Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, October 31, 1892

Shelby county is deeply interested in the possible pardon of Mrs. Ellen Walton, 01 St. Paul, a life prisoner in the State roiormatory, convicted some ten years ago of conspiring with Aaron Frazier ^colored; to murder her husband. Frazier shot Walton as he sat near the window at his home. Frazier conlessed that he was employed by Marion Oarrett to do the killing, Garrett acting for Mrs. Walton. Garrett was twice tried and eventually was acquitted. Afterward he was indicted for arson, aud whiie in jail at Greensburg awaiting trial he was captured by his old neighbors and lynched. Mrs. Walton was convicted on the testimony of Frazier. The last named also received a life sentence, but shortly before his death in the prison sonth he made another coniestion, in which he claimed that Mrs. Walton was innocent, bnt that he drew her into the terrible adair because she bad once insulted him. The late Governor Hovey was importuu d to pardon Mrs. Walton, bat ho died betoie the case could be finally acted upon.