Murder Clipping from Indianapolis News, Wed, Jul 15, 1903.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, July 15, 1903

HUSBAND IS ARRESTEDAS A WIFE MURDERERJWhen the Warrant wai Read He Seemed Glad the Issue Had Been Raised. 1[Special to The Imllanafn Us News.]URKENCA8TL.E. Ind.. July tf.-The anxiety of the people of Putnam countyas to who would be arrested for the murder of Mm. Henry Seward, or as towhether any one would be held for thecrime, was ended yesterday afternoon,when Henry Seward, the husband of themurdered woman, was served with awarrant by the sheriff in Coroner Kina’s office. When the paper was read to himhe said with feeling. “I hope you gentle-men have evidence enough to nang me”— a remark that is being variously interpreted by those who heard it. He either said it as a partial and possibly unin-HENRY M. SEWARD.tended confession of crime, or it was simply an expression of relief that the terrible suspense under which he has lived during the two months elapsing-since the crime, was to be ended, in a measure. During that entire period he has undoubtedly constantly expected arrest. He has been required by the otuccrs to report either by wire or in person to them every I day. and not many days have elapsed In • which he was not “sweated” In tne cor- J oner’s office. There have been suspicious I circumstances in abundance, but not until the last Tew days have the officers seen their way clear to cause an arrest. Sew- ! ard has loosened considerably in his talk j with the officers this week, and by many | it is thought there will he a confession.The murder was committed on the 16th of May, apd it was at 6 o’clock that even-m ^ a_ ■ a n . • lt;a a. * * * i IT .a J,