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Naugatuck Daily News Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 3

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Naugatuck Daily News (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Naugatuck, Connecticut Naugatuck news 1968 Pear Ann Landers in Young student nurse who has gotten a real education in the tour since Ive working in the Hospital Ive my eyes opened three children have died and a dozen ignore came close because their were please print the following suggestions for the mothers of Small Chil Dren 1 keep All medicines locked rip and out of 2 when you have fun with a liquid or get rid of it by flush it Down the dont save it often changes chemically with so 3 never store cleaning agents in food Bot Fles or leftover last one Little boy nearly died from drinking cleaning fluid a pop a Little girl in old die from eating insecticide was in a Jelly 4 do not leave children in the Bathtub they can turn on the hot water and 5 keep matches and Claret out of the reach kids love fire and r tit can kill 6 keep All pot handles turned the Wall while on the youngsters Are curious i often up the pan to see tipped pans have scarred Many a child Foi l dear i appreciate you suggestions and Hope the Moth ers of Young children will pay and now id like add one More children should be taught that of their clothes catch fire they should not they to the ground or to the floor and Roll until the flames Are dear Ann Landers i have woman for Art both past 30 and enjoy one another this woman has a pretty face but she is very i took some pictures of her recently and her legs look like the problem the Short skirts emphasize her i never thought much about her legs until these crazy styles came would i be out of line to Tell her of my Tongue dear tip speak it be an act of she might ignore you but at least you will have gone on dear Ann Landers a woman in our crowd went to Europe Ifor she came Back without a wrinkle in her said she had a marvelous v we think she had her face but we cant see any a Friend of mine whose aunt her face lifted says the Doc tors Are so skillful today that they lift from the hairline and behind the ears and the scars Are is this possible do you think the woman would be offended if i came right out and asked her if she had a lift Job just inquisitive dear just its tic surgeons Are extremely but i dont think your Friend is eager to publicly Praise her when the woman came Back and announced she was that was her explanation for the absence of let it How far should a teenage couple go can necking be Safe when does it become too hot to handle Send for Ann Landers necking and what Are the limits mail your request to Ann Landers in care of your newspaper enclosing 50 in Coin and a self addressed Enve Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your Send them to her in care of this enclosing a Seliad stamped the almanac by United press International today is 16 the 321sl Day of 1968 with 45 to the Moon is Between its last Quarter and new the morning stars Are Mars and the evening stars Are Saturn and on this Day in history in 1908 conductor Arturo Toscanini made his american in 1933 the United states and Russia established diplomatic in 1986 Sam Sheppard was acquitted of the 1954 slaying of his wife after the jury deliberated also in 1966 president John son underwent surgery for removal of a benign Throat polyp and repair of a a thought for the Day scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson Mankind was never so happily inspired As when it made a lunch menu hot lunch menu Beacon Falls monday Sloppy Joe on buttered Green chocolate pudding with whipped tuesday combination Sand cheese and Pickle potato fruit wednesday Spaghetti with meat tossed thursday hot Turkey Sand wich with buttered Cranberry sauce and Friday vegetable tuna salad Peanut butter and Jam ice milk is served with All dear Heloise my husband hated to take a liquid Medicine while he was sick in bed because i would usually spill it or drip some on the bed clothes or after looking around and trying to find a i got the idea of using Little Plas tic bottle that his pills came just measured the dose of Medicine and put it into uie then marked the out Side of the bottle with adhesive now i just pour the medi Cine in up to the tape and hand him the Little More sure has saved me lots of a steady Reader a v m a m u h thnh i Voutil in Tricky Way to give those their Medicine too thanks our Hellow dear Heloise i washed empty cans from tuna fish and painted my husband Bent one Side in and making a level rest ing place for now when were in the there is no Chance of knocking Over Glass Ash trays we use these Marie Grablovic from Halo uses Kitchen dear folks i eat lot of mimed sometimes i vary it by mix ing Trio different to lust night i added u Tea spoon of Steak sauce to some soup and it was Ai you might try it in a half Van but i know you will love it like i also delicious in of Allied soup is Tomato and u squirt or two of it really fives the soup a t dear Heloise a girl Friend told me when making pies for the Freezer to use my electric mixer to blend the flour and it and Doest spatter one bit Only takes a half mixing four cups of flour by i have lumps and flour All Over my Tummy and the but the mixer works Colleen dear Heloise in each we have three squeeze bottles which Are clearly Bath and no danger of broken Glass or wasted Money on spilled Johnson 9 dear Heloise inlaid linoleum with Small Breaks at the seams or burned holes can be get a scrap of your own linoleum or secure a Small scrap from your linoleum Matching the color As closely As using a single Edge razor knife or scrape or file the Lino Leum until you get enough powder or Fine scrapings of the same then apply a Good glue to the broken or burned out places and cover with the use a sufficient amount to fill in even with the rest of the linoleum surface and let it completely this method is suitable for floor linoleum and Cabinet Only close scrutiny will detect your Han Irene t v dear Heloise As you probably broken shoestrings Are a nuisance to mothers and grand mothers i was finishing up some knitting recently and got an i decided to Crochet a Chain of the leftover Wool the length i needed for my grand sons i discovered it not Only lasted longer than regular laces but stayed tied and was easier for a Fivey Earold learning to tie his own Hickenbotham the lighter Side by Dick West Washington h you find yourself Reading More now but enjoying it you May be suffering from scatological a but dont be the condition int it Only Means become tired of seeing words in almost everyone who is exposed to contemporary fiction incurs the malady to some the quickest Way to throw it off is to search your bookshelf for a novel written Back in the Days when authors employed symbols to represent Saxon some of those symbols were marvellously a Good Symbol Man was a far More inventive writer than the current crop of novelists who insist on spelling it out for Clergyman Corner Bertram whats happened to us Early in the summer of 1963 a new Vork crowd stared at a j youth pacing the narrow ledge of a hotel eleven stories 1 above the a group of boys chanted in unison Jurny j one of them said i i Hope he jumps on his Side Jno that we can see a woman complained she missing her favorite to show f and wait All night and i just wish hed get the 1 Job Over finally the lad i was pulled to and the 1 melted i what happened to us Iii truly America evidently Prce Loim u flipping j from us heart of our peo Whin is for Tut sacred of human be we Are indifferent to the needs of we Are a divided nation with animosity Andi antagonism to those who oppose our we snuff out the lives of those with whom we Dis or we destroy property of those whom we we speak of a great society with More Money spent on greater compensations of social Security and advancement in the Field of Sci ence and and still we live in a somehow we live in a dual world within our nation in which we oppose capital punishment and at the same time hate our Fellowman oppose the War in Vietnam and make life in on be treats of to Analyse the reason for this is very we have forgot ten the Bibl based thou shall love thy neighbor As the Only Way that Man can love his Fellowman is to apply gods thou shall love the lord thy god with All thy with All thy and with All thy mind Matthew when we heed these then we will apply them shall love they neighbor As the heart of Man must be transformed by the love of Jesus Christ who died for mens by accepting him and his redemptive Power we become gods children and reflect this in our every walk of How differently the world would be today if All Mankind were to know the god of whose transforming Power would bring peace to mans heart and love for one gemini spaceflight veterans from Eugene cer John Young and Thomas have been named to Fly Apollo 10 to within 10 Miles of the Moon next on a decisive rehearsal for a summer lunar the three astronauts at the left from Russell David Scott and James will Fly the 10day Apollo 9 Earth orbit in late they will perform a whole series of space including Docking and youre telling me because to Lou were too Many Crane Kern it Ell Zaboth Mirty for hoi household London a Nance last years affair will be held in Windsor outside the Simon please note in Mana Ellou Bilts especially Yummy in Queens taste a yellow tomcat was found Imp lined in a Louis no Tell ing How Many lives it used up trying to get on Reading Tiit in the Southeast asian Calendar 196b will be the year of the postcards is my year i personally have always admired the Blanket Blank school of obscenity Blanket Blank John Dalton for two cents i would give you such a Blanket Blank thrashing you would remember it for the rest of your blankets blanking the Beauty of a passage like that is that it permits the Reader to fill in the Blanks from his own which May be a Good bit More potent than the Runof Hemill i have also encountered some extremely proficient dash and asterisk one Book i remember enjoying was banned in Boston because of its the trick Here is knowing when to use if a novelist has one of his characters is it can ruin the entire As a Rule of dots should be used when ladies Are present dashes Are Best in a dialogue Between two and asterisks have the greatest1 Impact when the author is speaking for i that the most effective obscenity symbols in j All literature Are created when an author unleashes his emotions with an improvised composition on the upper Case keys on the top Row of his no four letter word can possibly be As Bawdy As quote j if the author is feeling i particularly he might throw in a few number and per cent symbols to make the Shock More they can Knock a Reader right out of is some of Are x they dont grab Ive known Baptist preachers who used stronger language than it Cut formal Wear Cut a avs strollers tuxedos pull dress it Limos 20 Union web area buying guide where to Bly i easily and quickly Auto body repair photo equipment Franks Naugatuck Auto Hody 30 years of Quality workmanship collision repair towing service 7296711 bobs camera shop 21 grand 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