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Naugatuck Daily News (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Naugatuck, Connecticut 2 Naugatuck news 1968 Nixon Cabinet by William there is much Specula Tion about the composition of Nixon Cabinet indeed my Brothers Novak and after telling us Over the years that Nixon could never Tho have now just about completed the staffing of Nixon adm Nistra if we take their word for and that of others who Are engaged in similar Nixon Cabinet will look like a roster of eligible a drawn up by the Ripon it by the interest ing that so Many of the seasons Ora tors who were p Rock a 1 Fil ing that Strom thur mond would exercise a veto Power Over any appointment by think nothing at All now of predicting very Liberal Butof course that was Campaign and we have known it Ever since Wendell Willkie told that we Are not to take seriously the vat Ici nations of hungry even it is unquestionably in Nixon mind to nominate a balanced team to include in it recognized Lead ers of both left and he May even Nomin ate a Democrat or even As old for used to the bet Ter to eat us up a few words Are appropriate concern ing some of the names one hears Nelson More than any Man in he is anathema to the right it is in part a chemical because Rockefeller has flogged the right Wing Merci in the summer of 1963 he publican party was being taken Over by and the average Republican suddenly Dis covered that the Man Rockefeller was was him and then there was Rockefeller desertion of his party during the Goldwater in apart Fellers addiction to Domestic Liberal the governor is a very capable and in foreign a very realistic late this Spring he Man under the inexpert tute Lage of Emmet to say some complicated and demoralizing things concerning Viet but even that Ter giver station does not obscure a firm anti communist commitment that dates Back to his role in the Chapultepec conference in the Early where he first incurred the animosity of the world communist he an expert and he profoundly believes in the Neces sity of National he would be the last Man in Amer Ica to be fooled by phony Dis armament or taken in by the sentimental pretensions of nonproliferation in other Nelson Rockefeller would make a Good Secre tary of and a very shrewd Choice for that Posi Tion since Rockefeller Clien which is the Eastern sea boar i Liberal establishment is greatly needed in support of Tough defense there is talk about William Scranton for Secretary of state notwithstanding Scranton Adamant disavowal of Scranton is a highly competent Man and a diplomatic such is Nixon own interest in foreign policy that what he desires primarily is an firemen Bailie stubborn Blaze Poquonock Early today were wearily battling a fire which had blazed out of control for More than seven hours at a department store in the suburb of Poquonock fire officials said the fire had been burning since Friday and As of 6 today was still though it had finally been contained to the structures authorities said the burning building was Bastians depart store on Poquonock Road at he Groton shopping the Firo was from spreading to other nearby a number of fire departments in nearby communities wore called in to help Battle the foam equipment was needed to put out the Horn no injuries were effective and Scranton would make no doubt about and he is not unlike Rockefeller magnetic Field which would interfere with the orderly flow of electricity in a Nixon adm Nistra Rockefeller personals Sert Veness could fairly easily be integrated if exercised in a department defense where such attributes Are necessary for Ami when in Pur suit of policies directly synchronized to the the same in a Secretary of could make life not Worth living for any presi even who else there is talk of John it cannot be because Nixon needs Volp Lindsay what for if he can not run new York surely he cannot run the department for Urban affairs the undoubtedly is based on the recognition that Lindsay might very Well be looking for Refuge from the Low ering and in they Are saying Thomas the lame will be named Secretary of the with out knowing much about what Kuchel knows about the it would appear that such an appointment would be calculated rather to help Kuchel than to help the and it is not Clear to me what is the nature of the debt to Kuchel by a party whose last four nominees Rafferty Kuchel declined to Okay Scran ton i nay a hard Winter Betsy wants naughty role new York a Beautiful became an actress As the re sult of an aptitude test that indicated she was suited for a career in the arts that would involve meeting a lot of peo her warmth and Good looks so satisfied her audiences that she has spent most of her time playing understanding wives and this is almost what she does in the upcoming hallmark Hall of Fame a a pass and a Pray which will be aired 20 on that because her role in the David Mark Origi Nal drama of professional foot Ball he a plays the Long suffering wife of Hugh Obrian who stars in the production As a former big league quarterback trying to make it Back to the limelight after a shattering head but in Stead of encouraging him along this path which could end in i did she Flash ing her Bright f was Sweet and innocent All through Tolje performance and turned out to be the bad spy in the at present she is on Broad Way in Cactus Flower As a nurse who starts out cold and turns out very warm Betsy feels this is a step in the right a a pass and a prayer is Betsy first dramatic television show in eight after an Early Carper in television drama she became Side tracked into game and inter View it was at the height of her popularity in this Field that she decked to go into Stock theater for acting is her first and Best slowdown called freshman coeds in one of the Germany Oid Campus dormitories and Al Low upper class transferees to German Post work ers Union Friday night called choose either of Campus a com for a slowdown of its mock Athons or quarters in the members to protest what it said entryways of residential was an inadequate wage offer was agreed to by 642 of the Federal students or per by Phil Newsom Brussels West German foreign minister Willy British foreign Secretary Michael French foreign minister Michel Deere and state Dean left to right Chat before dinner at the French embassy Here they Are attending a nato ministers Cable photo want to share the wealth new a sur vey taken by the Vale daily news of nearly on third of the undergraduates at Yale indicates that per cent of those polled Are opposed to the administrations proposal to re strict the housing of 250 fresh men women to Only one of the University 12 residential col the revealed came in the of student dissatisfaction with the method of implementing a historic Deci Sion made thursday which would admit1 500 degree seeking women into the now Al male the coeducation plan called for 250 freshman women and 250 female Transfer students to be admitted in the fall of Yale Kingman Brewster had said the fresh Man coeds would be required to live in Trumbull one of 12 residential Brewster plan was opposed thursday in a meeting with residents of Trumbull col the students argued that the women should riot be housed in one the coeds nut on Brewster reportedly told the students that if they would pre sent an alternative plan by the beginning of next he would consider the new pro thus the newspaper staff ducted the poll at lunch time Friday in All but two of the residential the poll sought student sentiment on Brewster proposal and two other supporting Brewster plan were 146 students or about 12 per cent of the a plan to House the women in integrated fashion Drew support from 406 students or 34 per a third which Drew student support at the thursday night would House Darrow teacher broken week in review United press International in a sweltering courtroom in the Bible Belt town of 43 years two of the Foremost lawyers of the Day clashed in a Legal Battle Over a state Law that forbid the teaching of Darwin theory of evolution in Public the Climax of the Monkey trial came when Clarence in the defense of John 25yearold biology who had deliberately the Law to test its put prosecuting lawyer William Jennings Bryan on the in a hammering Cross exam Darrow challenged the fundamentalist biblical beliefs of who said everything in the Bible meant just what it bryans verbal attack was so blistering that some contended it was the cause of bryans he died within the convicted Alid fined the Case was decided1 of the Legal merits of the anti evolution the state supreme court overturned Scopes conviction on the supreme court this week ruled on the merits of the Law challenged by the court decided unanimously the state Laws prohibiting the teaching of evolution in Public schools Are Barnes Heads students to see republicans How the Bard in Senate do his thing West up Wallace Barnes of Farmington has been elected Senate minority Leader at a special Republican caucus at the West Haven motor he won the unanimous Back ing of his fellow republicans in the state Senate at the Friday where leaders postponed action on the election of an assistant Leader until next elected to his fourth term from the 8th sue needs retiring state Fred Erick Pope of Fairfield As Senate minority Leader and will Lead the 12 republicans in the Democrat her state Senate which con Venes Dpi foreign news analyst whether or not see a return to the cold a stalinism and regardless of whether peace is to come to the Winter of 196809 promises to be Long and partly tills is because a new occupant is to take Over the White House in soviets May be expected to test Richard Nixon determination just As former soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev put the late president John Kennedy to the test site As Many in Europe it could be the Middle East in a soviet attempt to Force open the Suez More than the Advent of a new is the obvious soviet determination to apply a new Hammerlock on the nations of Eastern Europe and to extend the strategic gains it made As a result of the Arab israeli War in the message from the soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia has loud and Clear Eastern Europe Anil is rpt High nato where Western diplomats and planners again Are to Shore up defences aggressive which had been looking longingly toward German technological and has abandoned plans to follow Romania into diplomatic Accord with where party Wladyslaw Gomulka fights to i hold his Hob against ambitions of his Interior mics Saslaw proclaims its loyalty to Mosco pm and the Warsaw pact eliminates the last of the reforms the poles thought had won in the 1967 Mideast War the soviet Union the strategic gainer by reason of i Advance into the this it obviously Means extend and Industry closer to this Brink of the breakdown will come that the Are up offering Shakespeare in its original setting could make students realize that the after really does swing to their own at least that what Knox chairman of the Thea Ter arts department at Rock Ford Shakespeare could win fans recording among today Fow Ler Given proper Sta collapse he might even win Over College freshmen who by and year when the record Compa Large have had the worst ponies Are finally unable to think sible introduction to shakeup any More new ways of doing according to Christmas Treyve been forced to read in looking at advertisements the subtleties that have Cha for 1968 Christmas albums i can controlled 36mem Lei aged of theatrical already detect an air of Senate which he worse some o in Many Nign school courses Barnes 42 and president of Treyve had to memorize great record makers Ana president or of grasping at straws in the makes no More sense to them than Rock n Roll lyrics to their it is Only a question of time until the Strain of devising by the Spring of this different arrangements for the 121yearold Liberal arts col old yuletide carols becomes too lege plans to have a new Thea much for Ter where Shakespeare can do attempts to forestall a crisis itwasineiiz3by new Seldom the Public it aspect of demands traditional music for the theater will be a stage that can be transformed into four and about one new radically different Wwall tons the familiar proscenium stage the thrust stage of Eli top level conference Zabetian drama the open for an indication of stage of greek and roman pressing the problem and the Lyric let us drop in one a set tag of stage with Orche conference among top officials a of the uptight record the flexible theatrical Stag right men the my is made possible by use of i be us ident has anyone got any i the lighter Side by Dick West Washington each ideas about How we can passing year brings the music silent nigh this year in the associated Spring of has been mentioned As the possible gop contender in the 1972 gubernatorial he said he would name an assistant minority Leader some time next state Clark Hull of Danbury George Gunther of Stratford Jacob Rudolf of All in and state elect Dowd walk All in the state Lucy Hammer of assistant minority Leader during the 1967 Legisla Tive has informed col leagues that she will not be a candidate for a leadership Post during the new the selection of the House minority Leader will be decided at a gop House cause at the state Capitol this it is How has the decision was the result of expected to be a close contest a second Monkey this Between state Ralph one in one of the Earle of states that still have Stewart the other is the Tennessee leg a stage like three sided Box raised and lowered on Hydraulic says when a student whats so great about Shakespeare or Sopho be Able to show liner docks England in the lower moored permanently at port docked at one one Vole Cincinnati North Haven and Mckinney of fair who is is a Veteran Slature repealed the dates of five terms in the House and up the liner Queen Eliz anti evolution Law last returns for his Beth which will soon be of the Arkansas statute that Sconci term forbade the teaching t h a t Mankind ascended or descended from a lower order of Justice Abe Fortas said plainly the Law is contrary to the mandate of the 1st and in violation of the 14th amendment to the cons Titu the 1st amendment guarantees Freedom of religion and the 14th makes it on the around the world a meeting Between the two and in contacts spice of life if one voter had his the Ohio supreme court would have gone to the the disgruntled voter cast his vote for the courts chief Justice to the dog in the cartoon the voter also stuck to animal line in his vote Hamilton county the for he gave it to the mythical flying Southampton Friday for the last time in her 28year arriving from a cruise to Gibraltar and again Laurenco Mozambique Clara who gave birth to quintuplets four years ago is expecting another multiple birth the portuguese news Agency Ani said Insalco War Louisiana Hunters proved too much for soldiers training near this army base for Vietnam combat a wooded area near the base has been both a Haven for Deer Hunting and combat claiming Hunters were making life for the 900 camouflaged Vietnam trainees too realistic with Rifle and Shotgun the army put the Woods off limits to this area closed to Hunting this season for Protection of troops training for Vietnam said 300 signs posted in the Mink is the undisputed King 70 to the production director looks at his Catalon and perhaps we can come up with something through the of the Catalon shows we have11 recorded silent night with male and female a1 mixed an a a College glee a11 boys a Madrigal group and an opera we have done it with a symphony a string an brass a violin 0 an a to Law a bagpipes and a drum and Bugle in the Novelty Field we havea recorded it As a a a a Bossa Nova and last year we brought out the silent night few suggestions left the sales manager How it a Western treatment that of music is very big this not the president any other ideas i was going to suggest Swiss the bookkeeper we apparently Haven done that i had in mind a mexican Marimba the vice president in glad to see we still have a few options the president i was afraid we had exhausted All of the not the production director if we can sign up Gregory Peck to recite the lyrics of silent night As a dramatic we should be Able to keep going at least until Between their president elect Richard on and president Johnson were working in closer concert in the Field of foreign affairs than would have been believed possible during the heat of the presidential United states said North Vietnam was endangering the agreed upon expanded peace talks when it allowed its troops to violate Vietnam demilitarized zone North Vietnam replied the charge was made to hide american policy or aggression and accused the United states of breaking a pledge that North Vietnam and the Viet Cong would have separate delegations at the Washington the National aeronautics and space traction Nasa announced that three astronauts in an Apollo Light scheduled for 21 would orbit the Moon 10 times at an Altitude of 70 Miles if All signals Are go at an Early stage of the the a judge dismissed spicy charges against three teen agers accused of conspiring to sell dangerous Madison county court judge Ross Patane dismissed the charges when Laboratory tests showed what was believed to be marijuana was a combination of Nutmeg and first ruling of its a Federal court jury decided that the White knights of the Kun flux klan and three Natchez White men should pay to the relatives of Ben Chester a 67yearold negro slain in the assessment of punitive damages in such cases would serve As a deterrent to similar the judge youre telling me a soviet chemist claims Hes developed drug that overcomes bad timidity and will it do away with bad breath just Reading about that russian Medicos new fill suddenly irritated put us in a bad mood and made us National costumes at Beauty contest John inc a cry find Angeli miss Wear National at dinner Given it the envoy hotel in in Honor of Tho world Thrifty cleaners 535 new Haven ritas bakery 51 Spring Union City ram Welkin it 151 Elm Conn general Industrial welding structural steel work 7297286 you can rent thin space for Only a month and your and will appear in it where can you find a better in renin Call caul Field at if its electric we have it of attic electric if Al i 9 company Church your wedding is a very special affair when you appear in a bridal gown irom our romantic new for All the wedding Manuel Las bridal Shoppe 192 Meadow Naugatuck we will be open mondays from now thru Christmas since 1892 Naugatuck
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