Murder Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Thu, Mar 28, 1968.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, March 28, 1968

asiIIISAMUEL HAMMONS JR.ALBERT RICCIFBI Links Deaths*2,500 Miles ApartiLORAIN. Ohio (UPI) uel Hammons Jr.. aSam spacePaul Kopsch, the Lorain County coroner, quoted the FBI as1)scientist, took a package home saying in a report into the jfrom the Greyhound Bus Depot deaths. lt;in Cleveland last Feb. 24, The FBI report, according to iopened it and was killed when a Kopsch, said Ricci, also mar-bomb inside exploded. rje^ had gone to Reno, Nev.,Albert Ricci, an executive of about the time the bomb wasthe Crocker-Citizens bank inPetaluma, Calif., drownedMarch 8 when his car ran off a road and plunged into a cattle pond near San Francisco.shipped from Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 19. But he “disappeared for up to 36 hours which gave him time to drive to Salt Lake City, ship the package andi!The FBI bndged the 2.500 drive back to Reno, He couldmiles between the two deaths lt;account for this time exceptWednesday and said Ricci, 53, he was out fishing at akilled Hammons, 44. because he nearby lakesuspected him of being his rival in an extramarital affair with aIt also said the bomb components and package it waswoman identified as “Mrs. X.’ shipped in bad been traced The two men were rivals j directly to Ricci.over an unnamed woman,” Dr.Student Gets'Dream' Role“The bomb, of childish design, was an unnecessary attempt to remove a supposed rival in an extramarital affair,” the coroner said. “Extensive, E n g 1 a n d 1 painstaking and complete re-BIRMINGHAM,(UPI) — For 15-year-old school- search (by the FBI) leaves no boy Kevin Gamble, it’s a dream: doubt the infernal machine come true. Not only does he | (bomb) was designed, con-spank his 22-year-old English structed and shipped by Albert teacher, he also kisses her pas- Ricci.” sionately . . . and gets away Kopsch said the FBI fur-with it. nished him a three-pagedBut it’s only on stage. Kevin abridged copy of its report has the part of Petruchio in the which showed Hammons “knew Taming of the Shrew and his Mrs. X for some time but it teacher, Susan Swan, plays the does not define the degree of shrew in the school play. knowledge between the two.