Murder Clipping from Indianapolis News, Mon, Sep 19, 1870.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, September 19, 1870

At a late hour on last Friday night, a shooting affray occurred at Martinsville, which resulted in the instant death of Oliver H. Denning, a young man for several years foreman of the paint shop of the Indianapolis CoachWorks, of this city, and the fatally wounding of one Bark Warner, of Martinsville. While Denning, Warner, George Clutch and Charles Thurston were la a saloon taking a drink, a bar-tender at Webb’s saloon, named Carpenter, and thtee others came in, who, after drinking, passed out, followed by Denning, etc. After reaching the street, Carpenter pulled out a key which he said belonged to a saloon where they could go and have a good time. A friendly scuffle ensued for the possession of the key, when Carpenter got away and ran across the street, the boys following him, supposing he was going to the saloon hementioned. On arriving on the opposite of Hint way, Carpenter halted and waited until the others came up, when he drew a revolver and commenced shooting. The first shot missed all mark, but the second and third took effect upon Denning, and the fourth upon thi, person of'Warner. Denning, whowas shot in the right breast jnst over the nipple, and in the shoulder, exclaimed, “I’m shot, I’m shot, I'm shot,” then fell and immediately expired. Warner was struck in thebreast also, and report says he too has since died* Carpenter fled after the shooting, and was pursued by officers who fired upon him but did not capture him. Yesterday morning he came and. delivered himself up to theauthorities. Denning was to have been married to-mbrrow evening. »