Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Altoona, Altoona Evening Mirror , March 12, 1878

HOR1UBLE CRIMES.An Unprovoked Murderclous Lynching of a Woman inVirginia.March 12.—AdvicesA NAM A,i Iquique tell a story of a horri-murder on the steamship llof n Lima, shortly before her arrival quique. After leaving port two vaways were found. They were ;ed in irons on the main deck and ened to a stanchion. About e in the morning a deck trader, hilian, approached the prisoners accused one of them of stealingesc from his tent. The man pro-,ed his innocence, saying it was mssible, he being in irons. The ler insisted and cut the man’s oat, and afterwards cut his head and threw it overboard. The er prisoner, who was bathed in od, was helpless and too terrified call assistance. The murdereri attempted to throw the body •board, but finding it fast by th^seateu in iof heroic i much, th somethingthing to n her praise well as frlt; and wide. “ be a FIthe seato! soldiers,Or, like Ione from what can And fo her room had not y son, or tli some assi with nun over not 1 —went o what she day wheisomethinElla, gentle vlt; ‘would y nurse ryJennie’sst, he cut around the wrist, bro bone across his knee, and thus \i\ct the body, threw it into the err The crime was discovered at jlight.r to the Captain of the port.The murderer was handed1‘•Oh. cno soolispatches to the city morning ers from Richmond detail a hor-e story. The summary exeeu-i of a woman by lynch law was petrated in the eastern portion of jkingham county on Wednesday Lit, and not far from the scene of celebrated Lawson murder. It tears that on Tuesday last a negro ’ named Jim Arbegast was coin-,ted to the jail of Rockingham mty upon the charge of having •ned the barn of llenry E. Sipe Thursday, the 28th ult. By the itruction of the barn Sipe lost two rscs, two head of cattle, thirteen uighs, several harrows and all agricultural implements on the m, together with all the saddles, mess and all the products lt;t tin, hay and other articles. Sub-\uent investigation disclosed the;t that the incendiary torch wasplied at the instigation and by the iucement of a colored woman med Charlotte Harris, who is said have had some grudge against thepe family.A warrant was procured for the rest cf the woman, and on Wednes-y evening last N. H. and J. M. ilb and John Sipe, who had gone pursuit of Charlotte Harris, rested her and returned with her custody. They overtook her as ic was attempting to escape at the mse of Henry Banks, colored, Dout two miles east of Earlysville, i Albemarle county. She was at nee taken before Magistrates J. A.hipp, William I). Maiden and H. rgenright, who gave the case areliminary examination, and, theridence being yery strong againstie accused, her commitment to jailas ordered. Over one hunareu ersons were present at the examin-tion, during which the excitement ras inteuse. No threats were made, or were there any indications visile that the woman’s life would hortly pay the terrible penalty ofter crime.\.t the conclusion of the exiuitna-reading 'Willie.mentallvrose out which si good loreastle-bi“Com fretting, more dilBut, t I thinkpleasureto am usand fret “Verftday ; bi in raaki have m selfish iown en;“tiropeatedthe stai know vaeeouq 1 do w i go aw; teach t of the 1 A sc her srather knob c“Ohhave ( tootha one si amuse“Yca time repliec tone, cryingJ ust ssuds !pipeWilsister’iquiveiwhethto ret yell.WLcare 1n, the hour being late, the woman the hlt;s placed under a strong guard, to ?p her sate and secure until the ct morning, when she was to be to the county jail at Harris-rg. This guard was composed of ir persons. The utmost quiet :vailed until about the hour of ven p. m., when suddenly two n, who were in color black, made :ir appearance in front of the ilding in which the prisoner was nfined. They then rushed intoa house with drawn and cocked rolvers and demanded the peaceful rrender of the woman. They in-rmed the guard in a determined anner that if they gave her into eir hands quietly it would be well r them, but if not the result would i serious and bad. \\ bile this irley was going on and before the lard were allowed time to make ly resistance, there was a rush of •med men, all blackened, into thelilding.After effecting an entrance, they sized the woman, Charlotte Harris, ad at once dragged her outside and p the road toward David Gilmore’s, distance of about tour hundred ards. Here a peculiar sort of tree, nown as Black Jack, because of its aughness, was bent and a rope at-ached thereto. The tree was held a its bent position until the other nd of the rope was fastened to the nfortunale woman’s neck. In anther instant the tree was let go and he victim was jerked into mid-air, rbere in a few moments she expired ,nd the disgusted lynchers dispers-;d. It was an awful penalty for the e of which she had been accused, e like of which has hardly ever en heard of in a civilized commu-ty.The boy Jim Arbegast is now inil at Harrisburg, awaiting a trialid the decision of a court of justice his case. •’on triJeuniso pasee wquietjust 1 enoujnot o fellov nbou1 ped, sentthorc is dis by himainhas s tootl her 1dowi and w i thElwonthentellslitputUmordee(ingitibefiquiigirlLikpielt;tirnMI ding41buitinit istethedelt;—It is said that to operate the cauals by am woold releaae donkey* enough tock two or three legislatures.CU|detwtmspe