Murder Clipping from Indianapolis News, Fri, Sep 12, 1902.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, September 12, 1902

ALLEGED MURDERER WOULD NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS.Coroner Willie, of Vigo County. Got No Information from Alexander.Coroner J. R Wllifn. of Vigo county, came here from Terre Haute to-day to get a sworn statement from Matthewa Alexander. the negro charged with the ' | murder of Thomas Burke. In Terre Haute.last Sunday.Alexander refused to tell the coroner. of any Incidents In which he was a factor 1 after 10 o'clock last Sunday night. The murder was committed at 10;o'clock- Ho- refused to tell what had become of the . rnxor with which he hi alleged to have- cut Burke's throat. The negro was par-- tlcularly reticent In giving the time of I event*.*I didn't have no clock- How could I I tell what time It was? was invariably- his answer.• { He said that he went to bed In the ! Burke shed before W o'clock. He said that i an attorney named 8weet had come front f Terre Haute to sea him and hail warned i him against making any statement.••I didn't do the work. That's all I*Kl to sny. was his final etatirlrtg the interview Alexander sw I [and fro liked a caged Uger. Dr. .... says the feeling against Alexander » still very bitter In Terre Haute.