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Naugatuck Daily News Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1998, Page 4

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Naugatuck Daily News (Newspaper) - July 18, 1998, Naugatuck, Connecticut Is Naugatuck daily news saturday july 18, 1998 Page a4 Opinio Naugatuck daily new Ronald r. Waer publisher Mary Ellen Godin managing editor Jacqueline Grande Cynthia Voytovich Maria Magalhaes Joe Palladino Victoria Rogers Roy Vassar production manager advertising manager circulation manager sports editor office manager pressroom Foreman letters to the editor at cemeteries rules need to be followed Maine in guest columnist editorial Roundup moved. I Al today in history Washington today the night the democrats picked Harry Truman 23-member Mississippi delegation the burial plots arc blessed must be respected. As for living blessed rosaries at the Stone anyone could come along take them or mistreat them. It would be better to make a Stop at a nearby Church Light a Candle in your loved ones Honor. We Light candles after sunday mass for the deceased members of our families we also have a mass said on their birthday pm anniversary of their deaths. I know some people take plants from the cemeteries bring them minister because of setbacks suffered by his country in world War ii. In 1969, a car driven by sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., plunged off a Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island near Martha a Vineyard. His passenger 28-year-old Mary to Kopechne died in 1984, a gunman opened fire at a Mcdonald a fast food restaurant in san Ysidro calif., killing 21 people before before police killed him. Ten years ago Texas treasurer Arm Richards delivered the keynote address at the democratic National convention in Atlanta needling Republican nominee apparent George Bush As having been a ubom with a Silver foot in his five years ago Fri three Tor William sessions continued to resist White House suggestions he step Down saying he would resign Only if president Hinton asked him to. One year ago German businessman Thomas Kramer was slapped with a record $323,000 penalty by the Federal election commission for making illegal . Political contributions. All key systems on the russian space station Mir returned to to the editor i am writing in defense of Catholic cemeteries St James Here in Naugatuck. The help at said cemetery have to keep the grounds looking neat clean grass mowed Etc. I done to have any relatives buried a Here in Naugatuck but do at St. Lawrence in West Haven. The same a i rules apply. We bring Flowers on every Holiday they note the rules on a Post on the Way in when they will be re by the associated press a a today is saturday july 18, the 199th Day of 1998. There Are 166 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history i on july 18, 1947, president True Man signed the presidential succession act which placed the speaker of the House the Senate president pro tempore next in the line of succession after the vice president. On this Date in . 64, the great fire of Rome began. In 1792, american naval hero John Paul Jones died in Paris at age 45. In 1872, Britain introduced the concept of voting by secret ballot a a in 1927, Tycobb hit safely for the 4,000th time in his career. In 1932, die United states Canada signed a treaty to develop the St. Lawrence Seaway. In 1936, the Spanish civil War began As Gen. Francisco Franco led an uprising of army troops based in Spanish North Africa. In 1944, Hideki Tojo was removed As japanese Premier War by Mike Feinsilber associated press water Washington apr it was sweltering that night in Philadelphia the democrats were a bedraggled lot hardly a Delegate at the democratic National convention thought president Harry Truman could win the election. His ratings were Low. People used to Wink at each other say a to just mild about half a Century ago on that july 15, the democrats nominated an incumbent president in an election that remains a remarkable political Story with an appealing moral that in America the people Rule. And that it ainu to Over till . Every underdog politician since then has looked at the 1948 election taken heart some have even won. Certain that Truman was doomed the party is liberals big City Bosses first tried to draft t Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower bul tie would not bite. They thought about beckoning Liberal supreme court Justice William o. Douglas but that movement also went nowhere. Resigned to clicking with Truman who had replaced their hero when Franklin d. Roosevelt died in office the liberals decided to Fame Truman to accept a Strong civil rights Plank. That caused even More dissension. Handy Ellis an Alabama Delegate look the floor announced the South was bolting. A we bid you Good Bye a he raid with that 13 alabamians the grabbed la Weir stale standards stomped out. Utter the southerners would hold a Rump convention As the slates rights party nominate the governor of South Carolina Strom Thurmond a then a Democrat a As its some of the disenchanted liberals also would break away to nominate former vice president Henry a. Wallace As the progressive party candidate. There was even thought of dumping Truman in favor of the conventions keynote speaker log Cabin bom sen. Alben Barkley of Kentucky 70. The country thought new York gov. Thomas e. Dewey the Republican nominee was a shoo in. So it was a desultory Bunch of discouraged democrats who waited in the convention Hall for Truman to accept the nomination. Truman started talking. And to the Surprise of the democrats he gave a Stem winding speech that had them hollering stomping. And he surprised everybody by calling the Republican Congress Back into special session with a Challenge to enact the progressive platform of education health civil rights the gof had adopted at their Philadelphia convention a month earlier. The republicans called it a cheap trick. They gave Truman the silent treatment when he addressed the special session. He asked for an array of Liberal legislation the republicans had rejected in the regular session. Home. Once easter Flowers were left at my parents grave on the same Day we drove by the Flowers were gone. We wrote it Riff As if someone badly needed Flowers to bring Home to someone. It at least made someone else Happy on the Holiday. Thanks to the cemetery workers for the cemetery a clean neat place. Judy Yorkshaitis near Normal about 24 hours after the already disabled spacecraft had lost Power. Today a birthdays actor Hume Cronyn is 87. South african president Nelson Mandela is 80. Sen. John Glenn a Ohio is 77. Skating Champion commentator Dick Button is 69. Singer screaming Jay Hawkins is 69. Author Joum Alist Hunter s. Thompson is 61. Movie director Paul Verhoeven a Basic instinct is 60. Singer Dion Dimucci is 59. Actor James Brolin is 58. Singer Martha Reeves is 57. Blues guitarist Lonnie Mack is 57. Actor Kurt Mann is 51. Singer Ricky Skaggs is 44. Rock musician Nigel twist the alarm is 40. Actress Audrey Landers is 39. Actress Elizabeth Mcgovern is 37. Rock musician John Hermann widespread panic is 36. Rock musician Jack Irons Pearl Jam is 36. Actor Jason Weaver is 19. Thought for today a miracles Are propitious accidents the natural causes of which arc too complicated to be readily a George Santayana american philosopher 1863-1952. Eleven Days later Congress adjourned with a Barren record. The rest is a classic come from Beland Story. Certain of Success Dewey limited himself to High minded political Pla eludes during his a Victory special a train tour. Truman barnstormer the country on a 31,000-mile Quot whistle Stop Quot tour. In made hundreds of speeches from the Bock of his train blistering the a do nothing Good for nothing 80th that Congress had passed a Law making it impossible for the government to lease additional bins for Grain storage a tanners reaped a tremendous Harvest that summer with no place to store it. Farm prices fell for the first time since the depressed 1930s, Farmers blamed he republicans. Every poll predicted a Republican landslide. Truman did no to believe it. He wrote his sister on sept. 2 predicting that he would remain a prisoner in the White House Quot it looks like another four years of the country liked hts Plain language his Pluck a he sometimes spoke at night in pyjamas always introduced Bess his wife As a the tile country chose the underdog it Wasny tall dial close. Of the 48 Stales Dixie rat Thurmond won four Wallace carried none the Gopas Dewey took 16 Truman swept 28. Editors note a Mike fein Silber covers National affairs for the associated press. July 14 Belfast Telegraph Belfast Northern Ireland on murder of Quinn Brothers for the Sake of our children was a phrase much used in May during the run up to the referendum. Back then the troubles had taken its toll on 257 Young lives. The murder of Brothers Richard Mark Jason Quinn is a tragedy not just for their grieving family but for All of us. How a hand could fill a bottle with petrol Light it throw it into a House where children lie sleeping is beyond most of us. Yet that is what happened on sunday morning. And every morning for a week. Hundreds of people have been burned out intimidated made homeless in the week of the dim Crew siege. And we accepted it. After All no one was seriously Hurt. Until now. To be fair this is not just a Parade problem. It is something that has gone on for More than 30 years. We May talk about Justice rights Equality but this is really about an us them thing. Nearly a year ago Ulster went into a frenzy of grief after the death of Diana Princess of Wales. But i have to ask what kind of society arc we that will mourn die passing of a Princess who was rarely Here but will barely lift a hand or say a word to save our own children. July 14 la Nacion Buenos Aires on Northern Ireland. Today in Northern Ireland there exists a real commitment to achieving understanding putting to rest the struggles differences that have pitted catholics protestants against each other for centuries. But regrettably there still exist those intransigent belligerent minorities whose one Only aim is to continue sowing terror in such a Way hinder the Road dial would seem to Lead to peace. July 14 the times London on Japan a Economy when Ryu Taro Hashimoto became prime minister of Japan 30 months ago he said that he would a go Down in flames if he failed to turn around Japan a moribund Economy. But neither he nor anyone else expected Japan a voters to Light so fierce a Bonfire. In burying Hashimoto it is right to offer some Praise. His foreign policies have been courageous particularly in strengthening the .-Japan Security treaty. But what counts is that he plunged Japan into needless recession. The voters were right to blame him personally a dead right to make their views so Plain that he had no option but to resign. Without Radical action the mess he has made of Japan a Economy could yet drag the world into depression. July 14 la Republica Rome on Japan selections the Leader who loses resigns. On this occasion Japan is to be admired. In a country where Honor even political Honor is significant Ryutaro Hashimoto decided to present his resignation when the results from the ballot boxes became known. This admission of guilt is very rare in politics. But beyond the gesture itself the resignation of Hashimoto is followed by a series of question Marks regarding the continuation of reformist policies in Tokyo. This political uncertainty has alarmed the markets worried the . And Europe. Japan can Only solve its crisis if it understands the meaning of this vote japanese people expect More pervasive reforms to revive the country a Economy. July 14 Tamichi shun Bun Tokyo on Japan selection voters had vented their anger at the failed economic policies of Hashimoto a Cabinet the Liberal democratic party lip. We feel therefore that it is Only fitting that the prime minister the leaders of the lip should resign. The lip has already begun the process of selecting a successor to Hashimoto. A Cabinet would normally be compelled to dissolve the diet hold elections for the House of representatives after such a humiliating setback. But Japan needs to respond immediately to its economic crisis cannot allow a political vacuum to develop. After passing emergency economic financial legislation during the extraordinary diet session the new Cabinet must dissolve the diet hold Early elections in order to win the Confidence of the people. Tile new Cabinet should be Content to manage the economic crisis prepare for the next election. July 15 times of India new Delhi on Japan selection in Ordinary times the fall of yet another japanese prime minister would not be such big news. But these arc not Ordinary times. If Japan fails to recover it will drag much of Asia Down the lube also rattle economics As far afield As Russia Chile Brazil. Thus the world anxiously Waits to see what Concrete Steps or. Ryutaro Hashi Moloy a successor will take to revive the Economy. The options of course Are limited will have to include sweeping Bank reforms a Broad deflationary package. There Are indications or. Hashimoto was beginning to grapple with this reality though the measures he undertook were halfhearted too diffused to instill much Confidence. If his exit has opened up the possibility for change it is Only because voters have demonstrated that mismanagement of the Economy will not go unpunished

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