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Nevada Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - March 23, 1973, Reno, NevadaMany Chain stores already Selling less beef meat Boycott support swells across nation april target Date the Assort in a proc , b by the associated press support for a week Long meat Boycott starting the first of april appears to be growing daily just a month after two los Angeles housewives concerned about High prices suggested the resistance. Anger Over High prices or simple financial necessity apparently is prompting Many housewives to sharply reduce their meat buying. And contrary to president Nixon s Opin Ion that a Boycott would not be an effective use of what we Call people a buying cutback appears to be under Way. The american meat Institute reports from Chicago that there was a drop in wholesale meat prices during the past week. Noting this chairman. Herbert Stem of the president s Council of economic advisers told Washington newsmen something seems to be work ing Back from the demand Side. Consumer resistance May be having an the National association of food chains said that in a re cent Telephone Survey of 16 food chains 15 reported they were ordering less beef than before. The Western states. Meat pack ers association says West coast meat wholesalers have Cut their prices 2 to 3 cents a Pound in response to pressure from Consumers and the government. Organizers of the Boycott Promise they la have an even greater effect in april. Women Are showing up at super markets across the nation to hand out Boycott leaflets and circulate recipes for meatless meals. In Many stores shoppers Al ready Are boycotting the meat department on certain Days of the week. If the one week april Boycott does t bring lower prices supporters vow to extend it one two or even three weeks. I think it s the phenomenon of the says june Donavan of the Boycott which she and her Friend Arline Mathews conceived in a Telephone conversation in late february. The two women Esti mate they be received More than letters and hundreds of phone Calls expressing sup port and seeking More information about forming fight inflation together fit clubs. An associated press Survey showed similar sentiments else where. It s a Chance for Consumers to grab on to some thing and fight says Eva Sartwell of Concord . We the Consumers Are the ones keeping the costs of meat High because meat is not in Short we Don t buy the meat the grocery stores can t sell the says Dreama Thomas of Grove City Ohio. They will just have to order less until they bring the prices Down or Nixon puts on a ninety seventh year no. 309 Reno Nevada Friday March 23, 1973 phone 702 323-3161 15 cents Gerlach Pool in which girl died visitors bask in warm Mineral water at Gerlach hot Springs where a 19-year-old Lake Tahoe girl died sunday. The Small boiling hot Pool into which Deborah Ann Brockelsby fell or jumped is seen Ste Aming in background. Investigation of the death continues but Washoe county sheriff s investigators said they have found nothing to indicate it was anything but an Accident. Gazette photo by Ron Healy Reno Bank Man Reno police arrested a Man for investigation of armed Rob Bery this morning within min utes after a Holdup at the first National Bank of Nevada at Kietzke Lane and Roberts Street. Police responding to an . Bank alarm saw a Man running one Block away at Rob erts and Cordone Avenue. Officers said they saw Hun drop a paper bag containing currency and also a gun in shrubbery at the Corner. He was apprehended a few minutes later behind a House at 601 Cordone. The Man who was not identified by police was taken to the City jail. The Federal Bureau of investigation has taken Over investigation of the Case. The amount of Money taken was not disclosed. Wild seas hamper search new York a a fierce Atlantic storm and Mountain Ous seas hampered the search today for 30 crewmen who a diced they were abandoning their sinking norwegian freighter about 135 Miles off the coast. Coast guard said its last Contact with. The foundering Norse Varia i was Early thursday afternoon in the form of three distress messages say ing a. Hatch had broken open and the men were abandoning ship. Used Carson City a Nevada Assembly minority Leader Lawrence Jacobsen today blasted democrats for trying so to adjourn that they have almost forgotten what we Are Here Jacobsen a Minden said Democrat leadership pushing has resulted in Over hearings on some measures pre determined decisions on oth one of the most common statements made in committee by the majority members is we can t Embarrass the Gover nor by not passing or sending a Bill Over for his said Jacobsen. Assemblyman John vergiels a Las vegas newly named As Sembly Democrat whip Given the task of pushing administration measures through the legislature said Jacobsen s comments were just More partisan vergiels said the republicans May simply be trying to delay and Embarrass the democrats control the As Sembly 5-15 and the Senate 14 6. Hughes fingerprints taken by governor police reveal by Phil Barber. Gov. Mike o Callaghan and gaming control Board chair Man Phil Hannifin took Howard Hughes fingerprints when they visited him saturday in a Lon Don. Hotel a Reno police official said. Neither o Callaghan nor Hannifin was available for com ment about the assertion today. At a press conference on their return Hannifin said he had no doubt the Man he and o Callaghan talked to was Hughes. Hannifin said it would be unreasonable to any reasonable Man to walk away from that lengthy conversation and not believe he had been talking with or. intimate knowledge of the de tails of Hughes Nevada corporate affairs was revealed by Hughes Hannifin said they said. Hughes discussed planned personnel changes in Summa corp., the c o m p a n y which controls his extensive Nevada holdings. Hannifin said the company is expected to apply shortly for changes in its gaming licenses. The police official who asked that he not be identified said Hannifin and o Callaghan Bor rowed a portable vice from Reno police. It s a Type some commercial firms now use for identification in cashing checks. A person Rolls his thumb on a Small apparently Clear pad then Rolls it again on a piece of chemically treated paper the officer said. The fingerprint appears i a few seconds without the use or inconvenience of Ink. Washington a . John Scali was threatened with physical Vio Lence by panamanian Leader Gen. Omar Torrijos if the United states vetoed a . Secur Ity Council Resolution on the Panama canal informed sources said today. Scali s vote to veto the Reso Lution was cast wednesday night a Day after he had received a message from Torrijos the sources said. They said the message from Torrijos before the final vote suggested Scali should cast his veto from the Airport because the people and students would not understand and there might be according to the sources the threat was made by the panamanian Leader through a top aide directly to Scali. A follow up message was then sent by phone from the general s aide to an assistant of the ambassador. According to the sources Scali went directly to Torrijos and in a meeting in a private Home outside Panama City the . Official said any veto would be cast from the Security Council to these accounts Torrijos then told Scali there had been a misunderstanding and the original message had come from his Security people in an Effort to inform him of possible danger. Chuckle Middle age is when you want to see How Long the car will last instead of How fast it will go. Nevada research comes up with a first gets 20 years Washington a a former Nixon Campaign official was sentenced to up to 20 years in the watergate Case today and sentencing for another defendant was postponed after he said perjury had been committed and All those involved had not been found. Letter read in a letter read from the Bench defendant James w. Mccordjr. Said his family feared for his life if he told All he knew about the political Bur Glary and wiretapping at democratic party Headquarters. He also charged that Polit ical pressure had been brought to persuade the defendants to plead guilty and keep quiet. After Reading the. Letter . District court judge John a. Is Ricia gave g. Gordon Liddy 42, a former White House aide and Legal counsel to the Nixon re election Campaign s finance committee a edition to a sentence ranging from months to i 20 years political pressure there was political pressure applied to the defendants to plead guilty and remain is Mccord said in the letter which he had written to siricia1 last monday. Perjury occurred during the trial in matters highly material to the very Structure Orien tation and Impact of the govern ment s Case and to the motivation and intent of the defend Mccord said. Not identified others involved in the watergate operation were not identified during the Mccord said when they could have been by those Iricia postponed Mccord s sentencing one week while he studies the new development and placed five other defendants under provisional maximum sentences. The judge left open the final sentence of e. Howard Hunt jr., 54, Bernard l. Barker 55, Eugenio r. Martinez 49 Frank a. Sturgis 37, and Virgilio r. Gonzales. Each of you Are provisionally committed to a maximum Iricia said and added that he will decide after a three months study whether to uphold or reduce the sentences. Liddy and Mccord were the Only defendants to remain through the four week trial last january. The other five pleaded guilty Early in the trial. Reno s sex pow holds a press conference see 15 for details White House denies claim Dean lied Washington a the White House has denied a state ment by acting Fri director l. Patrick Gray Iii who said president Nixon s official Law yer probably lied to an agent probing the watergate wire tapping without mentioning Gray s testimony to the Senate judiciary committee the White House issued a statement thursday saying that counsel John w. Dean i flatly denies that he Ever misled or As sen. Byrd of West Virginia suggests lied to an agent of the the statement said the refer ence to Dean made earlier in the Day at the judiciary hear ing on Gray s nomination to be permanent Fri director was reprehensible unfortunate unfair and Goodpaster retained Washington a pres ident Nixon has approved a new two year tour of duty for army Gen. Andrew j. Goodpaster supreme commander of North Atlantic treaty organization. Las vegas Nev. A the state gaming commission voted thursday to allow firms with foreign gaming interests to invest in Nevada gambling casinos. Unanimous vote the commission voted 5-0 to Amend a regulation that had blocked major hotel chains and airlines from moving into the gaming Industry. But John Diehl commission chairman said i really Don t think we re going to be flooded with applications. There May be a few hotel chains who May o r May not meet the regu Hannifin chairman of the gaming control Board which makes recommendations to the Parent commission said a number of hotel companies have expressed interest in mov ing into the state. Companies will not be allowed to have gaming inter ests within Nevada s marketing area under the new Rule. Hannifin said no specific marketing area has been identified but. The resort Industry s expanding Market would prob ably include the United states Mexico and Canada. The amended Rule requires that the foreign gaming inter ests be adequately policed. The old Rule was adopted in 1959 when Nevada was trying to keep out of the gambling Industry. The commission License to Jake Leroy Shumaker for the Colony turf club in Reno endorsing a recommendation by the gaming control Board that the License be de Nied for furnishing false information. The the Board to investigate further the Sale of the sports Boole to Shumaker. Index monitors pollution from Colorado Plant scientists at the University of Nevada s desert research Institute Here Are using a laser beam to Monitor atmospheric pollution near a Power Plant along the Colorado River and say they think it s the first time such a program has been done on a continuous basis. Roger Steele who conducted the two year program along with Vernpn Smiley said in an interview thursday the results of the Survey indicated emis Sions from Southern California Edison co s Mohave Power Plant clearly show the station had no effect on the atmospheric environment As monitored by the monitoring Sta Tion Steele said the. Laser was situated on a Mountaintop near Bullhead City Ariz and beamed the Low level Light Miles across the Mohave Valley to a reflector which bounced it Back to the transmitter. Measure the strength of the signal that comes he said "and1 the stronger the Sig Nal the lower the amount of particle pollutants in the he said the system has been used previously under Labora tory conditions but added the installation was the first in the Seretse that that sort of thing has never been put out in the Field on an unmanned basis be the installation which costs about a year was funded by the Utility and will re main in operation to give con Stant readings of particulate pollution. Information collected by the laser reflector system is stored on punched paper tape in a data retrieval system and the tapes Are processed through a computer in Reno. Richard Ida assistant director of the air pollution control program said the Validity of the study depends on How Good their station network 5 sections 70 pages Section one editorials 4 family living 12-13 Sylvia Porter. 6 the doctor 5 Section two entertainment guide .12 pages Section three local regional news 15 sports 16-19 Section four amusements. 23 Ann Landers 22 classified. 25-33 comics 22 crossword Puzzle 29 deaths. 24 Earl Wilson 22 24 Public 25 television log. 22 weather table 24 win at Bridge 22 Section five Valu Mart. 24 pages Reno evening Gazette a Spendel newspaper member of associated press. Second class postage paid at Reno Nevada. Published week inc 280, w. 2nd st., Reno Nev. To Tutu subscription rates car Rita delivery in Reno Sparks and Carson City month for Del try outside these areas and by adult motor route by Mill in Nevada s3 a year other Domestic Points to a year. Other rates of request weather Reno Sierra Tahoe fair through saturday with warmer Days and northerly winds. Weather Page 24.

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