her screen career As an extra at a Day and a few later be came a in Ocean Palo Jan. Emma Frances Pawson a prominent literary figure in the Early Days in san waa taken today from a. Palo Alto cottage where she has lived to poverty and seclusion Tor to placed in the palp Alto Buffer ing from old Hanger and Priva Tion. For four Days failed to remove left at her door. Today the1 police entered the cottage and. Foun4. Waa scantily Clad in tattered with her head to ims Carpenter by Day burglar by night confesses murders Joliet ill., Jan. Car o. Johnson a notorious Crim Inal by night and in respectable working Man by Day made a death bed confession of a triple murder Here today and recalled a double killing in new York several Days ago. He admitted in a signed confession the triple fatal shooting of or. And mrs. Henry w. Jeske and their six year old son at their a Tavla Illinois farm december 12, which remained an unsolved crime until today. Bullet wounds from a patrolman s revolver caused Johnson s death Johnson was Alto known rape Ter land Carlson a. Respectable honest hard working Carpenter and police describe him As a modern or. Jekyll and or. Hyde. He was wounded wednesday by a police Man while attempting to elude a traffic officer for Ninor Viola Tion. When he waa told he could not recover he made Hie confession and also admitted the murder of two others. I had t been right in my head for three or four Johnson said Johnson served two years to an Asylum for the criminally insane and when discharged from the has Petal in 1925 went itt Chicago. Detailing the Jeske murder Carlson said he wait caught in the family Home while robbing it and a each of the Jake i came into the House he shot killed them. Attired in overalls and shabby clothes Carlson left Bili Home each morning to do his Day a work a a Carpenter or at is Ajit to believed by the Good people residing near him. With the coming of night How Ever Carlson be Calette Johnson and his occupation shifted from car Penter to of a Worflar. The genial Little Nataa with blonde hair and Silky moustache waa transformed into 4 machine of death. Even As Navy commander to at tempt new Polar flight in summer As Jan convinced by his experience commander of the Navy Section of the Maom Lllan expedition last sum Mer that exploration of the Arctic by aircraft in practicable lieu tenant commander Richard e Byrd retired a to Lead an inde pendent expedition into those re this year for scientific of Btl for had Fulli. Tod. Police witness held for passing checks Stockton complaint waa filed with District attorney Edward vat Fraaken this morning by a. Come tit Chara ing Dan Bartetto government wet Tuesa in the trial at Fresno with Para Fri bad Check for deputies left today bar Here to Serrations and possibly a flight to the pole. Officially the Navy is not to be connected with the expedition which la to be financed with the Aid of prominent americana among who Are John d. Rockefeller jr., Vincent actor and Edsell Ford. At the same time although Ita would be somewhat similar it would not operate in Competition with the expedition of the Detroit aviation Socle to which plans to hop off this Spring for Point Barrow Alaska for the North pole nor with the contemplated second Effort of Amundsen with the norwegian explorer to visit Tho Arctic by air. Of lining hip position in a state ment today commander Byrd said announcement of the plans for an Aerial expedition to the North pole regions was made somewhat prematurely As none of the details have yet been presented. My experiences in the Arctic regions last summer convinced me of the entire practicability of exploration by aircraft of Thea Sec Tion of the world that hitherto has been inaccessible. Financial support Baa been pledged by a number of private Cut liens and we Are no a trying to reach a decision a to whether an Airship or specially designed plane will give the beat Assurance of a successful venture. The expedition Haa no Connee with any Othera that Are in contemplation and Haa no Cial backing in a strict a Nae of the word being an undertaking that will be financed and managed by private individuals. My plans do not put me to com petition with the Detroit expedition. The Detroit expedition should give a a tended account of commander Byrd u equipped to command an expedition of dirigible or air plane he la qualified in both branches. Wino Beach Aby. To of Joha of tilth it two liners Brave raging Waters in Start for european harbours seamen rescued by heroic men of sea sails torn from sailing boats by ferocious storms new York Jan. The Paw of the Atlantic s Long Gale hat slapped at Nunt More Whipe tending them reel ing and calling for help. One a tailing Thip Wae being towed into port tonight with her table gone and her tide badly battered. Two other tailing i hit Hove to until the storm let them alone. Another wat Drifting with the wind a fifth a German tug wat being sought in reply to her sos still another had patched her injuries and wat limping into port. The Crew of still another a Little to hooked had been transferred to another ship. A or and a tug were wrecked near Palm Beach fia., and part of tha Crew of the Schooner wat adrift in Lifeboat. Although the toll of the today did not compare with its destruction of the freighters Laru Tan and Antl Noe earlier in the week reports from the ships in distress said l to Hurricane had Loat Little of its ferocity ovation for the Pren Dent Roosevelt with the re soued Crow of the Antl Noe on Board was near Long Queenstown to night where reports Eaid a tremendous ovation waa them. Two ships put out to sea again from now York today the Cunard or Azul Tianlu and the French liner Fiance both Are going Hack into Tho storm area through which they battled Only a few Daya half a dozen inbound ships re ported Thev would be the who masted Schooner Bright of Georgetown Maine cried for help today she was 120 Melee off Ambrose Light and the coast guard cutlet Seneca went to her Aid. Winches smashed All her Winchen had been smashed the Lilyh sea so that the Crew could neither raise nor lower Ier Tho winds had stripped Ler Rolls Awu and she was Drift ing helplessly when the Seneca took her in Tow. Tho Alps which Hove to were Tho bed Cross liner Rosalind from by Johns n a and the City of Melbourne from Calcutta. Both Are bound for Halifax. Storm unabated a German giving her name As the caul a but believed to be the tug Carun mint out a sos a Vlna her position about 100 Tillea off the tip of the Spanish Peninsula. She said the storm waa unabated. The steamship America picked up the Captain and Crew of three of the four masted Tufton of Boston which had turned Over in the Gale. Off the Florida coast. The America reported the re Maunder of the Crew waa left in lifeboats. Tug wracked the tug endurance was wrecked six Miles out the America reported. All of the Crew was saved the master said. The tug was left with All it Htit knowing. The Canadian Settlor reported her engines and boilers had gone Bud and that she was Drifting with the Hurricane. Tuie Rescue of five men aboard the Schooner Simmons off the Florida coast was reported in a Brief radio message. By Captain w. H. Maxwell of the purr Oil Pany Tanker w. W. Mills. Instantly killed Dallas. Jan. Urn Gladys Owena a stenographer was shot and in at itly killed Here today by a Man it tone name War. 8. He Thea him self would killed in police Bam Springfield. Mo., Jan. Men were killed and several Othera wounded when police stormed tile barricaded Home of Clinton Hollingsworth it 21-year-old youth and captured him after firing ave eral Hundred rounds of ammunition into the House. Police came to the after Hollyn Ibworth had fired at several of he family. Detective Al Franklin a Veteran member of the local police department and Joe Harlund. Who a Loeb near the Holly Norsworth Home were idl toc. By from the before police realised they were Deallan kith a Man. Hour use Worth attempted to commit Eul Oide one Aad at Bye Letoa stated that time Tau to would be for m i Ece Nuy Tovana and Eaid by to turn m a must let cum. Newspaper

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