Walton case set for trial

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, September 5, 1882

lt;• VVI J UOVUlThe case of the State against Ellen Wal* ten, for the murder of her hutbaod, John M. Waiton hes bten set for trial atGreeos-burg tomorrow, and a special venire of fiftp persons has been summoned, from which to select a jury. After that ca9e is determined, the case against the negro men, Frazier, will.be dispoied of. As he has thus far admitted that he did the shoot* ing, his case can not occupy much time.Two Jasper count# farmers bought and planted some seed potatoes said to be the Early Rose. After due time, as the plants 'ailed to come op, they prepared to put in other crops on the gouncf, thinking the seed potatoes worthless. On disturbing the ground wbat was their surprise to hod the nilla well filled with new potatoes in a forward state of growth. No vines or tops have be« n visible at any stage of growth. John A. Hamilton, of Goodland, is authority for this statement.The petition for the removal of the county seat of Crawford county fromLeavenworth to Hartford has received l,S00of the required 1, 870 signature, and energetic men are at work drumming up the remainder. The petitions will be submitted to the county commissioners for their action to-morrow. The canvass has created a great deal of feeling in the county, and many believe the oounty seat will remain at Leavenworth, notwithstanding Hartford has the greatest number of signatures to its petition.The county fair grounds near Lafayette, weie the scene of a terrible assanit at aTate hear last evening. John D- Smith, a a teamster from Livingston county,Illinois, and A1 Talbott and Henry Thompson for whom he was working, engaged in a quarrel regarding their contract, which Smith desired to terminate. In toe assault that ensued Smith was terribly beaten aboutthe head. Defending bimielf with a revolver, he shot Thompson in the thigb, inflicting a severe and probably dangerous wound. Smith was placed .under arrest, snd is now in jail.William Henry, a prominent fanner who resides seme four miles southwest of Shel-bjville, met with a terrible accident yesterday afternoon, while blowing up stumps on bis farm by the use of dynamite. A coal of fire dropped into a basket containing a number of torpedoes, when an explosion took place, and Mr. Henry was fatally injured, his clothea being all torn off. his body burned black and otherwise bsdly cut and bruised. His left hand was pmputated but it is thought he can not possibly survive. A son of Mr. Henry was also blown some fifteen feet, and seriously hurt.