Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, January 9, 1893

juattnews.CHASE'S FINAL PARDONS.A Number of Convicts Granted Executive Clemency To-Day.Governor Chase halted in the packing up of his office effect* to-day long enough to grant a number of pardons. Isaac Sanders, from Clay county, who, in 1878, was imprisoned for Kfe, was paroled. He was charged with shooting his wife while drunk. Frank Alden, who was sentenced for life from this city in 1878 for killing a woman, was pardoned. The life sentence of Thomas Shepherd was commuted to twenty years. He was convicted in 1878 on a charge of murder. Charles Conway, hopelessly insane, who was serving a term of ten years for manslaughter,.was given his release. He was sentenced from Delaware county, in 1888. Asa L. Gossett, who was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment by the Henry-county court, for stealing 43 from his grandmother, was also pardoned. Jasper Hill, of Clinton county, was paroled. He was serving twelve rears for larceny, and the Governor decided that his sentence was too long. Ellen V. Walton was paroled. 8he is from Decatur county, in 1882, and was serving a life sentence for being an accessory to the murder of her husband. Two men named Garrett and Frazier were direetly charged with the crime, but Garrett was acquitted, and was afterward hune by a mob. The only witness left against Mrs. Waltoa was Frazier, who was a colored man. He was sentenced for life, and died a few years ago. On his deathbed he confessed that the testimony which he gave against her was false. The woman is now afflicted with a cancer and can not live long. Her petition was one of the atrongest ever filed in the Governor’s office.