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Nashua Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 11, 2001, Nashua, New Hampshire G 2 the sunday Telegraph sunday november 11, 2001essay by 12-year-old girl brings Home the meaning of patriotism dear readers today veterans Day. We celebrate the sacrifice and patriotism of our nations military. Many gave their lives to guarantee our Freedom. We owe our veterans and those men and women currently serving in the military a deep debt of gratitude. I Salute you All As do my readers. In Honor of veterans Day i m reprinting an essay on patriotism that was written by the granddaughter of Phyl Erickson of Coon rapids Minn. The Young lady Jenna Guimaraes was Only 12 at the time but she understood the importance of this aspect of our Freedom. Dear Abby Abigail Van Buren patriotism by Jenna Guimaraes a i pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United states of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with Liberty and Justice for every Day my classmates and i re cite this oath. By doing so we Promise to be True to our country ourselves and our fellow americans. In school we study the history of our country learning about those who lived Long ago who stood up for their beliefs risked their lives Homes and safety to give Promise to a better life to their descendants. Because of these people our country is a great place to live. Though we Are younger than most countries Many look up to us for Protection leadership support and Friendship. Patriotism can be shown in Many ways even by Ordinary people. Mary Hays otherwise known As Molly Pitcher is one of them. Molly Pitcher carried water to the soldiers during the revolutionary War. When one of the soldiers fell from heat stroke Molly shot the Cannon for him. Molly loved her country so much that she risked her life in Battle even at a time when women did no to fight. We done to have to risk our lives to show our patriotism but i am grateful to those who did. Dear Abby in be been corresponding with this great wealthy Guy named we met through an introduction service and exchanged photographs. During our Telephone conversation last night he mentioned he does no to like women who have had breast implants. Howard likes Chesty girls which i am but i do have breast implants. He told me this after i purchased a nonrefundable plane ticket to meet him at his Home in los Angeles. Howard says in a gorgeous but he assumes i am naturally endowed. Abby i wanted to Tell him but since i have already purchased the ticket i think the Best thing to do is to Tell him face to face. I know he will be Hurt because he is clearly smitten with me and the feeling is Mutual. We have a ton in common and despite his wealth i find him Down to Earth and kind. I am a sincere person and done to want to pull the Wool Over his Eye have you any suggestions on How should handle this d cup in Detroi dear d once he meets you in person he May realize that your finer qualities All of which come from within outweigh your two faults. If he does no to the loss is his. A a a address letters to dear Abby to Box 69440, los Angeles Ca 90069 for a personal reply enclose a stamped self addressed envelope. If you would like your letter consider for publication include your name area code and Telephone number. Reflections while walking game its cold and i still have to walk. Every time i go to cardiac rehab i am asked if i did my walking. I have been Able to say that i have and that my Pace has increased. I get farther in 20 minutes than i did at the beginning of the program. Not today. After a Long spate of a a october a Bright Blue weather i wish i knew what poem that came from it has turned cold. I had to Wear my pre Winter gloves this morning and they did no to work. My pre Winter gloves Are those Brown work gloves that can be bought cheaply at most convenience stores. I not Only buy them because they Are cheap but because they Are flexible. If i lose one As i do several times a year. I can put my right hand into a second left handed Glove without loss of Finger action. Active fingers Are needed for examining the dried up weeds along my walk. Mittens Are definitely out. They Are Only a Little different from putting your hands into your pockets. Anyway i soon found out that the morning chill was too cold for gloves that arc really not made for Winter. I was Only a few Yards into my walk when i poked one hand into the pocket of my insulated jacket. I was wearing it for the first time this season and the pocket was decently empty except for a worthless scratch ticket. I could Only put my left or my right hand in at one time because i was carrying my Cane. I Haven to needed my Cane for several weeks and i Only took it because it looked like a Good Day for poking at things. Monday mornings usually have some interesting detritus left Over from a weekend of jitterbugs. But other than an automobile bumper in the Brush there Wasny to much of that either. The tourists have gone Home. There were some Beautiful red Oak leaves on the ground but i shivered on by them. I did no to even bother to look for acorns which Are Good for spinning when i have writers Block. All in All it was a cold new England walk. And i was apparently not from Page go under the Bridge Richard Learned adjusting to it very Well. I suppose in the coming months i could go to a mall someplace and do my walking. But malls Are full of temptation. I might give in to some impulse shopping or worse yet buy a doughnut or a muffin although i am not grieving for doughnuts As much anymore. Passing by dunking donuts no longer brings tears to my eyes. Anyway mall walking is not patriotic. You have to drive there and use up a lot of Gas that could be saved for better things such As Leaf peeping. Incidentally Drivers of Gas guzzlers Are one of the delights of walking around the neighbourhood. I can wave to them cheerily because i know they Are going off to work while i am going Home to crawl into an overstuffed chair. I could walk inside the House and go repeatedly from the bathroom to the garage a Hundred times or so. It is one 25th of a mile going from the bathroom door to twice around the dinner table and three times around the Kitchen Island then out into the garage and Back. Its a Boring walk. But at least its warm. So today i walked at a slower Pace but my chattering Teeth should count for some portion of exercise. At least i will be Able to Tell the nurse at cardiac rehab that i did my walking. Or i could Call in sick and skip the whole thing. No i can to get away with pretending to be sick because my nose is cold. Keep in touch. A a a Richard Learned can be reached at 366-2786 or meds a , or by writing in care of the sunday Telegraph to Box 1008, Nashua no 03061. His columns also Are published in the a Zine live Andream . Com lessons lesson com =-162&pg=1. Adventures with cheap Guy nobody likes to think his or her entire personality can be summed up in just a couple of words. But when Georgia thinks about the last Guy she dated she just Calls him a cheap How cheap was he you be the judge. Georgia met him at a party. He barely knew the Host and in Hindsight Georgia thinks he was just freeloading. But that night he made a Good impression especially when he invited Georgia and her Friend to breakfast afterwards. Quot but his Friend who was visiting from California picked up the Georgia said. Cheap Guy called Georgia the next week and invited her out for drinks at a Small cheap neighbourhood tavern. She was Happy to go. He was charming and she had a Good time. Quot i thought nothing of the drinks Only invite until the next two dates also turned out to be drinks Only at Dingy taverns a she said. After the third drinks Only Date cheap Guy suggested he come Over and watch Georgia a Cable to. He did t have Cable. He said he did no to watch much to and that Cable was a waste. Quot i believed that Quot Georgia said. A the was quite Brainy and into philosophy and theology. I would have accepted it except he really seemed to like my by the fourth week of dating Georgia and cheap Guy had been out for drinks three times and had watched to at her House five times. They still had not broken bread together. Georgia told cheap Guy this was not acceptable. He agreed to a dinner Date and told her to select a a moderately priced they agreed on a dumpy cheap Boob place. She met him after work and they took the bus to and tales from the front Cheryl Lavin from the restaurant. Georgia Wasny to Happy but cheap Guy begged for another Chance. She had tickets to a play that weekend. She suggested he take her to dinner before the play. He agreed. When she picked him up he told her he had eaten a hamburger earlier and Wasny to really hungry. A i was hungry a she said. Quot i had t eaten because i thought we were finally going to cheap Guy apologized and said they a get something to eat after the play. But after the play he said it was too late to eat anywhere Nice so they went to a 24-hour diner. Quot that was the last Straw for me a Georgia said. Quot cheap Guy was a handsome smart funny person but i could not take any More of his nonsense Quot i never asked him to take me anywhere that i take myself so i did t feel that bad about telling him to get a a a have the events of sept. Ii had any effect on your relationship Are you More willing or less willing to Compromise Send your tale to Cheryl Lavin tales from the front Chicago Tribune 435 n. Michigan ave., Chicago in 60611, or email . All names Are changed. Letters cannot be considered without name address and Day and evening phone numbers. Letters May be used in whole or in part for any purpose and become the property of the column. Before a the night of the broken Glass a a Germany wide pogrom that some consider the Start of the holocaust. In the United states he worked As a radio service technician before joining the army where his knowledge of German put him in military intelligence in Europe during world War ii. A we were kind of a free Lance group a he says of his . Unit telling tales of setting up operation in a French Castle and of Clever privates lecturing to High ranking officers. After the War. Baer got a i Bill bachelors degree from the american television Institute of technology in Chicago which was founded by one of tvs inventors. Lee de Forest. From there he moved through a variety of engineering jobs before he became vice president of engineering of transition. Which moved from new York City to Manchester. He and wife Dena bought the House that they still own and in 1956 he moved to a Voung but growing firm Down the Road in Nashua Sanders associates. He started out working on airborne radar components but within two years was division manager and chief Engineer for equipment design with 500 engineers under him. And then came the video time How did video games get invented at Sanders a hard driving nest of Alpha male number crunchers devoted to serious things such As electronic warfare because Baer is an Engineer and engineers can to resist Good problems. Baer had Long thought All those televisions in people s Homes could be used for something More interesting than programs and in 1966 he jotted Down a four Page outline of How to develop a Quot game Box Quot that would produce an interactive gaming image on the to screen. With the help of Sanders technicians Bill Harrison and Rusch the nucleus of a free Lance group rather like the one in his military intelligence Days the idea came to fruition. A there were 10,000 rules at Sanders like there Are at any big staff photo by Don hims i Ralph Baers a Brown Box system a the first video game that could be played on a Home television. Company and i ignored them. I was tolerated because i got things done a Baer said. Quot fortunately i was a division manager so could do it. If id just been a technician. It never would have even so he recalls meetings in which he was asked a Are you still screwing around with that stuff Quot most people did t know what he was screwing around with however. The work was done in a locked room and not talked about which raised few eyebrows at Sanders where top secret work is the Rule. Television images Are made by electrons hitting the coated backing of the to screen creating a glow. The key to the games was to find a Way to move those Electron streams around with magnetic Fields in response to signals from player controls and to Hook those controls into a Standard to set without damaging the television signal. A the game started with two big a dots a one for each player that could be mane Vered in a two Man race. Rusch was the Man who had the idea of adding a third Dot controlled by the system which became the Ball in Ping Pong and the games took off. Baer got an initial Patent in 1968,-with the a Brown Box Quot system bristling with 40 transistors and diodes. He still has a working version in his basement in which you change Between various games by manipulating a series of switches on the front. With any Luck it will one Day be in a museum. A the hard part was licensing it Quot said Baer. Quot Sanders was t going to manufacture or Market something like this so we had to find somebody who would. We went to to companies and then Cable companies and it took. I think three in the end. Magna Vox took the plunge and Odyssey was released in 1972. Using templates that could be placed Over the to screen it had More than a dozen games from Tennis to Road racing to shoot out the lights. The graphics were pathetic by modern standards Little More than moving pixilated blobs of White Light but they started a revolution and sold some 200,000 units. It was a surprising Success for a Tough minded defense contractor almost too surprising. Odyssey launched a slew of lawsuits As companies and people sued each other Over whether new games infringed on existing patents. Baer says Sanders won All its Battles forcing other firms to pay licensing fees that they had tried to sidestep. He recalls spending weeks months or More in courtrooms or preparing to go into courtrooms. A invariably somewhere along the line during a casette a Brown boxy would t work. So id end up running around in . Looking for a radio Shack to buy parts and then id be sitting on the floor in the courtroom fixing it trying to get it done As the judge was coming Back in Quot he recalled. Despite the hassles involved in any Large scale engineering project however Sanders game work is recalled fondly by Many including Dwayne Jeffries in Amherst whose Job included discussing details with folks at Milton Bradley a change from folks in the defense department. A it was a great time it was a lot of fun Quot said Jeffries. Success helped make it fun. A we had the Freedom to create and get things done and make Money for the company too. You can to beat it Quot said Baer. A one of the hardest things was figuring out How to Book it. In the accounting at Sanders. But there were years where it made All the difference to the company s numbers All the games go on it made All the difference to Baer too although in the Long run Odyssey was t even his biggest hit. That title goes to Simon a game in which you try to match the machines Ever More difficult pattern by tapping on coloured buttons in the right order. It was a phenomenon in America in the late 1970s and is still around today. But Odyssey got Baer thinking about uses for electronics outside the military Industrial world. Keeping his full time Job at Sanders he created his own companies or joined with others on the Side to invent and develop toys and games. Quot i was full of Energy. I used to run everywhere i never he recalled. A it was great. It was wonderful really. Id be in the car driving from one Job to other and i was bouncing in my seat. I was is Baers work led to creations Sud As the electro optical toy laser command a talking Doormat and a Talky a 1987 creation that interacted with a videotape on to Quot that s an interesting engineering problem How do you nest data on video its a very pretty he reminisced. A you know you Havi to Welcome a Good Baer now has some 50 . Patents and twice As Many International ones Many involved with ways to fit interesting but inexpensive electronic devices in Small or unusual areas. A when you do work at Sanders. It might be two or three years before anything comes of it and thei you can to show it to your parents can to show it to your wife can to show it to your kids it s classified a he said. A this you can go and see it in a store. I like although he a pushing 80 and facing leukaemia. Baer is still working. He has a line of talking tools coming out from Tonka and noted that a Cap manufacturer recently called interested in putting led messages on brims. Baer and his wife have been married 49 years and have done Well by All this work but they re in millionaires. They still live in their pleasant but hardly ostentatious Home in North Manchester which was surrounded by Woods when built but now sits amid a Cluster of suburban Homes. Their three children Are grown and they have fou grandchildren. Its a Good life but to a Large extent it lacks one thing games. A no we re not a real gaming family Quot said Baer. A a in a not a game player its just an interesting thing to do with electronics. I never play my own a a a David Brooks can be reached at 249-3336 or Brooks a from Page go letter from Jane c. Of Nashua Ltd 626. A Many of these items have the opening in the Back for easy assistance in dressing and grooming a person who is confined to a wheelchair or bed. Some have never been worn but All Are in Good condition and recently washed and stacked for pickup by anyone needing a bit of confusion delayed Quot Chris mailbag so publishing of Jane a wonderful offer but things Are All straightened out now Well my desk is still a Little. Forget it. Anyone in need of these easy Access clothes etc., can Call Jane at 889-5401.a horse of course a Many years ago my children had a rocking horse not a wooden one says Hannah a of Merrimack Ltd 292. A it was the kind you could sit on and Rock or Bounce. They All came with names and ours was he was very Large and it was hard to part with him when they outgrew him. A now i would like to find one for my grandson but the Price for a new one is extremely High of anyone has one they would like to sell barter for etc., i would love to hear from them at 889-9061.�?� its Good to hear from you again Hannah. With a Little Luck your grandson just might be giving that springy Steed a workout someday soon updates a Gardener Cathy c. Of Nashua Ltd 615writes a two people generously responded to my re quest for Tomato cages. We now have plenty and plan to share the extras with fellow gardeners. What a wonderful Way to Recycle. A special thanks goes out to Terry and a a Chris mailbag is always Happy to Plant ideas and find they produce results a Gloria p. Of Nashua Ltd 618who Hopes to find a copy or be Able to copy a 1950 Nashua High school class yearbook will be hearing from Don b. Of Milford whose Library includes the sought after yearbook. I wonder if these two a mailbag Quot readers will turn out to be former classmates. 51 years and one still owes the other for lunch Money. Just kidding folks but you never know what turns up in the Quot mailbag Quot a Frances h. Of Hudson Ltd 584who a offering among other items an old Dresser with Mirror writes Quot the Dresser went the same Day As the paper came out. A Nice Young couple is planning to paint it for their i year old. Thanks for helping me get rid of a couple of a Dennis Ltd 617 continues his search for a a Box Wood stove made by the Portland stove foundry in the 1970sbelieve the Model is an Atlantic 224.&Quot thankfully Dennis received Quot Chris mailbag so smoke signal and has provided a phone number 889-3598 where he can be reached by anyone who has or can help find this stove. A Wood no to Quot that be a Nice Surprise on a Chilly night a Rose h. Of Hudson Ltd 586 writes a Many thanks to John a of Litchfield for his generous offer of a fan for my a fan collector daughter for her november birthday Quot Rose is still looking for a nativity panels to sew for her grandchildren s unbreakable set they can play one panel has been offered so far thanks to Debbie d. Of Brookline. A Marion s. Of Hollis is Correct when she suggested longtime a mailbag Quot Friend Bob a. Of Nashua aka Ltd 4. Might have the words to Quot deck of a Chris mailbag Quot will get the information to Marion regarding the professional clothing for women entering or re entering the Job Market. All that Effort cleaning closets must not go unrewarded a a a Contact Chris a mailbag by sendin mail to to Box 965, Hollis no 03049 fax to 882-2681 or email u . Include full name and Complete address and Telephone number or email address for publication if div6r�if Call the family Law office Foamy g. Wolfson Esq. Divorce custody amp Domestic relations 595-0600 221 main St suite 204. Nashua a few Consulta thanksgiving open House Friday nov. 23 a 11 am to 3 pm tour our Community and enjoy some refreshments with us if Able to attend Call 882-6511 enhancing the Active lifestyles of our residents for More than a Century #10 Allds Street a Nashua new Hampshire 03060 a 4 r

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