Murder Clipping from Indianapolis News, Fri, May 29, 1903.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, May 29, 1903

FOUND A MISSING BING.Accepted As a Valuable Clew by theAuthorities.| GREEXCASTLE, Ind., May ^-Speculation la rife as to the Identity of the murderer of Mr». Henry Seward, becauseof the finding of a ring which Mr*. Seward always wore, missing after her death, and which waa discovered yesterday during a sake of the husbsnd’s personal effect*; Mr. Seward closing out hi* holdings because he can no longer endure to live In the house where his wife was killed, and because of a desire to^raise money to be used In ferreting out the principal In the crime He reported at the time that 11 this ring and his raxor were gone, and rthere waa a close search for the missing a property, but It was not found. The find- sing of the ring la interpreted as an IndJca- ^ tlon that the murder waa not committedby the negro tramp, but by some one In \the neighborhood, who became alarmed at E the inqutnr which is being pressed, and * returned the mtMing property.*