Murder Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Tue, Oct 21, 1969.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, October 21, 1969

ISrln-lire*1a*c-5-a■eleAP WI rephotoOFFICERS COMPARE NOTES ON ZODIAC Dei. Sgt. Ilal Snook of Napa County sheriffs office and Insp. William Hallett, San Francisco fingerprint expert.Contrasting Killerswdib(tcirtcUIn Bay Area HuntnitoISAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -t- Law enforcement agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area today sought two contrastingkillers—one known as “Zodiac”siej.lwho has bragged of fives years, d methodical slayings in crypticing the handwriting on the notes against the signatures on 11 a list of permits for purchase ofthe pistol. Only 143 such d*weapons have been sold in San Francisco over the past three pidi21“I can't say we’re any closer I , “ said 01notes, and the other believed lt0 catching the suspect. _Mresponsible for frenzied stab-;fapt. Marty Lee. San Francis . ‘ bing attacks on two teen-age c0's chief of inspectors. “I’ve .»ngirls and an infant.inspectors learned things I didn’t know and I think the other detectivesrlt;ai... Zodiac is wanted for the,. . . -vnerience We!JWn murders of a young couple, two ™ Kf f®viyoung women and a San Francisco cab driver in four 1.1 separate attacks in the North h Bay area over a period of 10 ■months.hitiiInow have what we believe to be a belter picture of the suspect.”Meanwhile in rural Napa th County, scene of one of the e« Zodiac slayings, armed police blt; rode shotgun on 70 school buses Monday.laciThe teen-agers and a two-t|year-old girl were victims of two separate attacks over athree-month period in the South Zodiac, in a letter which |« Bay area near San Jose. The included a blood-spattered por- ^girls were stabbed a total of 350 tion of the slam cab driver’stimes, and an autopsy on the shirt, warned that his next se infant revealed 190 stab target may be a bus full ofwounds.childrenOfficers from seven state and. The cipher-writing killer, whotajnlt;i c(local agencies met here Mon-1signs his boastful notes with an ^fday to go over evidence in the Zodiac case. His taunting notes and a rare 9-millimeter pistol were considered prime clues. Police said they were check-astrological sign of the Zodiac, said he might “just shoot out the front tires and then pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out.”of01aiS(V#