Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, December 15, 1973

Mass SlaverSentenced toLite TermTORRANCE, Calif. (AP) -William Ray Bonner was sentenced to life in prison Friday for a shooting rampage last Easter Sunday which left seven persons dead and nine otherswounded.With the courtroom under tight security, Superior Court Judge Stephen R. St others handed down three concurrent life terms for Bonner, a 25-year-old janitor who had been charged with 15 felony counts including assault with a deadly weapon, kidnaping and second-degree murder. Bonner had pleaded guilty to three murder counts. Fifteen counts were dropped by the district attorney’s office “in the interest of justice.”Special OrderStothers gave a lengthy speech on the heinous nature of the crimes and said he was issuing a special order advising the state parole board that when Bonner comes up for parole, his court must be notified. Bonner would be eligible for oarole after serving seven years.Bonner showed no apparent emotion when the sentence wasread.About 20 persons, relatives and friends of the seven persons who died were in the courtroom and seven armed deputies, six more than normal,kept watch.First VictimThe first victim in the shotgun shooting spree, Raleigh “Butch” Henderson. 22, was slain at a service station where Bonner formerly worked. Later a security guard was accidentally killed by police as they shot at Bonner and Bonner was charged with that death, too, because under California law a person is liable for a homicide if the death occurs as a result of the commission of a felony.Bonner’s fiance, Dianne Lore Andrea, 22, was also one of the victims. She had attempted to intercede in an argument Bonner had with another man.Authorities said Bonner had grudges against several of the victims. Others simply got in the way, they said.