Murder Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Fri, Oct 17, 1969.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, October 17, 1969

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -The killer who calls himself “Zodiac” and boasts of five victims now writes that he wants to add to his death list by halting a school bus so he can “pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out.”After his latest letter was sent to the San Francisco Chronicle, police issued special instructions Thursday to school bus drivers to keep buses moving “at all costs” in event of an attack, to instruct passengers to lie on the floor, and to attract attention with their horns andlights.“School children make nice targets,” he wrote the newspaper. “I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning. Just shoot out the front tire and then pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out.”“I am admittedly apprehensive about another murder occurring in the near future,” said Capt. Martin Lee, chief of the city’s detectives called the Zodiac killer “an extremelydangerous psychopath.”Letters to newspapers, marked with a cross-hair symbol of a rifle sight, have boasted of killing a city taxi driver, Paul Stine, 29, here last Saturday and of four earlier weekend slayings, all in San Francisco Bay area lovers lanes.A deciphered cryptogram sent to three newspapers in this area said: “I like killing people because it is so much fun it is more fun than killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal of all... ”Other victims were Darlene E. Ferrm, 22, killed last July 4 near Vallejo; Betty Lou Jensen, 16, and David Fraday, 17, both of Vallejo, Dec. 20; and Cecelia Ann Shepard, 22, Sept. 27, near Napa. The male escorts of Miss Ferrin and Miss Shepard were wounded.Police revised a description of the cab driver’s killer. They now quote witnesses as saying the man is a white male, about 40 years old, with a heavy build and short brown hair, possibly with a red tint