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Murphysboro Daily Independent (Newspaper) - June 10, 1926, Murphysboro, Illinois A 1�?~ag e two the daily tile pendent. Malul Hys Boho. Illinois thursday june 10. 1920. The daily Independent la 11 South twelfth Street publisher every evening except sunday Orville ii. Litt1ck. A. F. Peji Zeu. ,.nm i. P1gotteditor and publisher business manager City editor what is the first thins to do i say in is to see that your newspaper prospers. You have heard about. Florida recently. What is i Florida i have heard it described like this a Florida is a piece of land sticking out into the Ocean like a sore thumb. It is surrounded on tie r,<3 member audit Bureau of circulations 1 of Ralph h Mulligan Eastern representative. 30 e. 42n>1 Stew York a. J. Anderson Central representative 35 n. Week r drive Chicago 111. North he the \ distend act and Oil t he publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement 11 terms of subscription Ltd per week delivered by Carrier within the a a Ity limit one month 55c three months e six months $1. It l year <3.00, in in Jackson and adjoining counties. One month. Be three months. a months $215 1 year $5.10, in Advance in All other mailing zones. 0 j a a fid is by the lir it is six Hundred Milt bundled in pics wide u High entered at the Post office of Murphysboro. Iii., matter. Who a i office phone 35 leased wire International news service and associated press member of tiie associated press Hornc e associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for Reibl location May a Creditt to it or not otherwise it re it used ii this paper Doc and also the local news published herein. Ail rights of republication of special dispatches herein Are Niso reserved. I 1 soil o in the indians lies the niggers. The Whites Liv lid the tourists pal camping i mate men sing. Of at night tha Days work to Hunt his own grass and Lind the softest spot on the hard ground to sleep on. Great Deal if he is a valued citizen recognize him As such. My opinion is that the newspaper Man has just As Good a right to profits As your Best banker. He has just As Good a right to have a Good motor car As your dry goods Man or your grocer. His wife has just As Good a file limit. I right to Good clothes in style As big two i the wife of the richest manufacture Lour Ives or in town. You editors sons and n the he daughters have As Good a right As e on the any other Many a sons or daughters tour to education and Opportunity. The to May us be heard Arnia too. To say Alx live on the some editors perhaps because minds. The i they Are Wise or perhaps because a loud in the they Are Lucky live under better lit that yen can to business conditions than others. Seme Illinois editors Are exception Selling Florida As a a prosperous. But 1 believe and have visited Many communities in Mumm special display this week of r a now. How Ink Omet Liing about it a there is some i California. You 11 Wii i a a glad tidings gents d to Orul news for husbands who strip gears with All the celebrity of younger Blades who Charleston Lack seat driving on the part of a wife is True and just cause for divorce. Precedent is established by i he supreme court of California in the Case of Harmon versus Harmon. Claud Harmon Doughy locomotive Engineer of san Francisco stated that his wife Jessie did constantly Oine irom her Hack seat Roost just How and when and Why he should negotiate curves the passing of other a vehicles and that she screamed when there was no hire cause for said screaming. 1 he lower court laughed and disposed of irate lius a band Harmony a plea but the state supreme court gave him his divorce with a judicial verve and hair to say. Nothing of fillip which seemed to commend Harmon a highly As a Benefactor to tie race with his precedent. Many Brave hearts Are asleep in the deep so beware be be Ewa a a re m Ink in a paralysed d hell the lust year Lii at the most of the editors Are not prospering As they should. Men go to towns for just a few jump a sear a is. Us an earthquake shakes bed. But they re Selling How Ink first time in out of la Alifornia. Anti you to about red Irani lion. 1 reads it sporting Page o oth a Day that was to the Eite heard something e and i is half Mil Nething on the i a newspaper the impressed me. It ii that there is a i r p i a 9 til 111 e electric marriage e i 1 Quot ony Tom i r of the Everglades a Seminole. Married 1 in Sweet hear tone of the first of the b rides of june. 1 o we 1 in the dark Everglades which sell or did on by lie print f r some Steen thousand t. Loll a it 3 a foot Tor y t Jmmy t 00k the secret nuptial nov s to 1 he blare of ii m a ciganic Ai piano bellowing Forth. A taint Goin to 1 am no Mon 3, no More a t a his does m Jestie civilization with a Capi Al wend its w a i in was when the poor her Lightc a cd Semi Noi it 2s w Ere we d to the sonorous dignified n Larch of Mei be ,1 rums. Now Heap big White m an is Iov him Trie two come mechanical piano news per reflects spirit of cily a a. -1 Young Tellow town East. 1 be forgotten his name in some Little colleges in be forgotten which one who. According to the Story had car ted the Ball farther made More touchdowns and proved himself an All around better player than red. A but a the sporting editor commented Quot red has it on this other Bird about 500,000,000 Agate i Ihk is this powerful then use Ink. Hut when you go out to use Ink do not conceive lie idea that your local editor is a Good reliable get t t r a f list 8&Quot 3 l 1 Oor per look 115 m m >4 up. L. Our Sorn r sullen w a a a i per a extract i h. Redb lie Ilin a in t to you a Ort f us Lance it a at paper. I y take a disorganized stricken Down at the Heel Community and remake it. T Here i want to Point out it ii a in id of am n will be Vvs it kind no v to it j u r a i. Ner my 7�?~ a june �,5 and 12th ii Kyj voiles 36 Inch f a n c y a Niles 50c a n cd 7 5 c value 0 \ it q0 Ujj linens i n c h sold color linens 75c value fir a Jjck a window shades 4 qui Best Oil coloured fringe win Jav shades $1.00 value Friday and saturday. $ do menus Union suits menus Union suits 5 an sizes. Our Best Satin Stripe Nain Sook suit i in iday and a saturday. 7 Aii jul Laci est crepe teddies i a Light colors of Typ a real bargain. In Premium sheeting none better full 9-1, it Ida and saturday. Our Pesl apron Gingham Friday and saturday Yard. N to Cali and run let a Mary reasons. I would say that the first of thesis Are 1�?to make Money. A a to live among congenial people. Your editor is the Man who is eternally the mouthpiece of your City. See that he makes Money. See that he finds life congenial. It will pay your City. 1 have worked on newspapers 3 papers and magazines for j More than Twenty years. My first Job just off the farm was on an Illinois weekly in a town of at that time 1.700 people. I have worked i in Many towns of Many sizes ant under Many circumstances. I have travelled pretty ranch Over the United states and 1 know the saying stands 0 a show me a copy of your news the paper and i will Tell you what kind r of town you in no editor can put his whole ,0 heart into building a town that does l not give him Prosperity. Lie must _ see i. Business growing. He must see his mechanical equipment improving year by year. Be the Friend of your newspaper Man. You can prove your Friendship in no truer Way than by help-9 ing him to make Money. If you of your business men sending Job printing out of town and if your newspaper As the average town paper does runs a Job printing of i Liee try to Correct that error. In an organized Way develop if you can Faith in advertising in your j local newspaper. Show the publisher that you and your chamber j of Commerce and the men behind your chamber of Commerce Are his firm friends wishing him business Success. You will find that time and Effort invested in improving your newspaper by giving it business is i the Best investment that you can make. If you will do these things there is no need for you to worry about a effective Community publicity within the Community. J remember at All times that the space in a newspaper is a commodity. It is just As much of a Merchantable commodity As the goods i on your grocer s shelves. It is for Sale. Buy it if you want it. When it conies to news if you have news that is of value then j your editor will print it. I believe that there never has been Horn Ini this world a race of men More lib Oral hearted More willing to do for others without just Reward or More self denying than the newspaper Man in the average town in America. Sometimes he gives so willingly and freely that he commits a crime of business omission against his family and himself. That a Why 1 warn you done to look tit him As a Good old horse to j be worked to death. Make him prosperous make him Happy see that he gets i is share of the Good i tilings in your City give him Good business Anil your Community publicity insofar As he is Able will be Given Good publicity All the time. Spring wheat is 78.5% Normal International news service based on a condition of 76.5 of Normal on Juno .1, the United states will have a Winter wheat crop this year of approximately 543,�?�00,000 bushels the crop reporting Board of the department of agriculture announced today. The condition of Spring wheat on june 1. Was 18.5 per cent of Normal but i production forecast was made. . O s3.c to Mish ski Lari is Rayon silk vests Light shades 7c a read bargain 1jc $1.00 a pair Oft Friday and sat Day on Bill ladies and menus slippers from c 1 90 up turkish towels your last Chance to buy a 21x46 Inch double texture turkish Towel 50c value for. 25c Sun for men women or children a jul a i of values up to one. A. A a v our Iasi panel curtains s5.00 value Friday and saturday. $2.98 value Friday and saturday if $1.98 j the route of All evil generally has alluring courier. I ohis 5 a Neww amp of done to have skimpy stringy hair. Now an tirely now method for growing heart if hair guarantees results. Neva1 have you seen or heard n anything like it i Ore. I a entrees inefficient tonics. Does away with the of shampoos. Not a thing a Tsi is require. A. Tre of this nov kind of to win lit will simply Delight you. I he ton p amaze you. It stops falling h r As f by magic destroy i and Ruff. Stimulates 1, or to thicker heavier growth end brings to in tin radiance and Lustre you have longed for. No matter what your condition hero is our offer. This treat in must Stem falling hair. In t destroy Dandruff. Must bring new hair health and Beauty or Money hark. Thera in a written guarantee to that Effort in every Nark age. Leaves no 31ter-o�or. No or Are. La Erv thing just delightful. A13. Endorsed by All popular six famous Cooks styles in i v it 1 f Ltd s tki4 inv a in o Fol us ii Fie of yl\nifiii0 Ipsas to y vol ref it a a f Tell a i if pfc or \ r�3t n i. V1 i l. 1 the 1 f 1 b a 1 if Rui f Elk nomic its a i Vilen is on j por to Jet my t 3i jul v1 t k. Miss in or. 1 com Pic a c s o or Fiory Cyc Fine w 1 a a o. I l a i d mushrooms boiled in d in Mhz a be cases the results fine.�?T5 said a the stove ?1 a t d u Icv its heat As steady and a e red easily regulated that j cd 1 cd in those dishes at the same tin c Sindi Stevent Grade of heat Aryl the flame is steady he d it did not creep or crawl. I tested the oven with a Standard oven the to meter and found that a could be. Pit any length of time at the temperature f desired. This is very Neces for successful baking. Doors Don t mix in the oven a Hie meal i cooked entirely in Quot he oven Corn and cheese soul he staked tomatoes seasoned with onions find Angel food cake. There was no mingling of doors. This meal saved fuel too As 1 used Only one Burner. 1 pro ugly the Glass doors 1 could see at any moment How every dish was getting along. A a Kew a is a. Till j in in to handle and easy to keep dear and 1 fluid no to have u Cruh not Chi i Irons the Long cd mtg eur prevented discoloration. From the Farmer knowledge i l and of Oil a Tiivas 111? expectations were exceeded by the erf Orni nce of Bat a Creek recommends this recommendation came from Hie Battle Creek College of Home Fco comics after the most exacting Laboratory tests. Scientific Plattle Creek was More than satisfied. And the perfection was proved ready to meet the cooking needs of any household. All six famous Cooks recommend the perfection. Everyday4,500,000wornen with perfections in their kitchens Are having real cooking satisfaction see perfections today see the Complete line at any dealers a from a one Burner Model at $7.25 to a five Burner Range at $130.00. Select the stove that Best fits the needs of your family. Cook on the perfection a approved by Battle Creek College. Perfection stove company Chicago branch�?4301 South w Estern blvd. Let a. I tem j or an 19 1 part i i trim. Nol it wow i 4�?T a 7/0 Bill 4 or drug hour 3 Fyk i Filee Ota Coes ust a la with yellow 11p�?~ iv2 inches no no to the Blue Are i a a t c Hal adv bes. 1 or Long chimneys miss Hal says intensity the heat and insure Clem Kettle Yononis. Jfe. Jil Oil Cook stoves arid ovens \ arn1ng i so Only Gnu in perfection Wicks on stoves i hey Are Marke t Keith red Triangle. Others will cause trouble a Floc m Coli sum 5 Cair 7rlatmetv shawls pharmacy lo2$ Walnut Street see our display of new style perfection Oil Cook stoves All prices styles and sizes Price furniture co. Opposite Post office Murphysboro id. Is

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