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Muscatine Journal (Newspaper) - November 19, 1914, Muscatine, Iowa Thursday november to Jap Jou Najj 7 traps is Vic former fa88encer8 and Cap tured boat Seiil so Obj captured vessels lifted by German Cruiser As of Cap Ture of the inn backache goes also Chest pains Junt rub on Little mint Hobah any pain inflammation or congestion will Luu Pucar with extraordinary Agio Clatos press leased new York n nov the german1 Cruiser Karlsruhe sets i croup Bruise Al promptness you dont to yourself with opiates any no Nai Meatens Mustard Oln Monta Man Thokle amen los Relief is Truar Angood to con my 11 no matter whatever it is indispensable for Rheu Matic pains backache Lumbago sore Muscles stiff joints Chest colds sore Throat earache headache neuralgia allies vict British attack town by one of two available roads French on bats Aspall rear of Schoor Bakke Cut off by was routed a Jour its traps for British merchantmen j and vessels flying the flags of other nations at War with Germany was medical fort Dodge told in detail today by onetime pas1 Tison jct genders of Tho Lamport and Holt liner Van Dyck captured by the Karls associate press Paris nov p Brilliant attempt of British troops and French sailors caused the Ger Ruhe while on a voyage from Buenos Ayres to new York these Passen Gers arrived Here on the steam ship Sao Paulo from Para from Captain Hans Fritch a member of the German naval Reserve the Steamer Asuncion to which those aboard Tho vim Dyck were transferred after the Vau Dyck had been chased and captured by the Karlsruhe on october 215 the Passen Gers obtained their information Captain Fritch said that the Karls Ruhe was constantly accompanied by four captured merchant vessels Man Ned by prize Crews the flotilla when there was reason to believe a merchantman was near spread out Over a line about 150 when a vessel 1lylng Miles Long the enemy Flag was sighted by one of the ships the wireless notified the Cruiser and the Karlsruhe with Superior Speed dash in and capture tie prize Captain Fritch said Karlsruhe had captured that the seventeen ships in or near equatorial Atlantic in Turc of Tho vim of Csc Daniel undo Tonew York spokesman for the As former Pas Ornt by j Manh to evacuate Schoor Bakke Bel Gium which is practically sir roid de by the water from the broken Dykes according to news reaching Here from the Battle front because of the flood Only two roads were open to the town Andon one of these the British approached in two armoured autos it was a night attack and the germans in the Wake of Tho Cruiser there came the steamship Farn which we Learned later was a captured vessel a Long boat filled with officers and men then put off from the Cruiser As it came alongside we saw that All the men were armed with rifles and revolvers the officers i town immediately turned their at came aboard and after inspecting the ships papers informed us that we would be transferred to another ves Sel and taken into some port Transfer Ioctl in the meantime three other ves Sels had come up they wore the Rio negro the Asuncion and the first two used to be vessels of the Hamburg american line the Indrani was a ves Sel at six Oclock the next morning the Transfer of Passen svs bedraggled and bedridden commenced thy were taken to the Asuncion the Asuncion with aboard patrolled North 11 and persons South Over a path of sixty Miles Chis for six Days this was done to prevent news of the capture of the von Dyck torn becoming known 1lie Karls Man and tent on to it meanwhile tie Blue jackets who had made rafts on Flat bottomed boats crossed the water and took the germans in the rear forcing them to flee by the one Road still open the germans abandoned j v guns ammunition and stores their dead and wounded there is some anxiety Here As to just what has happened at Cli Auvon court a Village near St Miniel on the Lorraine Frontier on tuesday the French official communication reports that the French Trojia had occupied the Western part Voncourt and yesterdays official statement said that this part i the town had been to blown up by tie Ger mans who apparently had mined the dont suffer with neuralgia Muste Cole gives when those Sharp pains go shoot ing through i your head when your Skull seems As if it would split just rub a Little Muster ii on the temples and neck it draws out the inflammation soothes away tie pain gives Quick Relief v Muster less a White ointment made with Oil of Mustard better than a Mustard plaster and does not Blister doctors and nurses frankly recommend Muster Ole for sore Throat bronchitis croup stiff neck asthma neuralgia congestion pleurisy rheumatism Lumbago pains and aches of the Back or joints sprains sore Muscles bruises chilblains frosted feet colds of the Chest it often prevents at your druggists lit and50c jars and a special Large hospitalize for be sure you get the genuine mus Ter Ole refuse what you ask Tor Cleveland Ohio imitations get the Muster Ole ply of new officers in part from the belgian civic guard according to a member of the belgian War of fice at Havre the civic guard is com posed of men who have see service in the army and Are Well qualified to become officers figures Are not yet available re Minig Wii a i j place before Thev retired How be Garding the results of the Mobil a my tits Tea Loheit n or verely the French troops suffered by Ruhe was watching for this exploit is no yet known Chau j Ventris which was bound South aug goncourt which contained vast reported to be nearby Captain Fritch told us that Asuncion steamed without clearance it has been occupied by the germans j readiness and papers from Santos August s with for some time and is an important mongers of the Van Uycic aboard the Sao Paulo told the following Story the capture of the Van Dyce the Van Dycle left Buei Toa Ayres on october 15 with ibs passengers a full Supply of Coal she joined the Karlsruhe it u Small French military buildings and stores sees in Holland angina on the right Bank of the Meuse France Are responding with great Tion of the belgian regarding the Call for volunteers but t is known Young men Refu in Holland England and a Crew of the British Cruiser Bristol conveyed the ship of tween Rio Anlero and Bahia just before our arrival at Bah la the Bris Tol steamed away after sending a wireless message of god Speed about 11 Oclock on Tho Moini is of october 26 after left Bah la two columns of smoke were seen Over the horizon in a half hour More we saw a Gray War vessel com ing in our direction at great Speed 5tie forced draft was blowing great Clouds of Sioke from her funnels soon we found out that the warship was the Karlsruhe Antl that the Van Dyck was prize of War to Tho Island off the coast of South America the Coal and provisions were transferred to the Cruiser which was badly in need of them sealed Chen Fate tidier the Asuncion had been in touch with the Cruiser Ever since the Cap Tain said he also said that in Tak ing the Van Dyck the germans believed they had sealed their Fate they Felt that the British Navy would make extraordinary efforts to destroy the Karlsruhe after the Van Dycks capture should become a Sivji Captain Fritch said that the Karlsruhe had captured the follow link Between Argonne and Mem the belgian army is drawing a Tup ing vessels August 31 Maple Branch september Strathroy 14 Highland Hope sep tember Indrani september Maria a dutch vessel with Contra band of War aboard and the Rio icy Ana september 22 Cornish City october 5 Maria de Lary Inaza and the Melade october 6 Farn octo Ber 7 Lycaon a october 8 Cervati Tes october 9 Pruth october 11 Candor october is octo Ber him Dale and october 26 Van Flanders mated land of Caw Cam Voort leading Rolo in Robin Hood Abas fill my pipe with Futejo and i Are firm great singers must be tobacco Wise men who depend upon their voices come to know tobacco As the Ordi nary smoker never knows it a sensitive Throat or Mouth feels the slightest sting bite or scorch of tobacco Tuxedo is Akk 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in these suits there lined and faced with excellent latest design for our customers convenience we have just received a line of sizes of these Beautiful suite if you have use for a full dress suit at All Here Opportunity boards clothing store the place where men get just what they want just As they want it Wilton woman weds county Man journals special Wilton nov Al the Hague via London nov 19 tem Bernd of Cedar county was unit to mrs Margaret a m advices received Here de in marriage irom Belgium which were brought Iby Way of Sas Van Gen Iby messengers and Are dated Mon the Grace reformed West mrs Ujj Whitmi Flanders the scene of incessant Mil itary operations remaine an isolated land Cut off from tie rest of Bel As last evening performed by Rev c i Lau irate reformed Church and mrs w r Whitmer acted attendants for the Bride and Groom about Twenty guests were present the Home was beautifully with peasants Are obliged to make Emer gency i Bridges from planks and crawl along these to escape from the Dan glum through blowing up of most j decorated ror the occasion of the Bridges leading thereto chrysanthemums they will make their Home on a farm South of Wil ton an outlier Wilton couple wed at 2 30 Oclock yesterday after noon at Iowa City George St Cullen and mrs Calla Weber both of this City were United Macioge Justice of the peace of that place to they were attended Iby Ada Carson and John Smith they will make their Hoine in Wilton difficult to obtain reliable news of the situation in the zone the bedraggled men and women o manage to escape Are too mls Erable through cold and hunger to give a connected account of their experiences their Only definite recollection seems to foe the continued 1 Cann Nading and the endless pro Cessions of wounded filling their Vil Lages pm Smude entirely it was Learned however that Dix Mude the scene of such severe off it 1 ing is entirely ruined nieuport Al i so suffered severely the principle Church there has lost its Tower and its roof and the Renaissance Carv i Ings in its Interior have been demolished in the cloth Hall was one of the few ancient Donald Mian la tin Market 1 Nave found thai the Tut of hmm Gay to does not interfere with my singing indulged in a More Tali Fritog More you can buy Tuxedo everywhere print our xxi to fit pocket come Dot poach inn Trump with in ghz he Nikon 50c p0c tic a Kimhoan to Vaolo comm no i buildings saved from the English siege in the year 13s3 was severely damaged in Ter Monde the germans have or dered the schools hut since the ten thousand inhabitants have been reduced to it Hundred there Are no pupils and besides As four fifths of the town is in there Are no schools the Bridges Here Are lightly guarded by men of the bavarian Landwehr a Tient is deserted Iby Ite populace hut is overflowing with German wounded Zeebrugge according to reports has been Mode a station for submarines by the germans at alost the population is beginning to return the people Are establishing themselves in shacks and in the ruins of their old Homes suffering is increasing prom the entire province of flan Ders where the roads Are full of aimlessly Drifting people come Credi table reports of Ever increasing suf Fering and privations food is exceedingly scarce and Many persons Are Pisut Fering from hunger the peasants Are cutting Down lines of Trees at country places for fuel Brussels is quiet about one third of the population is supported Fly Public git nation Exia Tsin a lines Praise belgian Queen Havre via Paris nov this in the Saint Day of Queen Elizabeth of Belgium and telegrams and let ters deep at infer conduct and offering of All kinds from All sorts or people Are pouring in to Ibe forwarded to the belgian if eld army Headquarters where the Queen is with her band the belgian Cabinet was among the first to Send a Telegram it Fol lows on the occasion of Saint Eliza Beths Day the ministers of the Kins Lay at the feet of your majesty the homage of Best wishes and Hopes they Salute in the beloved Queen the woman the wife and the Mother who after having shown in time of peace every Goodney of heart gives in time of War an example of devoted courage and whose Nottle figure is associated in the heart of every image of the offer masterpiece at local theatre a movie masterpiece will be offered at the amused theatre thurs Day and when the Christian will be presented the Vita graph the Christian founded on Hall Caines famous novel has been one of thereat successes of the year eight months in new York and three months in Chicago this a the play that made Viola Allen famous and the record breaking audiences it has drawn everywhere testify the strength and popular interest of this wonderful Romance of the movies thrilling with and Success Viola Allens part As the glory Quayle is played by miss Edith Storey generally considered the Foremost actress of the moving picture theatre in scenes of emotional strength the Acter of John storm is enacted by Earle Williams and the As a whole is generally declared Tobe the Best balanced Ever seen in a moving picture film the play is nonsectarian non biblical not a but a great love Story sounding the depth of a woman soil the films showed the actual scenes of the novel in London and in the Isle of Man near the English coast and were prepared under the personal direction of Hall Caine author of the original novel on which the film was based the War news epitomized continued from Page the grip of the germans on Belgium and France was being shaken Loose or Liat any decisive change in the immediate future could safely be predicted the sound of Cann Nading was re ported Oit the coast of Sweden in the Baltic sea it was thought pos 8lble that uie main russian Fleet which recently set out from Hal sir Finland might have engaged the germans the general staff of the russian army which invaded Turkey an new fall neckties for thanksgiving at boards clothing store in Flanders the artillery Duel described during Trio last few Days non aces that the Advance of the o furious intensity has become still turks Lias been checked and that violent on tie part of tie Ger to licit troops which have sue mans a least but Here As else Cess Fulli Piir Snong the Bussian adhere the opposing forces arc holi Vance a tiaras Are now in Retreat fast to their main Jwj Simions violent fluff Btung has been resumed we Teliin a two Pur motor ride of the an official German communication states that heavy fighting Luis been Gates of Paris at i resumed in the Argonne Forest where tie main Battle line from the j around which some of the most be North swings to the eastward vere encounters of the War have Rak Point nearest Paris a German add from time to time during the last Vance led to a violent encounter the germans attempted to recapture two months heavy loss it is said wow inflicted on the enemy in a the town won by the allies a few j Battle Between two squadrons of Days ago but according to the j aeroplanes it is said one Airship of French War off Loo statement today the alias and one of the germans they were repulsed with heavy losses were lost it was recommended by my do Gigli the reason Why so Many people take father Johns Medicine when Dunkel of 33 Linden Reading was asked Why she took father Johns Medicine Force rough she replied it was recommended by my the same asked arid a similar answer returned by the a e Hix on 30 Larkin Street Bangor Henry f Villet 23 Crown Street Meriden Frank Poff Hallam miss Catherine Blackbur Street Fairhaven Char Les l Brown Irving As Well As a great Many others physicians hospitals and other institutions All Over the world endorse the merits of father Johns Medicine becau6e Uliey know its Lii Story and value itis Best for coughs and Throat and lung troubles and it makes flesh and strength for those who Are weak and run Down a doctors prescription free from alcohol and poisonous drugs m any form train hits car four slain f associated it Wayne nov persons were instantly killed today at Convoy Ohio thirty Miles East of this City when a Pennsylvania train j struck their automobile the vie1 Tims were shirt in mayor of if Convay Bis and or de Hayes parents of mrs Leslie the grand Tualii pictures boys Winter under shirts and drawers Loc Only while they last at boards clothing store comfortable sanitary Safe tonight program the clutches of the gangsters 2part drama widows child Reivi our Mutual girl drama curses they keys que to for disappointment the clearest brightest Pic Tures City prices 5c10c

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