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Naugatuck Daily News Newspaper Archives Jul 17 1998, Page 3

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Naugatuck Daily News (Newspaper) - July 17, 1998, Naugatuck, Connecticut Naugatuck daily news Friday july 17, 1998 a Page a3 local two years after flight 800 crash cause question lingers pc 3 by Richard Pyle associated press writer new York apr Twa still flies Between new York and Paris every Day on what is now flight 924 and part of the legacy of change that Marks a fateful anniversary. Its been two years to the Day since Twa flight 800 exploded off Long Island and plunged into the Atlantic Ocean in a Shower of flames killing All 230 people aboard. The lives of the victims families were changed forever but one thing remains constant no one knows what caused the disaster. The crash of the Paris bound flight left its Mark in tombstones from Verdun France where a family of five was buried to Montoursville pa., Home to 16 High school students who perished along with a teacher and four chaperones. Kathy and William Rogers said they planned to reminisce today about their daughter Kimberly Marie who was 17 when she died along with the other French club students from Montoursville High school who were on the jetliner when it went Down. Time Hasni to stood still for anyone touched by the disaster. The Fri has a new Boss in its new York office. The Federal aviation administration is studying ways to make aircraft fuel tanks safer. Twa has spent $15 million on victim support programs. Rogers and his wife find Solace in their new baby girl Kelsey Marie bom in March an experience that a been a lesson in learning to love again after the wrenching pain of losing a child. A we were in such an awful state after her death and now we have the love to give again a Rogers told new Day. A we discovered that you can give your love in equal Twa flight 800 crashed july 17, 1996 at 8 32 pm la minutes after the Boeing 747 had taken off from Kennedy International Airport the Fri stepped out of the investigation late last year saying it had no evidence that a criminal act a Foreman continued from Page i Scott elaborated. A Elf i had my Way it would have happened a he commented. Scow would have fired both men if the Law would have supported the decision. Selectman Richard Zydzik noted he believes three weeks is an appropriate punishment. However he does agree a it should have been taken care of a Little a the Foreman Delvecchio or gave his son permission on four different occasions to take the Mick to Winstead to get his songs License and Frank daughters boyfriends License a so of explained. Quot they look one of the biggest and Best dump the men were taking a cd licensing exam Al the Winstead department of Muter vehicles. Two Oiler Public works employees reported the incidents to the Board of selectmen when they occurred scout said. Cable noted Delvecchio or. Has served As a town employee for More than 30 years his son has put in at least 15. Scott agrees Cable has close personal lies to the Delvecchio family that could establish a Bias. Scott said he recommended she abstain from voting in this matter but Cable voted. A i used what i thought was fair judgement a Cable argued adding abstaining was not feasible because she Las Many friends and relatives in town. A it was done As the first selectman a Cable defended. A it had nothing to do with family lies and i Lake offence to statements Ollier Wise. I Rule fairly and scout claims Delvecchio denied giving permission to his son when Cable asked him. When gathering information about the Case Cable said site sent die resilient Truster to Winstead to procure the pertinent records. Hie records initiated dial indeed they id taken the town dump truck on Road tests Chi Lour dates Scott explained. Site said lie would Only gel a Loller in ins file Quot Scott informed. But hire i used to allow die situation to die Quail Vul tin Xii worse the Perluv Mons. Scott no i the in mud iut a men had to i it pc ii. I Aii a a a Cri i i1 Iii in nuke i a him Billie Iii bomb or missile a destroyed the plane. That left mechanical failure a theory embraced by the National transportation safety Board. In Public hearings in december the Nosb said it was sure there had been an explosion in the 747�?Ts Center fuel tank but that it did not know what triggered it. Seven months later the investigation goes on. A it is most Likely we wont be Able to say what caused it a concedes Nosb chairman James Hall. A we will continue until we find the cause or it becomes Clear that we the Faa has issued a string of directives on fuel tanks and wiring it is studying fuel flammability tank safety and aging aircraft. Hall said he plans to spend the weekend at Home in Tennessee a but my thoughts will be in Long there flight 800 families will Mark the anniversary with memorial services on the Beach. Some will revisit the hangar at Calverton where the jetliners reconstructed Shell stands. It Wasny to known whether the reunion would include former Fri assistant director James Kallstrom who headed the Twa criminal probe and has since retired to work for a Delaware Bank or any of the 30 French families who lost loved ones. The Rogersen wont be there. Twa which lost 53 of its own employees relatives and retirees flew relatives free to last years memorials but is not officially participating this year. A you mourn you do the Best you can for the families and then you move on a said spokesman Mark Abels. Woman charged in sibling stabbing Windsor Corm. Apr a 23-year old local woman has been arrested in the slashing death of a 7-year-old boy and the wounding of his sister in their Windsor Home. Chasity West was arrested at 3 . Today and charged with capital felony assault and burglary. Jarrell Cuyler was killed july 9 when his Throat was slashed inside his Home. His sister Lindsey Cuyler 3, is recovering from knife wounds to her neck and wrists. The children smother Tammi Cuyler had told police that two masked intruders had attacked the children after breaking into her Home. West was arraigned in Enfield Superior court this morning and ordered held in lieu of $5 million Bond. She is due Back in court july 28. The court ordered the arrest report sealed. Police would not say if they were seeking additional suspects but said the investigation was continuing. Continuo Tram Page i Ough owned Plant. Kaplan suggested Plant Affiche hand in monthly Bills to he we 8 for items such As office expo Teu City water and fuel Oil for approval. Ritchie walked at the idea contending that is not the procedure set up in the operating agreement he maintained the Plant and the Wpc had followed the same process for 24 years without problems. Wpc member Emil Coviello then suggested both sides go to arbitration to let a third party decide. The operating agreement states differences must be settled through the american arbitration association. But those in attendance argued their jobs would be lost if the matter went to arbitration. Members later agreed to hold off Chi bringing in a third party to allow uniroyal and Plant officials to meet with the joint boards behind closed doors to discuss the charges. That meeting is set for july 29. Meanwhile uniroyal vice president Walter Ruck insisted his company was receiving unfair treatment by the Wpc and the elected officials in the Borough. He added the company has begun a search to relocate the business to another area. A uniroyal has been in Naugatuck Fen almost too years supporting the Community a Ruck said. A but the mayor has done irreparable damage to uniroyal chemical co. And the Ruck maintained Barth has an Agenda to Force the company out of town and the salary Issue was just a a red it would be irresponsible to expect to operate the Plant without the extra Money he said. Ruck noted All salaries Are paid with the profits generated by the Plant not the Destefano lawyers counting on Cofrancesco tape by Brigitte Greenberg associated press Veiler new Haven Conn. Apr lawyers for mayor John Destefano or. Are relying on the words of woman who is suing him to in fact Clear him. Former new Haven corporation counsel Patricia Cofrancesco claims the mayor bullied her into resigning by physically intimidating her. But on thursday his attorneys presented a videotaped interview in which Cofrancesco said the mayor was a a dispassionate when he asked her to resign. A the could have been Reading a grocery list. There was absolutely no emotional Content in the conversation at All. None. It was just something that he had to get through a Cofrancesco said on die tape. The Crux of co Franccsco a lawsuit against the mayor and the City is that her resignation was involuntary. She said it was signed under duress on june 18. Superior court judge partly Jenkins Pittman held a hearing to decide whether to order that Cofrancesco be temporarily reinstated until her lawsuit can get a full hearing. Cofrancesco lost her Job amid allegations that her office approved improper housing Loans for City employees including one to Dele Fanon a executive assistant Andrea Lackson Brooks. Testifying last week Cofrancesco said the mayor acted wit ii a controlled rage Quot during the Ecung. She said he slammed a resignation letter Dot he had composed and a pen Down on his desk and yelled a sign it sign it now a a for the first Lune in my professional career i feared for my safely Quot site testified. The mayor testified wednesday and denied threatening Cofrancesco. He said he remained behind his desk and never raised his voice throughout the meeting which lasted about five minutes. On thursday Destefano a attorney David Rosen played the videotape for the judge. Cofrancesco had granted the interview to wait nbc-30 the morning after she was fired. After the video was aired Cofrancesco a attorney Roger Frechette called her Back to the witness stand to explain. She said she did no to think the video was inconsistent with her testimony. Continued from Page i the help of Mark Cummings of Kings Mark a natural resource conservation service. Because the project is ongoing and some materials will be donated the total Cost of the upgrade is unknown. State Grants Are funding the project. A a King a Mark helps with state projects trails River Access and Green Way projects by procuring state and local permits a he said. Quot they were a driving Force in getting the project both san Angelo and Korzon sounded very pleased with the Volunteer work the project and the rate at which it was developing. Sanangelo added that o amp g industries inc. Of Torrington in the Murtha Industrial Park is donating about a Miles Worth of walking track and some Stone picnic tables thai will be Laid in an area on the West Side of the River. Key witness in baby Selling admits lying Litchfield Conn. Apr the key prosecution witness in the Torrington baby Selling Case has admitted she lied to police about the Case and under oath in court. Carol Brooks the witness who had linked accused baby Sellers James and Lynn Luddy and their landlord Jerry Petro vies testified thursday that she lied during a court hearing last fall involving the infants custody. Brooks 44, also admitted she lied to police about the extent to which the Lddys and Petrovits look part in the baby Selling scheme. The Lddys and Petrovits a on trial charged with risk of injury to the child and conspiracy. The charges Stern from the alleged testify continued from Page i Case would reverse the judgment ,4 tile court of . Hie. Administration simply has not made thai showing to my salts a Iii Iii and i believe my View would be dialled by a uni Only of Oil Cill leagues pollen count Friday july 17 Al a ill lit to Oit till Waterbury Hospital Laboratory pollen count Center pollen count is Low. Tells. 0/cubic Miter grass 0/cubic Miter weeds i cubic meter Mold count is Low. Holds a ll5/cubk meter faked kidnapping of 5-Wcck-old James Luddy or. From the Lddys Torrington apartment in order to sell the child for Back rent the baby was found in Brook a Possession out of town two Days alter he was first reported missing. The admissions came during direct questioning by states attorney Frank Maco. A i accept responsibility for lying a Brooks said a i was mitigating my responsibilities in the Brooks admitted to several lies under Macon a questioning. Maco made it Clear in further questioning that lie had made no deals with Brooks to avoid perjury charges. Mon testimony from Brooks was expected the Dale of a dinner to help Home less veterans is july 18. Tile Date was incorrectly stated in the latter Pun of a daily news article published thursday. For tickets and inform nun Call 729-8068. A amp a Oil service aus a 7.50>19 99ss pc or in or of tax. Veterans health screening set for aug. 25 by Eric Dobler daily news staff Witer the a Connecticut healthcare system will conduct a free preventive care health screening clinic for area veterans on August 25, 1998 from 9 30 . To 3 00 . The screening will take place at the Naugatuck vow Post 1946 which is located at 239 rubber Avenue in Naugatuck. Appointments Are required and May be arranged by calling the local coordinator de Kazimir at 203 729-8068 after 3 00 . Tuesday through Friday. The Hee health screening focuses on Early detection of common health problems which generally have no symptoms until the illness reaches the advanced stages. Specific testing is conducted for High blood pressure hearing loss pulse irregularities total cholesterol and diabetes. A Home test kit will be provided for testing for Colon rectal cancer. Lung function tests Are available for veterans who smoke or who Are experiencing breathing problems. Veterans will be asked to com capping continued from Page i years. If the readings go Well continually that time could be shortened Dirienzo added the group will also try to maintain a Safe environment for the wild animals that have made a Home there he said. Dirienzo noted companies stopped adding to the site in 1979 since then the waste site has remained 650,000 cubic Square Yards. The Mound consists Mosul of garbage with a Small Quantity of chemical bile he reported. Beacon Heights is 80 acres 40 of that serves As the Landfill a Dirienzo informed complications at Beacon Heights arose 26 years ago. Bob Smith Bureau chief of water for the Dep a noticed stuff coming out of the Hillside a Dirienzo explained at that time. Smith implemented the first pollution abatement order to curb the problem. The government enacted the superfund Law in 1980, mandating All landfills meet certain environmental standards. Thus the Epa got involved in 1982. A the Law changed superfund came in and said somebody a got to and they deserve a lot of credit for that a Dirienzo commented. The Federal Agency investigated Beacon Heights and placed it on the National priority list a list of Landfill Sites that require immediate attention according to Dirienzo. Greene a former Beacon Falls selectman noted a there were lots of problems with run off and sediment it was a real Quot it look la years to fully investigate decide what to do and create a remedial design Quot Dirienzo recalled. Although construction began in 1993, a nobody was winking together a he noted. The site was plagued with construction delays and poor erosion controls. As a result the coalition faced fines upwards of a Day from the Epa and cease and desist orders from the local Inland wetlands commission. The project was also affected by disagreements Between contractors managers eventually hired o amp g industries Flash ads Gall 729-2228 to advertise flush ails will accepted nut it 9 80 . Tor Simu Day publication. Monday thru Friday Aud until 8 . Friday for saturday they will always Apt he on Page 2. Minimum ast is &i.00 for in words. 2w for each additional won Mist he in re Haid in Vav Sal Ety Vai it tanks. 943 new Haven re Naugatuck a 729-5216 a a Call Laurie in our classified department for further information 729 2228.� for Home delivery Call Maria a 729-2228 a a missed the classified deadline your ail can appear Heie Tor As Low As 9.00 Call Laurie at 729-2228 plete a comprehensive health history questionnaire which will help identify any further health problems. This free health screening program is available to any Veteran who has not been Dis honorable discharged from military service and is not currently receiving care from West Haven a medical clinics. Veterans May have the free health screening once a year. Veterans will also meet with a a eligibility specialist to determine their eligibility for further a healthcare if follow up care is needed. Referrals will be made to a ambulatory care clinics or to personal physicians As appropriate. The free examination takes approximately 30 minutes and information about other a programs and benefits will also be available. Veterans should bring their discharge papers dd214 or a copy if possible to help determine eligibility. A a it a a Good service that the veterans administration offers for the local veterans a said Kazimir. All veterans arc urged to take advantage of this Opportunity for free preventive care especially local veterans who cannot get Down to the a medical Center in West Haven. Ink. Of Torrington to Complete the Cap and perform the remediation work. Quot Raman Iyer a representative of uniroyal came into Beacon Heights a year and a half ago and got everybody on the same Page a Dirienzo stressed. A the took a Lead a everybody involved deserves a Tot of credit a he offered. I More than 200 companies shelled out the Cash for this project uni Roy i a1, chemical and of Good wrench were a a key supporters Dirienzo a said. Reynolds metals and Upjohn were also big payers. A sue Cable was instrumental a Dirienzo commented. A a it a what a Best sue has been very cooperative and supportive of what a Best for the people of Beacon he emphasized the Epars help As Well for a sticking to their guns so we never have to worry about it when doling compliments and thanks Dirienzo noted a and most of All the town of Beacon Falls for tolerating All the construction and working with the Angelo a continued from Page i continue to push for Campaign finance Reform. Last year san Angelo was instrumental in Laws Banning the use of suit Money in state elections. If elected he predicts he will be a Leader in the Mammoth task of privatizing the states computer systems. San Angelo also plans to align himself closely with the Rowland administrations efforts to keep state spending Low. A in the last four years under this governor we be provided tax Relief to the people of the a for the first time you hear people talking with Confidence about the stale of the Economy a he said. Democrats have one month to name a candidate to oppose san thursday july ii mid Day 3. 06-5mid-day4. 4-7-8-5 rightly 3. 5-2-5 Lay 4., i-i-4-2 Cash 5. 6-15-19-23-29 Power Ball. 11-16-21 -23-36/37i Happy tales professional pet sitting service Oon Ilad a i Murad Call Karen Slater 203 757-8134

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